Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019


  1. More Cloud tech USA

    More Cloud tech USAHour ago

    Xbox > PlayStation

  2. Sixpixel boi

    Sixpixel boiHour ago

    How much is it

  3. Tangerines gaming center

    Tangerines gaming center7 hours ago

    Im happy?

  4. Sog Vking982

    Sog Vking9827 hours ago

    God I'm old I'm from the 360s days

  5. Dannydatgamer 1

    Dannydatgamer 19 hours ago

    Wait. So we can't watch movies in project scarlet

  6. Some guy on The internet

    Some guy on The internet13 hours ago

    Wait, a console is supposed to be for gaming? I’ve been using it as a toaster this whole time

  7. Jon Athens

    Jon Athens13 hours ago

    After release, I hope Microsoft does not take away its “advertised” features that failed but never got resolved or compensated. Also, I really do hope the “trim clip” option works and doesn’t just freeze mid-download. I don’t understand why Microsoft never acknowledged or gave an update on the “trim clip” bug. FYI, it’s been like that for over two years. Probably better to go PS5?

  8. De Nederlandse Crypto Groep

    De Nederlandse Crypto Groep18 hours ago

    Bla bla bla. Have been a gamer since ‘82 . Seen this kind of bs ooover and ooooooover again. Payed Clappers .... had the Xbox, 360 and one all twice since I just whited the lazers from playing....I am doen with the :” We do it for the players” just because there is 1 Guy with a grey unsanitairy beard in your vid, does not make it a team gamers relate to

  9. Kaer Laeda

    Kaer LaedaDay ago

    Who ære those random people? I can memorize a line from rocket science too! Show actual gameplay and non existant loading screens, on existing games, on your non existant yet console Daaaaaaamn

  10. BlackViking

    BlackVikingDay ago

    Microsoft: "no more loading screens" Anthem: hold my 2 skins

  11. Default_Danny831

    Default_Danny831Day ago

    *matt booty*

  12. nieshawn charles

    nieshawn charlesDay ago


  13. Calvin Fernandez

    Calvin FernandezDay ago

    I’m so tired of “hearing” about Xbox consoles at e3 like can we see this shit for once, jesus christ

  14. I totally don't work at McDonalds

    I totally don't work at McDonaldsDay ago

    Now we need our internet providers to step it up, better graphics bigger games, bigger games more download time

  15. Juan Elias

    Juan EliasDay ago

    What about voice and chat monitoring?

  16. is that Nucher

    is that NucherDay ago

    this new xbox is going to be insane

  17. Smack Daddy

    Smack Daddy2 days ago

    I understood none of that.. and Idgaf about framerates or 8k..

  18. Vineyard -GHS-

    Vineyard -GHS-2 days ago

    Empty promises

  19. Dark Souls

    Dark Souls2 days ago

    Wow finally the consoles now being on par with the PCs can’t wait !

  20. Pixelgamer

    Pixelgamer2 days ago

    I can't wait for Xbox one Z

  21. _Brooks_ _

    _Brooks_ _2 days ago

    But can it load Minecraft

  22. LordBritOne

    LordBritOne2 days ago

    Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me Foll me 500 times are we as a gaming community really this dense to believe what these people are telling us...I say wait till it comes out and look for reviews don't pre-order unless you have money to burn Just remember what he said the same team the same team the same team i heard this and the same team that screwed it up the last 3 times so why are we up for a fourth time? I guess the head of BUNGIE was right we as gamer's love to throw our money at the screen or in this case right at microsoft

  23. TheOtherAnimator

    TheOtherAnimator2 days ago

    Project Carpet

  24. Azte ka

    Azte ka2 days ago

    What a foken joke? Still cant run 1080 60

  25. Andrew Sternburg

    Andrew Sternburg2 days ago

    Dear Xbox, PlayStation is better, please just become sega already and make all 3 exclusive titles you have for real consoles Sincerely the world PS Nintendo is also better

  26. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonDay ago

    Andrew Sternburg Uh, No. let them to be who they are for Anyone, Not for you.

  27. Flinglingching

    Flinglingching2 days ago

    120 frames, i get 500 on the daily

  28. Денис God

    Денис God2 days ago

    FullHD 60 fps сможет в конце 2020?

  29. Billy Willy

    Billy Willy2 days ago

    I’d rather more storage than FPS

  30. Paul Honey

    Paul Honey2 days ago

    2:55 did that guy just say "the combination of the SSD and Solid State Drive"?

  31. CannibalCarWash

    CannibalCarWash2 days ago

    So let me get this straight. New console...New games... New design... how much does it cost...? Find out on the next episode in 2020...😳😠😞😔

  32. LandSquid 161

    LandSquid 1612 days ago

    120 frames have never been seen before...............HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  33. PostZ

    PostZ2 days ago

    Literally Ps5 was on this before Xbox was Ps5: 4k 120fps+ 8k support Spider man fast travel loading time: 8 seconds Ps5:0,8 seconds

  34. Snipershootdie

    Snipershootdie2 days ago

    Why do i feel like they where able to fo this a long time ago but they needed more money so they slowly got to this point

  35. Kevin Hobbs

    Kevin Hobbs2 days ago

    Finally 8k 120 fps! *Xbox I don't have the money for a moni-* FINALLY

  36. irvin esquivel

    irvin esquivel2 days ago

    Apple should start making gaming console because sony not giving fight anymore

  37. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonDay ago

    irvin esquivel No, They Won’t.

  38. BuzzRatchet

    BuzzRatchet2 days ago

    Yet the human eye can't see 8k.

  39. floyd lynch

    floyd lynch2 days ago

    Hey pc the consoles are at it again..

  40. Lucas Miranda

    Lucas Miranda2 days ago

    XBOX: No loading screen! Dev: uhmm, ya.... The game is glitchy, solution is *Loading Screen*

  41. Your Friendly Pedo

    Your Friendly Pedo3 days ago

    Xbox: Best console in the world, its a pc as a console Google Stadia: *Ooooh i'm boutta end this whole mans career*

  42. Fox Moulder

    Fox Moulder3 days ago

    1:05 what makes me nervous is a console company talking about pc and mobile......

  43. Divert

    Divert3 days ago

    I feel like they wrote the script and shot this video as if they were pitching to a 5 year old toddler with absolutely no knowledge of existing technologies... They talk about things that have existed on the PC market for the past decade like SSD, 120fps like its all brand new technology.. They attribute game design decisions to their console, like exploration and immersion.. This is just so stupid... Dont get me started on 2:55's apparent combination of an SSD and a solid state drive..

  44. Brian Villatoro

    Brian Villatoro3 days ago

    We don't need another xbox, y

  45. Tony Mosley

    Tony Mosley13 hours ago

    Just look at it as a PC upgrade. But, when it comes out, it's already outdated. If only they can squeeze in the upcoming AMD threadripper 16 core processor, not happening for the price of $749 alone. Maybe next gen console after this.

  46. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonDay ago

    Brian Villatoro Actually We Do. Because Next Gen is about to happen in holiday Next year.

  47. cfairfax85

    cfairfax853 days ago

    So thats the big or shorter loading times? i guess the graphics are secondary.

  48. chuck mantis

    chuck mantis3 days ago

    They kind of said nothing. Sad

  49. Lófasz Jóska

    Lófasz Jóska3 days ago

    Halo and gow ye ye ye.100 yrs old shooting games.Nothing else good exclusives on the system so doesnt matter how powerfull it will be if they cant develope any good ones

  50. ............

    ............3 days ago

    still doesn't change the fact you're limited to a certain number of games on console. I'm good i use my xbox 1s for netflix and other shit now fuck gaming on console lol PC all day baby. 250 fps over here

  51. Eric Wejman

    Eric Wejman3 days ago

    I hope I can use my Xbox ones controller on it and still be able to play Xbox 360 games

  52. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer2 days ago

    You can

  53. Raizzor Kings

    Raizzor Kings3 days ago

    “Eats” monsters...more like Phil has been eating EVERYTHING!! 😂😂

  54. Bob the builder And lemon

    Bob the builder And lemon3 days ago

    Did they really just say halo who played halo anymore?? It was a good game though

  55. Gaming Phoenix

    Gaming Phoenix3 days ago

    So That's why the Xbox companies fucking up so much they have women in their company if you can get rid of the women in the Xbox industry it would be a lot better than PC gaming 😎

  56. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer3 days ago


  57. Dr. Ivo Robotnick

    Dr. Ivo Robotnick3 days ago

    Can we go 1 E3 without another new Xbox

  58. RetedRacing

    RetedRacing3 days ago

    You bastards I just bought the the fucking ONE X last year.

  59. Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360

    Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 3603 days ago

    I understand Ray Tracing, 120FPS, and 4K, but 8K just seems unnecessary to me.

  60. Tony Mosley

    Tony Mosley12 hours ago

    Agree, 8k would be great for VR since ones eyes are so close to a screen.

  61. Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360

    Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 3603 days ago

    @Real Gamer True. What *would* be interesting is if the console could actually play 8K games in 60fps. Of course, I won't be getting that experience as I have only a 4K display myself.

  62. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer3 days ago

    It doesn't mean anything it's just supporting it because the displays exist

  63. Grxe

    Grxe3 days ago

    2:56 -"the combination of the ssd *and* the solid state drive" what 😂😂

  64. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer3 days ago


  65. Redsstuff YT

    Redsstuff YT3 days ago

    Microsoft: we will no longer have loading screens Roblox and GTA: allow us to introduce ourselves

  66. Pa P

    Pa P3 days ago


  67. UwU

    UwU3 days ago

    What that beard do?

  68. Christopher Sainduc

    Christopher Sainduc3 days ago

    No fucking waaaaaaayy

  69. JL 42

    JL 423 days ago

    Ps5 Its Gonna Be Best

  70. DomKnob

    DomKnob3 days ago


  71. Mushy

    Mushy3 days ago

    Combination of the ssd and solid state drive🤨 hmmm

  72. RLLy-RXL

    RLLy-RXL3 days ago

    So nice to see the LGBT community to talk about consoles 🏳️‍🌈

  73. XxBryan_is_a_BeastxX

    XxBryan_is_a_BeastxX3 days ago

    That was a beautiful beard

  74. Ash Umbra

    Ash Umbra3 days ago

    So... Halo is only gonna be on this new xbox and not pc? ;-;

  75. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer3 days ago

    no it will be on current xbox next xbox and pc

  76. Carlos Chavez

    Carlos Chavez4 days ago

    We’ll see. Love my Xbox but they’ve been off for a few years now.

  77. Swixzy

    Swixzy4 days ago

    Smh pc players be saying 60fps now we got 120 FPS and a 8K BAAM

  78. Swixzy

    Swixzy3 days ago

    Divert I’m out of school and I’m 13

  79. Divert

    Divert3 days ago

    @Swixzy Oh, if i knew i was dealing with a pre-teen i wouldnt have wasted my time. Have fun in school kiddo.

  80. Swixzy

    Swixzy3 days ago

    I have a really good monitor because I have a gaming pc

  81. Divert

    Divert3 days ago

    But we already all have this. Problem with 8k and 120fps, is a small monitor already costs an arm and a leg. Good luck equipping your living room tv with that. And surprise: refresh rates higher than 120 already exist in the market...

  82. Ruben Hernandez

    Ruben Hernandez4 days ago

    So it’s not called Xbox anymore ? It’s scarlet vs PlayStation now

  83. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer3 days ago

    still xbox, like the one x before it was scorpio, just codenames

  84. NB HSL

    NB HSL4 days ago

    Prefer handheld.. I'm just can't sit home play all day since most best game require long hour to enjoy.. I'm travelling and on the go

  85. Oskar Kaljund

    Oskar Kaljund4 days ago

    Is this a joke?

  86. Scarecrow Show

    Scarecrow Show4 days ago

    Just build a PC

  87. Scarecrow Show

    Scarecrow Show12 hours ago

    Ryder Barton who is demanding who here? It’s just a suggestion

  88. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonDay ago

    Scarecrow Show No, Let them keep making consoles for Anyone and Stop Demanding.

  89. Karen Hughes

    Karen Hughes4 days ago

    I choose to be in the now

  90. Karen Hughes

    Karen Hughes4 days ago

    Thanks for hearing me

  91. Nero Noctis

    Nero Noctis4 days ago

    120fps until you reach BlightTown in DS.

  92. Nero Noctis

    Nero Noctis4 days ago

    They said the same thing about Gameboy Advance

  93. Marcos Buenrostro

    Marcos Buenrostro4 days ago

    They’re talking about things never seen on console before yes we all now that there is more powerful PC’s smhhh but between consoles this is gonna be a lot more powerful than any other Nintendo or PlayStation or Xbox console

  94. Thomas Grant

    Thomas Grant4 days ago

    Cost: 2,000 Games: 0 Excusives: 0 Result: Same as Xbox One X over priced with no games

  95. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer4 days ago

    fanboys getting so desperate now

  96. TheNoobGamer YT

    TheNoobGamer YT4 days ago

    *GTA has joined the chat*

  97. lil shady

    lil shady4 days ago

    can ya bring back how the xbox 360 worked. how you put the disc in and played it right away, not wait 3 hours to start?

  98. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer4 days ago

    no because games are not like 360 now get used to it, next gen they could be 200gb a disc cant hold that or the reader cant process that much that fast

  99. Vlad Buruleanu

    Vlad Buruleanu4 days ago

    0:31 I have an Xbox, but i sadly have to admit the fact that PS is better

  100. N. Drew George

    N. Drew George4 days ago

    No loading screens? Well they seriously want god of war to be on xbox

  101. N. Drew George

    N. Drew GeorgeDay ago

    @Ryder Barton I know. My point was that the last god of war didn't have any loading screens at all. It's a "one shot" game. Meaning they're copying Playstation's exclusive games

  102. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonDay ago

    N. Drew George No. god of War is Permanent Exclusive for Playstation.

  103. skrotlyftaren

    skrotlyftaren4 days ago

    3054,51 usd = 29 000 swedish SEK

  104. DON JUAN

    DON JUAN4 days ago

    What’s the point of making a console with 8k capabilities when the gaming format of any game on Xbox at this point in time isn’t even past 1080 P? Answer me that xbox I’m not buying another Xbox untill the gaming format is up to par with the 4K Xbox I just bought

  105. inffected 0

    inffected 03 days ago

    it's called future proofing, console generations are supposed to last 7-10 years and although 8k tv's may not be big yet, by 2026 they very well might be.

  106. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer4 days ago

    capability thats it just to say they support the displays, the games will be 4k

  107. Block buzerker123

    Block buzerker1234 days ago

    Y’know, I’m a ps4 gamer, but if the ps5 doesn’t live up to this console, I might switch.

  108. floyd lynch

    floyd lynch2 days ago

    @Block buzerker123 some of your friends would be surprised how much stuff is on ebay CHEAP to build a PC...I built my last pc for $650...running a fx 9370 with dual gtx 980 ti

  109. Block buzerker123

    Block buzerker1232 days ago

    floyd lynch and that’s always good, though some games are better played with controller , like dark souls and stuff. Only issue is my friends don’t have enough to get a pc or a steady source of income so I’ll have to play with my only friend on pc. I can alternate back and forth though

  110. floyd lynch

    floyd lynch2 days ago

    @Block buzerker123 smart choice and you'll still be able to play xbox first party titles as well on pc and even if your friends are playing on xbox you'll still be able to play with them

  111. Block buzerker123

    Block buzerker1232 days ago

    floyd lynch I’m actually saving up for a pc rn, seeing as it has a wider variety of games and all that

  112. floyd lynch

    floyd lynch2 days ago

    Might as well go to pc so you dont have to wait...everything they talk about putting in a gaming console pc has already done it or doing it now...just saying

  113. Swastik Thapaliya

    Swastik Thapaliya4 days ago

    0:19 "Console should be designed and built and optimized for one thing and one thing only gaming", that is what consoles are right now too, right ? that is its purpose; I don't develop applications on ps4. -.-

  114. Melbourne Meliodas

    Melbourne Meliodas4 days ago

    Sounds Far-fetch, but I'll be open-minded.

  115. Ovi Nik

    Ovi Nik4 days ago


  116. Robert Leak

    Robert Leak4 days ago

    that beard!

  117. Bence szalma

    Bence szalma4 days ago

    What i am personaly most excited about.... is the ssd pc gamers: what an innovation

  118. Maggot King

    Maggot King4 days ago

    Yep Microsoft was talking out of their ass lol. you aint gonna be replacing ram with SSD's lol

  119. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer4 days ago

    They didn't say that

  120. xx__IRBY__xx

    xx__IRBY__xx4 days ago

    Pc braaaaa

  121. Rosegold Beats

    Rosegold Beats4 days ago

    The best consoles for every generation. THIS IS THE TRUTH NINTENDO 64 PS1 XBOX ORIGINAL XBOX360 PS4 PS4 PRO XBOX SCARLETT/PS5? - 2020 Fall

  122. Divert

    Divert3 days ago

    Ps1 and n64 are different generations? What?

  123. Cody Rowe

    Cody Rowe4 days ago

    I love the hype of new consoles coming out. Love microsoft as well, but until they make good televisions that are 8k AND have 120hz refresh rates AFFORDABLE, i aint sold lol

  124. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice4 days ago

    “No more Loading screens” Loading Screens: Am I a Joke To You?

  125. Sneaky

    Sneaky4 days ago

    "120 framerates". "never seen before" also my pc:*runs overwatch max settings 150fps* thank you xbox very cool

  126. Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360

    Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 3603 days ago

    @Sneaky That I agree with. Hololens and VR support would be interesting. And since their console will most likely be the most powerful on the market, they can probably do more with it. I think Phil and the team just don't want another screw up like the Kinect, which is why they're sticking to their roots.

  127. Sneaky

    Sneaky3 days ago

    @Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360 Fair point, they should still get off their high pedestal though. if they want to flex, then inovate something actaul new things.

  128. Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 360

    Xcloud Scarlett Warrior 3603 days ago

    It's never been seen before on a console. That's what they meant.

  129. Zachary Crader

    Zachary Crader4 days ago

    I’m hyped. I hope it’s not to expensive

  130. Wavering Fish

    Wavering Fish4 days ago

    "SSD and Solid state drive" no way hahahahaha

  131. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer4 days ago


  132. TreeMunky

    TreeMunky4 days ago

    Imagine designing masterpieces like this and the best EA can do for you is Anthem...

  133. Kwisatz Haderach

    Kwisatz Haderach4 days ago

    Xbox ScarJo

  134. Brian Keogh

    Brian Keogh4 days ago

    This reveal/announcement was kind of lackluster Ooooohhh it’s 4x times more powerful than the current generation, no shit.

  135. That one guy -

    That one guy -4 days ago

    Dose this open up a possibility for gta6?