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  1. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancuso7 days ago

    Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here

  2. Cameron Haines

    Cameron Haines21 minute ago

    It was so sad when you got girl robot was so lonely 😭

  3. Brandon Thebe

    Brandon Thebe7 hours ago

    Rudy Mancuso OMG dude that was amazing love that twist at the end

  4. a google user

    a google user10 hours ago

    Hello of course I am late

  5. Alexis Muilenburg

    Alexis Muilenburg22 hours ago

    You are so funny. And your videos are so good! ☺☺😀😀😂😂

  6. Kyrillos Hijazin

    Kyrillos HijazinDay ago


  7. Smilie Cactus

    Smilie Cactus29 seconds ago

    That twist at the end tho!

  8. XoxNario_mikaylaxoX Orpilla

    XoxNario_mikaylaxoX Orpilla12 minutes ago

    Me:who was the mirror of technology? Ruby:me

  9. Natalie's World

    Natalie's World23 minutes ago

    that twist at the end tho 😮 should be a movie i dont care if no one's going to talk in it if there was a movie like this i would watch it 50 times in a row

  10. Rafael Alcaraz

    Rafael Alcaraz24 minutes ago

    As I was watching this I noticed that he was slowly becoming Anwar Jibawi

  11. Yadira Flores

    Yadira Flores39 minutes ago

    I loved it

  12. Dylan Grigg

    Dylan Grigg41 minute ago

    The ending tho mind blown

  13. Thais Nardi

    Thais Nardi45 minutes ago

    Calalo muito bom

  14. Ysanlli Polanco

    Ysanlli PolancoHour ago

    Wow that was amazing that was just wow and the ending was just amazing I wasn't expecting that😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  15. Md Shakir

    Md ShakirHour ago

    anwar is looking too good!!!

  16. Fire Wizard

    Fire WizardHour ago

    Anwar looks so different

  17. Feeling Soaked

    Feeling SoakedHour ago



    PERLA PRADO2 hours ago

    This makes me cry

  19. Carlos Rangel

    Carlos Rangel2 hours ago

    AWESOME and Amazing Anwar's acting

  20. Youssef Abdullah

    Youssef Abdullah2 hours ago

    Can i order one plz ??

  21. Nem por Nada

    Nem por Nada2 hours ago


  22. Júlia Silva

    Júlia Silva2 hours ago

    Ai meu deus! Isso é muito louco. Eu amei!!!!!

  23. Almahdi sallam

    Almahdi sallam3 hours ago

    That reminds me of the western world show

  24. Koko Mmc

    Koko Mmc3 hours ago

    That was good

  25. Wesley Silva

    Wesley Silva3 hours ago

    Muito incríveeeeeel amaaaaazing

  26. Gamer Tor 67 582

    Gamer Tor 67 5823 hours ago

    5:39 also in bed Hmmm...

  27. Scruzy Plush

    Scruzy Plush3 hours ago

    How Was Rim Of The World Rudy ?

  28. Gamer Tor 67 582

    Gamer Tor 67 5823 hours ago

    3:10 why the fuck are both of them in Bed Hmmmm...

  29. Maria Issa Alcantara

    Maria Issa Alcantara4 hours ago

    Lesson: Everybody dies

  30. Maya’s Story

    Maya’s Story4 hours ago

    Ahh this was so beautiful

  31. Hatem O. Kiwan

    Hatem O. Kiwan4 hours ago

    I can smell some "black mirror" here

  32. Zafeer Lambe

    Zafeer Lambe4 hours ago

    I LOVE RUDYS VIDEOS the ending got me shook

  33. fvknvre

    fvknvre5 hours ago

    O wtf

  34. Linda Li

    Linda Li5 hours ago

    0:38 is that lele in the background

  35. kech toto

    kech toto5 hours ago

    7:51 anwar has big pp

  36. SparkleFox 1112

    SparkleFox 11125 hours ago

    Wow! Just wow! This is amazing and at the end when it said that’s they were 100% human, I was so surpirsed. XD

  37. Animesh Singh

    Animesh Singh5 hours ago

    Anwar & Hannah Robot acting Superb ! 👍👌 And whole story with music ..Awsome 🤘⚡😏 Rudy.. Great Team U Guys..

  38. Hamza Sahir

    Hamza Sahir5 hours ago

    So true

  39. Samolo Johnson

    Samolo Johnson5 hours ago

    This is just AMAZING

  40. Maria jose Gamez

    Maria jose Gamez5 hours ago


  41. Elaura Cox

    Elaura Cox5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who though of Detroit : Become Human ??

  42. Fortnite Pro

    Fortnite Pro6 hours ago

    You are In rim of the world

  43. geneva //

    geneva //6 hours ago

    That was good

  44. geneva //

    geneva //6 hours ago

    I was not expecting that

  45. El Firu Xd

    El Firu Xd6 hours ago

    Esto es sad

  46. Larisa Twinx

    Larisa Twinx6 hours ago

    Can i order?

  47. BuhtWhol MiniVan

    BuhtWhol MiniVan6 hours ago

    I wish i had something like that

  48. billie frEaKinG eilish

    billie frEaKinG eilish6 hours ago

    they look like barbies bahaha

  49. Ninetails

    Ninetails6 hours ago

    Now these are USwork content we should support fully!

  50. HalAndPal

    HalAndPal6 hours ago

    give us the amazing black mirror season we deserved

  51. Marisela Cruz

    Marisela Cruz6 hours ago

    The ending is sad when they both die 😔😢

  52. HalAndPal

    HalAndPal6 hours ago

    this video is freaking phenomenal you blow me away rudy

  53. Epi Moon Gacha

    Epi Moon Gacha6 hours ago

    OMG, THE PLOT TWIST AT THE END!!! Amazing, 👏👏👏

  54. Adamari Parra

    Adamari Parra6 hours ago


  55. Malk Alaa

    Malk Alaa6 hours ago


  56. Demo omeD

    Demo omeD6 hours ago

    It reminds me of Detroit: become human soo much, YOU DID EXCELLENT WORK RUDY!!!! (I didn't understand the end when they became 100% humans)

  57. Stella LPS

    Stella LPS6 hours ago

    THat plot twist tho They were robots to! and they turned into human

  58. Daniel de santos

    Daniel de santos6 hours ago

    One of the best video i have ever seen...ending was superb loved it alottt especially anwar, and rudy you guys rocked

  59. Walid Abdelmoula

    Walid Abdelmoula6 hours ago

    USwork : 9:13 Jaw : DROPPED

  60. Rafsan Islam

    Rafsan Islam7 hours ago

    So everyone dies?

  61. Mhmd Iskan

    Mhmd Iskan7 hours ago

    Great video ending was sad

  62. ITs Dax

    ITs Dax7 hours ago

    How can Two trains go from the same rail?🤔 Love Rudy !

  63. vortexx x

    vortexx x7 hours ago

    Bruh just fuckin bruh

  64. Whippet Studios

    Whippet Studios7 hours ago

    There always has to be a death in Rudy's videos. You're an amazing story teller, you didn't even use any words! I also loved the twist at the end. Good job Rudy!

  65. Youtube Demonitization

    Youtube Demonitization7 hours ago

    Great job Rudy, Hannah,and Anwar together you guys accomplish amazing things and the end had me stumped amazing work

  66. Life As A Human

    Life As A Human7 hours ago

    👶this is pico the amount of likes is the percent he is on

  67. Loena V

    Loena V7 hours ago

    Better than black mirror season 5

  68. Bi Arantes

    Bi Arantes7 hours ago


  69. It’s me SirTree

    It’s me SirTree7 hours ago

    I really loved that

  70. Pro Player x

    Pro Player x7 hours ago

    I like anwars acting skills like for more of anwars acting skills

  71. samantha15064

    samantha150647 hours ago

    This made me cry.

  72. Who knows ???

    Who knows ???7 hours ago

    It's amazing how deep was the meaning in the end.Amazing work, congratulations

  73. Claire

    Claire7 hours ago

    Very creative wow

  74. SuperDevilMario

    SuperDevilMario7 hours ago

    I saw the cookie, good tribute to black mirror.

  75. Arpit Bhardwaj

    Arpit Bhardwaj7 hours ago


  76. syed saad

    syed saad7 hours ago

    Rudy one day will be a movie actor or a movie director thanks Rudy for making us all smile and anwar amazing acting

  77. maya aaliyah

    maya aaliyah7 hours ago

    I was honestly kinda of scared I don’t want to live in a world like this is it’s going this way.

  78. maya aaliyah

    maya aaliyah8 hours ago

    These things are great 👍

  79. Rhea Alpuche

    Rhea Alpuche8 hours ago


  80. Nex

    Nex8 hours ago

    I never cry. But this almost made me The sad thing is that I can relate to it❤️soooo good

  81. Niara Martin

    Niara Martin8 hours ago

    So basically you they are all robots ?😂😂😂😂😝😝 1 prayer for both of the robots that died And 1 prayer for both of the robots that are in love and alive🙏🙏🙏🙏

  82. Alieena Imran

    Alieena Imran9 hours ago

    *Cure for loneliness* Third Wheel

  83. Snack Pie

    Snack Pie9 hours ago

    When you play to much detroit

  84. Be Whatever

    Be Whatever9 hours ago

    Rudy why are u in a Netflix movie Rim of the world boyyy

  85. Luisa S. De Jesús

    Luisa S. De Jesús9 hours ago

    Wow !!

  86. hanae hanoa

    hanae hanoa10 hours ago

    The best vidio of my life💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  87. Muhd Hakim xAMCx-Pubg clan

    Muhd Hakim xAMCx-Pubg clan10 hours ago

    I knew two are also the "robot"

  88. Lucile Orwin

    Lucile Orwin10 hours ago


  89. 阿賢

    阿賢11 hours ago

    Rudyyy could u do Mac Pro stand parody pls XD


    ISABELLA RAMIREZ11 hours ago

    Rudy this is actually very creative if you’re part! We really love youre music and acting skills, keep on with the good job! ❤️❤️

  91. SwL3

    SwL311 hours ago

    Nothing to say Perfect !

  92. Brandon Rxs

    Brandon Rxs11 hours ago

    Dude the ending had me shook... I can’t believe Rudy and that girl are robots ?!?!!!??

  93. tanya villamor

    tanya villamor11 hours ago

    Wow this video is amazing👏

  94. Yo Daryl

    Yo Daryl11 hours ago

    Why didnt the train stop?

  95. Nafee Diaw

    Nafee Diaw12 hours ago

    Wth this is so 😥 sad and weird

  96. pako joe

    pako joe12 hours ago

    ThThis is the video that everyone should see!!!💖(I thought it was a comedy skit...WOW that was unexpected...😲)is is the video that everyone should see!!!💖(I thought it was a comedy skit...WOW that was unexpected...😲)

  97. Gaming with alex

    Gaming with alex12 hours ago

    Bruh rudy always making nice vids keep up the good work

  98. Lily Villafana

    Lily Villafana12 hours ago


  99. LimitzZ

    LimitzZ13 hours ago

    Rudy is one of the most talented people, he really has a passion for what he does❤️

  100. alex prince

    alex prince13 hours ago

    This people have become my family

  101. Yandere-Puff

    Yandere-Puff13 hours ago


  102. wassup weebs

    wassup weebs13 hours ago

    Dafuq did i just witness


    DENISI GAMES13 hours ago

    And as always in the end it’s surprising and dark because it’s Rudy okay real talk this video was fucking amazing 😉

  104. Alejandra De leon

    Alejandra De leon13 hours ago

    8:05 💔

  105. CMA 13

    CMA 1313 hours ago