This Adapter Will Destroy Your Car


  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer13 days ago

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  2. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell3 days ago

    Do you REALLY think your channel deserves more subscribers/viewers than f'ing TOP GEAR? I know it's gone downhill since the cool hosts left, but it's still leagues ahead of this channel. This video alone is proof that you simply do not know what you are talking about.

  3. Fidel Castrosolis

    Fidel Castrosolis8 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer an inverter good thinking scotty.

  4. No Name

    No Name9 days ago

    When I have Honda Accord parked next to my Tacoma. Both vehicles rush me on the amount of time I have to go open the doors after I unlock them with the remote before they lock themselves up again. Vice versa. Then I have to go back inside the house for the key to unlock them because I didnt know they would lock themselves up again. -.-

  5. Tony Louis

    Tony Louis10 days ago

    Scotty , you have no idea what you're talking abou about, the reason why the car wouldn't start is not because of RF, it's because the car has a voltage sensor control module that keeps the car in check and stops the run mode when the car senses an abnormally low voltage or over current draw. RF will not effect this vehicle. "Electronics Engineer for over 50 years"

  6. ken james

    ken james11 days ago

    The BBC do not advertise at all. You need a licence..,

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    overthemountain1006 minutes ago

    Clean non offensive comment

  8. AlexGMason

    AlexGMasonHour ago

    Very interesting.

  9. Insup Samuel Sohn

    Insup Samuel SohnHour ago

    Thanks Scotty! really going to get that inverter!

  10. jakotelsa

    jakotelsa2 hours ago

    Who won?

  11. larry shilling

    larry shilling3 hours ago

    I just wanted to go on record and say this is a clean and non offencive comment

  12. Jim Tomlinson

    Jim Tomlinson5 hours ago

    A lot of the newer cars have the USB jacks built in.

  13. Jacob Ball

    Jacob Ball6 hours ago

    Scotty is a little fucked up in this video, haha

  14. scphoto33

    scphoto338 hours ago

    Thanks Scotty for the great tips !

  15. Atari Master

    Atari Master9 hours ago

    My father had a car that when you plugged in one phone or gps and the radio would go fuzzy

  16. billy jones

    billy jones9 hours ago

    Unplugging mine to see if it fixes my low tire light, traction control, etc. Thanks for the tip Scotty

  17. Gaspar Ortega

    Gaspar Ortega10 hours ago

    Great info Scotty !

  18. Kevin Dunbar

    Kevin Dunbar10 hours ago

    Scotty, you need to stick to Auto Mechanics and leave electronics alone.

  19. Thomas Ochwat

    Thomas Ochwat11 hours ago

    He’s right. Every time I plug my iPhone charger in, I hear Hells Bells followed by Thunder Struck. Amazing.


    LUMARIE11 hours ago

    Scott, where can a get a adapter that will not interfere

  21. omahahaha

    omahahaha11 hours ago

    Good info Scotty. And your pop-up images crack me up!

  22. Human Being

    Human Being13 hours ago


  23. Kevin spacey

    Kevin spacey14 hours ago

    What about the usb plugs for older vehicles. I bought one with 2 usb and one car charger port and wired it up to my battery directly with a little inline fuse,. works fine. Just curious though

  24. Mario Acosta

    Mario Acosta15 hours ago

    Thank you

  25. LRoy Shreding

    LRoy Shreding16 hours ago

    I understand it ! Its the AC Switching Noise. Around 2khz to 10khz. And Gravity is Magnetism !

  26. 悪魔

    悪魔17 hours ago

    *Cranks the air conditioner too fast* Scotty: Don’t

  27. Louis Wright

    Louis Wright17 hours ago

    Anybody else think Mr Scotty might be bombed out of his skull. I know messed up and this guy was flying high!

  28. im done

    im done18 hours ago

    If fried an inverter before.

  29. Tim Freeman

    Tim Freeman18 hours ago

    Wow,I wouldn’t have thought that accessory adapters put out RF! Thanks Scotty,subscribed!

  30. Goh Kee Khai

    Goh Kee Khai19 hours ago

    I have a 5yr Toyota vios, and I changed 3 car battery Yes, the adapter sucks car battery faster

  31. irk hayner

    irk hayner20 hours ago

    My wife, who has no interest in cars, thinks you are nifty. Thanks.

  32. Joseph LaFrance

    Joseph LaFrance21 hour ago

    ey scotty thanks I unplugged it from my 2012 prius and its now a H1 Hummer lol

  33. hugecraig

    hugecraig21 hour ago

    Scotty is a phucking LEGEND!!!!!

  34. Joshua Wagner

    Joshua Wagner21 hour ago

    Either Scotty is now crazy or he is a mad genius

  35. JeaNFrancoiS Irisch-Mercier

    JeaNFrancoiS Irisch-Mercier23 hours ago

    Berlink has great quality cable and adapters

  36. Rajat Kalra

    Rajat KalraDay ago

    Scotty u r the best 👍💯 man

  37. Daniel Golden

    Daniel GoldenDay ago

    Always droppin knowledge...Not all heroes wear capes...thx Scotty.

  38. muhammad hidayat

    muhammad hidayatDay ago

    Only people that studied about electronics will laugh when he said all that bullcrap......even your freakin phone radiate

  39. sam clam

    sam clamDay ago

    words of wisdom, thanks

  40. susieQcumber

    susieQcumberDay ago

    Scotty, my computer's battery backup died. As you probably know it's cheaper to buy an new one rather than replace the old battery. But, I got to thinking, this thing is an inverter. So, I kept my old one and was wondering; Can you remove the old battery and hook it up to your car's battery? The battery is toast, but the inverter should still work, right?

  41. Nels Blair

    Nels BlairDay ago

    Ooh 😯. I’m that guy who bought a bunch of cheap “imported” multiport USB adapters 😔

  42. R C Thomas

    R C ThomasDay ago

    Thank you Scotty

  43. Ian Van Order

    Ian Van OrderDay ago

    Such an amazing channel. Its my go to for any questions!

  44. furtivedig

    furtivedigDay ago

    Aukey chargers are in my experience some of the better made. didn't have any issue with all their products

  45. Dan Shugar

    Dan ShugarDay ago

    Scotty Rocks!

  46. Philip Black

    Philip BlackDay ago

    I have a 4 way adaptor, runs my phone charger, bluetooth fm transmitter, a cool blue LED light which illuminates the interior (+5hp) and the fourth port has another 2 port adaptor incase I need more hp.

  47. tpt213

    tpt213Day ago

    I had no idea.. thanks for sharing

  48. Rza5675

    Rza5675Day ago

    I don’t believe this one.

  49. Rza5675

    Rza5675Day ago

    I don’t believe this one.

  50. Fishing with Cristina

    Fishing with CristinaDay ago

    That's cool I only connect one charger to my thing but you're right we always get the cheap things I went to the Dollar Tree to get mine then it broke and I went to CVS to get one can you do a video on how to permanent connect the power inverter thank you I really love your videos

  51. lance volpato

    lance volpatoDay ago

    My dad has the option of proper power points in our family car I just wanted to know it that could stuff up the electronics considering my dad knows nothing about cars so this is a new LandRover with all the new bells and whistles the thing beeps at everything. Anyway I just wanted to know if I have the all clear to use the PowerPoints in the car.

  52. Randy Ervin

    Randy ErvinDay ago

    You can really save people alot of $ because honest guys like you Sir, we be wasting our $ You Rock Bro!!

  53. Dhillon Phillips

    Dhillon PhillipsDay ago

    Good info

  54. reagan simon

    reagan simonDay ago

    If we are going to talk about high frequency radiation, let's forget about the cars and start talking about how much it could affect our health in a horrible way.

  55. Juan Ramm

    Juan RammDay ago

    Hey Scotty, is it possible that having one of these plugged in 24/7 could have caused the battery light to turn on? My wife's car has it on, I got the battery checked and replaced the alternator but after 2 days it came back on

  56. D E

    D EDay ago

    Thanks to Scotty, now ride a horse.

  57. Justin

    JustinDay ago

    Fagmar the Enchanted Retard

  58. JSLCummins

    JSLCumminsDay ago

    Makes perfect sense!

  59. Enter The Hunter

    Enter The HunterDay ago

    So you're saying there's a chance that if I unplug mine that my transmission temperature light will not keep popping on during the summer in my 2006 Dodge Dakota.....................

  60. Carl Williams

    Carl Williams2 days ago

    Those power inverters have loads of interference they are spraying all over the power system. Some may have some input filters but you can’t tell from the box.

  61. Jeremiah Powell

    Jeremiah Powell2 days ago

    I love watching your videos and to keep my phone charged a new car charger would help out on the long car trips in our Nissan Rogue

  62. 2009glories

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  63. Raed Amman

    Raed Amman2 days ago

    Thank you soooo much for these informative videos

  64. Randy Beatty

    Randy Beatty2 days ago

    scotty is da man!

  65. Noah Sandoval

    Noah Sandoval2 days ago

    Would the power inverter run a lawn blower to dry the car off after washing at the car wash?

  66. myrrh curie

    myrrh curie2 days ago

    Everything is a wave. "Gravity" is a ridiculous term for lack of buoyancy in a water world. Mysteries solved 🙃

  67. 27duuude

    27duuude2 days ago

    Those radio transmitter type adapters have jammers to clean up the frequency of your choice. They do a wide range to make sure the existing station doesn't cause white noise. I only use these adapters to listen to tunes on my phone through the radio, since it's a base model pickup its only got radio and roller windows. I'm probably not having problems because 05's don't have much for RF sensors or controls. I've heard horror stories of some trucks that have RF gas pedals, so I'll be installing a proper aux charger and headphone jack on any new truck anyway.

  68. j a

    j a2 days ago

    Thank you the advice my check engine light came on i will have to try what you said and not use use my charger in the car

  69. Praveen  Sharma

    Praveen Sharma2 days ago

    Yupp Qualcomm paid for this commercial

  70. Guido Bogers

    Guido Bogers2 days ago

    is this guy tipsy always?

  71. Hannah Miyamoto

    Hannah Miyamoto2 days ago

    How many amps does a cigarette lighter use anyway? That's what you can safely draw off your car, right?

  72. David Peterson

    David Peterson2 days ago

    You impress me.

  73. oscar santos

    oscar santos2 days ago

    This comment is clean and non offensive!

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    Scotty's Vids are far trendy now

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    Love this podcast. Lots of good tips

  76. Adam s

    Adam s2 days ago

    Hahahahaha WTF is this

  77. Moostang K

    Moostang K2 days ago

    Thank you! I have been searching to find out why adapter messes around with my sound system. I'll pass the word. LEDs in these adapters I read cause problems too.

  78. 1fastkar

    1fastkar2 days ago

    Guilty! I have a cheap one in my 2009 BMW 135i. I've gotten random warnings firing off for a couple years. That POS is going in the bin! Thank you for the link to the Qualcomm model - it's on my list! As always, good stuff sir!

  79. BikeHelmet

    BikeHelmetDay ago

    If you wire a mic into some speakers (ex: bluetooth speaker or something) and wave it around USB ports, you can pick up interference. I did that a while back when USB3 ports were new, and ultra-thins were popular. Some of the first USB3 ports had 1.5 - 2 foot interference bubbles around them. Just plug the mic into an audio port, record or play it back (or stereo mix in Windows) and then get it close and have a listen. When my smartphone is checking for emails it has a 3 foot interference bubble. Makes clicking noises on nearby low quality speakers. They are great for detecting interference. If you have an 90's speakers left over, keep them as a tool.

  80. Tobias

    Tobias2 days ago

    Thanks again Scotty, timely information as always. And since you brought up the unseen effects of rfi, what about that 5G infrastructure that's being installed in America. According to scientists it's absolutely deadly!

  81. SUSAN H

    SUSAN H2 days ago

    It's called earth.

  82. IPokeEyesOut

    IPokeEyesOut2 days ago

    On the new cars maybe. They have way too many electronics to them.

  83. Kansa City Shuffle

    Kansa City Shuffle3 days ago

    The good ones and the bad ones both get parts from nefarious sources. Like the computer smashers found in Southern Asia and China.

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  85. Benjamin Magee

    Benjamin Magee3 days ago

    good stuff, thanks for sharing

  86. Travis Terrell

    Travis Terrell3 days ago

    "Even physicists don't really understand electromagnetic's even beyond them how this stuff actually works." Is this a joke? I know this guy isn't the most informed, but surely he's just exaggerating for effect. I hope. :/

  87. Paul Hooson

    Paul Hooson3 days ago

    I put four solar panels on the roof of my Town & Country, two deep cycle batteries run through a 4,000 watt inverter that can power a microwave, a TV, charge and run a computer and a cellphone. This separate electric system can supply high power, is reliable and doesn't interfere with the minivans own electrical system.

  88. agn015

    agn0153 days ago

    Thanks for the tip Scotty!

  89. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon3 days ago

    I unplugged all my spark plugs the car works fine now.

  90. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon3 days ago

    I did notice when I plug my dual cell phone charger in it interferes with the radio. But I always buy the cheap ones. But it hasn't affected my car's driving.

  91. roger thornton

    roger thornton3 days ago

    Dam Scotty u b spitting that knowledge !!! Thank u sir. U have the best show on u tube to me !!!

  92. High Hopes

    High Hopes3 days ago

    4:30 But caution - those power inverters will drain a battery quickly if the car isn't running with alternator recharging it. Also, those cheap USB chargers can fry your phone - same goes for cheap phone cables.

  93. Luke Bartholomew

    Luke Bartholomew3 days ago

    This was a high quality video

  94. EL DURO

    EL DURO3 days ago

    OH snap! will the computer detetc my filthy comment?

  95. Don Fox

    Don Fox3 days ago

    Thanks for info Scotty. I had no idea these plugs would create such a problem.

  96. emilee

    emilee3 days ago

    what whiskey does Scotty drink?

  97. R J

    R J3 days ago

    Thanks, Scotty, always spot-on issues, analysis, and advice.

  98. cj0e

    cj0e3 days ago

    I love your channel, it's the best car channel on USwork...I hope that was that nice enough to win an inverter ;) because I want a refrigerator in my car. But only after you do a best and worse refrigerator for cars. I would probably go with a Kenmore or Westinghouse.

  99. Rich Rockefeller

    Rich Rockefeller3 days ago

    I thought Fredo Corleone topped himself?

  100. Noticias para Reflexionar

    Noticias para Reflexionar3 days ago

    This is so serious, that in order for planes to give you AC current, they require transformers rectifiers. Like Scotty said, use that only to provide AC current unless your car has it stock.

  101. Chazz75

    Chazz753 days ago

    Don't use your car and leave it in the parking lot, you will not destroy it

  102. hurricane_laine

    hurricane_laine3 days ago

    AC/DC converter charger, a no no. ?

  103. Paladin

    Paladin3 days ago

    Like Oddball (Kelly's Heroes reference here) said, "there you go with those negative waves man!"

  104. Peter Voss

    Peter Voss3 days ago

    Not to mention the insane FM radio interference from low cost LED headlamps. :/

  105. Mathieu Jobidon

    Mathieu Jobidon3 days ago

    "Even physicists don't really understand electromagnetic stiff" lol is this an April fools thing?

  106. Patriot

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    Damn Scotty, them waving hands of yours, got me all discombobulated.

  107. SUSAN H

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    Jazz hands??