Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug7 days ago

    Who would actually eat this whole thing?? We needed some help ..

  2. Sacha Drake

    Sacha Drake18 hours ago

    I would definitely

  3. Jesus Mendez

    Jesus Mendez3 days ago

    I would definitely like to help I love to eat

  4. Anthony De Anda

    Anthony De Anda6 days ago

    Papa Rug, No offense. Much repect i subbed to the whole family

  5. Duh itz Olivia

    Duh itz Olivia6 days ago

    Brian, you put $485 on the screen instead of $458

  6. Maxy Man

    Maxy Man12 minutes ago

    I'm eating cats and dogs, I mean Chinese food

  7. It’s hazel Beltran

    It’s hazel Beltran24 minutes ago

    Chips and coke

  8. Tactical Titan

    Tactical TitanHour ago

    A burger

  9. Austyn Baack

    Austyn BaackHour ago

    Lol I was wating something right as u said that aka pickles

  10. rachel cabrera

    rachel cabreraHour ago


  11. briyani braniyani

    briyani braniyaniHour ago

    I’m eating Milano strawberrie chocolate cookies

  12. Francisco Fuentes

    Francisco FuentesHour ago

    Faze rug is very light I weigh like 105 and I'm 14

  13. Joe Nussrallah

    Joe NussrallahHour ago


  14. Isaac Montano

    Isaac MontanoHour ago

    This is how much tacos of air I ate during this video 👇🏼

  15. Karalyn Sewap

    Karalyn SewapHour ago

    Yeah I’m eating subway with a slush on the side. 🤣

  16. Jerimiah Donaldson

    Jerimiah DonaldsonHour ago


  17. Ninjaover9000 C

    Ninjaover9000 CHour ago

    Spicy chicken( sandwitch)

  18. Kristina Worley

    Kristina Worley2 hours ago

    FaZe up

  19. Joshua Garza

    Joshua Garza2 hours ago

    i am eating everything in my fridge lmao

  20. Claudia Picazo

    Claudia Picazo2 hours ago

    I'm eating tostitos

  21. rosibel espinoza

    rosibel espinoza2 hours ago

    Ice cream

  22. Jaden Salas

    Jaden Salas2 hours ago

    I weigh more than rug by 10 pounds and i'm a freshman in highschool. lol

  23. cody pollock

    cody pollock2 hours ago

    ice cream

  24. Lucy 101

    Lucy 1012 hours ago

    Iam watching this video and am on a diet .WHAT AM I DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lucy 101

    Lucy 1012 hours ago

    You have a lot of cousins no offense

  26. Romel Oviol

    Romel Oviol2 hours ago


  27. Storm Ceb

    Storm Ceb2 hours ago

    I’m eating Doritos Dinamitas

  28. Jenny Jenny

    Jenny Jenny2 hours ago

    Im eating a sandwich and drinking a caprisun

  29. raul espinoza

    raul espinoza2 hours ago


  30. Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor2 hours ago


  31. A Rich

    A Rich2 hours ago

    lol im eatin chicken nuggets

  32. Jaylen Allen

    Jaylen Allen2 hours ago

    im eating ruffles

  33. Goat Group

    Goat Group3 hours ago

    That’s almost ten pounds I. N food

  34. Mike Godinez

    Mike Godinez3 hours ago

    I’m eating dominos and drinking drpepper

  35. Dontbesalty 02

    Dontbesalty 023 hours ago

    Pizza and tacos

  36. NapHQ

    NapHQ3 hours ago


  37. Beckham Whitehead

    Beckham Whitehead3 hours ago


  38. Yusuf Qayum

    Yusuf Qayum3 hours ago

    Not me to much and funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  39. Warrior O

    Warrior O4 hours ago

    I'm eating a bronie

  40. A Justin

    A Justin4 hours ago

    I’m eating a somosa

  41. R g

    R g4 hours ago

    Try to Live eating only fruit for a day

  42. Dark _silver

    Dark _silver4 hours ago


  43. EXoTIC LeTHaL

    EXoTIC LeTHaL4 hours ago


  44. Samuel Galvao

    Samuel Galvao4 hours ago

    Ice cream

  45. Ttv Btw

    Ttv Btw4 hours ago

    I’m eating twizzlers lol

  46. Shadow

    Shadow4 hours ago

    Can I rost now

  47. Senaida Cruz

    Senaida Cruz4 hours ago

    I was eating a chocolate 🍫 bar

  48. Sydney Page

    Sydney Page4 hours ago


  49. Lula Garner

    Lula Garner4 hours ago


  50. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler4 hours ago

    At 1:33 when they said 458 he put 485. Opps

  51. Ethan Danyluk

    Ethan Danyluk4 hours ago

    Eating inferno mac n cheese

  52. KarenTookTheKids Yeet

    KarenTookTheKids Yeet4 hours ago

    Water melon

  53. Shelly Golmon

    Shelly Golmon4 hours ago

    Carrot cake

  54. Dontez Graham

    Dontez Graham4 hours ago

    i was eating ramen lmao

  55. I’m gay I love boys Life

    I’m gay I love boys Life4 hours ago

    Dorito flamas

  56. Hig Hog

    Hig Hog5 hours ago

    I guessed 300$ or 350$

  57. Fornite/soccer lover

    Fornite/soccer lover5 hours ago

    Pizza rolls

  58. Maria Pena

    Maria Pena5 hours ago


  59. Christopher Clarke

    Christopher Clarke5 hours ago

    340 $

  60. Gabino Zochon

    Gabino Zochon5 hours ago

    Sour patch kids

  61. Aamour Naria

    Aamour Naria5 hours ago

    I’m not eating nothing right now, but I had cereal💀

  62. Cole Canteenwalla

    Cole Canteenwalla5 hours ago

    Marco winning

  63. Cole Canteenwalla

    Cole Canteenwalla5 hours ago


  64. Mason Jones

    Mason Jones5 hours ago



    FUNNY PAPA5 hours ago


  66. The land of weirdness

    The land of weirdness5 hours ago

    Im eating popcorn 🍿

  67. its girraffeboi

    its girraffeboi5 hours ago

    I'm eating air

  68. Qwanell Alire

    Qwanell Alire5 hours ago

    I am eating takes and other snacks

  69. Norma Emily

    Norma Emily5 hours ago


  70. Norma Emily

    Norma Emily5 hours ago


  71. Laura Martinez

    Laura Martinez5 hours ago


  72. Janay Gale

    Janay Gale5 hours ago

    I'm eating chicken noodles that are in the cup

  73. Diamond caxe

    Diamond caxe6 hours ago

    50 chicken nuggets is 5000 calories so that's not that much dude you will just need 250 chicken nuggets

  74. Ilyan Nashawati

    Ilyan Nashawati6 hours ago

    im eating mac an chesse lol

  75. David Villanueva

    David Villanueva6 hours ago

    i am eating snake mix

  76. Matthew Sheppard

    Matthew Sheppard6 hours ago

    I was eating ice cream and potato chips dipped

  77. Taylerain Roblox

    Taylerain Roblox6 hours ago

    I’m eat turbos flames

  78. Ben Doeseverything

    Ben Doeseverything6 hours ago


  79. The Silent Gamer

    The Silent Gamer6 hours ago

    Mike and Ike mega mix and sour patch kids watermelon


    ERIK MENDOZA L6 hours ago

    I’m eating ruffles with a soda

  81. amandalyzesqq7

    amandalyzesqq76 hours ago

    currently eating Doritos Flamas 😋

  82. RNG_X2 Luke

    RNG_X2 Luke6 hours ago

    I can’t believe Marco won 4.2 pounds that’s amazing sorry for spoiling

  83. Bilal Dharejo

    Bilal Dharejo6 hours ago

    U didnt eat em all like if u agree

  84. Cristina Jamie

    Cristina Jamie7 hours ago

    Chicken kabob & rice !

  85. bored boredness

    bored boredness7 hours ago

    I am eating popcorn

  86. R6 IlxXCGXxlI

    R6 IlxXCGXxlI7 hours ago

    Ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips.

  87. Farrah #cammylover

    Farrah #cammylover7 hours ago

    I am eating salt and vinegar chips really really heathy

  88. Jacob Gastelum

    Jacob Gastelum7 hours ago

    Your mom

  89. dan and jenn forever

    dan and jenn forever7 hours ago

    I'm 12 and 115.5

  90. dan and jenn forever

    dan and jenn forever7 hours ago

    Sirloin steak

  91. Rachel Marie

    Rachel Marie7 hours ago

    i'm eating chex mix while watching

  92. Fady's games

    Fady's games7 hours ago

    1:30 he said 458 but he wrote 485 WTF

  93. Myles Osborne

    Myles Osborne7 hours ago


  94. Faze Zakiah

    Faze Zakiah7 hours ago

    hot pringles

  95. juan david angel pastor

    juan david angel pastor8 hours ago


  96. E Li

    E Li8 hours ago

    His shoes were on

  97. Fortnite1101 Gamer1101

    Fortnite1101 Gamer11018 hours ago

    This is funny cause I’m at the movies

  98. Devin Kendrex

    Devin Kendrex8 hours ago


  99. Ewan Johnstone

    Ewan Johnstone8 hours ago


  100. Berenis Cardenas

    Berenis Cardenas8 hours ago

    I am eating funyuans

  101. Kyron Mikel

    Kyron Mikel8 hours ago

    This make me wanna eat everything in my house

  102. Kyron Mikel

    Kyron Mikel8 hours ago


  103. Senzury

    Senzury8 hours ago

    Eating Sweet Tarts While Watching the video

  104. Senzury

    Senzury8 hours ago

    Couple Thousand Bucks Im Guessing