Robinson Chirinos LAUNCHES home run to extend Astros' lead in World Series Game 4 | MLB Highlights

For the 2nd time in the last two World Series games, Robinson Chirinos went deep! He helped extend the Astros' lead to 4-0 in World Series Game 4.
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  1. ArkansasMade Teo

    ArkansasMade Teo5 days ago

    Feels good that he says my last name right 🤣

  2. Grokme Amadeus

    Grokme AmadeusMonth ago

    The friendly Chirinos Maldonado competition has been fun to watch all season.

  3. WuTang 4 The Children

    WuTang 4 The ChildrenMonth ago

    MLB be having great camera angles near home plate off the home runs

  4. Gustavo Ocando

    Gustavo OcandoMonth ago


  5. Daniel Thanks

    Daniel ThanksMonth ago

    Lol i didn't hear ant nats fans in Houston

  6. beast Isaac21

    beast Isaac21Month ago

    As a dodger fan I really don’t want the nats to win

  7. justin Smith

    justin SmithMonth ago


  8. Jack Lee

    Jack LeeMonth ago

    텍사스에서 추신수선수와 함께한 치리노스 선수를 응원합니다.

  9. JDMsal

    JDMsalMonth ago

    Lesgo Churritos! #takeitback

  10. 811chelseafc

    811chelseafcMonth ago

    Thank god he didn’t bunt lmao

  11. Indio Sonorense

    Indio SonorenseMonth ago

    que poder tiene este cabron

  12. Novo Amor

    Novo AmorMonth ago

    Great win Stros 🤘🏾⚾ #TakeItBack

  13. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago

    H-TOWN Clutch City in Baseball Too ASTROS!! 😎👍

  14. el triumbirato1844

    el triumbirato1844Month ago

    F king chirino a ball player of 12 homer a year looking like is home run hitter😡

  15. Kori Jenkins

    Kori JenkinsMonth ago

    El weepo

  16. Jaguar Warrior

    Jaguar WarriorMonth ago

    Houston" Problem solved Astros have come back Houston Strong to make things balance out and equal.

  17. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago

    H-Town ASTROS 😎 👍

  18. Whyinem

    WhyinemMonth ago

    What a series!

  19. Champion Mendoza

    Champion MendozaMonth ago

    Ma stros don't lay down for nan

  20. ZERO94AIC

    ZERO94AICMonth ago


  21. schwinnbike18

    schwinnbike18Month ago

    Come on Nats! You got this!

  22. Maria V Solis

    Maria V SolisMonth ago

    Win tonight Houston Astros Series 🤩 🔥🔥 💯💯 💯💯 💯

  23. Ivan Gomez

    Ivan GomezMonth ago

    It's payback time!! This is for my Dodgers. Let's go Astros.

  24. Ivan Gomez

    Ivan GomezMonth ago

    @Yakuza Ohtani yeah I got that!! But the Astros were the only team that were able to play against the Nationals. They did a good job in other games. But at the end, they screw up everything.

  25. Yakuza Ohtani

    Yakuza OhtaniMonth ago

    Ivan Gomez Astros smoke your Dodgers big time in 2017 ❤️ it was amazing seeing them celebrate in Dodger stadium the way every other teams celebrate they’re championships there! 💯 also Nats won 😂

  26. Richard Loves Tuna

    Richard Loves TunaMonth ago

    Hopefully we will beat Nats and i understand how annoying they are. Nats are bunch of jokes.

  27. TheVegafamily

    TheVegafamilyMonth ago

    Let’s win that World Series 2019 Astros ⚾️🧡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Richard Loves Tuna

    Richard Loves TunaMonth ago

    @Novo Amor dude i was at saint arnold brewing company earlier and oh boy the reaction it was nuts when Bregman made gran slam homerun!!

  29. Novo Amor

    Novo AmorMonth ago

    2 more wins 😊 🤘🏾

  30. TheVegafamily

    TheVegafamilyMonth ago

    Grind Hard no I’m not from Houston I’m from California San Diego me & my dad always go for the Astros for the World Series

  31. Novo Amor

    Novo AmorMonth ago

    @TheVegafamily you already know gorgeous 🤘🏾 are you from Houston, or is the Astros just your fav team?

  32. TheVegafamily

    TheVegafamilyMonth ago

    Grind Hard we sure are gonna Takeitback Astros for life

  33. Rick Menasco

    Rick MenascoMonth ago

    Sure do miss Chirinos in a Ranger uniform.

  34. nikesback

    nikesbackMonth ago

    Dont worry. Max sherzer for game 5 and 7 is all they need.

  35. JerichaG92

    JerichaG92Month ago

    nikesback nats aren’t hitting and face Cole and Verlander next.

  36. JackGeezy

    JackGeezyMonth ago

    Max will eventually cost the Nationals just wait 🤣🤣

  37. Samuel A

    Samuel AMonth ago

    but they also not hitting the ball last game and so far this one

  38. Alfredo Almerida

    Alfredo AlmeridaMonth ago


  39. ihateurvid

    ihateurvidMonth ago

    When Joe Buck said "2nd time Correa's walked" he was talking about the same at bat.

  40. Joe Palacios

    Joe PalaciosMonth ago

    We, going to play the game with a juicy ball, or de-juiced ?., don't you saw...the ball die, before reach the fans ! ! !

  41. Joe Palacios

    Joe PalaciosMonth ago

    Interesting how the non fan from this sport may look the lenguage. Stolen base.. dog out.. bull pen.. extra base robed. diving catch..etc. check this up: Astros win 2...Nat 2 win =4 Astros lost 2. Nat lost 2 =4. So tomorrow Game 9 ? ? ?. Thanks guys have a fan.

  42. Austen Schnelle

    Austen SchnelleMonth ago

    Nats or Astros?

  43. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago


  44. Private Martinez

    Private MartinezMonth ago

    Robertson Chrinos is not doing too bad in the last two games, he's been helping giving the Astros extended leads!

  45. Private Martinez

    Private MartinezMonth ago

    Bregman got a grand slam. Its 8-1 now!

  46. PhillyFan03

    PhillyFan03Month ago

    Nats fans: In World Series Also Nats fans: hAhA bRyCe oN tHe CoUcH 330 MilliOn

  47. Astro Jake 1234

    Astro Jake 1234Month ago

    Let’s go Astros

  48. Mike S

    Mike SMonth ago

    All of a sudden Washington is struggling at home. Bread and circuses.

  49. Neema Fouladi

    Neema FouladiMonth ago

    😄 haha yep!

  50. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Nats trying too hard. Just play loose

  51. legolas1601

    legolas1601Month ago

    This is for all the Yanks who where counting the Astros out

  52. Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. PittsMonth ago

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  53. Jorge Colon

    Jorge ColonMonth ago

    yesss go astros

  54. Albro21CIA

    Albro21CIAMonth ago

    Go Nationals!

  55. Jesee

    JeseeMonth ago

    Oh nats I had hopes in you

  56. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    And THERE is the Nats we all know and love

  57. Josh Friedman

    Josh Friedman20 days ago

    @Upswing Baseball You were saying...

  58. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Hit Me yeah that too😂

  59. Hit Me

    Hit MeMonth ago

    You mean the Astros we all know and love.

  60. PhillyFan03

    PhillyFan03Month ago


  61. Tre Krzywanski

    Tre KrzywanskiMonth ago

    Nats always find a way to choke lol

  62. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Ohhh boy... Astros boutta tie this series at 2!!