Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220

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A HUGE thank you to Andrea Mosie - Lab Manager
(You're one of my favorite people Andrea...you made a lasting impression!)
Also thank you to:
Ryan Zeigler (Apollo Sample Curator), and
Charis Hall Krysher
Judy Allton
Linda Watts
Carla Gonzalez
A personal thank you to Gordon for setting this up.
Checkout this picture of Curation back in the day:
Armstrong discusses sample boxes
Photo index:
Vacuum processing facility
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay4 months ago

    Andrea (the lab manager) is awesome. I must confess. Any "wingeing" you hear from Brady Haran about how long this collab took is 100% true. We filmed this 4 years ago (!). He's bugged me to publish it every two months or so, so as a way to express my sincere apology I'd like to humbly request that you go watch his video and consider subscribing on Objectivity. Also, if you do so, please leave a comment about how it was worth the wait and he should quit his wingeing. Here's his video. (I didn't know about the Genesis Rock!) uswork.info/videos/yvhLBzsDwSQ-video.html Also check out Joe Hanson's video! uswork.info/videos/Qr28zMXQ3bU-video.html

  2. HighSorcerer

    HighSorcerer9 days ago

    Definitely. Andrea rocks at her job(ha ha).

  3. Max Simmons

    Max SimmonsMonth ago

    SmarterEveryDay I was there that day attending robotics camp

  4. dean hepple

    dean hepple2 months ago

    I suppose it's a job creation . Waste of bloody money . Moon rocks. Did the fall from the moon . How else would they get here . ?

  5. obiwahn dagobah

    obiwahn dagobah3 months ago

    @Jacob Corrao Do you have any Friends in real life? You are such an annoying person that I doubt it seriously.

  6. Joshua Shenk

    Joshua Shenk22 hours ago

    Love that lady. She lives her work!!! So amazing

  7. Macro Man

    Macro Man23 hours ago

    alien : dude, that's just a rock

  8. Mike Patton

    Mike PattonDay ago

    This is really what my country is all about. Not whatever it is today pretending to be my country.

  9. Mike Patton

    Mike PattonDay ago

    “There’s no such thing as I can’t”. -Andrea

  10. The proper Challenger

    The proper ChallengerDay ago

    Apollo 12 was sadly challenger the explosion mid air

  11. DJsharp707

    DJsharp707Day ago


  12. Christiam Ceja

    Christiam CejaDay ago

    Can they get you high??

  13. Salford Rez

    Salford Rez2 days ago

    Moon rocks aka petrified wood.

  14. seigeengine

    seigeengineDay ago

    Nope. Real moon rocks.

  15. J D

    J D2 days ago

    I watched this guy be amazed at rocks for 18 minutes

  16. 2G-5G Microwave Wifi Radiation

    2G-5G Microwave Wifi Radiation3 days ago

    watch: NASA TRUTH ALERTS! by subphotonic

  17. R Mλtesz

    R Mλtesz3 days ago

    Such nice NASA ladies

  18. Thomas Mahoney

    Thomas Mahoney4 days ago

    There are no "Moon rocks" and the ones given away to other countries as gifts turned out to be petrified wood. Stop keeping the lie alive.

  19. seigeengine

    seigeengine3 days ago

    @Thomas Mahoney False on all counts. None have ever been shown to be fake, and it was more like 400~

  20. Thomas Mahoney

    Thomas Mahoney3 days ago

    @seigeengine wrong. All of the "moon rocks" have been found to be fake wood. Quick Google search for the terms show without a doubt all 20 or so given away have been proven by labs to be common rocks or petrified wood. You saying words means nothing.

  21. seigeengine

    seigeengine3 days ago

    False. The only "moon rock" that ever turned out to be petrified wood wasn't one of the rocks given out to other countries, nor does it even resemble them in any fashion, aside from both being rocks. The only one lying here are you lot.

  22. Alex

    Alex4 days ago

    Quick question! When they are sent out for scientists or anywhere else to test. How can you assure that they have the same standards put into place to make sure they are no contaminated. I would assume they don't go back with the same rock put back into pieces should it be contaminated right?

  23. Duneraven

    Duneraven4 days ago

    love the episode

  24. Ernest Cook

    Ernest Cook4 days ago

    I was thinking the storage place would have been in Buzz head.

  25. filacu

    filacu4 days ago

    What a lovely lady! Just watching her was worth it!

  26. the Sun

    the Sun5 days ago

    its just a rock...

  27. james brooksmith

    james brooksmith5 days ago

    Why are they all women? A bit of a sexist work place!

  28. seigeengine

    seigeengine5 days ago

    They're not.

  29. Josh Dibble

    Josh Dibble6 days ago

    Fake wood rocks lol.

  30. seigeengine

    seigeengine4 days ago

    @Josh Dibble Petrified wood is rock shaped like wood, so "wood rocks" isn't really wrong. None of the official moon rock samples have ever been shown to be anything but authentic. You nutjobs keep pretending a lump of petrified wood that got labeled a moon rock in an art museum for a while constitutes evidence the moon landings were fake. The only thing you're disproving by this argument is your own intelligence.

  31. Josh Dibble

    Josh Dibble5 days ago

    seigeengine actually petrified wood to be exact. Let me correct myself the wood was not fake it was real and moon rocks don’t exist. Sorry pal. Hate to break it to you but you’ve been lied to. But. Here’s the good news you not alone. I’ve got faith in you. Fire up that brain of yours and really dive in deep. Question everything....? Yes everything...? Daunting I know but for some of us we’ve been doing it for years finding the truth. It’s really in plane view. You will be amazed. So if no one told ya... happy trails.

  32. seigeengine

    seigeengine5 days ago

    None of the official moon rock samples have ever been shown to be "wood rocks." Try again.

  33. Grum dorr

    Grum dorr6 days ago

    if the moon landings were fake,why would thay have a facility with fake rocks and it would be a waste of money.this video has changed my mind and i believe america went to the moon

  34. seigeengine

    seigeengine5 days ago

    It still amuses me that people think it was outside our capabilities to put people on the Moon. It was dangerous. People died. But $150B is a lot of money, and cold war era US government did a lot worse things than risk people's lives hurling them into space... like drugging it's citizens, or injecting them with plutonium.

  35. SJK

    SJK7 days ago

    That a mind-blowing place with mind-blowing exhibits....and what an awesome lady Andrea is !

  36. Your Conscience

    Your Conscience7 days ago

    OMG Nasa's propaganda's in full swing these days, soon it will be exposed and it and all its fans will be covered in shame

  37. Lexer 9000

    Lexer 90008 days ago

    Me:I want moon rocks 😏 Stoners :🗣☁️

  38. mingzi xingshi

    mingzi xingshi8 days ago


  39. asheg ofd

    asheg ofd8 days ago

    Andrea 👍

  40. Sirmellowman

    Sirmellowman9 days ago

    the intro and outro clearly shows how easy it is to fake the moon landing! all the other millions of dollars and man hours spent is irrelevant! ....god...

  41. Sirmellowman

    Sirmellowman9 days ago

    how is it even possible that some people think they actually went through all this trouble to fake going to the moon

  42. Flick Drumming28

    Flick Drumming289 days ago

    Moon landing is a Hoax... People just being Brainwashed by those Nasa.. So Sad..

  43. SJK

    SJK7 days ago

    Oh dear....

  44. 死 izayoi_1p1 死

    死 izayoi_1p1 死10 days ago

    anyone thinking of norads from deltora quest

  45. 死 izayoi_1p1 死

    死 izayoi_1p1 死9 days ago

    @seigeengine lol

  46. seigeengine

    seigeengine9 days ago

    No, also I completely forget who they were, which is sad, because I own the entire series. EDIT: Oh, thinking about it for a few more seconds, I realized who they were.

  47. Endkon

    Endkon10 days ago

    Muy interesante, me gustaría ir a la Luna y a Marte.

  48. Trolleroskar

    Trolleroskar12 days ago

    somebody in this comment section will say '' FAKE, HUMANS NEVER WENT TO THE MOON'' and it will be posted on r/ironic

  49. mummra7

    mummra712 days ago

    that's exactly where apollo 11 went to the moon.....on earth.

  50. Tactical Powered

    Tactical Powered12 days ago

    It might be a stupid question but, don't the moon get a lot of asteroids crash into it? How can they know if it's a natural piece of the moon, or an asteroid piece?

  51. seigeengine

    seigeengine11 days ago

    Yes. Composition, basically. We know what asteroids are made of. We have plenty of examples of them from Earth from various sources. We know what the Moon is made of. We don't just have this one rock. We have 840 lb of rocks collected not just around one landing site, but around many landing sites in totally different places on the Moon.

  52. Don Nguyen

    Don Nguyen13 days ago

    whats he say at the beggining??? abs destined? hey s b destined??

  53. seigeengine

    seigeengine11 days ago

    Hey it's me Destin

  54. Pedro_n21

    Pedro_n2113 days ago

    When the first Mission returned, the president of the USA gave to Brazil one of this rocks. Brazilian president at that time was Emílio Médici and this same president was Bageense, that is how we call someone who has been born in Bagé, in the south of Brazil. The president gave the rock to the small city of Bagé, in Rio Grande Do Sul (Brazil) and it can be found here today.

  55. seigeengine

    seigeengine11 days ago


  56. HelloHellNO

    HelloHellNO15 days ago

    i can easily spot a moonrock! just go to the local dispensaries

  57. Ahmad Albatayneh

    Ahmad Albatayneh17 days ago

    She's awesome hahaha

  58. Osian James

    Osian James18 days ago

    How'd They get them into the lab

  59. Simon Chukwu

    Simon Chukwu19 days ago

    "There's no such thing as I cant" ;)

  60. Dave C.

    Dave C.20 days ago

    Where does NASA keep the moon footage? Oh that's right! They destroyed it along with the needed information to go back they claim

  61. seigeengine

    seigeengine18 days ago

    Lying just makes you frauds look more laughable.

  62. Rapid.

    Rapid.20 days ago

    16:10 the problem is I have trypophobia


    SUBRAT GOGOI21 day ago

    All fake. Man never landed on moon

  64. seigeengine

    seigeengine18 days ago

    The only place you lot ever land is inside your sister's twats.

  65. Dave C.

    Dave C.20 days ago

    Yep! NASA lies!!! Where does NASA keep the moon footage? Oh that's right! They destroyed it along with the needed information to go back they claim even

  66. Vault boy 21

    Vault boy 2121 day ago

    Imagine if NASA just picked up random rocks say they are from the moon and then sell them for millions

  67. seigeengine

    seigeengine21 day ago

    they'd be caught in about five seconds.

  68. Ron deezzee

    Ron deezzee22 days ago

    I'm looking for moonrocks not moon rocks🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  69. Ron deezzee

    Ron deezzee15 days ago

    @HelloHellNO 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  70. HelloHellNO

    HelloHellNO15 days ago

    blaze it boi

  71. Antonio HernandeZ

    Antonio HernandeZ24 days ago

    Roses are blue Roses are black Laminar flow be making me hard.

  72. R d

    R d24 days ago

    3:15 Does the laminar flow inside there feel like normal wind outside?

  73. vexguine

    vexguine24 days ago

    So how do you keep spending the tax payer money even without leaving the earth for 50 years after the last Apolo? Give first class hospital treatment to a bunch of rocks. And if you need a fcking Band Aid in an american hospital, its better to bring your coins. But that's ok... cause "science" right?. Who needs universal heathcare? thats for commies... Murica.

  74. seigeengine

    seigeengine23 days ago

    Jesus Christ, stop trying to have opinions, you're too stupid.

  75. senglish1983

    senglish198324 days ago

    so has anyone ever touched a moon rock with their bare hands?

  76. rgtm rgtm

    rgtm rgtm24 days ago

    She is the mother of all moon rocks 😊☺ 14:02

  77. Glitch Bork

    Glitch Bork25 days ago

    If you're an artist, all you have to do is watch Smarter Every Day to expand your visual library lol

  78. Faze fill12

    Faze fill1225 days ago

    But 15 did not come back to the earth so how did the moon rock come back

  79. Jayden Sena

    Jayden Sena25 days ago

    I love that lady

  80. Comatose

    Comatose26 days ago

    You can start anyplace on your channel and end up here over and over ... Endless loop. So much for sitting back and watching a few of your videos.

  81. kui Q

    kui Q27 days ago

    We will know if those rocks are fake when another country land on the moon.

  82. Jonny Sevent

    Jonny Sevent6 days ago

    @kui Q - Well you make a pretty obvious strawman argument there. This is NOT just "google stuff". All the experts in the world who know most about this subject disagree with you, and have debunked all your objections many times over. So your argument is with THEM, not me or google. Good luck.

  83. kui Q

    kui Q6 days ago

    @Jonny Sevent what you pointed out and what I about to say is all google stuff. we shall see if the rocks are real when Other country landed on the moon. Those rocks are identical to the rock found on earth. Since USA is the only country who claimed they landed there before. No one can proof anything , and yeah faking things is what we do best. Your tons of google evidence had 0 credibility as well. You don't think I google what you did and see the article as well ? I don't need to give evidence, you are on youtube. why don't you just type in some key words and find out. Even my professor from JPL had hard time believe in it. I serious don't know where your confidence coming from. I know , from google.

  84. Jonny Sevent

    Jonny Sevent6 days ago

    @kui Q - Huh? Poor quality cameras at the time? Have you ever seen a good science fiction movie? Well that looks pretty real, so why would better quality pictures change your mind? To be taken seriously you need to give evidence for your argument that survives scrutiny. And so far you have not. So until then we will stick with what we have TONS of evidence for. By the way, did you know the Soviets tracked the whole mission and even sent congratulations when the astronauts returned home? Google it.

  85. kui Q

    kui Q6 days ago

    @Jonny Sevent You cry like a baby trying to be professional. Why do people google something they already knew ? how do you know all this at the first place. by standing in front of the TV when they landed on the moon ? and watch youtube videos proofing why it's fake and why it is not ? This mission had one and only one purpose. compete with Russia in the cold war about rocky tech. The waving America flag on the moon, the bubbles in the video. You are not just stupid and not smart, You are just way too Old and unable to accept new stuff and new evidence. ISS is real, moon mission ? huh . maybe but I rather not believe it until China or space X actually landed there. With the poor quality of photos and cameras at that time, what is so confidential that America has to keep away from the public. use your little mind if you ever had one.

  86. Jonny Sevent

    Jonny Sevent6 days ago

    @kui Q - Why would anyone start googling for stuff that they already know. What "mistakes"?Every single objection from you conspiracy theorists has been well and truly debunked a million times and more. So the fact remains, as I stated, that you have ZERO credible evidence to back up your objections. You are terrible at assessing evidence and your critical thinking skills are even worse. That's why the truly smart people consider you as a joke. It's YOU who is making the extraordinary claim and so the burden of proof is upon YOU, not me. And so far you are failing horribly.

  87. Shikhar Ranghar

    Shikhar Ranghar27 days ago

    She is going to get fired her glove is dirty

  88. Jerzey Boy1995

    Jerzey Boy199528 days ago

    No moon rock crabs yet?

  89. addicz2

    addicz228 days ago

    They build a room for 'moon rocks'. So when people ask where is the rock. They can show it to the world. Very far insight indeed.

  90. ColdPhoenix94

    ColdPhoenix9428 days ago

    So basically they can put the pieces together, then ship it back to the moon and place them in their initial places with the same orientation as they were.

  91. Anders Ekengren

    Anders Ekengren28 days ago

    have they compared these moonrock samples with the Russians ?