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Hennessey Performance is one of America’s most infamous tuning shops. They’ll build you anything from 1000 HP Camaro’s, 300 MPH Supercars, and 6x6 Ford F-150s. But how did this outrageous shop get its start? Join James as he explores the life and builds of the one and only John Hennessey.
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann and Max Maddox
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
Directed by Jesse Wood
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media9 months ago

    What’s your favorite Pumphrey moment this week!? So many to choose, so little time! Drop a time code and we’ll heart our favorite one! 😂

  2. Barak Cohen

    Barak Cohen15 days ago

    Watch the last video in their channel 1817hp 😲

  3. Robert Rudolph

    Robert RudolphMonth ago


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    vincent paoneMonth ago


  5. saul dominguez

    saul dominguezMonth ago

    Do you like jazz?

  6. Tony Cobian

    Tony Cobian2 months ago

    When u say HERE'S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET UP TO SPEED ON BLANK!!! all loud hypes me up for the video

  7. Saudi Tate

    Saudi Tate8 hours ago

    Mo' PWA' babeh

  8. Kash Sattar

    Kash SattarDay ago

    You telling me that he was 15 in that picture ? Really ? Fucking 15 ? He looks like a honest to God middle aged man

  9. Max Power

    Max PowerDay ago

    Hennessey is a sack of shit... Took stock partd off and sold them. Put ebay part back on. Never delivered multiple cars. Gained a bad habit of outright ripping off international clients. Many current unreslived lawsuits...

  10. DERP

    DERP2 days ago


  11. Jordan Marcoux

    Jordan Marcoux3 days ago


  12. Ben Webster

    Ben Webster6 days ago

    James you need to do an Up to speed on Lingenfelter next!!!


    BEAM NG BOSS8 days ago

    Watching this now is just sad because Bugatti beat them to the 300 mph mark

  14. Lycan587

    Lycan5879 days ago

    Cool history lesson but this dude is annoying as hell.

  15. Austin Butler

    Austin Butler10 days ago

    1:25 that's what I do for work :)

  16. Surpreme_ potatoe5

    Surpreme_ potatoe510 days ago

    Sorry smashed the subscribe button a while ago

  17. L.D.N.T

    L.D.N.T12 days ago

    I'll just say it SAY MILES PER HOUR FOR GOD'S SAKE THAT GOT ME TRIGGERED Have a good one xD

  18. CrazyLegsMcGee

    CrazyLegsMcGee12 days ago

    That would actually be a cool car horn "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" that should get people moving.

  19. Saudi Tate

    Saudi Tate13 days ago

    Yoy sir, have awsomenessness....git git git on...yeeeee haaaaauw

  20. Saudi Tate

    Saudi Tate13 days ago

    Puro awsomenessness horspwr

  21. Walton Jones

    Walton Jones13 days ago

    HPE is about 5 miles down Interstate 10 from me. There's an F5 sitting in the showroom. A Ra ptor on the lot, and 2 Ford GT's in the showroom.

  22. N-boy

    N-boy13 days ago

    this dude is wayyy too cringy for his content to be enjoyable

  23. Julie T

    Julie T13 days ago

    These videos are so perfect 🙌

  24. Daniel

    Daniel15 days ago

    Hennessy is a total asshole and don't know why his boutique car business still exists.

  25. BrainFuck10

    BrainFuck1015 days ago

    @0:36 his head look big AF!

  26. Pete Sanchez

    Pete Sanchez15 days ago

    This guy

  27. Darkness Sama

    Darkness Sama15 days ago

    ripoff koenigsegg

  28. Foch 155

    Foch 15516 days ago

    Who would win a demon or one holy boi?

  29. Kory Van Apeldoorn

    Kory Van Apeldoorn17 days ago

    This guy need his own R rated cartoon. Has the perfect voice and manurism for a halarious character

  30. Patt

    Patt18 days ago

    ...I watched about half the video, the other half my eyes were closed from the cringe. This guy... I can't

  31. mr5150slayer

    mr5150slayer18 days ago

    Your videos are amazing and you have helped me threw some bad times by watching these.!!!! You guys are amazing.!!!!

  32. Henry Glock18

    Henry Glock1819 days ago


  33. gavin Nastari

    gavin Nastari20 days ago

    Its nice to know that johns friends is Jason stathem

  34. Genaral Guy

    Genaral Guy20 days ago

    Who else heard Tim from "Home Improvement?" 9:05 XD

  35. Baddawg 313

    Baddawg 31320 days ago

    This is one of my favorite stories

  36. natedogbfd

    natedogbfd21 day ago

    hate to be a nerd but the book and the beer are in fact the same company. The book was meant to settle bar bets

  37. Barry Fields

    Barry Fields24 days ago

    John Hennessy is a jackass and a liar!

  38. Striker Maximus

    Striker Maximus25 days ago

    1.6 million

  39. Szabolcs Fodor

    Szabolcs Fodor25 days ago

    1:16 RDR2 fans

  40. BoDuke2 the original

    BoDuke2 the original26 days ago

    10:30 fuck it I’m taking my Ford Focus to Texas to make it a 200 mph fwd fuck it up Focus lol

  41. Captain Traction

    Captain Traction26 days ago

    Ls7, dude!

  42. TCMartin

    TCMartin27 days ago

    Is that a golf 3 in the backround

  43. King 91

    King 9127 days ago

    Nice! Please do one of Brabus

  44. Guy Rutledge

    Guy Rutledge27 days ago

    Why are you publicizing z crook?

  45. Jy Walker1603

    Jy Walker160327 days ago

    And yet I’ve never seen an exorcist beat a demon

  46. Kyle B

    Kyle B28 days ago

    Dhangit Bobby! uswork.info/videos/ReUE7rUVgQA-video.htmlm049s

  47. thatDuckie

    thatDuckie28 days ago

    I met THE MR. Henny at the Cars & Coffee Irvine back in 2012. He had the Venom GT that day and I couldn't stop drooling... Anyways, It ended up with him giving me 8 VIP Formula D Long Beach bands. Definitely one of the nicest car guys I've met.

  48. Jim 123

    Jim 123Month ago

    exorcist can't beat demon lol

  49. Maiik Les

    Maiik LesMonth ago

    Who's watching after the Chiron supersport reached 304 mph

  50. Mr. Yeet’d

    Mr. Yeet’d27 days ago


  51. szary szary

    szary szaryMonth ago

    Nice history but this guy, gave me cringe

  52. Brokekid 666

    Brokekid 666Month ago

    welp too late for the f5 cuz the chiron reached 304.77

  53. Mitchell Hart

    Mitchell Hart15 days ago

    Not like it matters anyway. The F5 is never going to be made. John Hennessey is full of shit

  54. US Constitution Rules

    US Constitution RulesMonth ago

    John Hennessey is a CROOK! He STOLE my 2015 Z/28 parts worth over 5K - and sold them for HIS gain, then promised to replace them, only to go back on his word! TOTAL CROOK LIAR....Stay away from this rip-off artist! Anyone can bolt on simple parts for less money, and not steal your original parts worth thousands!! Hennessey=THIEF

  55. MB4LUNCH

    MB4LUNCHMonth ago

    LONESTAR? Lonestar???? he jammed my radar and gave me the rasberries!

  56. MB4LUNCH

    MB4LUNCHMonth ago

    It's like finding parts for a 1992 Subaru SVX in GA in 2019!

  57. GucciDankJake BigBoi

    GucciDankJake BigBoiMonth ago

    To late the Bugatti speed tail beat the 300 mile mark

  58. Guldahl

    GuldahlMonth ago

    301mph sorry to tell you Henny but Bugatti beats you on speed

  59. Towallomee sgel

    Towallomee sgelMonth ago

    Is that a real Bart Simpson tattoo on his right bicep, or is it a temporary tattoo?

  60. Zariyat Rashid

    Zariyat RashidMonth ago

    Not gonna lie. Out of all the places I expected to see Axl Rose, this was not one of them.

  61. Shil Pwift

    Shil PwiftMonth ago

    I didn’t know Axl Rose was into goin fast as hell.

  62. JakeTheWolfProductions

    JakeTheWolfProductionsMonth ago

    Fun fact. Hennessys Test Exorcist that they used to go super fast on that highway. It's got Nitros Oxide in the trunk.

  63. Special Person

    Special PersonMonth ago

    Americans have never known how to make cars and that hasnt changed to date

  64. Jamba - Topic

    Jamba - TopicMonth ago

    I love this video but please NEVER say Nevoda and not Nevada

  65. Poo Poo

    Poo PooMonth ago

    Hennessy is a piece of shit thief!!!! Why would you cover this ass hole without telling the whole story this guy has more law suits then Trump

  66. DJ Megatylopus

    DJ MegatylopusMonth ago

    1:18 best reference ever Yes haw

  67. DjResR

    DjResRMonth ago

    Is there Hennessey kit for Lada even?_