How Nike's FIRST Athlete Lost $8 Billion On One Decision

We all make mistakes...just not eight billion dollar mistakes.
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  1. Jordan Whitfield

    Jordan Whitfield3 days ago

    I mean 100k is nice but stock Is worth a lot more I would of took the stock

  2. Всё Самое Интересное

    Всё Самое Интересное6 days ago

    Wow, man you are amazing!

  3. T K

    T K9 days ago

    nike was a joke in the 70's , and still are in the '20's. I love my converse allstars :P

  4. 1carpentrys

    1carpentrys10 days ago

    If he would have taken the 10% stock they wouldn't have another video to play the Trap sax on😂

  5. NaDez Gaming

    NaDez Gaming10 days ago

    Almost like yahoo and google

  6. CyberAMES

    CyberAMES12 days ago

    Spencer Haywood is a monster in 2k MyTeam

  7. pullt

    pullt12 days ago

    Actually, every human on the planet made a huge mistake by not investing 100k cash in Nike to become a billionaire. Or Apple, Microsoft, BP, Chevron, Toyota, Verizon, etc etc etc etc

  8. Black Rain Gaming

    Black Rain Gaming12 days ago

    Your so bored that you saw my comment

  9. eric mol

    eric mol13 days ago

    Nike didn't know it either. Look at their offer.

  10. CAYDEN H

    CAYDEN H15 days ago

    Blue ribbon sports was asics

  11. Tyler Potts

    Tyler Potts18 days ago

    99/100 times that’s the right decision though. He just got unlucky most businesses just won’t be that big

  12. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby18 days ago

    It’s not really a mistake. You have to consider the value of Nike at the time. You could have easily took the $100,000 and put it into many other speculative bets that could have earned great sums of money at some future date. It’s extremely unlikely that he would have let the ownership sit without ever liquidating any portion even if he had chosen the Nike ownership I doubt he’d get out the 8 billion in cash ever.

  13. Derrick Lawrence

    Derrick Lawrence19 days ago

    He got robbed with out a gun

  14. Wraggsterino

    Wraggsterino19 days ago

    Dude would straight up NOT have $8bn. Believe it. He might have been bought/pushed out mid 80s with a cheeky 250mill and been happy as a pig in the proverbial shit. Hope he's not losing too much sleep over the realistic $7.75bn he never really missed out on. Positive spin.

  15. Lil Notoriginal

    Lil Notoriginal20 days ago

    walked a way from a 8 billy nike can suck on this 8 willie

  16. Orella Minx

    Orella Minx20 days ago

    4:35 More like Nike slipped him some cash to convince him to make the 'right' choice.

  17. TheyCallMeSpecial

    TheyCallMeSpecial23 days ago

    I really wish I could dislike the ad I got

  18. A

    A24 days ago

    so, the white man got him? lol

  19. Garry Watts

    Garry Watts29 days ago

    This isn't a mis opportunity its like picking apple stock when Steve Jobs was working in his garage on the PC

  20. NBFS TV

    NBFS TVMonth ago

    Moral of the story don’t turn down a free investment the stock market always wins.

  21. S. M.A.

    S. M.A.Month ago


  22. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto CommMonth ago

    His Greedy Agent Lost about $2.4 Billions too !! Lol

  23. Totally Independent /Survivor

    Totally Independent /SurvivorMonth ago

    In 1960's,100k dollars is $8B that time.When you spend that money wisely back then,it could be 20billion dollars today.😄

  24. been famous

    been famousMonth ago

    Im missing 8 billion yeah im gonna have too fire you

  25. goalfever007

    goalfever007Month ago

    Honestly Nike was a very small company at the time... his agent probably made the right decision at the time , Nike could of flopped and taking the money would be the best decision... it’s easy for us to say he made a mistake but at the time taking the money was a better option... considering the economic market at the time. Well if he had taken the 10% deal I’m sure there was clauses in that contract that would’ve not work in his favor in the end... sometimes its easy to judge in hindsight.

  26. MrLp1980

    MrLp1980Month ago

    goalfever007 your right. It’s easy to say he made a mistake now. Suppose big baller brand offer 100 grand to any us we would take it. What if 2040 bbb becomes a house hold name. You never knew how life works.

  27. Rodney Wesley

    Rodney WesleyMonth ago

    They say 2 heads better than 1 😶

  28. Gonzo Duke

    Gonzo DukeMonth ago

    That's what you get for being a follower. Not only did he take the lump sum instead of 10% but when other players clowned on his shoes, he went and changed.

  29. KiNg ctAylAh

    KiNg ctAylAhMonth ago

    Agent wanted his lil small 🍟, 🤦🏻‍♂️ put a hit on that puto

  30. This Is Hip Hop

    This Is Hip HopMonth ago

    Spencer Haywood Punching The Air Rn 🤦🏾‍♂️

  31. V

    VMonth ago

    10% ownership ?? I think they would’ve tried to buy him out around the time Jordan came in

  32. ClintBeastwood

    ClintBeastwoodMonth ago

    Another scumbag sports agent

  33. TheTorontoCommunity

    TheTorontoCommunityMonth ago

    Nike would have him assassinated if he took 10% 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Almon Raphael

    Almon RaphaelMonth ago

    Wow... that's fucked up, but like he said, who wudda known, Nike should still take care of him, retro his shoes , let him make some dough scheme; 1st Nike basketball shoes ever

  35. NopaL Boxellanos

    NopaL BoxellanosMonth ago

    Fawking idiot 😆

  36. Keyvin Leroy

    Keyvin LeroyMonth ago

    God dam this don’t have nothing to do with me but I’m hurt by it 8 billion and you took 100,000 yikes

  37. xed

    xedMonth ago

    This was not a mistake, based on the era, as well as the fact, he got 100k, which was big money in 1973. It's the luck of the draw! Spencer was a head of his time, What the narrator didn't included in the story, is that Spencer is the sole player responsible for NBA for modern day Free Agency!

  38. Deion Fertile

    Deion FertileMonth ago

    Well goddamn

  39. Matt Goode

    Matt GoodeMonth ago


  40. Marcus Flores

    Marcus FloresMonth ago

    Damn he took a big floop on that one

  41. Carr Rexx

    Carr RexxMonth ago


  42. Sing Sing

    Sing SingMonth ago

    Really dumb decision like ur a famous player u can make that brand famous too

  43. golffix99

    golffix99Month ago

    Cool... At 5:30... a picture of Berkeley's first Nike store, "The Athletic Department", near the UC Berkeley campus, 1973.

  44. Siti Maan

    Siti MaanMonth ago

    Aaaah..DAMN...his agent took a 1/4 of th9e hunt stacks....and he could've had generational wealth.... because of greed/ignorance or both....smh Never heard of him before but his name is now eternally in My lexicon ... "Everything aint all good.. Know the pros/cons of your choices Spencer haywood" Rap verse

  45. Keith Bell

    Keith BellMonth ago

    Typical negro with short term, instant gratification mindset. Tragic!

  46. The_Touring Jedi

    The_Touring JediMonth ago

    you are an idiot...

  47. Erwin Saputra

    Erwin SaputraMonth ago

    at least his lost is not as big as Ronald Wayne

  48. A Lubsey

    A LubseyMonth ago


  49. Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

    Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mereMonth ago


  50. dominic carlin

    dominic carlinMonth ago

    Everything happens for a reason Jordan might of never even signed to Jordan if that dude had 10% stake🤷🏽‍♂️ jus sayin

  51. Lambochaser

    LambochaserMonth ago


  52. Michael E

    Michael EMonth ago

    Not the first time I’ve heard a story like this. In Rise of the Nerds, Steve Jobs offered his Buddy $3000 or 5% ownership to help him move from a garage to a lab and office building. His Buddy took the $3 Grand!!!

  53. One Of A Kind Loving Me

    One Of A Kind Loving MeMonth ago

    It's all a trap

  54. Gary Williams

    Gary WilliamsMonth ago

    Nigga aww man 😥

  55. Al J Pelayo

    Al J PelayoMonth ago

    I hate that agent!!!!!!!

  56. Michael Pou

    Michael PouMonth ago

    Wow that was a tough decision to make because in 1973 $100,000 was equivalent to $550,000. Guaranteed money verses taking a gamble on a startup company... decisions decisions decisions. I don't know which one I would have taken at the time

  57. Michael Pou

    Michael PouMonth ago

    After thinking about it, he could have taken $50,000 and 5 % of the company if he wasn't sure if Nike would be successful

  58. Dierdre Sutton

    Dierdre SuttonMonth ago

    I say they should still give it to them because he did it for them. I hate Nike. But the shoes are Sweet. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  59. Tree Dillinger

    Tree DillingerMonth ago

    Lmfao...give him 10% of Nike just because??? C’mon fam...

  60. Dierdre Sutton

    Dierdre SuttonMonth ago

    All I can say is we give to much to Nike in promotion and style and they give us nothing much back. I had a pair and they fell apart on me while I was walking literally. Others have said they’ve had the same experience. They need to do something fr. they’re always going to make money. Time to give it back.

  61. slikdarelic

    slikdarelicMonth ago

    He couldve bought a whole lot of stock back then and still be rich today.. Includin Nike.. But ur right.. Who's thinkin bout all of that in the 70's? Warren Buffet.. Thats it.. lol..

  62. Queen Of Sheba

    Queen Of ShebaMonth ago

    His agent got that check and laughed all the way to the bank 💰💰💰

  63. Lil Dimer-x

    Lil Dimer-xMonth ago

    Think about it your a basketball player you see some small brand (not nike) and they offered 5 mill or 10 percent of the company what will you choose?

  64. rolando halili

    rolando haliliMonth ago

    if not for michael jordan ,,,nike will not prosper,,,,they might be selling hamburger now,,,😅😀😄

  65. KingJugganaut19

    KingJugganaut19Month ago

    I am crying hysterically for him.