This Adapter Will Destroy Your Car


  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer3 months ago

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    cristian dl cruzMonth ago

    The link crapped out its no longer available for safe charger

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    Subbed! You make some great, informative content to keep the public informative and entertained.

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    dallimamma2 months ago

    Scotty Kilmer ::: Beam me up, Scotty! I’d love an inverter!

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    Mike Scott Singh2 months ago

    Scotty Kilmer you should have been a stand up comic, your smart and funny, reminds me of Reagan.

  6. Chris K.

    Chris K.2 months ago

    What do you think of the cigarette lighter Bluetooth radio transmitters?

  7. Christopher Woolshleger

    Christopher WoolshlegerDay ago

    Keep up the good job Scotty your videos allways have great information

  8. Medieval Terrence

    Medieval Terrence2 days ago

    Go to your local department store and buy a rechargeable battery to charge your phone. Then charge the battery at home and keep it handy and you'll never need to charge your phone in your car.

  9. Tony Gutierrez

    Tony Gutierrez2 days ago

    Does anyone have the link? It’s not working for me

  10. Jesus Sifuentes

    Jesus Sifuentes2 days ago

    I just bought a 2008 truck and noticed that the low pressure tire light comes on after driving the vehicle for about 20 minutes. Would check tires and they were all good. I always have my phone plugged in with cheap charger. Getting rid of charger and see what happens. Thanks for your video Scotty!

  11. Ravi

    Ravi3 days ago

    Scotty, ...even cheap inverters can provide EMI....!!! The voltage being switched in inverters is 110/220 this has more chance of interference than a simple 5v adapter...

  12. Robert Nazarov

    Robert Nazarov3 days ago

    My girl got me a bestek adaptor that fits in the cup holder, should I unplug it when not in use?

  13. Alika McCoy

    Alika McCoy3 days ago

    Thanks that really helps have a great day you are a life saver

  14. Tony Daniel

    Tony Daniel3 days ago

    I bought some cheap wires from China and they killed my iphone

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  16. MR. FUSON

    MR. FUSON3 days ago

    Wait just a stinking minute was this auto advice or a sales pitch ?

  17. Mitchell Collins

    Mitchell Collins4 days ago

    Scotty can you show me how to lubricate the fan bearings

  18. Joe Daponte

    Joe Daponte4 days ago

    Had a prob with the cheap ones to.

  19. Randy Owens

    Randy Owens5 days ago

    Love ya Scotty!

  20. ncrdisabled Submarine vet

    ncrdisabled Submarine vet6 days ago

    I have a 2019 mazda cx-9 gt and it happened to me 2 times i bought one from walmart a samsung which i thought would work great but when we got out of the store the ignition stays lit but it would not start even the doors would not open we had to use the emergency key to get in. When i unhooked the battery and it started but when we got back out it did it again . I took out the usb charger and everything worked i have a ba in electronics and took my scope out and found the fob used 915hz and the usb charger used the same .

  21. Kathryn Parker

    Kathryn Parker8 days ago

    Are the regular phone chargers (curly wired) safe? It's real hot when I unplug it.

  22. DKorekkek Couple

    DKorekkek Couple8 days ago

    Also, you'd probably want to put your phone on Airplane mode or just turn off your phone when charging and yes, get a high quality adapter.

  23. Bama Bill

    Bama Bill8 days ago

    Always enjoy your content, very educational. I be waiting on my inverter LOL.

  24. Omar Delawar

    Omar Delawar8 days ago

    There are a lot of dum dums who don’t know what amperes, dc/ac and all that is. Especially women don’t. You probably sound Chinese to those people lol

  25. Billy Kata

    Billy Kata8 days ago

    I would have never thought of that affecting the rest of the cars systems . Thank for the heads up Scottie .

  26. Russell Worstell

    Russell Worstell9 days ago

    Varry informative

  27. Thakiid101

    Thakiid10110 days ago

    Scotty, this is certainly true. I work for volvo, recently had an xc90 come in for what appeared to be an ecu malfunction. couldnt trace the route cause for the life of me. saw that it had aftermaket cheap led headlights installed and I think you know where im going from here. Anyway, those cars have the ecu mounted directly behind the passenger headlight. My gut instinct was right! The cheap leds were throwing enough emf to affect the engine computer in a very strange unidentifiable way. Lessons were learned that day and I appeared to be a hero.

  28. Henk St.james

    Henk St.james10 days ago

    Is it ok to use my vacuum on that cigarette adaptor?

  29. Osprey Flyer

    Osprey Flyer11 days ago

    Thanks for the info! 👍

  30. J Lindberg

    J Lindberg12 days ago

    A/C went out on 2004 Lexus 330RX during long, very hot drive across PA. Saw this vid and pulled all the old cigarette lighter converters out, restarted the car - and Voila! All systems running cool. Never would have figured it out without this bit of wisdom from SK.

  31. Peter B.

    Peter B.12 days ago

    If there are square waves or triangular waves there can be a lot of harmonics

  32. Kyle Mathew

    Kyle Mathew14 days ago

    Scotty I could use your help with my 02 chevy prizim. Its heassatating on excelration. I was wondering if this could be the cause. I have already changed all the coils, plugs, mass air flow sensor. Throtal postion sensor. And have a new value cover gasket. I'm still having this lagging when taking off. Please help me. I wish I knew where you are at. So I could bring my car to you to check it out.

  33. Kyle Mathew

    Kyle Mathew14 days ago

    Hey. Scotty. Love your chanel. Very informative.

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    I Just found these clips by you scotty saved me a Lot of money Thanks from Joe in 🇮🇪💚☘Ireland

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    Thanks! Just my luck I found this on Tuesday!

  36. Rachel Baker Ashcraft

    Rachel Baker Ashcraft15 days ago

    Thanks I just got an older car so I could fix myself and not worry about too many computer things.... I have a USB thats a fast charger and I think I'll just charge at home until I figure out whats going on w the car. May be something to that bc several times when I started the car the radio or cd player started just going haywire like it was ejecting a disk and it would do this for a good 10 seconds without ever having me touch it. Then it would stop and drive fine. I still have a check engine light and before I get my timing checked bc it runs fine I am waiting on a hall effect cam sensor to come in the mail. Seemed easier to replace than check ive already cleaned it and am having intermittent start problems. Anyway... Watching from Conroe TX have a great day!

  37. Kent Denning

    Kent Denning15 days ago

    Hi Scotty. I had an inverter interfere with my TPS monitoring system, causing it to illuminate even though my tire pressure was okay.

  38. Fahim Ferdous

    Fahim Ferdous15 days ago

    Thank you for the idea!!

  39. just an observer

    just an observer16 days ago

    Actually I do understand EMC, electro magnetic compatibility. I was a mechanic for 12 years but got interested in the electronics they started putting in cars and went back to school for my EE degree. I ended up running an EMC lab and helping design electronics to be "immune " from RF. I say immune in quotes because there are always some manufacturers, such as the crap ones Scotty pointed out, that will come up with something that will emit RF outside of the range we test to and or outside of the limit they are by law NOT suppose to surpass.

  40. Angel  Bustos

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  41. diirtburns

    diirtburns17 days ago

    I agree. I put a tracking device on my elderly dad's car and we had nothing but problems after that. I later found a burnt connection in the fusebox and repaired it. Never again!

  42. AZStarYT

    AZStarYT17 days ago

    The only "safe" (and simplest) way I can think of for this is to make an old-fashioned resistor type voltage divider, with a 7805 voltage regulator (use a 7812 alone for 12 vdc) just before the output. That way you're not doing anything other than regulating the DC voltage with basic components, instead of using the DC to high frequency AC to regulated DC technique. Expensive car adapters probably don't use any technique different than cheaply made ones, except their components may not be so prone to putting out RFI or they may have "some" shielding. I wouldn't trust them, as almost ALL electronic gadgetry is cheaply made in China today - some with more expensive logos on them, but the same garbage inside.

  43. James Kendricks

    James Kendricks18 days ago

    This reminded me of the time when Cell phones were starting to be installed into cars during the 1990s. I was an installer for a major provider (at the time). Also I remember reading in owner manuals warnings about adding an accessories such as CB radios (remember those?). In both instances there was a warning about RFI affecting the ABS system and airbag systems (SRS). Love your videos and I look forward to many more to come.

  44. Boisson Media

    Boisson Media18 days ago

    How to keep your car from... Answer: Don't have a car.

  45. Tammy Martin

    Tammy Martin14 days ago

    Oh Lord no! I've lived where some of my friends never needed to learn how to drive because of mass transit being everywhere, I'm in South Carolina & I was a child Like too young to be in school the first time I sat in my Dads lap & drove & @ 13 I was a pretty good driver .

  46. Mike Castellon

    Mike Castellon18 days ago

    Another thing that can destroy your car: firing Roman candles from the back seat of a Volkswagen Beetle going 70 mph and accidently dropping it in the floorboard. I will not tell how I know, but I know.

  47. nr3rful

    nr3rful19 days ago

    Wonderful as always

  48. Joe Vogelberger

    Joe Vogelberger19 days ago

    "Wonkers." That's a gin-U-wine technistical term, innit? You wanna talk RFI? Power inverters are the biggest wideband splatterboxes ever made. They can wipe out several bandwidths with radio hash noise because they don't actually make AC current. Just choppy DC that's noisy af.

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    Telly Paris19 days ago

    I love all your programs

  50. Mike Aux

    Mike Aux19 days ago

    "Hey"- Scotty

  51. Mike Aux

    Mike Aux19 days ago

    TPMS? Huh? I constently have those dummy light on in my Sienna and CRV. When I check pressure with a gauge they always read what the pressure I put in the tires. Yes, I do have one or more of those power plug thingys plugged in.... I'll unplug and see what happens. Thanks Scotty.

  52. Sniperking469

    Sniperking46920 days ago

    What about a fm transmitter made by anker with 2 charging ports

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    I really love this channel. I watch almost every day.

  55. Kongmeng Xiong

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    I’ve had my TMPS lights on. All tires have same and right air in it. Tomorrow if I take off my charger and the light goes away I WILL MARRY YOU

  56. mr1rapid

    mr1rapid20 days ago

    I'm pissed! Wifes 3 year old 67,000 mile VW one morning wouldn't start.......Dead battery. Took it to dealer "your battery's dead, out of warranty". $150 new battery every thing's great. She got home said the radio w/sirius wouldn't work. Call dealer "oh yeah, that usually happens with a dead battery. It'll cost $150 to reprogram unless it blew a module, then more". First radio program trip, dealer's tech couldn't get it to work. Dealer schedules another appointment a week later for a factory tech check. He got it working about 15 minutes and another $150. I'm still pissed. Wife won't be getting another VW if I have to pay for it. Advice on new car?

  57. Leech Phillip

    Leech Phillip20 days ago

    Good to know. Guess I better stop buying the cheapos.

  58. Kirk Mason

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    Love this channel you rock learn alot from you

  59. Ryan H

    Ryan H21 day ago

    If they are that bad it's a better idea to buy a power bank and not use them at all.

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    I can’t stop watching his videos!

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    Hey Scotty! The link to the Safe charging adapter isn't working. Could you link us again please, thanks!! you da bomb

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    Good info, thanks!🤗

  63. Paul Mansfield

    Paul Mansfield23 days ago

    I used a cheap one by mistake. It caused interference on the FM radio, or a whine when using the auxiliary input.

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    Thank you

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    Funny memes!

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    Your videos are great 👍 👍 Super Smart informative & Fun .. thank you

  69. Paul Bnow

    Paul Bnow26 days ago

    I have an inverter in the trunk of my Corolla between the speakers. We had an ice storm and lost all for 6 days. That inverter ran enough to keep us warm and safe for those 6 days. A tank of gas gave us 38 hours of running time. I used booster cable with ends removed to take 12 v. to the trunk and grounded it in the truck.. I have power where ever I need it. I then ran an extension cord to under the passenger seat. 110 v. when ever I want it. For safety reasons I don't drive around with the 80 amp fuse in the holder.. I put it (fuse) in ONLY when I need it.

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    Scotty i love you but you sound like I do after a couple shots of Chivas😂😂

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    Im an old car tech( military mechanic/dealer/independent shops) from the 90"s, i had a big life change so to speak, so I started doing some auto service again for some friends, my primary customer got a used 97" Toyota Camry 4-cyl(114k mi), it is clean with no rust but was behind/neglected, i told him once it is caught up on service/repairs it will be a real superstar, it now passes legit emissions insp, runs great/good power/ handles well again, nice unit that is paid for, (I use Rockauto parts). I also svc his girlfriends 96"Honda Civicc LX(it also passes legal emission insp)- Bro Scotty is the real deal auto Tech(not a parts changer)- I found this channell doing tech update info for a 2002 Ford F-150 , I automatically recognized this man as a good/honest/ qualified mechanic, ya"ll pay attention & you will benefit from his hard earned skillset.

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    I have read so much, well pouty crap from men(Boys) who are unreasonable rude & insulting to Scottie & its clearly because of their own issues like insecurity, lots of mouth with little knowledge, pouty petty jealousy. They just haven't grown up and felt respect from other males. I was taught to look at what I liked in another person and to emulate & aspire, to become knowledgeable and respect the accomplishments of others. But instead of looking at other men with respect for their accomplishments & their hard earned knowledge they are childishly rude & insulting. If they want to be comedians they are just too damn silly to realize this Isnt a comedy channel. Humor in a conversation does not include rude insults Involving the man your speaking to. Comedy & humor are not the same, duh! Sir, it's so refreshing to read the remarks from a confident grown man. I am hopeful your example will give guidance to boys who might get that with years comes knowledge, how to offer respect to another man and mostly how a man speaks of or to another man. You have both my respect and gratitude.

  75. BaltousPrime789

    BaltousPrime78927 days ago

    I really think these "modern" cars with there upteen hundred electronics....pfft...give me ANY simple 80's-90's car any day. Besides, any devices I have except maybe a GAVIN if I am going some place I have never been before are all turned OFF anyway because, who wants to risk a hit on there license for having a device in there hand while driving, or worse killing someone or yourself because you are talking on the phone.

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    I love your posts 😍😍

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    Feel like aluminum foil could cause fires.

  78. WiseSilverWolf

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    The Anker branded ones are usually premium quality but I still wouldnt use one. If your insistent on using one though you cant go wrong with Anker.

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    I can’t stop watching your videos. Top Notch!!! I got a 2002 Volvo v70 AWD Wagon

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    I thought you would give away that inverter , LOL

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    I enjoy your perspective in keeping my car running, many of the subjects do you focus on, I now work into a maintenance schedule. Thank you!

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    (Scotty kilmer) please do a video on progressive snapshot like devices how they damage car and battery and electrical system

  84. Tammy Martin

    Tammy Martin9 days ago

    @jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible State Farm's just gets tossed into the glove box. Thanks, I'm going to √out your video, Im shopping insurance.

  85. jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible

    jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible14 days ago

    Tammy Martin no they plug into the test Port under your steering wheel but can damage battery and car electric system look under my USwork channel you'll see it it has a picture of the progressive snapshot device but sll device like can damage car most insurance company have a app that will get you a discount but i don't carry a smartphone so i just removed it snapshot device but was expecting problem with battery and car electric system unplugged problem went away i figured if advice came from a macanic like Scotty people would listen and avoid loseing car or battery replacement??

  86. Tammy Martin

    Tammy Martin14 days ago

    Oh, I think he is busy enough with corporations getting bent out of shape but I agree & wish someone would! I am going to look someone may have already said something? But those dont have to be plugged in or charged do they?

  87. specialheavy

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    Thanks again Scottty, I will be investing in a power converter soon. Great job!

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    Bro you are a genius!!! Amazing and 100% accurate content. All for free too. Thx for sharing all your wisdom and humor with us.....u r truly next level

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    New viewer here, just discovered Scottie’s videos and I gotta say, they’re the best! Learned more about cars binge watching his videos than I ever have watching other channels on USwork. Keep up the good work. 👍🏽

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    Thank you for this video, Scotty. I'm planning to charge my cell phone in my car and you prevented me from making a mistake.