Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twins


  1. merrelltwins

    merrelltwins14 days ago

    If you met us in person would you be able to tell us apart? :)

  2. Mrs. Pug

    Mrs. PugDay ago


  3. Liz

    Liz7 days ago

    Omg definitely!! You guys look really different to me.

  4. Jaszlyn Rosales

    Jaszlyn Rosales7 days ago

    merrelltwins I can tell you guys apart already

  5. Queen Potato

    Queen Potato8 days ago

    Love this!!

  6. Destiny's Butterflies

    Destiny's Butterflies11 days ago

    Oh yeah

  7. Katie Murray

    Katie Murray9 minutes ago

    I can tell the apart

  8. xiLouiseix

    xiLouiseixHour ago

    Me: Hey siri, tell me a joke. Siri: Veronica Merrell and Aaron are just friends.

  9. JJ _Lion

    JJ _LionHour ago

    I can tell u apart easily! Vanessa has deeper dimples For some reason I can also tell u apart from your hair? Also u look a lot a like (well ur twins) but I can also tell u guys apart because ur faces kinda look different to me? To me u guys look similar but I can tell u apart easily

  10. Kiran Kimaya

    Kiran KimayaHour ago

    No but are and Aaron actually dating Ronnie

  11. Perrin and Skyler

    Perrin and Skyler2 hours ago

    Roni: "But i was wondering if you could tell me and my sister apart!! Me: BFAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  12. Jose Marquez

    Jose Marquez2 hours ago

    You guys should react to the video

  13. Ella

    Ella3 hours ago

    Does anyone know where Veronica got her white dress??? Its gorgeous!!

  14. Reilly Ryann

    Reilly Ryann3 hours ago

    This cracked me up!! You did AMAZING!🤣

  15. Magalee Gonzalez

    Magalee Gonzalez3 hours ago

    I can tell you guys apart easy Vanessa has dimples on both sides and Veronica has them to but just not as deep

  16. Mark The artist

    Mark The artist3 hours ago

    so you changed twins right??????

  17. Hani ikar

    Hani ikar3 hours ago

    isn't veronica annoyed that aaron is touching up her sister

  18. Kenneth Harris

    Kenneth Harris4 hours ago

    Such a Good so good I love it

  19. Madison Marsh

    Madison Marsh4 hours ago

    Wtf I was singing this song before I searched up ur channel and now I’m watching this

  20. Retaj Alkiyumi

    Retaj Alkiyumi4 hours ago

    2:59 Vanessa's Face like she's actually sad cause Arron didn't get Veronica's Name 😂😂

  21. Sophia Gonzalez

    Sophia Gonzalez4 hours ago

    Did you guys move home

  22. Ashley Xu

    Ashley Xu4 hours ago


  23. Ashley Xu

    Ashley Xu4 hours ago


  24. Ashley Xu

    Ashley Xu4 hours ago


  25. Tania Perez

    Tania Perez4 hours ago

    i love this i watch this everyday and i love it you guys help me when i am sad this relaxes me and you guys are awsome i always watch your vids and i am subscribed to your and turned on my post notifications i love you guys

  26. Blinda Moncher

    Blinda Moncher4 hours ago

    I love the merrell twin

  27. AbbyMac O

    AbbyMac O4 hours ago

    I can tell you apart! It’s easy you look so different to me

  28. Jaden Contour the new Contour

    Jaden Contour the new Contour4 hours ago

    Y’all are really good singers


    ELISABETH QUINTAS5 hours ago


  30. iimkitty

    iimkitty5 hours ago

    I love u guys so much you guys are both amazing i'm sick and u guys made my day

  31. Katiusca Dias Rosario

    Katiusca Dias Rosario5 hours ago

    Love the parody you and Aron look so cute

  32. ciara tutson

    ciara tutson5 hours ago

    Honestly they do look different it's easy to tell them apart

  33. Uncovering the Truth

    Uncovering the Truth5 hours ago

    Such a inappropriate song

  34. Alejandra María Mora

    Alejandra María Mora6 hours ago

    This had me laughing 😂😂😂😂

  35. Camryns Channel

    Camryns Channel6 hours ago

    This is actually better than the real song

  36. Zqey

    Zqey6 hours ago

    These parody’s are so weird😂😂😂😂

  37. Mr. Poop Plays!!

    Mr. Poop Plays!!6 hours ago

    I see that Veronica has larger eyes than vanessa

  38. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown6 hours ago

    I can sing every bit of Vanessa’s part of the song but I only no a little bit of Ronnie one I LOVE ❤️ YOU GUYS 💋

  39. Juver Moya

    Juver Moya6 hours ago


  40. Juver Moya

    Juver Moya7 hours ago

    Yes @merreltwins

  41. Kirsten Cliff

    Kirsten Cliff7 hours ago

    is that jake from famous love

  42. A Random Vlover

    A Random Vlover7 hours ago

    you guys should really do more music!!!

  43. Christina Bylsma

    Christina Bylsma7 hours ago

    Who can tell them apart? I can Please like.😁

  44. Eva Gruber

    Eva Gruber8 hours ago

    this is hilarious! the prettiest twins of em all

  45. Rachael H

    Rachael H8 hours ago


  46. Arya

    Arya8 hours ago

    How to steal songs without getting copyrighted. (2019)

  47. Tim Velazquez

    Tim Velazquez8 hours ago

    2:57 Veronica screening Aaron and Vanessa shacking her head me:😅

  48. Gaming WIth Nolan

    Gaming WIth Nolan8 hours ago

    You guys have a beautiful voice ♥️


    LOVE DOLPHIN9 hours ago

    Bad guy parody love ur vids

  50. Adalynn Marcum

    Adalynn Marcum9 hours ago

    Yep I would always

  51. Thomas Purackal

    Thomas Purackal9 hours ago


  52. Dezzie

    Dezzie9 hours ago

    Okay are we gonna talk about how good her vocals are

  53. Dance with Dhriti

    Dance with Dhriti9 hours ago

    Lol 😂

  54. Sam Mazing

    Sam Mazing9 hours ago

    Go check my chanel SKILLZ. .BOYZZ

  55. Emmanuel Asare

    Emmanuel Asare9 hours ago

    3:00 When Vannessa was shaking her head at Aron LOL!!!!!