How Nike's FIRST Athlete Lost $8 Billion On One Decision


  1. Lawomenshoops

    Lawomenshoops13 hours ago

    Haywood would have to wait over 10 years to see any real money from that 10% ownership. Until the Air Jordan's came out, Nike was popular, but hardly a billion dollar company!

  2. Jake Machado

    Jake MachadoDay ago

    One decision-video of water tower 8 billion dollars-video of old house Choose wisely-video of old mexican farmer holding hand out Things aint exactly adding up here

  3. Connor Steffens

    Connor Steffens3 days ago

    *Trademark on the logo...sorry

  4. Erick Chajon

    Erick Chajon5 days ago

    Even if know nothing about contracts, it’s common sense that you take owning a part of a company cuz it’s consist revenue

  5. Frna ky

    Frna ky11 days ago

    I’m mad for him frfr💀


    BIG FOOT13 days ago

    If I were him i'd hold his agent hostage until he built me a time machine..

  7. Evander Goodman

    Evander Goodman13 days ago

    I did not know about that

  8. Money Mark

    Money Mark15 days ago

    No problem with your channel but like you said hindsight is 20/20

  9. prestonssebastian2

    prestonssebastian218 days ago

    Oh man this video is killing me 😩

  10. mythical musical

    mythical musical18 days ago

    Damn!!! SMDH!!!

  11. cubbiemalone49

    cubbiemalone4924 days ago

    Bruuuuhhhh......that niqqa really took the $100,000 over a 10% stake in the company 💀🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😭 That’s like winning the lotto and taking 500k cash, over 10k a month for life 😂😂😂

  12. Aman ASMR!

    Aman ASMR!19 days ago

    cubbiemalone49 i totally get where you’re coming from don’t get me wrong, but in his defense there was no way he would’ve known the 10% stake would become what it is today.

  13. Kai von Fintel

    Kai von Fintel24 days ago

    the title is misleading. It makes you think that he actually lost 8 billion dollars when in reality he just missed out on the opportunity of 8 billion

  14. Omar G

    Omar G28 days ago

    Yeah but he could have very well been persuaded a couple years later to sell his share and could have walked away with a lucrative deal that no one woul argue with...until you look at it in hindsight. Say 5 years later, his 10% was worth $20mil. Not bad right? Would have made him probably the wealthiest player at the time...but in hindsight 20mil pales in comparison.

  15. Ryan Wang

    Ryan WangMonth ago

    OOOOOOF, is all I can say

  16. Matthew A.

    Matthew A.Month ago

    The student didn’t make Nike his coach did and the student was Nike’s first athlete (Edit) the students name was Steve prefontaine and he later became an Olympic runner

  17. Agent J

    Agent JMonth ago

    Idiot agent would have a 1% stake. He's working on derivative or looking for marks?

  18. Wedge Antilles

    Wedge AntillesMonth ago

    Thanks Wilt & manager any other lives you want to fuck up while you're at it. Wilt: "I got children?... F**k them". Stay classy Wilt.

  19. Buddy Luck

    Buddy LuckMonth ago

    I can't watch your videos bc of your terrible music loop. Please stop using it. It is so distracting. Do you like listening to it?

  20. Tuskegee Ace

    Tuskegee AceMonth ago

    Shiiiiittt they could give me that deal when I was 22-23 and I'd of taken the 100,000 if only to have a sure fire way to pay off my student loans but that's just me. If I had known I could not only buy them off but have 8 bil to buy the place I owed and then some? I'd beat the breaks off my Agent.

  21. Tyler Priddy

    Tyler PriddyMonth ago

    Ahhhhh the sax music never gets old!!! 🎷

  22. Jill Nye

    Jill NyeMonth ago

    My parents made a bigger mistake though...

  23. majesticchurro

    majesticchurroMonth ago

    Sorry jxmy but nikes first athlete was prefontaine

  24. ahmed abdullah

    ahmed abdullahMonth ago

    Spencer Haywood had a full beard in his younger days, his appearance was masculine and virile and was married to Iman the worlds first supermodel from 1977-1987 today he’s clean shaven and look emasculated his decision to shave his beard is akin to someone having a successful business generating enormous profits waking up one day and saying he’s giving up the business and looking for a job, everybody go for what they KNOW...............and play their position,life is what you make it.

  25. iNdiGO I

    iNdiGO I2 months ago

    Number 8 gave up 8bill

  26. iNdiGO I

    iNdiGO I2 months ago

    Do a sports vid about other sports even though ur vids rn are great

  27. Erdogan Oztuncman

    Erdogan Oztuncman2 months ago

    Give me that manager

  28. Sagar Chamling Rai

    Sagar Chamling Rai2 months ago

    This video made me feel guilty too

  29. J3zuZ 3xecuti0ner

    J3zuZ 3xecuti0ner3 months ago

    Imagine how much vc he could've bought

  30. Gretchen Torres

    Gretchen Torres3 months ago

    It was at this moment He knew He messed up

  31. Borjack

    Borjack3 months ago

    Haywood signing with NIKE BACK THEN, people would have the same reaction as KAWHI LEONARD SIGNING WITH NEW BALANCE.

  32. Jon Rock

    Jon Rock3 months ago

    FALSE. Nike's first athlete was Steve Prefontaine. (As you said, we all make mistakes... some of us just don't post them on USwork before researching the subject)

  33. WalkingL

    WalkingL3 months ago

    This is probably back then viewed like how Wade joined that Chinese company and and Klay to anta.

  34. Josiel Carpio

    Josiel Carpio4 months ago

    That’s Tough

  35. Alan Nadeau III

    Alan Nadeau III4 months ago

    #Oregon BABY! #GODUCKS!

  36. Keyshawn Fisher

    Keyshawn Fisher4 months ago

    He is from my hometown so and honor to have him talk about

  37. The gamer Kid

    The gamer Kid4 months ago

    In 1967 wilt chamberlain was the best player you’ve lost credibility

  38. JUSTIN Michael

    JUSTIN Michael5 months ago

    Dad went to trinidad state university

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    Bro JXMY HIGHROLLER is the best USworkr and puts time and effort in to all vids keep up the good work

  40. GráⱯệƴ_ẞoi

    GráⱯệƴ_ẞoi5 months ago

    he created the nike swoosh and went with money instead of owning 10% of nike

  41. Jack Hames

    Jack Hames6 months ago

    People always forget how much the PNW has contributed to sport smh

  42. Lil Water

    Lil Water6 months ago


  43. Terry Okornoe

    Terry Okornoe7 months ago

    Bruh Nike just famous because of Micheal Jordan

  44. Gem Paraiso

    Gem Paraiso7 months ago

    This just proves you can’t predict the future

  45. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki8 months ago

    Gawd damn

  46. Juan ElDon

    Juan ElDon8 months ago

    blue-ribbon-sports ??? rebok 's inspiration ???

  47. Juan ElDon

    Juan ElDon8 months ago

    i saw that he wore the number 8 on team USA

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  49. mrm0n0cle

    mrm0n0cle8 months ago

    8 billion damn

  50. xKhanz 777

    xKhanz 7778 months ago

    Damn he probably wakes up everyday and wishes it was the 70s again. But hey, he still is rich and has more than enough money to spend nicely for the rest of his life.

  51. MisterWessells

    MisterWessells8 months ago

    they would have bought him out @100mil