Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast8 days ago

    Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler

  2. zacatacktheman

    zacatacktheman8 days ago

    Ive been subbed for 3 years

  3. Rydbhr C

    Rydbhr C8 days ago

    Good idea

  4. Emma Antdrake

    Emma Antdrake8 days ago

    Omg noooooooooooo

  5. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young8 days ago

    Why are you threatening chandler

  6. Alexis perez

    Alexis perez9 minutes ago

    99% of the comments are about Chandler losing challenges Me: I'm just glad to see becca again

  7. June Couch

    June Couch10 minutes ago

    Poor Chandler the should have an eating challenge

  8. Gamer4 ever

    Gamer4 ever16 minutes ago

    When somone says your trash at a game 1:37

  9. ItzNambmac

    ItzNambmac21 minute ago

    Chandler is the coby of Mr beast

  10. Tristyn Emery

    Tristyn Emery27 minutes ago

    Sub to squbit05 gaming

  11. Jamie Haines

    Jamie Haines33 minutes ago

    Why chandler you could of got 50 k


    FAAUSON TORD34 minutes ago

    I feel bad for chandler even though he's one of my favorite one

  13. Timmy Truong

    Timmy Truong37 minutes ago

    MrBeast: Last person to talk wins $30,000 begin! Chandler: What? MrBeast: .....

  14. Rooki Brooki

    Rooki Brooki49 minutes ago

    Mr.Beast: first one to breath wins $20,000 Chandler: *suffocates*

  15. zeldakid

    zeldakid54 minutes ago

    om gosh you had an fgteev song in you r backround

  16. ArtInMotion

    ArtInMotion55 minutes ago

    If I did the Last To Leave VR thing I would just play fnaf Help Wanted the whole time! XD

  17. Carlos Palacios

    Carlos PalaciosHour ago

    Vote for chandler

  18. Chloe Mitchell

    Chloe MitchellHour ago

    this how many people will hope Chandler will win a one

  19. Deathstalker Gaming

    Deathstalker GamingHour ago

    Last to stop playing fortnite wins or last to stop playing fnaf vr help wanted wins

  20. Flying Fox

    Flying FoxHour ago

    Mr Beast: "Becca, your coach is Eve" Me: Who's Eve!?

  21. Josiah Abiezer

    Josiah AbiezerHour ago

    Lets sign a petition for chandler

  22. flo millie

    flo millieHour ago

    I feel so bad for chandler he cryed i cryed

  23. Stephanie Nieto

    Stephanie NietoHour ago


  24. RockeytheK9 boy

    RockeytheK9 boyHour ago

    Do last to stop eating gushers wins 20k or 10k

  25. Esme’s ASMR And more

    Esme’s ASMR And more2 hours ago

    Who thinks chandler should have a other chance poor Chan 🙁

  26. garciA41 garciA41

    garciA41 garciA412 hours ago

    Mrbeast: Who ever throws his poop wind $20,000 chandlers: “leaves his poop “

  27. Caden Monster10

    Caden Monster102 hours ago

    They should of did a eating challenge

  28. Ludhotte Qc

    Ludhotte Qc2 hours ago


  29. li gao

    li gao2 hours ago


  30. DaSaltyGam3r

    DaSaltyGam3r2 hours ago

    How bout a who eats the most food challenge

  31. ZoneCactus •

    ZoneCactus •2 hours ago

    I know a challenge that Chandler could win. He said he was good at eating, so do a hot fog eating challenge or something similar to it. Chandler most likely will win, but might lose because, well, it's what he does

  32. Mikey Merrell

    Mikey Merrell2 hours ago

    We believe in you Chandler

  33. Brad Evangelista

    Brad Evangelista2 hours ago


  34. Galaxia The Wonder

    Galaxia The Wonder2 hours ago


  35. Flor Hermosillo

    Flor Hermosillo2 hours ago

    Ok 👍

  36. Fat chungus Billhengan

    Fat chungus Billhengan2 hours ago

    You can win chandler. You must believe.

  37. Red carpet raider Dude

    Red carpet raider Dude3 hours ago

    Don’t leave YT yet chandler

  38. Mark Kulig

    Mark Kulig3 hours ago

    I feel bad for Chandler jesus

  39. Anthony Sheffield

    Anthony Sheffield3 hours ago

    Chandler for da won

  40. ToxicAdvisor

    ToxicAdvisor3 hours ago

    Chandler = Coby from Dude Perfect

  41. Gracie R

    Gracie R3 hours ago

    Does anybody else love those chandler “memes”

  42. Danya Mozdzen

    Danya Mozdzen3 hours ago

    Mr Beast: if you stay on earth, you win 50,000 dollars Chandler: guys, i am now an astronaut.

  43. Nayreeya mitchell

    Nayreeya mitchell3 hours ago

    i think i only continue to watch the challenegs to see if chandler wins

  44. Natalia Ulehla

    Natalia Ulehla3 hours ago

    chandler you got this. Go Go Go Go😆🥳

  45. Aztla00

    Aztla003 hours ago

    I actually feel bad for chandler ;(

  46. Deathkrazy 614

    Deathkrazy 6143 hours ago

    Do last to quit playing fortnite challenge

  47. Vince Cronin

    Vince Cronin3 hours ago

    You should do last one to stop tapping their fingers loeses

  48. Bennett Gaming And reaction

    Bennett Gaming And reaction3 hours ago

    poor chandler

  49. Ashley Mitchell

    Ashley Mitchell4 hours ago

    Chandler would have one if you gave him gushers

  50. Brenda Mar

    Brenda Mar4 hours ago

    “Whoever gets out first wins” Chandler: * finally lasts the longest * *Chandler ends up losing that one too* 😂

  51. 1 sorzen 1

    1 sorzen 14 hours ago

    Last to drop the tennis ball wins 20k Chandler: throws tennis ball

  52. The Yeet Meister

    The Yeet Meister4 hours ago

    Eye strain:intensifies*

  53. Alana Ieng

    Alana Ieng4 hours ago

    Stop this is making me cry 😢 I love chandler

  54. Yo Mamma

    Yo Mamma4 hours ago

    Nooo chandler

  55. Raeann Horne

    Raeann Horne4 hours ago

    Chandler is my favourite

  56. CaptainElectricEpic Roblox&More

    CaptainElectricEpic Roblox&More4 hours ago

    This is how much people want Chandler to win. ⬇️


    COPYCAT4 hours ago

    sooooo we didn't get to see the VR challenge. just....darkness and sand.

  58. Anton Lesokhin

    Anton Lesokhin4 hours ago

    omg chandler cried :(

  59. Diego Juarez

    Diego Juarez5 hours ago

    Your the best youtuber can you shout out me plz and thx 😎

  60. r3t4rd 69

    r3t4rd 695 hours ago

    God damnit Chandler

  61. Connor Dean

    Connor Dean5 hours ago

    MrBeast: Exist and you get 50,000 dollars! Chandler: Turns to dust.

  62. Daeshaun Armstrong

    Daeshaun Armstrong5 hours ago

    I challenge you to give me 10'000

  63. therealcp1000

    therealcp10005 hours ago

    Last to stop eating challenge

  64. Panda Gabby

    Panda Gabby5 hours ago

    0:52 XD i would so this Read my username

  65. Cito Gonzalez

    Cito Gonzalez5 hours ago

    Chandler nooooooo I’ve been cheering you on since the first challenge I still believe you can do it

  66. Ainsley Henderson

    Ainsley Henderson5 hours ago

    Chandler is my favorite

  67. Piper Hurtley

    Piper Hurtley5 hours ago

    can't chantler just win something

  68. Chelsea E

    Chelsea E5 hours ago

    I got frustrated with chandler in this vid

  69. 4410hunter

    4410hunter5 hours ago

    9:59 sand-a Claus

  70. depressed as always

    depressed as always5 hours ago

    i just feel very sad about chandler i hope he wins if he gets the opportunity

  71. Abby Kibs

    Abby Kibs6 hours ago

    Besides the point but if it was just u and chandler in a room what would you and him be doing

  72. guy random

    guy random6 hours ago

    Im getting ready player one vibes

  73. Pand47

    Pand476 hours ago

    If you exist you will win $50,000 Chandler: Proceeds to disappear from reality

  74. Icee Wolfie

    Icee Wolfie6 hours ago


  75. Megan Hannah

    Megan Hannah6 hours ago

    So Chandler lost but I wish he won a challenge

  76. Andrew Peña

    Andrew Peña6 hours ago

    One more chance

  77. HotTamali8

    HotTamali86 hours ago

    You should do an eating contest for Chandler. Nothing but cheese burgers lol.

  78. Rohan Patel

    Rohan Patel6 hours ago

    Chandler so fucking funny LMAO

  79. Scarlett Moldaver

    Scarlett Moldaver6 hours ago

    Give chandler another chance and do a pool of gushers challenge

  80. Leena Al Medlej

    Leena Al Medlej6 hours ago

    Omg seeing chandler tear up made me want him to win something more then ever! “What are you good at chandler?” “Nothing”. I feel you chandler ✊🏻

  81. Daniel Hendricks

    Daniel Hendricks7 hours ago

    love mr beast

  82. Hailee

    Hailee7 hours ago

    *Chandler gets a hang nail* Chandler: I’m gonna have to sit this one out

  83. Insane Potatoz

    Insane Potatoz7 hours ago


  84. • Soara •

    • Soara •7 hours ago

    I really want chandler to win 🤧💛😂

  85. Backup account for kadence kiser

    Backup account for kadence kiser7 hours ago

    No Chandler 😭😭😭😭

  86. Joshua Green

    Joshua Green7 hours ago


  87. Lunchable Cheese

    Lunchable Cheese7 hours ago


  88. Lunchable Cheese

    Lunchable Cheese7 hours ago

    Leave an f on the chat for chandler

  89. w

    w8 hours ago

    last to lose gets 1billion$ chandler: quits and doesn't lose

  90. Lunchable Cheese

    Lunchable Cheese8 hours ago

    Last one to stop singing has free health insurance 😂😂😂😂

  91. Savage Boi

    Savage Boi8 hours ago

    Chandler we love you this how much people love you

  92. midgard0528

    midgard05288 hours ago

    Go Chandler

  93. Mason 11

    Mason 118 hours ago

    I’m convinced chandler is depressed

  94. Rudy Tudy

    Rudy Tudy8 hours ago

    Wait... chandler is LEAVING!!........... *tears roll down face* I’m FiNe!!!!!!

  95. TheHouseOfGozzie

    TheHouseOfGozzie8 hours ago

    Mr.Beast please let me be in one of these.

  96. hogger

    hogger8 hours ago

    Mr Beast: I'm giving everyone in the universe money Chandler: *Switches dimensions*

  97. Lily Bloom

    Lily Bloom9 hours ago


  98. Paxton Grijalva

    Paxton Grijalva9 hours ago

    Chandler I want you to win a challenge please you need to win Go Chandler

  99. ioN AsheS

    ioN AsheS9 hours ago

    First one to lose gets 5,000,000$ chandler: leaves team beast

  100. Chaolence Draendow

    Chaolence Draendow9 hours ago

    Jimmy: ok so all u have to do is stand still then u ge- Chandler: *falls over*

  101. ioN AsheS

    ioN AsheS9 hours ago

    First one to take a step win 12k Chandler: Gets paralyzed

  102. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez9 hours ago

    Mr.beast:ill give you 50k dollars if you eat meat. Chandler:*BECOMES VEGAN* 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  103. Sophia Harutunian

    Sophia Harutunian9 hours ago

    Poor Chandler 😞😤😭

  104. Isaac Aquino

    Isaac Aquino9 hours ago


  105. Abrihana Solis

    Abrihana Solis9 hours ago

    Mr beast -"Last to eat a pickle wins 50k" Chandler- *eats pickle*