Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220


  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay14 days ago

    Andrea (the lab manager) is awesome. I must confess. Any "wingeing" you hear from Brady Haran about how long this collab took is 100% true. We filmed this 4 years ago (!). He's bugged me to publish it every two months or so, so as a way to express my sincere apology I'd like to humbly request that you go watch his video and consider subscribing on Objectivity. Also, if you do so, please leave a comment about how it was worth the wait and he should quit his wingeing. Here's his video. (I didn't know about the Genesis Rock!) uswork.info/videos/yvhLBzsDwSQ-video.html Also check out Joe Hanson's video! uswork.info/videos/Qr28zMXQ3bU-video.html

  2. MsShyam

    MsShyamDay ago

    All fake .......fake Apollo missions .....why not nasa send humans to the moon in 21st century ......becoz they don't have technology to send humans.........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. T Young

    T YoungDay ago

    Video idea: could you do a video explaining the following behaviour: When i open a fresh can of coke zero and put in a metal straw, coke comes spilling from on top of the straw. It stops after a moment. THen when you take a sip from the straw, it happens again. Why does it happen with coke zero and not say with soda water?

  4. Andrew

    Andrew2 days ago

    @Bill Martin _"I have made an assumption about you based on my experience with others of your ilk"_ There seems to be a lot of *assumptions* made about a lot of things these days. _"You demand more than evidence, you demand conclusive proof, while recognizing the impossibility of such"_ "Evidence refers to information or facts that help us to establish the truth or existence of something. Proof is the sum of evidence which helps to prove something." - Dictionary fact - a thing that is known or *proved* to be true. proved - *demonstrate* the truth or existence of (something) by evidence demonstrate - to show clearly and deliberately - to present by experiments, examples, or practical application - to give a demonstration Lets see what my original question was; Moon rocks/Earth rocks What Tests have *You* conducted to verify anything about the "lunar" samples? How can you verify anything about them? VERIFY - make sure or *demonstrate* that (something) is true, accurate, or justified. Have you verified - or are you able to verify - or is it possible for you to verify - what you are saying. Or is it just your willingness to want to believe that makes it so? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ To that class of citizens who are known as " *Honest Skeptics* " and lovers of " *Demonstrated Truth* " We assign no man to oblivion because of a difference of opinion. Let God and His Works be true, though thy prove all men false. Alex Gleason _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _"You use this to justify your argument"_ _"Doubt about one item, in your mind, invalidates all other conclusions"_ *Demonstrated Truth* , I like this phrase.

  5. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin3 days ago

    @Andrew I have made an assumption about you based on my experience with others of your ilk. You are singing in the chorus of space deniers, thus I logically assume you, like the others, sing the same stanza. You are somewhat more thorough in your willingness to do research, but still determined to come to the same conclusion. You demand more than evidence, you demand conclusive _proof,_ while recognizing the impossibility of such. You use this to justify your argument. Doubt about one item, in your mind, invalidates all other conclusions. One cannot carry on an enjoyable discussion in that kind of environment.

  6. JP Toutant

    JP ToutantHour ago

    yikes this

  7. Maaco Feggins

    Maaco Feggins2 hours ago

    12:16 they both say "contaminating the samples" at the same time I hope I wasn't the only one to catch it.

  8. Wilhelm Decker

    Wilhelm Decker9 hours ago


  9. Irish legend

    Irish legend14 hours ago

    Are these the same fake rock they handed out back in the 60s

  10. seigeengine

    seigeengine7 hours ago

    They didn't hand out any fake rocks back in the 60s. An unrelated personal gift got confused as a moon rock and displayed in an art museum after the recipient died. That's it.

  11. Zulfi Science

    Zulfi Science15 hours ago

    All such samples are considered a national treasure and it's illegal for individuals to own them that's why nasa keeps them!

  12. seigeengine

    seigeengine7 hours ago

    Except for the samples they gave out.

  13. Abdul Rouf P

    Abdul Rouf P16 hours ago

    NASA lies

  14. Levy Nagy

    Levy Nagy17 hours ago

    Can you imagine USA - and countries in general - respecting other countries like these people respect those rocks? We would definitely live in a better world. But...it seems rocks are more important than countries and citizens.

  15. Jetee Phillips

    Jetee Phillips17 hours ago

    Such garbage that it’s humorous.

  16. Jetee Phillips

    Jetee Phillips17 hours ago

    The rocks are in NASA’s heads.

  17. Corporal Hollywood

    Corporal Hollywood17 hours ago

    Let doesn’t make sense what about your face the stuff you’re breathing in your nose and exhaling it’s got particles in too

  18. Apurv Chaturvedi

    Apurv Chaturvedi20 hours ago

    0:40. They exposed their studio set they used back in 1969

  19. God's Chosen People

    God's Chosen People22 hours ago

    Not true I just smoked some moon rocks while watching this

  20. Jordan Carter

    Jordan Carter22 hours ago

    Hi Dustin, please can you make a video on weather prediction 👊🏻

  21. David Jensen

    David JensenDay ago

    So That is how They faked the moon landing

  22. Jerry Gundecker

    Jerry GundeckerDay ago

    What part of the moon is cheese?

  23. Theo Dore

    Theo DoreDay ago

    Petrified wood*

  24. Amit Singh

    Amit SinghDay ago

    You mean Earth rocks?

  25. kannan nair

    kannan nairDay ago

    So this lab have been studying moon rocks from decades???? What is so special in there

  26. M F

    M FDay ago

    but they never landed on the moon...

  27. Bill P

    Bill PDay ago

    I’m not doubting things Just an observation True sterile rooms they would mandate mouths and nose covered Because a single cough would contaminate everything

  28. mattl1762

    mattl1762Day ago

    This is one of the most interesting videos on youtube easy!!

  29. Mr. F

    Mr. FDay ago

    Can you idle down a bit? Yer a spaz!

  30. Chuck Norris

    Chuck NorrisDay ago

    in the prop storage room.

  31. luke 77

    luke 77Day ago

    People are saying moon landing was fake... k

  32. Geovak

    GeovakDay ago

    Man made, mountains or mine rocks, of course the workers don't need to know that.

  33. BigCountryClub

    BigCountryClubDay ago

    Who’s here after the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission?

  34. Shadow Walker

    Shadow WalkerDay ago

    and now we take a glove for the glove for the glove... "cool but can you take it out?"

  35. John Pope

    John PopeDay ago

    Companion cubes

  36. Sid Smily

    Sid SmilyDay ago

    Thanks for this video.

  37. Florian Walter

    Florian WalterDay ago

    Are we really talking about Americans? Always thought, they blindly shoot at extraterrestrial stuff or trying to kill it.

  38. I taint Mistaken yo

    I taint Mistaken yoDay ago

    I thought on every documentary I’ve watched that they said they weren’t Aloud to bring back any moon rocks

  39. Online Anonymous

    Online AnonymousDay ago

    Seeing Neil talking about the boxes and seeing the quality of the video gets me pumped to see the quality of video we're going to get when we go back to the moon.

  40. Neymar Jr

    Neymar JrDay ago

    Apollo was fake

  41. Brent Stark

    Brent StarkDay ago

    Attended a local summer educational camp (nerd alert, proud of it) when I was in grade school, and one of the lingering memories from that was getting to see some small moon rock samples brought back from the Apollo program. I don't recall which mission they were from, and they were very tiny fragments, but it was so amazing to get to handle that as a young kid. This video brings back some good memories.

  42. Spore Hux

    Spore Hux2 days ago

    This place reeks of science and critical thinking, I hope the Trump admin shuts this place down ASAP.

  43. PewDie Pie

    PewDie Pie2 days ago

    Re port me

  44. myc0p

    myc0p2 days ago

    Wish somebody would have taken a similar care of the moon landing tapes...

  45. Tony Rainbolt

    Tony Rainbolt2 days ago

    Thank you, Destin. You've done what I've wanted to do for fifty years. For the first time I have a favorite "Smarter Every Day" episode.

  46. SuperDMK123

    SuperDMK1232 days ago

    Maybe she gets paod more than 80000 for washing dishes

  47. abdullah H

    abdullah H2 days ago

    Moon Rocks? looool

  48. Morshawnquis Little

    Morshawnquis Little2 days ago

    Where do I keep my moonrocks? "In ma pocket!"

  49. Euan scotland

    Euan scotland2 days ago

    Do we smoke them at the end of the tour?

  50. Danny

    Danny2 days ago

    I love seeing Reepicheep at the end of your videos! That takes me back to when I read C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia when I was young. :)

  51. Fire Ice

    Fire Ice2 days ago

    Destin Sandlin - First man to walk on Mars 2036

  52. Kristy G

    Kristy G2 days ago

    Love how most of the scientists in this video are women 😍😊🚀🌕

  53. Adrian Zaharia

    Adrian Zaharia2 days ago

    I think you're smarter than this!

  54. Mainer Man

    Mainer Man2 days ago

    Think about these techs with their EXTREME attention to detail they have; love her dedication. You heard her say " There is no thing, I can't" (Failure is not an option!)

  55. UberGeweii

    UberGeweii2 days ago

    I love her, she's so polite and sweet.

  56. sam1174

    sam11742 days ago

    All of the clean room precautions, then then at 16:27 some bearded dude is running around without a beard net!

  57. sam1174

    sam1174Day ago

    If you don't get the point, it's because you're intentionally trying to not get the point.

  58. seigeengine

    seigeengine2 days ago

    Yes, and your point is? I've been in fast food joints where everyone was required to wear hair nets and beard nets. I'm not sure what your point is.

  59. sam1174

    sam11742 days ago

    ...and I've been in clean rooms where I have to wear a full face mask with a hose to bring in fresh air. I guess I don't understand why everyone is wearing hair nets if the guy with the beard doesn't have to wear a beard net. Heck... I've done work in cosmetic factories where everyone is required to wear hair nets and beard nets.

  60. seigeengine

    seigeengine2 days ago

    To be fair, better cover your eyes, eyelashes are a thing.