Is there ANY reason to buy Intel?


  1. Jim Holden

    Jim Holden8 hours ago

    I love that good guy Tony, he's fun and has a good heart. Good luck to him!

  2. Srikanth

    Srikanth13 hours ago

    Quick answer : NO

  3. Ruben Lisojo

    Ruben Lisojo16 hours ago

    More Anthony.....

  4. connardman

    connardman18 hours ago

    Anthony, there's something about your face that remind of Georges Jacques Danton.

  5. Stamo Hristov

    Stamo HristovDay ago

    Yhes, there will be. When they go far cheaper than AMD. We seriously need far more than two CPU manufacturers. 10-15 will due the job for now.

  6. Alexander Rex Evensen

    Alexander Rex EvensenDay ago

    Listen. Anthony... and Wendell in one video.

  7. Drasťa

    DrasťaDay ago

    Out of all youtube people why wouldn't you love me, Anthony? What did I do? :(

  8. Muisix

    Muisix2 days ago

    0:04 STOP!

  9. Sam Knaip

    Sam Knaip2 days ago

    If you own Ryzen, disable HPET on the bios. Run some tests, compare, and see if your build runs better without it. 3/4 of the times it will.

  10. Carl

    Carl2 days ago

    You wanna buy Intel if you want your shit to just work, apparently. Google "Ryzen 3000 issues".

  11. Maxi P

    Maxi P2 days ago

    btw Der Bauer means the Builder

  12. Flowkom K

    Flowkom K17 hours ago

    word for word translated, yes. but the word Bauer is used for Farmers in Germany (dunno if you're German but I am)

  13. Quinten Barker

    Quinten Barker2 days ago


  14. E.Ortvald

    E.Ortvald2 days ago

    what camera and lens are you using for this vid, is it the Red?

  15. MrKunzzi

    MrKunzzi2 days ago

    Well first of all unlike my 3700x with broken BIOS two weeks into release - it works.

  16. 橋本絵莉子

    橋本絵莉子2 days ago

    Ryzen are too expensive like Intel too. Ryzen does more cores which are mostly not needed and Intels CPU still very far away from 10GHz and both are much too expensive. And Grafix cards are also by far too expensive 1000 Euro for a card, normally you get for 1000 Euro a whole PC will print your ass in 3D and can do everything for the next 4 years of high performence and you just get a loosy too big GFX Card for it which sucks energy like hell - serious ?

  17. 橋本絵莉子

    橋本絵莉子Day ago

    @Andrei Not with the prices

  18. Andrei

    AndreiDay ago

    Are you okay?

  19. tqatkins

    tqatkins2 days ago

    I want that table.

  20. Morten R. Bjørklund

    Morten R. Bjørklund3 days ago

    Please sign my eyeball!

  21. jihadjoe

    jihadjoe3 days ago

    Dare I say these LTT videos are better without Linus?

  22. gameflux

    gameflux3 days ago

    Cool !

  23. Abaddan

    Abaddan4 days ago

    Misinformation in this video now is that Nvidia caused AMD to drop their price.

  24. SteveAkaGoatpile

    SteveAkaGoatpile4 days ago

    "Windows is the Bottleneck here." Anthony 2019

  25. smugman

    smugmanDay ago

    Windows is not a the bottleneck, windows is the noose.

  26. Vixeneye1

    Vixeneye14 days ago

    I really love "TalkLinked" and its frequency. Not all the time but also just frequent enough.

  27. DifinityRelin

    DifinityRelin4 days ago

    It is not using Precision Boost Overdrive by default. It's using Precision Boost 2. Refer to Gamers Nexus videos.

  28. TheShogunBlade

    TheShogunBlade4 days ago

    Geek Shrek vs. Cap. TechLinked

  29. F. Moussa

    F. Moussa4 days ago

    Anyone defending AMD or INTEL is a moron. Who cares which company produces what. The important point is the price, quality and features. Who ever delivers gets my money. I will never be loyal to one brand like Apple fanboys/girls are. This just gives them the power to dictate insane prices. Always chose the product that delivers more for less, and never get a product just because of the brand. In my experience all brands fuck up from time to time and need a ass kick to get back to reality. If all of us would follow this rule prices would be lower and the quality higher of the goods we buy.

  30. Ryan raccer

    Ryan raccer5 days ago

    How about a merge between intel and amd... AMD providing 30 cores at 3 nm while intel providing each with 10 Ghz. Just kidding about the numbers but each company is developing unique strengths and though the real world wont ever see them coop a processor it's still interesting to think aboutq

  31. kinseyjr21

    kinseyjr215 days ago

    I'd love to see a deep dive series for the extreme PC enthusiasts hosted by Anthony. I think he could rival if not best Steve at GN.

  32. Geovanny Vazquez

    Geovanny Vazquez5 days ago

    ...toe nails...

  33. Walter Magnum

    Walter Magnum5 days ago

    Anthony is the man!

  34. iBoolGuy

    iBoolGuy5 days ago

    When he said except you I took it personal!

  35. Birger Ling

    Birger Ling5 days ago

    Holy shit, I love that table

  36. zkkzkk32312

    zkkzkk323125 days ago

    guy on the right looks like an asshole


    XCOLD KILLA6 days ago

    Is there any reason not to buy Intel ? Yes.

  38. Lastguytom

    Lastguytom6 days ago

    donot buy linus stuff

  39. Lastguytom

    Lastguytom6 days ago

    you guys azr still a stripe team of blue and green--trying to wear red shoes to walk in them

  40. Lastguytom

    Lastguytom6 days ago

    B.S. THE CARDS DO NOT GET TO what you posted in this video. You better retest that is a bold face lie

  41. Tallyn's Tech

    Tallyn's Tech5 days ago

    Mega fanboy meltdown alert !!!!!!!

  42. Lastguytom

    Lastguytom6 days ago


  43. sathsayin

    sathsayin6 days ago

    Anthony seems like he has a prolactinoma I wonder if he should talk to a doctor about cabergoline and finesteride and testosterone

  44. XtremeConditions

    XtremeConditions6 days ago

    I could be off, but aren't you guys reporting GPU Junction Temperature, rather than GPU Core Temperature, which has always been reported as temperature? It doesn't seem that these actually get as hot as people are saying because they're looking at the hotter temp and assuming that's indicative of the design as a whole?

  45. Dylan Mayhew

    Dylan Mayhew6 days ago

    Part of me really wants to dig real deep, very deep. deep into debt maybe lol & buy a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, when it releases. But man is it expensive..... I'm just hoping this era of rapped improvement ends. Or at least having something as amazing as a 3950X today, will still be relevant for 5 or more years! I'm still rocking an I7 3770k from 2012! So bottom line I'd like/hope a Ryzen 9 can last me this long for gaming. I'm just fearful on how quickly processors are getting better due to Intel having competition now lol But hopefully the ceiling is reached or reached very soon.... Bottom line before this year ends, if I can find the money. I expect to build a new PC with either a Ryzen 9 3900x or 3950X. Maybe next year I can afford to replace my old AMD R9 390.....

  46. mGaming

    mGaming6 days ago

    High base clocks, gaming, software limited to few cores

  47. J nash

    J nash6 days ago

    Anthony if you can't play guitar hero acoustically ill go he.

  48. Normal Viewer

    Normal Viewer6 days ago

    Alive until the hot pockets stop his heart. 0:25

  49. Willy Steinhart

    Willy Steinhart6 days ago

    Der Bauer = the farmer Translated from German to English

  50. Fake Snake

    Fake Snake6 days ago

    Anthony should create his own channel!

  51. Fake Snake

    Fake Snake6 days ago

    Anthony is way better at videos than this other guy. Plus he doesnt end every sentence like a question but this other guy wants to talk over him.

  52. Mark Little

    Mark Little6 days ago

    Any reason to buy AMD’s garbage intel destroys amd like in everything let’s put a 12 core intel cpu to AMD’s 8 core see what happens dosh bags since we are selling something cheaper because it doesn’t work for long every amd I owned was trash drivers always never worked or cpu would fail I don’t think these people will be sucking AMD’s dick next year this time when intel comes back with something new amd dick riders

  53. Tallyn's Tech

    Tallyn's Tech5 days ago

    wait so that means you're still in the end after that stupid rant about a corporation that doesn't give a fuck about you.... you are still a " dick rider " yourself in your own words.

  54. Eric McManus

    Eric McManus6 days ago

    Oh no!!! You had to work long hours playing video games and running benchmarks!!?? I'm so sorry for you. Maybe you should get a job that would give you more time to relax. Something like a coal miner or an offshore oil rigger.

  55. Eric McManus

    Eric McManus5 days ago

    @Tallyn's Tech lol, I dont have a physically hard. And because I have a great job that I love, and because I have the ability to empathize with people that work shit jobs, i know how blessed i am to be able to have gone to college, get my engineering degree, get my masters in mechanical engineering, and live a great life. I have no need to complain about how many hours I work because I know the kind of work my dad had to do to put food on the table and help me through college. People need to be more appreciative of things and stop complaining and acting like they have it rough.

  56. Tallyn's Tech

    Tallyn's Tech5 days ago

    So your jelly that the man chose to go to school and get educated so that he doesn't have to work like you and get filthy dirty come home smelling like a dumpster fire... so you mad about your choices in life?

  57. Eric McManus

    Eric McManus6 days ago

    Wow, twins.

  58. zephyrius1

    zephyrius17 days ago

    Talk about biased.... Intel Z390 Motherboards are more affordable. X570 motherboards need a fan to cool the chipset (fan lifespan only rated for 2 years...). 9700k outperforms all Ryzens in gaming. I'll be getting a new 9700k build soon. Ryzen almost had me convinced...but research shows 9700k is still best option and price for gaming.