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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media6 months ago

    What’s your favorite Pumphrey moment this week!? So many to choose, so little time! Drop a time code and we’ll heart our favorite one! 😂

  2. Thomas Sharp

    Thomas Sharp2 months ago


  3. Helen Barnett

    Helen Barnett3 months ago

    Henny is a legend

  4. Taekwondo Bro

    Taekwondo Bro4 months ago

    Can you all do a vid on the Chevy Monte Carlo?

  5. Coldasdhonkymotherfucker

    Coldasdhonkymotherfucker4 months ago

    Donut Media when y’all getting more hats I want to buy a black one the site says sold out

  6. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez5 months ago


  7. Lance

    Lance18 hours ago

    10:25 he totally scraped the front bumper pulling out of that lot... you can even see some paint chip off.

  8. Daniel Chapman

    Daniel ChapmanDay ago

    James!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an episode on the Lotus!

  9. Isaiah Pruitt

    Isaiah Pruitt3 days ago

    You forgot to say do you like having a car named after an adult beverage

  10. Cameron Gallagher

    Cameron Gallagher3 days ago

    I got to sit in a venom GT no joke

  11. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith3 days ago

    Kind of lost some respect for Donut for glorifying a thief.

  12. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithDay ago

    @Tuffenough4u Bro, fuck off. You're the one that's obviously getting butthurt about the whole thing. The guy is a thief and a liar and doesn't deserve any video dedicated to his "contributions to the industry" when he made them off of money he stole from people that trusted him. Read all the other comments on this video. No car enthusiast respects John Hennessey.

  13. Tuffenough4u

    Tuffenough4uDay ago

    Its a freaking car channel for F sake. They didn't glorify anyone, just stated the facts about the cars that where produced from the guy and regardless of what you think of him or his practices, his cars and mods will always hold a place in the industry as some of the fastest ever produced in their era. You can't just eradicate the facts because your feeling got hurt.

  14. Shubham Narawade

    Shubham Narawade4 days ago

    Using VPN is not illegal ?

  15. Freash FW

    Freash FW5 days ago


  16. Matthew Hill

    Matthew Hill8 days ago

    Just dudes probably retarded and drives a Ford Focus

  17. how 2 do stuff

    how 2 do stuff8 days ago

    Please do the Toyota corolla

  18. R 8

    R 88 days ago

    The guy is full of shiiiiiit

  19. Sequoyah Lomax

    Sequoyah Lomax9 days ago

    I think by 2050 all cars will have a base 1000 horsepower

  20. Grey Man

    Grey Man10 days ago

    I want that 🧢

  21. BanYourBoss

    BanYourBoss11 days ago

    They will have to beat the Jesko

  22. AClass

    AClass11 days ago


  23. john blake

    john blake12 days ago

    If I Were A Millionaire I would buy a Venom F5 black when it came out and have the Venom Spider-Man logo on the car.

  24. D D

    D D12 days ago

    subscribed because of the snakebite thing.....lol thank you for that,,

  25. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquhar14 days ago

    The venom GT is a long lotus

  26. Brian Cruz

    Brian Cruz15 days ago

    OK, I admit it… I am addicted to 🍩 media!

  27. JeBentMislukt

    JeBentMislukt19 days ago

    You guys use actual relevant footage 99%of the time. (Im guessing) which is f'in awesome

  28. Francisco Rey Crespo

    Francisco Rey Crespo20 days ago

    This show is the shiznit MO POWA 💥 BAIBY!!!!!!!!

  29. Vino_ Valentino_

    Vino_ Valentino_20 days ago

    Can Hennessy mod my Prius?

  30. memes deader than my soul

    memes deader than my soul20 days ago

    lmao why was the background to marrying windows xp

  31. Lucas olsen

    Lucas olsen21 day ago

    Am I wrong or is the 7,4 L V8 Twin Turbo just a 7,4 L racing V8?

  32. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas23 days ago

    This video is hilarious

  33. Sage Meester

    Sage Meester23 days ago

    I grew up across the street from the Honda Proving Center in California, interesting to learn of the vehicles that ran the track. Always wondered that.

  34. Dustin Young

    Dustin Young23 days ago

    Vaporized that turkey vulture

  35. Goofy Fruit

    Goofy Fruit24 days ago

    15:59 I was drinking juice and i heard that the juice came through my nose the beast needs to relax

  36. _Shane_Anigans_

    _Shane_Anigans_24 days ago

    My current car makes a third the speed in the same time lmao

  37. Kaveen Wickramasinghe

    Kaveen Wickramasinghe25 days ago

    "I vaporized that turkey vulture"

  38. Triscuit

    Triscuit25 days ago

    0:40 lol

  39. theworldisnotenough

    theworldisnotenough25 days ago

    I'm moving my mom to Florida packing up her dishes in my old bedroom. While I'm watching this series she walks in, at 11PM and says"What is going on in here?!" LOL.

  40. Vassili Slavovich

    Vassili Slavovich29 days ago

    6:23 😂

  41. Ryan Money

    Ryan MoneyMonth ago

    0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds? So... Slower than a liter bike?

  42. Troy Tumbaga

    Troy Tumbaga20 days ago

    what liter bike can do 0 to 60 in less then 2 seconds?

  43. Dustin Webb

    Dustin WebbMonth ago

    i appreciate the cooler full of Shiner

  44. Moose

    MooseMonth ago

    Hey dude, most of us watching this are adults. Maybe you should talk to us like one instead of sounding like a child. I thought the history lesson would be neat, but I can't finish this because of the way you talk and try to "joke".

  45. Moose

    MooseMonth ago

    @Oval Millions of people voted for Hillary, doesn't mean they were right. I'm all for jokes, but this guy is trying too hard and it makes me cringe.

  46. Oval

    OvalMonth ago

    This channel isn’t for your then. 2 million subscribers and the like/dislike ratio of their videos also say that the overwhelming majority like this dude. There’s plenty of comments about him being funny or having lots of energy as well. In fact, this channel wouldn’t be as big if it wasn’t for this dude’s style.

  47. Rocio Garcia

    Rocio GarciaMonth ago

    Cod you clab with Betsey.

  48. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian WeathingtonMonth ago

    Imagine Hennessy juicing a Bugatti. Or a koenigsegg ...it might as well be a space ship at that point... Hell, somebody call NASA and tell them to let Hennessy tune up a ship. Thats the real 30 seconds to mars.

  49. Bimer catracho

    Bimer catrachoMonth ago

    Unsubscribe, I'm in h town an hennessey will get murdered soon word on the street. Up to date!

  50. nachos_70firebird

    nachos_70firebirdMonth ago

    I'm a Technician and I hate screwing customers. Yeah they won't come back and tell everyone you're crook

  51. Revhead Corrado

    Revhead CorradoMonth ago

    The venom One:1 Before Koenigsegg

  52. Tiger Masters

    Tiger MastersMonth ago

    You need an award just for your editing

  53. Abraham Vazquez

    Abraham VazquezMonth ago

    This was as informational as entertaining!!! Loved this sooo much I'm sharing!!! Cus sharing is caring!!! Lmao!!! Dudes are hilarious!!!

  54. Hannah Ip

    Hannah IpMonth ago

    Can Henny make a R34 faster?

  55. Andrew Renner

    Andrew RennerMonth ago

    As much as I would love to see Hennessy achieve the first 300 mph road car record, I believe Koenigsegg will be first with the Jesko.

  56. Shaurya

    ShauryaMonth ago

    Bro you are stretching the Donuts . Clich

  57. mule mwene

    mule mweneMonth ago

    I just love how he says 'pers' 😂🤣🤣🤣

  58. StetLan

    StetLanMonth ago

    This series is awesome. The only thing that sucks is how obnoxious this guy is. If he's a kentuckian he must be from Louisville. But honestly he seems like he's from Cincinnati. Kentuckians will understand.

  59. Hunter Doucette

    Hunter DoucetteMonth ago

    I was born in Las Vegas Nevada, and, bud, you mispronounced "Nevada". The "a" isn't pronounced like an "ah" like the word mop. It's pronounced like the "a" in apple. I never not hear you mispronounce "Nevada" again. Jesus Christ, it's not hard to learn how to properly pronounce words, people 😑😑😑

  60. Hunter Doucette

    Hunter DoucetteMonth ago

    The Hennessy Venom F5 will have quad turbos. Quad fucking turbos. Think about it. That's a lot of fucking power this beast will have 😎😎😎😎