Today Azzy from Azzyland and I are going to put our hands in a box with live animals. This is the second time I'm doing the scariest thing I've ever done.
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Watch the Last Time We Played With Animals In A Box! :
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  1. Ŵàffłêž

    ŴàffłêžHour ago

    I have the same cat! Like on the end. My one’s name is NGir

  2. Bęãřđęđ Đřãğøñ Łøvęŕ

    Bęãřđęđ Đřãğøñ Łøvęŕ8 hours ago

    Person: It lives in the treetops of Australia. Kassie: Is it a monkey!?! Me: bruh its a sugar glinder

  3. Noemi Guillen

    Noemi Guillen14 hours ago

    My name is noami

  4. Katie Owo

    Katie Owo14 hours ago

    K but that cave spider was dope and I love mice and rats

  5. David Hodges

    David Hodges16 hours ago

    Hi. jELLYBEaN

  6. Leticia Vamosh

    Leticia Vamosh17 hours ago

    azzy: him and your cheese would be friends

  7. me just me 20

    me just me 2017 hours ago

    A rat has ruined my favorite dress and bit me and my cat and my cat ate him lol

  8. Suzanne Lane

    Suzanne Lane22 hours ago

    You are amazing and cool

  9. Nicole Hanjani-Diaz

    Nicole Hanjani-DiazDay ago

    I love your vids

  10. Vikki Stuart

    Vikki StuartDay ago

    I have sugar gliders at my high school

  11. Isabella Rumans

    Isabella RumansDay ago

    6:16 ima ret

  12. Ry Smith

    Ry SmithDay ago

    Yhe first one was a pocket pet

  13. Wolfie Gacha

    Wolfie GachaDay ago


  14. Morgan Brooks

    Morgan BrooksDay ago

    Azzy :he eats chereos like us Camera man:(eating chereos while filming)

  15. Ramesh Vengudu

    Ramesh VenguduDay ago


  16. Kiwi’s Can’t draw

    Kiwi’s Can’t drawDay ago

    I have 2 sugar gliders. Their soft. Yeah that's all. Why am I commenting on such an old video?

  17. ꧁Midnight꧂

    ꧁Midnight꧂Day ago

    Is anyone else wondering what’s going on with Gloom’s hair? No offense

  18. Charlotte Torkel

    Charlotte TorkelDay ago

    I lost my cat cause someone just left the door open and she ran out

  19. Grace Marsh

    Grace MarshDay ago

    How do u eat bunny

  20. The gaming Hugo

    The gaming HugoDay ago

    Aww all of theys are cute it i like Spiders and rats and snakes and other that stuff

  21. Trisha Bond

    Trisha Bond2 days ago

    the anomalies areceot

  22. Alexis Rodriguez

    Alexis Rodriguez2 days ago

    How meany times we saw terry in the background 👇🏻

  23. Van hoang

    Van hoang2 days ago

    That’s your dog it’s your dog glow

  24. Van hoang

    Van hoang2 days ago

    Is that animal a googly eyes

  25. Mourad Joulak

    Mourad Joulak2 days ago

    i love cats

  26. AmadeiaSophia

    AmadeiaSophia2 days ago

    Gloom and azzyland can you be my friends


    NAPØ JBOÝ2 days ago

    Azzy: awe can I hold him Gloom: ew I hate him😖

  28. Ruby Henry

    Ruby Henry2 days ago

    I Love animals can I have the cat and dog please

  29. Youknowthatcatlover #1

    Youknowthatcatlover #12 days ago

    i like how kassie is saing i hate rats and she is like ok with it

  30. Molly Stearns

    Molly Stearns2 days ago

    IT’S YOUR DOG CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Daniel West

    Daniel West2 days ago

    There was a rabbit right outside the hotel I stayed at in St. Louis and they let me pick them up

  32. Molly Stearns

    Molly Stearns2 days ago

    Who thinks Cassie’s dog is an animal exotic

  33. basel king

    basel king3 days ago

    شاورررر الي من عند شاور لايك

  34. Jejcj Mckaokf

    Jejcj Mckaokf3 days ago

    In moment 3 16 it looks like aazzy has nothing on

  35. rebecca Garuba

    rebecca Garuba3 days ago

    Gloom see a sugar glider: ah what is that Azzy see a spider: awe its cute

  36. Gajendra Singh Kushwah

    Gajendra Singh Kushwah3 days ago

    You look like barbie gloom

  37. Mooimacat

    Mooimacat3 days ago

    I died when kassie was scared of her own dog

  38. Richard Appelhans

    Richard Appelhans3 days ago

    I dont know why she is so acared of rats I have had 2 pat rats before they are so adorable.

  39. emilycat8

    emilycat83 days ago

    But I have a Feral cat she’s so soft and sweet!

  40. emilycat8

    emilycat83 days ago

    I want an Bengal now.

  41. christopher davis

    christopher davis3 days ago

    i think azzy was the baviest at this

  42. christopher davis

    christopher davis3 days ago

    you guys are so funny you shold make more funny vidos

  43. Melody Yim

    Melody Yim3 days ago

    Azzy: Dosen’t Regert holding a Cave spider Kassie: scared of a dog Me: scared the heck out of my world Lol that’s true I’m scared of spiders

  44. sysy theoofunicorn

    sysy theoofunicorn3 days ago


  45. sysy theoofunicorn

    sysy theoofunicorn3 days ago

    I love roblox ,unicorns,guinea pigs!

  46. Lunamoon midnight

    Lunamoon midnight3 days ago

    Rabbit is now called Gandolf Junior

  47. Izzy in friends

    Izzy in friends3 days ago

    You guys should try visco girl and if you have like a Siri or something or Google then ask her likewhat does VSCO girls doing stuff what do they use cuz I already know but I'm just not going to tell you right now so just ask somebody like Siri or Google so yeah you should try it if you do I'll put a thumbs-up on every single video.

  48. Fenneca Da Fox

    Fenneca Da Fox3 days ago

    I have an Egyptian mau

  49. Taisiya Petrova

    Taisiya Petrova3 days ago

    That's not a spider that's a monster. I agree with gloom on that. Like I'm not far away enough from it and I'm like thousands of miles away.

  50. Victoria Thuman

    Victoria Thuman3 days ago

    I had a Bengal like that and a white one they were so cute

  51. Mainly Me 100

    Mainly Me 1003 days ago

    I have a bengal

  52. Jellielag

    Jellielag3 days ago


  53. May Harris

    May Harris3 days ago

    The sugar glider is soooooooo cute

  54. Landry Trent

    Landry Trent4 days ago

    Me and my mom a few years ago found 7 baby Bengal cats, we gave 5 away and kept two, they are happy and healthy

  55. Ishert Habshi

    Ishert Habshi4 days ago

    My cousin have rat in there house

  56. Taryn Rachel

    Taryn Rachel4 days ago

    Subscribe to Gloom

  57. Tony Esposito

    Tony Esposito4 days ago

    My daughters friend has a sugar gliders

  58. Kayma Dawson

    Kayma Dawson4 days ago

    I want a sugar glider it's so freaking cute

  59. Bryce Knox

    Bryce Knox4 days ago

    Why do I ship cassie and azzy together soooooo hard?!

  60. Karenza Liangga

    Karenza Liangga4 days ago

    We have lots of bengals in Indonesia in the streets