Last To Fall In The Pool Wins $10,000 or Game Master Clues! (Disney Princess Challenge)

Will Rebecca Zamolo or Ro Pansino be last to fall off the plank into the water to win this fun challenge against the Game Master spy ninja?
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Last time Rebecca Zamolo played last to sink wins $10,000 (game master clues vs ninja spy gadgets challenge) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded first to pop wins $10,000 challenge (game master spy reveal new clues) they went back to their safehouse. Today, Rebecca chose a Lizzy Sharer last to fall challenge to compete against the quadrant with her friend Ro Pansino. The girls decided to wear diy Disney princess costumes while they try not to fall off the plank. Matt and Rebecca don't want the cameraman Daniel to know we went through his camera roll, but the quadrant almost reveals it wasn’t missing when he arrives. Matt wants us to surprise him with a lie detector test when we confront him at our safehouse. We learn how to balance an egg on spoon while walking over the pool. I hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge to find the winner. For the final round, the 3 princesses balance on a tiny plank but the girls fall off. The quadrant spy wins but choses a gamemaster clue instead of $10,000. Another mystery quadrant member appears and reveals we had been tricking him to think we knew where the Game Master mystery location was and it turned into a chase. Will we be able to find the rest of the mystery devices and stop E2? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino6 months ago

    What a hard challenge! Stay safe Rebecca! 😊❤️

  2. Nisar Ahmed

    Nisar Ahmed2 months ago

    Does Ro Pansino have a clone?

  3. Ilenia Portelli

    Ilenia Portelli2 months ago

    She didn't change hairstyles it was her clown

  4. Veronica flores

    Veronica flores2 months ago

    that is Not the Real ro.that is her clone👩👩

  5. Arham Shah

    Arham Shah2 months ago

    Rosanna Pansino i love cake

  6. Bella Hermosa

    Bella Hermosa2 months ago

    Rebecca someone took to

  7. Kemper Christiansen

    Kemper Christiansen2 minutes ago

    Quadrant cheated

  8. Lillian Woods

    Lillian Woods51 minute ago

    iWatch to the end did ro ackt a little strange

  9. Lillian Woods

    Lillian WoodsHour ago

    Ro has the best cake

  10. CassidyRussett

    CassidyRussett2 hours ago


  11. Lily Travis

    Lily Travis3 hours ago

    I stayed to the end

  12. clementine jube

    clementine jube4 hours ago

    Why did you do this to Q!🤬😡

  13. Brenda Andrews

    Brenda Andrews5 hours ago

    thats the clon ro

  14. wheeler taz

    wheeler taz11 hours ago

    Stay to the end

  15. Lacie Wankel

    Lacie Wankel16 hours ago

    That is ro's twin

  16. Cheri Murray

    Cheri Murray21 hour ago


  17. Mariclea Mendoza

    Mariclea MendozaDay ago

    I stayed until the end

  18. Lucyn Leo

    Lucyn LeoDay ago

    What about E2

  19. Lucyn Leo

    Lucyn LeoDay ago

    Not to offend you but you look erm not nice in dresses

  20. Hami Chow

    Hami ChowDay ago

    I was seeing this till the end can I pls pls get a shout out but if no I understand

  21. Adam Bakos

    Adam BakosDay ago

    I'm a USwork now yay

  22. rocio rosas

    rocio rosasDay ago


  23. rocio rosas

    rocio rosasDay ago

    Noooo \

  24. rocio rosas

    rocio rosasDay ago

    Q took Ro

  25. rocio rosas

    rocio rosasDay ago

    Q won

  26. Jasmine Daniels

    Jasmine DanielsDay ago

    I did

  27. Mary Grace Young

    Mary Grace Young2 days ago

    Ro's cake was the best 🎂🍰

  28. Toni Hobbs

    Toni Hobbs2 days ago

    You are the best USworkr you are my best friend I've been watching you my whole life until I was 1 one years old but now I'm 9 I have a best friend and her name is Rebecca you will remind me of her my best teacher left I hope I win the iPhone phone giveaway please Rebecca I love your videos I will give you lots of subscribers to win the giveaway to me please I don't have a phone I'm now I need a phone to do TiK ToK write spider Mikey

  29. Toni Hobbs

    Toni Hobbs2 days ago

    Love you so much my sister Olivia and my name is Daisy I would love to see you one day on everybody could see me I hope you come down and see me soon I saw JoJo siwa ring JoJo siwa because I really want some of this stuff and I really want Maps black because I'm going to be like game master rz twin for Halloween so I really need one please can you send it to me

  30. Toni Hobbs

    Toni Hobbs2 days ago

    Last year he said

  31. Achmadi Achmadi

    Achmadi Achmadi2 days ago

    Ro have clone

  32. Carlos Esquivel

    Carlos Esquivel2 days ago

    Quadrent and ro

  33. Leah Wnuk

    Leah Wnuk2 days ago

    That is ro’s clone from the dollhouse

  34. Autumn Woody

    Autumn Woody2 days ago

    I love you guys yes Q did cheat

  35. Chelsea Kester

    Chelsea Kester2 days ago

    Row Pansino

  36. Amy Mckone

    Amy Mckone2 days ago

    I know

  37. Anaya Padilla

    Anaya Padilla2 days ago

    Ro had the best frosted 🎂 Make the blue if you think Ro is actually a clone

  38. Chris Beckford

    Chris Beckford2 days ago


  39. princess londyn

    princess londyn2 days ago

    8:17 savage Rebecca

  40. Faith_Morgan Vlogs

    Faith_Morgan Vlogs2 days ago


  41. jin ye zhou

    jin ye zhou2 days ago

    I watched until the end

  42. jin ye zhou

    jin ye zhou2 days ago

    no he didn't cheat he jumped at the end

  43. Chayce B

    Chayce B2 days ago

    Q Bob not cheat

  44. Chayce B

    Chayce B2 days ago

    I think Q is going to win

  45. Izariah morris

    Izariah morris2 days ago

    Rebecca zamolo they had switched ro pansino and made the clone play the game

  46. Tabi Eben Gwendolyn

    Tabi Eben Gwendolyn2 days ago

    I. stid. till the end

  47. Tabi Eben Gwendolyn

    Tabi Eben Gwendolyn2 days ago

    ro is. more. better

  48. Tamanna Amiri

    Tamanna Amiri2 days ago

    i stay too the end

  49. mc mia

    mc mia2 days ago

    💘like this comment if you like Rebecca Zamolo and Rosanna pansion and Matt 💘🥰😍😘

  50. Rehana Didi

    Rehana Didi3 days ago


  51. Rehana Didi

    Rehana Didi3 days ago

    That was funny

  52. star wolf

    star wolf3 days ago

    Me: *accidentally reading the comment* why are people talking a ro clones? 11:35 Me: oh

  53. Jabeen Rasul

    Jabeen Rasul3 days ago

    I watched to the end I love you

  54. Amber Diedricks

    Amber Diedricks3 days ago

    When roe went to dry her shoes and when she came out I think it was her clone like of you think so to

  55. Shazmima

    Shazmima3 days ago

    I stayed until the end

  56. Isaac Riley

    Isaac Riley3 days ago

    I stayed until the end

  57. Salvs Remigio

    Salvs Remigio3 days ago

    I stayed till the end

  58. Waleska Olivieri

    Waleska Olivieri3 days ago

    The game master said when they were getting the towel the quadrant swap rose with the clone of rose . Rose is In trouble he's in the bathroom in the house

  59. Waleska Olivieri

    Waleska Olivieri3 days ago

    I mean rose is in trouble not he

  60. Isabel Mata

    Isabel Mata3 days ago

    I stay to the end

  61. Bunny Playz games

    Bunny Playz games3 days ago

    At the end that was Ro clone

  62. Marta Feliciano

    Marta Feliciano3 days ago

    It's ro clone

  63. AM - 05JR - Lancaster PS (1105)

    AM - 05JR - Lancaster PS (1105)3 days ago

    I stayed till the end

  64. AM - 05JR - Lancaster PS (1105)

    AM - 05JR - Lancaster PS (1105)3 days ago

    Ro switched to her clone

  65. Cynthia Wilhoit

    Cynthia Wilhoit3 days ago


  66. Bartlomiej Szmanda

    Bartlomiej Szmanda3 days ago

    Omg i koce you gize

  67. Shawn Harney

    Shawn Harney4 days ago

    i stayed to the end

  68. McKenna Scarborough

    McKenna Scarborough4 days ago

    I love rosanna

  69. Hafsa Shaikh

    Hafsa Shaikh4 days ago

    After the second last round it was the ro clone

  70. EliMsp !

    EliMsp !4 days ago

    he did cheat oh my i saw him touch his blindfold