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  1. Ladylike

    Ladylike3 months ago

    Hi y’all! This is my video that I produced. I have actually been planning this video for a long time - all spring, actually. We shot it on April 24th. If you go to my Twitter you can actually see that I tweeted about shooting this video before Saf’s video even came out. It’s wedding season - there is gonna be a lot of wedding content happening everywhere. Sometimes stuff like this just happens, but I’m not going to kill a video just because of a coincidence - because everyone is allowed to try things. Hope this helps, thanks! -Kristin

  2. Serenity Stano

    Serenity StanoDay ago

    I miss Jen. COME BACK JEN

  3. Cara Kenny

    Cara Kenny11 days ago

    Kristin i LOVEEEE So much and this was an amazing video

  4. ·Wally·_ ·Lyn·

    ·Wally·_ ·Lyn·15 days ago

    Kristin got married on my birthday!! 💖💖💖

  5. irmags

    irmags17 days ago

    Kristin! Help me find a wedding dress! And then someone to marry 🤣🤣🤣

  6. E Lee

    E Lee23 days ago

    Sloth MSP Which song is the one at 14:31

  7. kezza Coles

    kezza ColesDay ago

    Kristen no2. Is u u look amazing

  8. Biggest oof

    Biggest oofDay ago

    It's Cho Chang y'all

  9. Jázmin Izabell Varga

    Jázmin Izabell VargaDay ago

    OG Devin os sooo cute !!

  10. Ayodhya Rathnayake

    Ayodhya RathnayakeDay ago

    Devin reminds me so much of a cross between Princess Diana and Emma Watson! I don't know if it's the hairstyle or something else. 😊

  11. Lisette Land

    Lisette LandDay ago

    The way they feel about wedding dresses, is how I feel about an all you can eat sushi buffet. Who will be my friend?

  12. mary hershelman

    mary hershelmanDay ago

    It's like shopping with your mom....she'd pull something hideous off a rack and it would always look good. Others see you differently than you do.

  13. Kate Fay

    Kate Fay2 days ago

    Kristen should get divorced, and then get married to wear the 1st dress♥️🌹

  14. Jane

    Jane2 days ago

    I feel like Susie thought they were crazy

  15. Natalie McGrane

    Natalie McGrane2 days ago

    Devin literally picked the dress Susie turned around and found. If that's not a good store clerk I don't know what is

  16. Camila Abad

    Camila Abad3 days ago

    Devin and Chantel would be such STUNNING brides!! 💞💞 It’s not even funny how beautiful they look

  17. Super Annie Oakley

    Super Annie Oakley3 days ago

    Devin's "the one" w the cathedral length veil couldn't have been more perfect for her!! I just adore everything abt it. If she looks this great w/o hair & make-up, I can only imagine her w the works. She'll make a beautiful bride one day

  18. Nduta Naomi

    Nduta Naomi3 days ago

    Where’s Freddie

  19. Flora_idk •_•k

    Flora_idk •_•k3 days ago

    would it ever be possible for me when im grown up and married (maybe) can i get a nice wedding dre- romper😂

  20. E Jamy

    E Jamy3 days ago

    Loved this!

  21. ThePinkMelons

    ThePinkMelons4 days ago

    I want a wedding now

  22. marsh arts

    marsh arts4 days ago

    I love Kristin

  23. andrea eve

    andrea eve4 days ago

    kristin can be so loud lol

  24. Isabelle Alexandra

    Isabelle Alexandra4 days ago

    Now I want to go to that bridal shop to get my wedding gown and have the lady pick out the dress for me 😭

  25. •GachaRita•

    •GachaRita•4 days ago

    Devin Kristin and Chantel: we should try on some wedding *dresses* ! Jen and Freddie: *no I don’t think I will*

  26. Britney Tsai

    Britney Tsai5 days ago

    I wanna try on that black dress that was on the hanger

  27. Carmen Queen

    Carmen Queen5 days ago

    When she said wolf whistled I did and my cat looked at me and winked 😂

  28. Mitchell Voce

    Mitchell Voce5 days ago

    As a guy these all look the same, can anyone relate

  29. Jane

    Jane5 days ago

    1:02 that was adorable “mama Kristen/Krichen”

  30. Jane

    Jane5 days ago

    I told myself I’d go to bed after one video This is the fifth or sixth video

  31. Emma RealLastName

    Emma RealLastName5 days ago

    Kristen.... Are you planning something? Like a reciting of the vows or another wedding ceremony to celebrate a mark of being married?!

  32. Carlina Justin

    Carlina Justin6 days ago

    They looked SOOO GOOOD 😭😭🤧❤️❤️

  33. Poppy Elphick

    Poppy Elphick6 days ago


  34. spaghetti gamer

    spaghetti gamer6 days ago

    You should dress like your zodiac sign


    Z3N DIGITAL6 days ago

    I’ll marry Devin

  36. BlueFin Gamers

    BlueFin Gamers6 days ago

    Their faces at 16:53 I died

  37. Ava Conte

    Ava Conte7 days ago

    when devin put that veil on i started crying 😂

  38. Claire Adams

    Claire Adams7 days ago

    She’s a princess and a b*tch 😂

  39. Annelise Fernandez

    Annelise Fernandez7 days ago

    Oh no😭 why am I crying in the club

  40. Laura Rivers

    Laura Rivers8 days ago

    Devin truly looked like a goddess in her dress

  41. Grace Volpe

    Grace Volpe8 days ago

    I want a Devin in my life.

  42. MissGeorgiaMae

    MissGeorgiaMae8 days ago

    Can you imagine the tears if they all go ACTUAL wedding dress shopping together😂😍The place would flood For real tho their friendship is GOALSSSSS- best job ever!!! and Devon’s just adorable, like seriously can I be her please😫😍and her reactions are so pure, like is she actually an angel😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  43. Jai Nikhole

    Jai Nikhole8 days ago

    Mike saying “wow” under his breath at chantel😩

  44. Maddyland G

    Maddyland G8 days ago

    All of the girls sending this video to there boyfriends and the girls in the video just like hint hint hint hint hint

  45. Reka Ramu

    Reka Ramu9 days ago

    Devin looks like emma watson

  46. lovely lyrics

    lovely lyrics9 days ago

    As someone with PCOS. Kristen👏you👏are👏the👏definition 👏of👏beauty👏.you are like my inspiration.❤️ all of you gals in ladylike are my inspiration❤️

  47. Lizzy Mcdowell

    Lizzy Mcdowell9 days ago

    why did i cry watching this

  48. Abigail Bartlett

    Abigail Bartlett10 days ago

    Is it just me or... Mike and chantel?🥰😍😘 Sorry not trying to be rude or anything😬😬😑

  49. Lilliana Rvra

    Lilliana Rvra10 days ago

    Susie is the best

  50. OceanSprinkles

    OceanSprinkles10 days ago

    Chantel's! Boobs! Look! Incredible!

  51. Keira jenner

    Keira jenner11 days ago

    Devin’s ideas for a wedding dress is soooo what I’m imagining for myself ❤️

  52. Erusa euphorix

    Erusa euphorix12 days ago

    17:46 my favorite on Kristen. the fairy !

  53. Ashley Jeff

    Ashley Jeff13 days ago

    Why’d I start tearing up when Devin tried on that plunging neckline lace one

  54. Emma VanBrunt

    Emma VanBrunt14 days ago

    pat can't watch this video

  55. Emma VanBrunt

    Emma VanBrunt14 days ago

    Deven ill marry you, I love you!! Lol 😆

  56. Alexandra Stefanie

    Alexandra Stefanie14 days ago

    Can I have Devin as my best friend

  57. Liz W

    Liz W14 days ago

    6:04 I had to pause bc I was laughing so hard.

  58. Liz W

    Liz W14 days ago

    6:04 I had to pause bc I was laughing so hard.

  59. Bri

    Bri14 days ago

    Oooh kristen looks sunburned

  60. Priscilla Aguirre

    Priscilla Aguirre15 days ago

    Y’all look so beautiful

  61. Ana Fdez

    Ana Fdez15 days ago

    This video should have been "We freak out our partners for 21 minutes straight"

  62. Kiara Buckley

    Kiara Buckley16 days ago

    How am I just now seeing this!! Months later ughh

  63. Rachel S

    Rachel S16 days ago

    “ hiBISCUIT” you mean Hibiscus? 😂 4:12

  64. methri _ diae

    methri _ diae16 days ago

    *what if you were on your period during your wedding?*

  65. Hey It'sJill

    Hey It'sJill16 days ago

    Kristin was the perfect sample size for the first dress

  66. Kaleigh

    Kaleigh16 days ago

    hi yes i cried

  67. aranelangel

    aranelangel17 days ago

    This is the kind of support I want if this day ever comes. Can I give ya'll a call? Because I don't have people like this in my life.

  68. Rachel Titov

    Rachel Titov17 days ago

    I keep watching ladylike and everytime I see Devon I think EMMA WATSON

  69. Ginger Stone

    Ginger Stone18 days ago

    Yay kitchen!!!

  70. sunny sunshine

    sunny sunshine19 days ago

    I love it when chantall is using this slang voice ( 9:18)

  71. dokudeku power

    dokudeku power19 days ago

    i cried

  72. Lil Monsta

    Lil Monsta19 days ago

    Im crying

  73. haidyn Davis

    haidyn Davis19 days ago

    I doesn't matter your size it matters if you have fun in life.

  74. JadedJules

    JadedJules19 days ago

    I already know I will cry when I go wedding dress shopping lol

  75. Noodley Cat {Gay/Femboy}

    Noodley Cat {Gay/Femboy}19 days ago

    As a plus size girl (yes my username says otherwise, but I am female) I've always worried about my wedding, even though I'm not even close to ever having a wedding or going to one it's still a fear. I wouldnt say I was shocked by how kristen looked but at the same time..shes stunning, she is honestly a inspirational woman and helps give me confidence about my size.

  76. Smileyrie James

    Smileyrie James20 days ago

    The store owner is awesome. Really made it fun & was fully committed to the joy of the fittings

  77. Smileyrie James

    Smileyrie James20 days ago

    Ok Chantelle looks stunning in all of those dresses. The 3rd one 100% fits the woodland nymph vibe. And the one Devin loved for herself was perfection on her

  78. Whizzer's terrible horrible no good very bad day

    Whizzer's terrible horrible no good very bad day20 days ago

    Chantel looks like a mermaid, for real omg!!!

  79. Bunny

    Bunny20 days ago

    Bless Devin🙏❤️

  80. Sukh S

    Sukh S20 days ago

    Why isn’t Devin a super model yet

  81. Emmy Zanetti

    Emmy Zanetti20 days ago

    Guys, I'm crying. Omgg

  82. Julia Speri

    Julia Speri21 day ago

    “my daddy, mr. rockefeller carnegie melon will be back with four gold doubloons later to pay for my gown”

  83. Kelsey Sullivan

    Kelsey Sullivan21 day ago

    Plz go to Kelsey crafts and subscribe because I want to hit the subscribers

  84. Ella Whitlock

    Ella Whitlock21 day ago

    who else started to sing the fudging bs song from tic tok?

  85. Eden Willis

    Eden Willis21 day ago

    6:07 love that Devon