Chika - No Squares


  1. Dnice lit

    Dnice lit14 days ago

    She hot! Great song

  2. Jes 6

    Jes 623 days ago

    Never seen a king sized butterfingers sing b4

  3. Martha Nendissa

    Martha Nendissa25 days ago

    This girl is DOPE! who is Nicky and cardy again?

  4. Geneva Middlemas

    Geneva Middlemas26 days ago


  5. Lorraine Ellis-Clay

    Lorraine Ellis-Clay28 days ago

    Love u chika

  6. Louis Santos

    Louis Santos29 days ago

    Hard to not see her as the female "Biggie". She got skills

  7. erica thorn

    erica thorn29 days ago

    She got better bars than half of them rappers.

  8. 916DwiLL510

    916DwiLL51029 days ago


  9. MissPickyJudgemental

    MissPickyJudgementalMonth ago

    New Era Missy Elliot

  10. Mrs H

    Mrs HMonth ago

    I love this baby! She is so effing DOPE!!!

  11. suzyq62698

    suzyq62698Month ago

    Love you Chika!!!

  12. Nasia Baba

    Nasia BabaMonth ago

    Omg, soo talented!! Periodddddd Yesssss

  13. A

    AMonth ago

    She is SO talented!!! Love her

  14. Danny Gee

    Danny GeeMonth ago


  15. April Edwards

    April EdwardsMonth ago

    Gurl you that one,it's refreshing to. See more females rap...she fire...

  16. Taylor

    TaylorMonth ago

    Here for it. A talented soul 💃🏽

  17. Lizz Vazquez

    Lizz VazquezMonth ago

    her hoodie says YOU MATTER and on the wrists, it says “i feel week but i know I’m strong” and it is dedicated for those who’ve self-harm. that is a powerful hoodie with so much love and meaning, and she knew that. it is very beautiful to see an underrated artist wear something that you also have from the same creator because of course, that hoodie means something to you. the hoodie is from Demetrius Harmon and he and his family make these hoodies out of love and care so when you receive your hoodie and put it on you can feel exactly the love, dedication, and care they put into it.

  18. Jack Straw

    Jack StrawMonth ago

    Just... Not... Working the crowd. And terrible to look at. I'm not entertained.

  19. MrGreyjeep

    MrGreyjeepMonth ago


  20. Erica Y

    Erica YMonth ago


  21. Eden Parks

    Eden ParksMonth ago

    Yes...just yes

  22. Teri Underhill

    Teri UnderhillMonth ago

    love her!

  23. Brian Jaramillo

    Brian JaramilloMonth ago

    That “You Matter” hoodie 🥳😍

  24. Amber Nashay

    Amber NashayMonth ago

    Yasss Chika I'm so glad people finally see the rawness and awesomeness

  25. Forty Seven

    Forty SevenMonth ago

    Yo this chick is amazing, she deserves more credit and respect.

  26. Erica Nieto

    Erica NietoMonth ago

    Chika!!! 💕

  27. Brian Monsanto

    Brian MonsantoMonth ago


  28. Joe

    JoeMonth ago

    aaaaayyyyeee YOU MATTER hoodie!

  29. Valery Kgetse

    Valery KgetseMonth ago

    Wooow.Mad love from Africa, Botswana

  30. 1995martin

    1995martinMonth ago

    Woah first time ive heard her. Crazy flow!

  31. 6kchea !

    6kchea !Month ago

    🔥🔥🔥 first time i heard of her hope she gets more recognized

  32. Amanda Floberg

    Amanda FlobergMonth ago

    Finally a female rapper that can actually rap.. and she can SING too!! Looking forward seeing more from this talented artist

  33. Dutch van der Linde

    Dutch van der Linde20 days ago

    Amanda Floberg anyone can sing like that 😂

  34. corduroy

    corduroyMonth ago



    SABRINA RENEEMonth ago

    I’m really in tears, I’m so happy for her!!! 💖

  36. Ernestine Christian

    Ernestine ChristianMonth ago


  37. johnwin

    johnwinMonth ago


  38. S C

    S CMonth ago

    Finally getting some recognition on TV.

  39. Rob _

    Rob _Month ago

    Women are saving politics, looks like they’re saving rap, too.

  40. Charmaine Blake

    Charmaine Blake3 days ago


  41. Amanda

    AmandaMonth ago


  42. William Harris

    William HarrisMonth ago

    Famous off bashing Ye... 🤔

  43. Tim Dev

    Tim DevMonth ago

    If you want to make the whole city rock all you have to do is walk around.

  44. New1

    New1Month ago

    She cannot sing

  45. dee jay

    dee jayMonth ago

    So exciting

  46. T

    TMonth ago

    Yesss, she's amazing!

  47. CapnWack

    CapnWackMonth ago


  48. Floppy Bird

    Floppy BirdMonth ago

    talking marshmallows are OP

  49. Mo n

    Mo nMonth ago


  50. Taye Spires

    Taye SpiresMonth ago

    China is amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Michael Michael

    Michael MichaelMonth ago

    You got bars

  52. DarkyPlayz

    DarkyPlayzMonth ago

    *Minecraft* left the chat.

  53. Blackronin357

    Blackronin357Month ago

    That was a fire song. Great lyrics and hook. Nice melody and rhythm. Pleasantly surprised for my first go w/ her music.

  54. Letgoandlive positive

    Letgoandlive positiveMonth ago

    Lovely voice.

  55. tykoon 323

    tykoon 323Month ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 respect!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  56. David Ballesteros

    David BallesterosMonth ago

    This is talent



    Love her love her!

  58. Smoky Robnson

    Smoky RobnsonMonth ago

    Bish got savage courage, enough to save the world

  59. Peppino

    PeppinoMonth ago

    is that oronica or something like that on insagram

  60. suzyq62698

    suzyq62698Month ago


  61. Bee Read

    Bee ReadMonth ago

    Peppino yes

  62. BreeTHEbest

    BreeTHEbestMonth ago

    This was the BLACKEST episode of Kimmel and I loved it!!!! Thank you Lena

  63. sirenaisthename

    sirenaisthenameMonth ago

    aye rocking the 'you matter' hoodie!

  64. TheHipHopGuru

    TheHipHopGuruMonth ago


  65. damic1212

    damic1212Month ago


  66. Derrick Slayton

    Derrick SlaytonMonth ago

    2nd verse was Cole type flow


    RKELLYSCOCOMonth ago

    She kills it 🔥

  68. undertow9x

    undertow9xMonth ago

    This just like all rap sucks butt.

  69. Marty Fowler

    Marty FowlerMonth ago

    Dabble dabble, fish sticks, oooooh oooh hater skater ooooh ooooh jigggy wiggy

  70. Gertie OG

    Gertie OGMonth ago

    Always a supporter of great talent!!!! You are magic Chika!!!🙌🏾✨🔥

  71. Keira Smith

    Keira SmithMonth ago

    I’m so happy for her ❤️

  72. Danny Heijt

    Danny HeijtMonth ago

    No squares she only looks like one🤣

  73. daytripper9

    daytripper9Month ago

    😂😂😂 chubs

  74. Danny Heijt

    Danny HeijtMonth ago

    Fair play good sir! 🤣

  75. daytripper9

    daytripper9Month ago

    I thought she looked rather round😂

  76. FreneticKey

    FreneticKeyMonth ago

    What a large person she is.

  77. daytripper9

    daytripper9Month ago

    Yep. def hefty😂

  78. john4ever01

    john4ever01Month ago

    Good voice but as a big girl myself im thinking you need a bigger hoodie and a better bra sorry babe haha would look so much better

  79. Fee Mac

    Fee MacMonth ago



    RKELLYSCOCOMonth ago

    She doesn’t care

  81. Bander Molans

    Bander MolansMonth ago

    john4ever01 she doesn’t «need» anything wtf. She wears whatever tf she wants and doesn’t «need» a single thing

  82. GiVer

    GiVerMonth ago

    Chika Chika Boom!! ❤

  83. Mayank Sharma

    Mayank SharmaMonth ago

    I like it

  84. Paula Main

    Paula MainMonth ago

    💓💓💓💓🤗💓💓💓💓🇨🇦 nice very nice...smiles from ear to ear. FLY FLY FLY

  85. Brittany Pomar

    Brittany PomarMonth ago

    I love chika

  86. raynarayskye

    raynarayskyeMonth ago

    I know that I'm a drunk ass toxic internet troll. Therefore in this moment I will keep my presious comments to myself for once, kinda......

  87. Liyah Messiah

    Liyah MessiahMonth ago

    She needs a stylist

  88. Laren1

    Laren1Month ago

    And you need a stage , a mic, and a heap of talent, and way more recognition than that of a comment section on USwork to even begin to think you are worthy enough to make recommendations for chika. And FYI , because some how I feel you might confuse this, this isn’t the type of recognition you would need.


    RKELLYSCOCOMonth ago

    Shane Belcher lol


    RKELLYSCOCOMonth ago

    Liyah Messiah she doesn’t want to be a video hoe bob the builder body like you do


    RKELLYSCOCOMonth ago

    Liyah Messiah why? Because y’all bitches so fake you can’t stand someone being “real”

  92. Shane Belcher

    Shane BelcherMonth ago

    Liyah Messiah Lolo Lolol i wish I felt that bad about myself to be commenting on USwork about someone I’ve never met. You have a blessed day boo 😭😭😭😭😭 won’t catch my ass tearing down folk like a dumbass at 8am 😭😭😭 jeeez lemme tear down other black women smh. “Very necessary” TO WHO?? You??

  93. M A T T H E W

    M A T T H E WMonth ago

    That's sounds super TIGHT. Thanks for putting us up on Game. Beautiful thing. Definitely Vibin'. Go ahead and Represent!

  94. DumbDuck44

    DumbDuck44Month ago

    Someone told me she's larger than life, and now I see what they mean... g'damn.

  95. McKenzie Verdon

    McKenzie VerdonMonth ago

    Chika!!!! Finally! This is crazy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  96. cihan kaygana

    cihan kayganaMonth ago

    Ooooo chika

  97. Ydg

    YdgMonth ago


  98. Nora Iniguez

    Nora IniguezMonth ago

    Bravo!! You rising on up!! Keep it real! With God All things possible!!

  99. MerlinTheMidget

    MerlinTheMidgetMonth ago

    I mean... it's better than i expected.

  100. Funkin Fern

    Funkin FernMonth ago

    Do NOT sleep on her. She’s phenomenal and the real deal.

  101. jarednil69

    jarednil69Month ago

    Fell asleep.

  102. yungmatt009

    yungmatt009Month ago


  103. gwen daniels

    gwen danielsMonth ago

    Love her❤️❤️❤️

  104. Michael Khounenorath

    Michael KhounenorathMonth ago


  105. Shelley Gentry

    Shelley GentryMonth ago


  106. Logan Teague

    Logan TeagueMonth ago

    She’s so underrated! Great to see her on the show.

  107. badhinjana

    badhinjanaMonth ago

    Been a fan for years. Chika is EVERYTHING! GET IT!!!!

  108. Miracle Amarachi

    Miracle AmarachiMonth ago

    Yesssss girl. You killed it!

  109. The Mask

    The MaskMonth ago

    Nice rap

  110. Maria Maria

    Maria MariaMonth ago

    Love her! She sings, raps, writes her own stuff, and consistently has and exceptional flow and relevant content. Keep rising, Chika!!!

  111. andersonnick038

    andersonnick038Month ago

    And no vocoder. Pure talent, the way it was

  112. Vanda Dy

    Vanda DyMonth ago