Call Me Daddy | Anwar Jibawi & Lele Pons


  1. Vee

    VeeDay ago

    This shit funny

  2. sebita1276 1

    sebita1276 1Day ago

    Did the bird poop? 01:13

  3. _ariella_gibson_ Ariella Gibson

    _ariella_gibson_ Ariella Gibson2 days ago


  4. Rohit official

    Rohit official2 days ago

    Thaught of the night never pet a macao that talks😆😆😆😆

  5. Kayla Satnarine

    Kayla Satnarine3 days ago


  6. Wolf Forlife

    Wolf Forlife4 days ago

    Hmm i was thinking about owning one of those parrot which i shw on the TV shows but i change my mind its scarier than i

  7. janarules

    janarules4 days ago

    What's bigger then anwars

  8. VènØm ĞamînĞ

    VènØm ĞamînĞ5 days ago

    I subscribed because that parrot told me to ☺️


    [BLD] JMK COLDR6 days ago

    I don't like Lele Pons

  10. Omarion Perez

    Omarion Perez6 days ago

    The way he shoved her head 😅

  11. Ashley

    Ashley6 days ago

    I laugh at the end so much 😂😂😂😂

  12. Julian GaNg0

    Julian GaNg07 days ago

    Call me sugar daddy

  13. Prince Venee

    Prince Venee7 days ago

    That went different than how I expected it too.

  14. Rostam Shahname

    Rostam Shahname7 days ago


  15. Nightmare _DarkWolf

    Nightmare _DarkWolf8 days ago

    I died laughing at the end

  16. CION XYZ

    CION XYZ9 days ago

    This is america.

  17. david chabashvili

    david chabashvili9 days ago

    Just kill it man!

  18. John Carlo Susano

    John Carlo Susano9 days ago


  19. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff9 days ago

    0:11 Virgin first kiss face.

  20. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff9 days ago

    Is this the first video on his channel ever? I was curious and chose the option oldest lol

  21. inass live

    inass live10 days ago

    Anyone at 2019 ? 😂😂

  22. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff9 days ago


  23. Bangtan Vi

    Bangtan Vi10 days ago

    The parott xD at the end xDdddd

  24. Mohammad Sammour

    Mohammad Sammour10 days ago

    Love u anwar ❤️❤️

  25. ϹհíʍʍղվՏհʍʍíí

    ϹհíʍʍղվՏհʍʍíí11 days ago

    2019 anyone

  26. Bushra Mujeeb Rehman

    Bushra Mujeeb Rehman11 days ago

    And a LEGEND was born

  27. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff9 days ago


  28. Mr. Cameo

    Mr. Cameo12 days ago

    Did that bird just take a shit

  29. ابو غانم

    ابو غانم12 days ago

    The music is so scary 😅😂

  30. AL4N X

    AL4N X13 days ago

    fuck this

  31. Betsy Rodriguez

    Betsy Rodriguez14 days ago

    I know I'm late on the comment did anyone see the parrot shit on 1:14

  32. Jen 2 Krazy

    Jen 2 Krazy15 days ago

    Anyone see the poop 💩 drop

  33. Blaze_ DKP

    Blaze_ DKP15 days ago


  34. Tariq Mohammed

    Tariq Mohammed15 days ago


  35. Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar15 days ago

    So be you nick took concept from here

  36. ClyDe YT

    ClyDe YT16 days ago

    This was by far the funniest video 😂😂😂😂

  37. Dayi Abdullah

    Dayi Abdullah16 days ago

    Oh shit... Such a beautiful wife and yet... He's cheating

  38. Shebz Wadiwala

    Shebz Wadiwala7 days ago

    And she's is also cheating!

  39. Pogan Laul

    Pogan Laul10 days ago

    You find lele pons beautiful? Omygod

  40. Marcel Younan

    Marcel Younan18 days ago

    This is Anwar first videos

  41. who cares

    who cares22 days ago


  42. ketsu Hozuki

    ketsu Hozuki25 days ago

    if she was my wife i don't think i would need to cheat

  43. Ray Lau

    Ray Lau25 days ago

    1:14 did he poop?

  44. Liakouras Momentz

    Liakouras Momentz26 days ago

    Hahaha it's so big! Bigger than Anwars 😆🤭

  45. Anonymous Assasin

    Anonymous Assasin26 days ago

    Snitches get stitches in this case snitches turn into fried chicken

  46. rosemary, hung hung ting

    rosemary, hung hung ting26 days ago

    That buta is gonna pay

  47. rosemary, hung hung ting

    rosemary, hung hung ting26 days ago

    He's a bitch

  48. rosemary, hung hung ting

    rosemary, hung hung ting26 days ago

    He's cheating on her

  49. u name

    u name26 days ago

    Its a Sketch!

  50. Sunny shah

    Sunny shah27 days ago

    1:13 if you play it slowly, you can see the parrot just took a quick shit

  51. Basha Masr

    Basha Masr29 days ago

    Fuck that bird or whatever that is because it almost got him in trouble if the bird didn’t talk anawar wasn’t going to get in trouble

  52. Tavien Seefeldt

    Tavien SeefeldtMonth ago

    this was his first video?

  53. salman khan

    salman khanMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

  54. kevvale Stowe

    kevvale StoweMonth ago

    Love lele so cute lol

  55. Josie Jacobson

    Josie JacobsonMonth ago

    Omg can't say how much times I couldn't laugh in this video

  56. Richard Sobiac

    Richard SobiacMonth ago


  57. Nieza Jane Asuncion

    Nieza Jane AsuncionMonth ago


  58. Nieza Jane Asuncion

    Nieza Jane AsuncionMonth ago

    Im so scared when the parrot say that my wife home hide in the closet and call me daddy


    PUB GENERALMonth ago


  60. IFROO zhang

    IFROO zhangMonth ago


  61. maya Qtr

    maya QtrMonth ago

    When half of the comment section says The bird pooped Btw 2019 anyone?

  62. Babyguy

    BabyguyMonth ago

    Tha parrot is a snitch

  63. berradi nabil

    berradi nabilMonth ago

    If you have a parrot ..get rid of it hhhh

  64. Louvin Casimir

    Louvin CasimirMonth ago

    Lele is so beautiful omg..😩

  65. Mothananew

    MothananewMonth ago

    2019 anyone?🚀

  66. Life with happiness#### And Fun

    Life with happiness#### And FunMonth ago

    Get f out of here

  67. Tonderai Mutidzawanda

    Tonderai MutidzawandaMonth ago

    legend has it that this was anwer's first video after vines were shut down

  68. Erike Hernandez

    Erike HernandezMonth ago

    Why does every man have another girl hiding in the closet



    bird poop in 1:13 watch

  70. StickingSpade

    StickingSpadeMonth ago

    Her face at the end haha

  71. Bree Crowe

    Bree CroweMonth ago

    They gotta get rid of that damn bird

  72. vishal potdar

    vishal potdarMonth ago

    Lesson :-Never pet a parrot 😂😂😂

  73. jaseem s

    jaseem sMonth ago


  74. Afram Jakobsson

    Afram JakobssonMonth ago

    Black eyes

  75. Sparkle Raika

    Sparkle RaikaMonth ago

    I honestly laughed way hard at the end😂

  76. Zahra Jambir

    Zahra JambirMonth ago

    He said oh Melanie so deep

  77. Azeema Farook

    Azeema FarookMonth ago

    Lmao. Purrrfect!!! ✌💙💙💙💙😄😄😄

  78. Love botter

    Love botterMonth ago

    No Wi-Fi

  79. Zeeshan Khan

    Zeeshan KhanMonth ago

    F*ck you Anwar:- get the f*ck out of here 😂😂😂


    ZHOVI ZIEKHRUMonth ago

    Anwar the way u PANIC is what I love the most hahahahaha

  81. Djehuti Sundaka

    Djehuti SundakaMonth ago

    So, when Anwar plays Aladdin, there's always Carpet but never Iago. That's parrot discrimination!

  82. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil KumarMonth ago

    Fucking parrot

  83. xd_Hectorketchup

    xd_HectorketchupMonth ago

    bird pooped at 1:13 XD

  84. adnan januzaj

    adnan januzajMonth ago

    who watching 2019?????

  85. Hadeel Tours

    Hadeel ToursMonth ago

    I don’t get what happened

  86. yolkyface

    yolkyface2 months ago

    No thank you, I'm calling my *mommy*

  87. Nick Gurz

    Nick Gurz2 months ago

    1:13 the parrot shited

  88. Victor Farben

    Victor Farben2 months ago

    I don't understand "call me daddy"...meaning something?

  89. AERO_StrafeSho T

    AERO_StrafeSho T2 months ago


  90. -_KITKAT PLAYS_-

    -_KITKAT PLAYS_-2 months ago

    1:13 da guy shitted

  91. Gaz Murphin

    Gaz Murphin2 months ago

    1:52Her face reminds me of King cobra before attack

  92. minnielin1230

    minnielin12302 months ago

    1:47 Lele's a nail biter

  93. Epic Aiden

    Epic Aiden2 months ago


  94. Chronic meme Mr

    Chronic meme Mr2 months ago

    Did the bird poop ??????

  95. Jas Art

    Jas Art2 months ago

    That parrot was so beautiful! I like those kind of birds! 😃

  96. the one and only

    the one and only2 months ago

    Hi scrolling through the comments Hope u have a good day Pls sub to my channel

  97. Gurjot Singh

    Gurjot Singh2 months ago


  98. Melissa Gleeson

    Melissa Gleeson2 months ago

    1:50 that face 🤣


    LET TRY MORE2 months ago

    Bigger than anwar ahaha

  100. Ninja Boy

    Ninja Boy2 months ago

    Oh yeah

  101. beverly humphreys

    beverly humphreys2 months ago

    When Lele said did you teach him that oh yes I am it was so funny

  102. Super Dupper

    Super Dupper2 months ago

    Never buy a periot

  103. Goldengalaxywolfie _plays!:3

    Goldengalaxywolfie _plays!:32 months ago


  104. chill girl

    chill girl2 months ago


  105. Ali Al Ameri

    Ali Al Ameri2 months ago