Brightburn - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.


  1. Stuart Bailey

    Stuart BaileyDay ago

    Just watched this and I can honestly say, it had no point...period! Don't waste your time!

  2. Jameel Ja

    Jameel Ja2 days ago

    I don't know why this movie got so many bad reviews. I thought it was good.

  3. dennis gicho

    dennis gicho2 days ago

    In the first 30 mins, i felt the plot was rushed. I got slightly annoyed by that. But midway through the movie i got engaged in it. In the end it was good. I don't see a Brightburn 2 happening, coz what is it going to be about?

  4. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USA3 days ago

    Just get rid off the ship and don't bury it under your feet .

  5. K EL

    K EL4 days ago

    The evil super villain in the movie is the equivalent of DC Ultraman, who is an alternate universe evil clone of Superman. In Brightburn evil superman is a 12 year old kid who kills his victims horror film style using all the powers that superman has. It was pretty good.

  6. Brando

    Brando3 days ago

    @K EL I think Chris has lost his critic touch. He used to be a real critic. Man, I have issues with this film and some were things Chris praised... you'd think he's never even watched a good film before 🤦‍♂️

  7. Spencer Dean

    Spencer Dean4 days ago

    hes obviously the kid from Metal Gear: phantom pain

  8. cliffedward

    cliffedward6 days ago

    The way it ended makes me wonder if there'll be more.

  9. Dunston

    Dunston6 days ago

    There was no way they could have kept it quiet that he was an alien

  10. roguepilot14

    roguepilot146 days ago

    Brightburn and Midnight Special should have been one movie.

  11. VictoriaWasHere :)

    VictoriaWasHere :)7 days ago

    Honestly I thought the mom was kinda dumb, she let him get away with many serious implications, not to mention her just disregarding the fact that he flung the dad right in front of her. so I did not relate to her struggle.

  12. RageQuitProductions

    RageQuitProductions8 days ago

    I got tired cause the movie had 2300 scenes were a character sees Brandon, then the camera slowly moves, then goes back but OMG BRANDON ISNT THERE ANYMORE. It was ok the first 1000 times, but later on I was like yeah ok turn the camera back to see that he is gone so we can move already.

  13. s Ring

    s Ring8 days ago

    Do a clockwork orange next

  14. Backwoods Films

    Backwoods Films8 days ago

    SPOILER: Overall I thought the movie was really good, although there were a couple of scenes where people hear noises in the dark and mutter lines like, "who's there?" or "Is that you, _____?" that were really cliche and overused in horror films. What I liked the most is that the movie didn't have the typical Hollywood ending, where the protagonist (Elizabeth Banks) kills the evil force (although it's set up to look like she might). That last scene with her falling through the night sky was really powerful, and I agree with Chris that this movie looked like it was made with a MUCH bigger budget than the $7 million he mentions.

  15. Hedwig

    Hedwig9 days ago

    Oh my shit. Condemn it already coward. You know you didn’t like it.

  16. Hedwig

    Hedwig9 days ago

    If you liked this shit of a movie it is my duty to hunt you down and murder you.

  17. Bill DelFera

    Bill DelFera9 days ago

    When homeboys jaw was hanging off his head....i officially liked this film...says alot about me as a person I guess lol

  18. Zachary Clements

    Zachary Clements10 days ago

    I liked this movie mm ore than I thought I would. it had holes in the character development and a few other issues but really nailed what it did follow up on.

  19. derek l

    derek l10 days ago

    This movie was disappointing for how hyped up it was, just seemed like a very lazy plot that relied entirely on it's graphic killings...also Elizabeth Banks' performance was so generic and laughable at times, probably due to lazy writing..I'd give it a C+

  20. Marquis Berry

    Marquis Berry10 days ago

    Let this review play in the background. For the first 30’s I thought he was reading SuperMan origin story.

  21. RobRIPDG

    RobRIPDG10 days ago

    I got really excited cause I thought you'd find out it was a meteor shower, then at the end there's more than one super boy. I didn't want a man of steel punch on but a much faster vicious kid punch on haha

  22. the x is xilent

    the x is xilent11 days ago

    Am I the only person who found this movie really fuckin boring

  23. Deuces

    Deuces12 days ago

    I liked this movie a little bit more than It 2.

  24. uncharted7again black king

    uncharted7again black king12 days ago

    This movie was the shit hands down scary seems to not have lost its touch well depends on who's doing its work.....hahahahahah facts

  25. Bradley Emmerson

    Bradley Emmerson12 days ago

    This film was really really good... 😀👍.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥...

  26. Damenicion Scott

    Damenicion Scott12 days ago

    One of my favorite of the year in my opinion Brightburn gets an A-

  27. Mert Bince

    Mert Bince12 days ago

    This movie deserved better. It should have had better script, character development, a good plot but it has none

  28. Kevin

    Kevin12 days ago

    The Brightburn symbol literally ripped or inspired by the "branding of Sacrifice" in "Berserk"!

  29. Cole Vick

    Cole Vick12 days ago

    There were only like 20 credited roles in the movie. Tight knit.

  30. ThisIsIt

    ThisIsIt12 days ago

    *inspiring man of steel theme plays Superman kills a bunch of innocent people *theme stops

  31. deadpenguinss

    deadpenguinss13 days ago

    Gives BB a B. Coincidence? I just shat my pants. Coincidence?

  32. harrisons92

    harrisons9214 days ago

    this movie was absolute ass

  33. Ian Dog

    Ian Dog15 days ago

    I Really enjoyed this movie. The part with the jaw coming off i will never forget, makes you think about it long after you have watched it.

  34. Seyyed Hafiz Mowlana

    Seyyed Hafiz Mowlana15 days ago

    Evil Super Man 🤣

  35. Razh 80

    Razh 8014 days ago


  36. AD3adly Assass1n

    AD3adly Assass1n15 days ago

    This movie could've been awesome. But the kid came off as a spoiled brat and the parents were morons

  37. Keoma Fernandes

    Keoma Fernandes16 days ago

    This movie has a genius premise stuck in a generic horror movie structure. The idea is so cool and fresh, it's a pity it lacks the creative ambition to develop it.

  38. marco avila

    marco avila16 days ago

    This movie is good one of my favorite horror films of the year also Ma and Us which has problems with ending

  39. Nathan Bailey

    Nathan Bailey17 days ago

    I can’t wait to see your name as a director. Make a horror movie!!

  40. john doig

    john doig17 days ago

    BRIGHTBURN is one of the WORST movies i have ever seen i'm amazed this was in theaters just total trash

  41. john doig

    john doig14 days ago

    @Dexter M. i'd like too know who said it was a take on superman ??? so in that sense i feel you went for the wrong reason if you are trying to compare it to superman

  42. Dexter M.

    Dexter M.14 days ago

    You went for the wrong reason. I didnt watch it cause it was a horror movie...but because it was a take on if superman type hero was not good but bad. Was it but far from worst movie I've seen.

  43. john doig

    john doig14 days ago

    @SRM13 I went to the theater looking for some unusual concept from this 'horror' film. Too bad everything is just dumb and bland. THERE IS NO HORROR, JUST JUMP SCARES. THAT'S THE CHEAPEST KIND OF A HORROR MOVIE .plus the acting was sub par and the mother became obnoxious and the little boys acting well was pathetic .

  44. SRM13

    SRM1315 days ago

    john doig Cade to explain your garbage opinion?

  45. Spider- Man

    Spider- Man17 days ago

    I just have a question for this movie Where’s lex luthor or doomsday when you need them ?

  46. Razh 80

    Razh 8014 days ago

    In a deleted scene Catalyn (the girl he had a crush on) joined Brendan and she had a older brother who was a Lex Luthor type

  47. chesschamp1000

    chesschamp100017 days ago

    The gave away his secret in the previews so it was a mute point.

  48. Jim Wilburn

    Jim Wilburn18 days ago

    My wife knew I'm a Superman fan. So she rented this on redbox. Shocking; it's as though General Zod was sent to Earth as an infant instead of Kal-El.

  49. Razh 80

    Razh 8014 days ago

    Or Ultraman

  50. Angie Angee

    Angie Angee18 days ago

    Chris....I'm looking forward to seeing your film. You pay attention to details in every movie, you have a good knowledge of what works and what doesn't work, and I do believe you are going to create, direct and produce a masterpiece one day.

  51. Master_ G

    Master_ G19 days ago

    *Brightburn comes out* Megamind: am I a joke to u

  52. Laughing Man

    Laughing Man19 days ago

    It's just what if Superman was evil.

  53. kakorate

    kakorate19 days ago

    Your review made me consider this movie very differently and provided the possibility of improvements and directions that could have taken the movie to an entirely differently level. This was the only review I saw that had a thoughtful critique not only of the final product, but also possibilities we will never see. It's interesting you compared the base premises with the Superman premises; I considered Brighyburn to the BASE outline of Goku's origin story: kid sent/crashed to earth to destroy it, but this time did not bump is head (and thus forget his objective) so he begins killing all of the humans.

  54. tek87

    tek8719 days ago

    If you like this, you should read Steelheart.

  55. MedievalBomber

    MedievalBomber20 days ago

    I didn’t really like this movie, kill scenes were pretty cool but not really logical in some. The mother and father character finding the baby in the woods was well played out, you can tell that the mother really wanted a kid and the father wanted to be a father. It’s just the bright burn character is a kid. I can’t really take a kid from a red meteor from space killing everyone and enslaving everyone to take over the world. The red glow effect was bad in my opinion, it just felt like a red lightbulb instead of some weird fetish seat with blood and gore. It just reminds me of some anger issue kid in school that draws 24/7 or something and hates everyone and thinks of their own fantasy of killing everyone in school. Gore was cool I guess, the jaw scene was ok, I liked when the kid ran on the black cop chief and just obliterated him then banged the cop girl against the ceiling. The ending was a cliff hanger so there’s mostly going to be a second one. I just think how it will all end is that he will rule the world or something then kill him self becuz he doesn’t have love that he’s been needing.

  56. BigBoiler508

    BigBoiler50820 days ago

    Stuckmann dropping 3 F bombs in this video... all grown up

  57. Mike Best

    Mike Best20 days ago

    Gotta see this

  58. hardnewstakenharder

    hardnewstakenharder20 days ago

    Elizabeth Banks was excellent as Martha.

  59. David J. Thompson

    David J. Thompson21 day ago

    I thought the child actor looked like a preteen Toby McGuire...

  60. Super Danda

    Super Danda21 day ago

    Actually its not call justice league but its call deception league....

  61. Super Danda

    Super Danda21 day ago

    This happen when you mess with legion ring...🤔

  62. Robert Gross

    Robert Gross22 days ago

    This bad excuse for a super hero movie turned out to be a Gorefest with pointless violence and numerous grisly murders. Hollywood is so degraded this kind of garbage is produced instead of a Marvel style creative inspiration for adults. They have to make a ultra violent bloody film with a kid who murders his parents instead of a positive result like Shazaam. Pathetic slasher horror intead of an inspiring film.

  63. Psychos Advocate

    Psychos Advocate22 days ago

    Where was his motive to hurt/kill unclear to you? When his spaceship mindcontrollled him? When his parents lied to him? When his dad accused and abused him? When his spaceship explained his purpose? When his crush humiliated him? When his therapist and her partner planned to report him? When both his parents tried to kill him?

  64. Christine Veronica Miles Hedin

    Christine Veronica Miles Hedin22 days ago

    Lawd! The movie had great death was a good movie

  65. DarkEmperor

    DarkEmperor22 days ago

    I want to see him fight Superman and slowly get stronger with each punch like Saiyans.

  66. oxy 75

    oxy 7522 days ago

    That wolverine shirt is sweet

  67. Imran Ali

    Imran Ali22 days ago


  68. tbirum

    tbirum22 days ago

    Chris I know you will never read this, BUT 1. the movie was billed as "Evil Superman" so you can not really hide the fact that the kid is an alien (EVERYONE KNOWS THE ORIGINS OF SUPERMAN) 2. His motivation for being evil, I thought they hinted at it pretty clearly The ship was communicating with the kid once he began going through puberty (As i am sure you know, when kids go through puberty there is a LOT going on in the brain and the body, so the ship he arrived in was likely either set up on a timer (12 years) OR once the kid started going through puberty the ship was able to sense the change in him and the ship "Woke Up" and began communicating this kids purpose/mission "TAKE OVER THE PLANET" In Superman we know why he was sent away from Krypton, and why he was sent to Earth. But in Brightburn we do not know who sent him or why, Possibly the race that Brandon is a part of chooses to send out "Planet Conquerors" and once the planet has been conquered Brandon will in some way send out some kind of signal to his people letting them know that Earth is now part of their Empire? 3. By going to the "Brigthburn Wiki" page it says that James Gunn was saying that if the movie was a success (which financially it was a mild success) that there would be a sequel and some of what the sequel would contain is what we were shown in the mid credit scene, about some half man half sea creature and some kind of "Witch" BUT James Gunn then had to postpone that because he was re-hired to wright GOTG 3 and a sequel to Suicide Squad 2. So possibly in the next couple of years we could see a sequel to this movie that will expand on the mythos and motivations of Brandon. personally I would have given this an 8.5 out of 10 or a B+ but a B is still a good score.

  69. Psychos Advocate

    Psychos Advocate22 days ago

    @tbirum That ending with the evil justice league XD Since the DC universe is finished they should do that next!

  70. tbirum

    tbirum22 days ago

    Stuckmnn gave it a B which I am fine with, I would have given it a B+ but, yeah I watched that movie last night, and I found it to be MUCH better then what the general critics have been giving it, on IMDB it has a rating of 6.2 ,,,,,, 6.2!!! I do not understand all of the hate. I REALLY hope they make a sequel I would LOVE to venture deeper into a world filled with PYSCHO Super Humans, if you watch the mid credit scene again, there is a image where the "Conspiracy Guy" has images of the "Monsters" and you can see what is clearly a Evil Version of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman (Brandon), The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and a Big ? implying that there might be another Creature/Superhuman. I would be more excited to this this then the next DC movie

  71. Psychos Advocate

    Psychos Advocate22 days ago

    brendans motives were very clear. Im having a problem with critics eg YMS RLM Stuckman and Jeremy not taking criticism seriously and misrepresenting movies cause they lack understanding, im so glad i ignored the reviews and saw it. The positives highly outweigh the negatives it was such a fascinating surprising and satisfying movie! 7.5/10

  72. maxxfatal

    maxxfatal23 days ago

    The mother's death was the MOST satisfying one

  73. maxxfatal

    maxxfatal22 days ago

    @Psychos Advocate I agree

  74. Psychos Advocate

    Psychos Advocate22 days ago

    ​@maxxfatal And him just dropping her was unsettling enough, if he went vicious at her then that ending wouldnt feel that satisfying

  75. maxxfatal

    maxxfatal22 days ago

    @Psychos Advocate Yeah I did too. That's how you properly subvert expectations!

  76. Psychos Advocate

    Psychos Advocate22 days ago

    it was the most surprising death for me, i actually thought she was gonna stab him