Why I'm Coming Out As Gay


  1. Ace Blackmare

    Ace Blackmare3 hours ago

    Me: *sees Eugene for the first time* Aw~ I knew something big will happen to him Also Me: *sees this video* OMG! YAS! I'm proud of you, Eugene!!!

  2. NGG Gambit

    NGG Gambit3 hours ago

    Try Guys, more like try GAYS

  3. E Gamer

    E Gamer3 hours ago

    not gonna lie I kinda hoped he was gay cuz now it means than im one step closer to having a chance with him lol

  4. Clown World

    Clown World4 hours ago

    Man regularly cross-dresses and wears makeup and is afraid after he official comes out people will disown him. BRUH.

  5. Tommy1703

    Tommy17035 hours ago

    We all love Eugene

  6. Dani J

    Dani J9 hours ago

    I feel so happy for him! I've always knew he was gay and I'm so happy that finally he accepts that and with a lot of dignity and courage even though we all know it's not easy to do that even in the world we have know. Congratulations, Eugene!!

  7. Official Yessi

    Official Yessi10 hours ago

    I really want to Thank Eugene for making this video a lot of people can relate to this, and your helping many come out your truly inpiring

  8. Dravid Singh - Centennial Sr PS (1506)

    Dravid Singh - Centennial Sr PS (1506)17 hours ago

    You look like a damn carcass in the thumbnail

  9. Andrew Childers

    Andrew Childers18 hours ago

    We love you Eugene no matter what

  10. Mammy Bluegum

    Mammy Bluegum21 hour ago

    This is your mental illness problem • Sense of self as worthless or bad • Lack of connectedness to supportive adults and peers trying to get you mental help • Lack of alternative ways to view "differentness" due to your illness • Lack of access to role models because of your mental illness • Lack of opportunities to socialize with other gays/lesbians except at gay bars • Lack of being accepted by normal people because of you may have STD’s • The risk of contracting HIV or having STD’s • Always defensive because normal people distance you from them because they know of your illness and you will not

  11. A Bag Of Queers

    A Bag Of Queers21 hour ago

    "this is the most expensive Coing out video ever"

  12. Did you call me a thot

    Did you call me a thot22 hours ago

    Bruh Eugene is a fuckin genius

  13. Katherine Bracewell

    Katherine Bracewell23 hours ago

    Eugene! This video really touched my heart! I've been following the try guys for years, and while I always enjoyed watching you I never really felt like I knew you! I could feel how closed off and reserved you where, but this video changed everything! It's the most open and honest you have ever been and it made me love you soooo much more! You do you! And I'm gonna love you no matter what! I hope you find your happiness because you are good enough and you deserve it!! 😘😘😘

  14. Nope Nooe

    Nope NooeDay ago

    Too me Eugene was my inspiration, like I looked up to this man because I thought he was the type of guy who would get bitches in 2 seconds but I guess not😐

  15. Candaice Chui

    Candaice ChuiDay ago

    is anyone else crying

  16. Abby Taylor

    Abby TaylorDay ago

    I fucking love Kim Chi! And I absolutely love you Eugene x

  17. Zee

    ZeeDay ago

    i always thought Zach was the gay one... didn't expect that

  18. m2012o1

    m2012o1Day ago

    This was absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  19. Dbodzz Youtube

    Dbodzz YoutubeDay ago

    Why are you gay

  20. Trowa71

    Trowa71Day ago

    I'm cis-straight, and I am super fucking moved. This whole project was gorgeous. I can't even.

  21. jungkook’s high on banana milk

    jungkook’s high on banana milkDay ago

    now I’m just wondering if Eugene is gonna be the wife or husband lmao

  22. jungkook’s high on banana milk

    jungkook’s high on banana milkDay ago

    Eugene: Why I’m Coming Out As Gay Me: *_I need to be a boi now_* I so support gays and lesbians UwU

  23. Amelia Camilleri

    Amelia CamilleriDay ago

    This is amazing. I can't relate but I understand how hard it is to have homophobic people in your life. My papa will get mad even if I mention the word "gay". His asked me many times before " Your not lesbian right? ". I love my papa but his comments really make me mad. I'm scared to make a homosexual friend because I don't want them to be treated bad just because he's stuck in his old ways. My brother has always seemed like he might be homosexual. I can't be sure completely but he has said he was gay. Of course my papa tells him to "not talk like that". I don't care how old he is. He shouldn't be talking to anyone who comes out like that. I don't know why I went on this rant but I just hate knowing there's so many hurting people out there just because they have a preference that's not what is called "normal". Thank you for listening. But please like this video and give it all the support. And go check out Eugene's coming out video. It is a masterpiece!

  24. Adeyeye Samuel

    Adeyeye SamuelDay ago

    Am not surprised at all it remains the rest to come out, don't watch their videos but it's so obvious

  25. iviewutoob

    iviewutoobDay ago

    “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolators, adulterers, passive homosexual partners practicing homosexuals, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the verbally abusive, and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Some of you once lived this way. But you were washed , you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

  26. Anni Girard

    Anni GirardDay ago

    Thank you for being you Eugene, you are awesome and I support you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🌈

  27. Meli Garcia

    Meli GarciaDay ago

    You know for everyone who is gay, tran and every other difference in the world be true to yourself. The hardest critic is yourself never hide who you are. If the ppl around you can't accept you then they were never really there for you anyways. I think the hardest I've ever cried is when i asked my husband what would happen if our daughter or son came out as gay? He looked me deep in the eyes came over and sat next to me and said, " baby if our kids come out and say they are gay i would hug them and tell them good for you never lie to yourself. Just try to find someone i can talk sports with lol. No just kidding. I want our kids to be able to tell us anything without fear and if they are gay it won't change anything they are still my kids and i won't treat, expect or love them any different. They are humans and we bleed together as a family." I never cry and that made me cry so hard. Never lie to yourself the struggles me face make us strong and make us who we are regardless if you are gay or straight never lie to yourself. Love yourself for your differences.

  28. ༺• Annika Curley •༻

    ༺• Annika Curley •༻Day ago

    i was watching bts how exactly did i get here..?

  29. Alivia Nuttall

    Alivia NuttallDay ago

    I think people should just let people be who they want to to be. I am very happy for Eugene.

  30. Lauren Cox

    Lauren CoxDay ago

    Are we not going to talk about the "Son, you can have two cranes"????

  31. Junglecock 2.0

    Junglecock 2.02 days ago

    Okay but who tf is the 17K dislikes they boutta catch hands

  32. Junglecock 2.0

    Junglecock 2.02 days ago

    I think we can all agree that Eugene is such a great role model. I love you Eugene!!!!

  33. shatteredmxxn Moon

    shatteredmxxn Moon2 days ago

    Gay was a toxic word for me because I got bullied and told that even though I wasn't and I am the same way as you were or are I did cry through this and the video

  34. Karoline Pinkau

    Karoline Pinkau2 days ago

    Love him Absolutely love him

  35. Sun Child :P

    Sun Child :P2 days ago

    This feels weird but.....Try Gay! Get it....like not Try Guy.....No?.......Ok

  36. Anoushka Singh

    Anoushka Singh2 days ago

    I wonder if 10 years later if the LGBTQ+ couples will be considered just as "normal" as strsight couples. Kinda like how its in the Sims.

  37. Delisia Jyotsna Martis

    Delisia Jyotsna Martis2 days ago

    This video took so much energy from you and it is clear in the behind the scenes shot. I cannot believe how self lessly you've acted at this point. I am astonished at the human race right now and reassured about its capability to show empathy.

  38. smithcut3

    smithcut32 days ago

    *Eugene in 2016* Girls: wow he is so hot I want him Guys:... *eugene in 2019* Girls:... guys: fuck yeah our turn

  39. Trevvoo

    Trevvoo2 days ago

    i just started watching you guys and I'm proud. you deserve happiness man congratulations.

  40. michael hipolito

    michael hipolito2 days ago

    I'm an Asian and straight but i cried while watching this video and then rewatch the coming out video while crying. I felt how hard it must've been knowing who you are and what can make you happy for years but too afraid to embrace it.

  41. Avamia Bussiere

    Avamia Bussiere2 days ago

    1 like means more love for eugene

  42. Lady Sarcasm

    Lady Sarcasm2 days ago

    I stand by the fact that all hot guys are either taken or gay. I totally can’t wait to see who Eugene has as his future try husband.....🥰 He’s always been my favorite try guy( no offense to the rest) and this has only strengthened my love for him as a person. This shows how truly strong he is and will always be. Everyone who truly cares about you is in your side Eugene! 🤗

  43. Bonnalina Fuzbunny

    Bonnalina Fuzbunny2 days ago

    Makes sense that you cried a lot. Capricorns are known to be very emotional and a bit dramatic.

  44. Jinxxs

    Jinxxs2 days ago

    So uhm.. I'm pan and basically if I tell my parents I KNOW they will be like "Oh, it's a dumb phase" Or "Get out" Or even "You don't know what your talking about, your still a kid"

  45. h y

    h y2 days ago

    because your faggot

  46. Daniela Daylight

    Daniela Daylight2 days ago

    h y Do you mean: Because you’re a faggot?

  47. Emily kruger

    Emily kruger2 days ago

    the laugh at 0:14 is me in front of my parents when i came out

  48. Kromosome S

    Kromosome S2 days ago

    -_- unsub lol

  49. TheSadlowskis

    TheSadlowskis2 days ago

    I knew you where gay

  50. Nathaniel Elliott

    Nathaniel Elliott2 days ago

    We love you and I bisexual we all love you

  51. Natalie Whitaker

    Natalie Whitaker2 days ago

    I’m bi and closeted and this video just meant so much to me. It’s so relatable and thank you Eugene for being so brave to really put yourself out there