11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

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Angela: ange_christine_
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  1. Hishita Shah

    Hishita Shah43 minutes ago

    She was way too arrogant the guy she rated high in personality was cute

  2. mEtAlMaNiAc787

    mEtAlMaNiAc78744 minutes ago

    when ur a guy and want to play along and rate too .lol

  3. Sir Duck II

    Sir Duck II3 hours ago

    This is taking the 5 guys on 1 girl to the next level

  4. Zuzia Święs

    Zuzia Święs3 hours ago

    The second one in round 2 is like: 😅 Girl why you don't like Stranger Things?

  5. troyism

    troyism4 hours ago

    Couple of these dudes are def gay

  6. John Doe

    John Doe11 hours ago

    I would never do this to my self esteem

  7. ms ns

    ms ns13 hours ago

    7:03 wait wtf sean was here i didnt see him he looked like some weird middle aged ho

  8. Starfall

    Starfall13 hours ago

    Is that Sean from 'virgins vs non-virgins'?

  9. will B

    will B13 hours ago

    Bruh imagine if it was a dude rating girls

  10. Chris Kim

    Chris Kim13 hours ago

    Julio is handsome too. Girl u can get to work out with him. He's a lottery.


    LUXSOPH14 hours ago

    Her standards seem high

  12. MrDangalang1

    MrDangalang116 hours ago

    These guys talk like chicks.

  13. sam

    sam16 hours ago

    bro the shortest guy that was rated lowest for looks is really NOT that bad, he seemed really nice as well and he was slightly taller than her. also the fact that he’s a little taller but not a lot taller just means it’s easier to kiss him, just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. Squanchy FapFap

    Squanchy FapFap20 hours ago

    I'd giver her a -5 cuz I hate Asians. Also the ugly indian dude is sexier than her.

  15. don do

    don do20 hours ago

    Mention their bank balances too

  16. none

    none20 hours ago

    The White guy with the beanie and the jacked up tooth is in ODD MAN OUT S1 • E4 .... LAME

  17. Cruster Master

    Cruster Master22 hours ago

    This shows the standards girl put and they keep breaking it

  18. AdrianMartha LopezZar

    AdrianMartha LopezZar23 hours ago

    She’s so brutal hahahahah

  19. A'chynee Edmundson

    A'chynee EdmundsonDay ago

    Brandon was honestly super cute. His personality and swag was on point. Granted, standing next to those other guys he did kind of look like a kid. I'm 5'8 and notorious for liking/dating short guys lol. My friends love to mention this when it comes to talking about "my type" but honestly I just happen to not discriminate when it comes to height. My longest relationship was with a 5'5 guy and my current relationship is 6'3. Hey personality over everything.

  20. Invalid Name. Please, Try Again.

    Invalid Name. Please, Try Again.Day ago

    The last guy is not a 4, he just needs to do his eyebrow a little and it’s clear his looks are pretty good

  21. Vera Jonsson

    Vera JonssonDay ago

    Why is she so mean, like the first inte she disrespected his body like wtf, she isnt even pretty

  22. Faaz Arshad

    Faaz ArshadDay ago

    There personality for me ahhahahahah

  23. Curious Viewer

    Curious ViewerDay ago

    Lesson of the video: don’t judge a book by its cover Think about all the guys/girls someone has rejected bc of looks who could have been the best person ever (personality wise)

  24. Anthony Bohnet

    Anthony BohnetDay ago

    "looks wise no" those three words should never be said to a man

  25. mizzu M

    mizzu MDay ago

    none of them were attractive

  26. oopalonga

    oopalongaDay ago

    man jubilee ur vids are on POINT. i LOVE how all the dudes have similar body language w/ the arms and hands, lmfao

  27. 空menace

    空menaceDay ago

    Damn I know most of us short men felt attacked during this but at least we can look up at personality🚶🏽‍♂️

  28. BOYSIK

    BOYSIKDay ago

    why iz everyone Chinese

  29. Sebastian Osorno Gutierrez

    Sebastian Osorno GutierrezDay ago

    Angela picked the perfect boy

  30. Sebastian Osorno Gutierrez

    Sebastian Osorno GutierrezDay ago

    No te pierdas en el mundo

  31. Sebastian Osorno Gutierrez

    Sebastian Osorno GutierrezDay ago


  32. ChimeraGaming

    ChimeraGamingDay ago

    Someone get me on this i stand a tiny chance on personality then

  33. Stefan Gopaul

    Stefan GopaulDay ago

    Bet She never talks to him again

  34. mizzu M

    mizzu MDay ago

    i married a 2 w/ a personality of a 10

  35. ludovic tsondo

    ludovic tsondoDay ago

    Me: i am a sex symbol Back stage: she rated you a 6 Me: dude, i am not a sex symbol arggh

  36. AZKA

    AZKADay ago

    wtf is doing Anthony fantan there?

  37. Deez Cows Fan

    Deez Cows FanDay ago

    Why does every guy that get rated are absolute beta's. Like common you can't be overweight and expect to be rated as a 10.

  38. Thomas Fish

    Thomas FishDay ago


  39. Marlene Amara

    Marlene Amara2 days ago


  40. laila

    laila2 days ago

    "oh yeet"

  41. lawliet l

    lawliet l2 days ago

    I got my inner confidence and self-esteem destroyed by willingly selecting the video. :-(

  42. Something Edgy

    Something Edgy2 days ago

    I thought he was really short at the start...BUT THEY ARE THE SAME HEIGHT

  43. spondon kashyap

    spondon kashyap2 days ago

    This video is just disgusting

  44. Cahtoah

    Cahtoah2 days ago

    Did this man really just say, “Oh yeet?”

  45. SkATAN

    SkATAN2 days ago

    @6:05 you can feel the disappointment in her voice XD

  46. OsamaTheMamaLama

    OsamaTheMamaLama2 days ago

    Sexual experiences, IMO, are a big part of a relationship moving forward. It would be interesting to.... know how people rated and why? Tough one to broadcast and do but I would really love to see it. Thank you for your hard work and sharing this!

  47. BriNJoe LStyleSM

    BriNJoe LStyleSM2 days ago

    I’m not tryna flex but it’s (credit score) like 720 😎💪

  48. ug gaming

    ug gaming2 days ago

    3:18 (do you watch stranger things) (her no) rip in the chat 😂

  49. LP727

    LP7272 days ago

    She’s a 5.5

  50. Hong Yu Yuan

    Hong Yu Yuan2 days ago

    oh nooo it's the worst person from the virgin vs nonvirgins

  51. nasya BP

    nasya BP2 days ago

    Anyway, it's quite shocking, the shortest guys is the most attractive personality. The vibe the way he talks.. and yes! He isn't that short compare to her:O man's height is deceiving

  52. Kaushik Bala

    Kaushik Bala2 days ago

    If she was to be treated by those guys i don't think she would be breaking the threshold of 3 a lot...

  53. nasya BP

    nasya BP2 days ago

    Omggggg I love this ideaaas hahaha it's fuuuuunnn to watch :D

  54. EGPMH

    EGPMH2 days ago

    Looks like she doesnt like guys with glasses or dark skin

  55. Satyam Rahpal

    Satyam Rahpal2 days ago

    the guy with the ear-piece was the highest, wrong maths too!!

  56. Nick W.

    Nick W.3 days ago

    "yes i guess" on camera is a no in reallity right? :D

  57. Cill Blinton

    Cill Blinton3 days ago

    That beanie guy looks like sam hyde, acted like sam hyde. I think its sam hyde

  58. PeterTheGr3at

    PeterTheGr3at3 days ago

    I give her a 4.

  59. Jịřəñ

    Jịřəñ3 days ago

    So first of all Angela's are flat. *She doesn't have two big things* . Appearance: 3 But personality: 9.

  60. Cel M

    Cel M3 days ago

    7:03 - 7:11 I'm deadddd aha and his laugh is so cute

  61. TastyTarco

    TastyTarco3 days ago

    Sean is am actor... he is right?.... i hope he is....

  62. Mauricio de la Rosa G.

    Mauricio de la Rosa G.3 days ago

    It´s funny how everybody is triggered by these videos. Just like whatever your body (not the internet) tells you and respect others preferences.