11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality


  1. its me taniya.

    its me taniya.3 hours ago

    So the last guy is indian or what ??

  2. Liza Roeun

    Liza Roeun4 hours ago

    I think Brandon is so cute and so is that guy Jean but most of the guys are so nice and SWEET. I could never be in her position lol

  3. 10.000 subs without a video

    10.000 subs without a video6 hours ago

    720 credit score is good, not very good like he thinks lmao

  4. David Grigsby

    David Grigsby8 hours ago

    She was annoyingly unoriginal (& proudly vapid). Seriously, she's like the majority of ppl who actually examines... nothing (of substance), I'm sure.

  5. Alpha bro

    Alpha bro9 hours ago

    I'll rate her...she's 0/10

  6. A B

    A B9 hours ago

    Every girl is way different than each other.

  7. somy. xo

    somy. xo10 hours ago

    No one Absolute no one Sean: *not tryna fLeX* 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  8. lucid_delirium

    lucid_delirium10 hours ago

    So I guess there's no man rates 10 women episode? It would get good views since it would most probably end with tears, blood and women with ripped out hair.

  9. Katie K

    Katie K10 hours ago

    Those guys were nice but I like the Asian guy with the ponytail in the intro and outro!

  10. Loser

    Loser10 hours ago

    I said the 2nd guy look like Steven from stranger things and he said if she liked it

  11. Puff Ball ASMR

    Puff Ball ASMR11 hours ago


  12. Eric Kim

    Eric Kim11 hours ago

    The 2nd guy looked like Steve from stranger things. I think that’s why he brought up stranger things

  13. ryanchampagne1

    ryanchampagne113 hours ago

    they should interview them in a different order than she saw them

  14. Jasmine Ramos

    Jasmine Ramos13 hours ago

    "We should make our parents proud and like date" He was *smooth* I like him😂

  15. Kitan Adeogun

    Kitan Adeogun13 hours ago

    If I’m being honest all of them we kind of ugly

  16. Mohammed Shamil

    Mohammed Shamil15 hours ago

    I would rate her 1...or less than 1..

  17. Angela Ly

    Angela Ly16 hours ago

    All Angela’s are beautiful

  18. Potatofries kkaw

    Potatofries kkaw16 hours ago

    Is there any spernatural fans ? ;0 Im not really a fan either but my bestfriend loves the series and she sshowed me The main cbaracters and the second guy is looks alike and haves one of the characters name Idk wich ones :''''')

  19. Louis Quinteros

    Louis Quinteros18 hours ago

    Imagine saying you don’t like a girl because she’s overweight But a girl not liking a boy because he’s short

  20. Champion Martha

    Champion Martha18 hours ago

    Honest I’m triggered she didn’t rate Jared higher

  21. Archle

    Archle20 hours ago

    “Where my short kings at?”

  22. Orla Ferreira

    Orla Ferreira20 hours ago

    This is whether SHE finds them attractive it should be whether they are or not attractive in general not to her type -,-

  23. TeA Nikl

    TeA Nikl22 hours ago

    That guy that watched "Stranger things"...HE DESERVES TEN JUST LIKE THAT😍

  24. Saddam Hussain

    Saddam Hussain22 hours ago

    She’s certainly not pretty 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. JenLisa is da thing

    JenLisa is da thingDay ago

    I like man who talkactive, and the short guy is the best talker out there, he just the type that like small talks

  26. Alanna

    AlannaDay ago


  27. Allen Hooper

    Allen HooperDay ago

    can feel the reaction amd drama of certain "self claimed feminists" had this rating been about man rating women making them stand in line.

  28. McKenna •

    McKenna •Day ago

    3:19 "Do you watch Stranger Things?, I'm Steve Harrington. Nice to meet you" omg if he said that lmao

  29. McKenna •

    McKenna •Day ago

    second guy from the left, is that steve harrington??😂

  30. Anonymous Brunette

    Anonymous BrunetteDay ago

    If I’m being honest I would wana go on this just to see what I get😂

  31. shooters for sope

    shooters for sopeDay ago

    sean is kinda ugly but hes funny lmao

  32. Savage Boy

    Savage BoyDay ago

    Four is definitely her favorite number.

  33. V Shuzen

    V ShuzenDay ago

    I'M A SEX SYMBOL jajdjajdnsnsne

  34. - ̗̀ moonchild ̖́-

    - ̗̀ moonchild ̖́-Day ago

    well i’m not tryna flex *but it’s 720*

  35. gracii jackson

    gracii jacksonDay ago

    "aw dude,,, i'm not a sex symbol" i love him the most hahaha

  36. Priscilla Kate

    Priscilla KateDay ago

    This is terrible. Yeah just make them feel insecure

  37. Caitlin Spain

    Caitlin SpainDay ago


  38. Ovrexx

    OvrexxDay ago

    looks can be decieving

  39. Paris Santiago

    Paris SantiagoDay ago

    The second guy😍

  40. アキラ

    アキラ6 hours ago

    got the worst personality score tho lmao

  41. Cristina Sanchez

    Cristina SanchezDay ago

    Haha this is funny bc we all have different taste! Hahah while she was rating I was "not my type" haha. I'm actually mmm not weird but I'm Sapiophile, so basically I love, I truly feel a strong attraction to "smart" guys hahah. I also love the typical "nerd" looks and I love , I love interesting guys and sometimes shy guys (not being rude with the word nerd tbh I think it is a compliment hehe just to let you guys know) That's why I always ask "what are you studying?" or ask him educational question to see if he is "intelectual". I love someone with a brilliant mind, someone who wants to learn and learn new things each day, hahaha someone who pays attention to class haha bc I don't like guys who falls sleep during class! Hahaa! You girls feel the same as me?

  42. chil l

    chil lDay ago

    i died when she said “how do I figure out my credit score”😂🤣

  43. ヴォータンフアン

    ヴォータンフアンDay ago

    Cant understand how personality has to do with putting PP inside Vagana.

  44. alex todd

    alex toddDay ago

    Stranger things guy looks like stranger things guy

  45. Kalijah Jones

    Kalijah JonesDay ago

    I love these vids! Keep it up ❤

  46. Riley Holland

    Riley HollandDay ago

    Her looks 3 personality 0

  47. Cryztal

    CryztalDay ago

    I'm glad she cared more about personality than looks! ❤ I hope their date went well! 👍

  48. drgdfh fdhfd

    drgdfh fdhfdDay ago

    If you have ADHD and are aggresive girls like you. Women are still into the caveman stuff.

  49. DomDom Juju

    DomDom JujuDay ago

    Why didn't Andrew get chosen? :OOOO He wast best in appearance and a runner-up in personality

  50. Brooke Ernst

    Brooke ErnstDay ago

    “WhAtS yOuR cReDiT sCoRe?” I was dead🤣🤣

  51. Samuel Flores

    Samuel FloresDay ago

    My man on the end was the hottest and with the best personality; change my mind.