Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

Behind the scenes of Eugene Lee Yang's coming out video, "I'm Gay:" a never-before-seen look inside the mind of a young artist and his complex, dark struggles with his identity, his work, his public persona, and his private life.
A documentary video by Kane Diep @kanediep
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  1. Reece Mac

    Reece Mac6 hours ago

    I also feel like people will disown me when I come out

  2. Regine Grace Garcia

    Regine Grace Garcia8 hours ago

    4:06 is his boyfriend right? watch their new video in Australia he revealed his boyfriend Matt

  3. Hannah Messser

    Hannah Messser10 hours ago

    He looks like he's straight

  4. lol

    lol5 hours ago

    a person can't "look" straight

  5. Hannah Messser

    Hannah Messser10 hours ago

    Is he Gay or not 😐

  6. Dylan Spencer wood

    Dylan Spencer wood10 hours ago

    That’s why... he is gay

  7. Pernell G

    Pernell G17 hours ago

    i always knew u were gay, u look gay tho and sound soo

  8. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose18 hours ago

    Eugene, you're such an amazing person. A year ago I was very down on my luck, I was confused about who I was, stressed on what my parents would think. I was on the verge of ending it all. I started watching these videos and it helped so much more. I had cut myself so badly 7 months ago that I had gone to the hospital. I was on the verge of a coma and a blood transplant was need stat. I was a hairline of life, a small amount of joy knowing I would live better. After seeing this I've been clean from drinking, cutting, and hatefulness. You've helped me so much, I was basically dead and you helped me so much, thank you. I'm almost on my 14th birthday on December 28th. Thank you so much.

  9. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose19 hours ago

    Eugene we will always support ya no matter what. We love you and watch the try guys videos to see every try guy be themselves. This honestly is THE best video ever-

  10. aaron davey

    aaron daveyDay ago

    this is brilliant

  11. Jennifer Mallon

    Jennifer MallonDay ago

    You just broke millions of women’s hearts! Eugene, you’re amazing! I love all the try guys (I don’t want to make them feel any kinda way) and it’s was so awesome how they were so supportive! God bless you, I know you’re making people of all ages except and love themselves by example! 😘

  12. Rene Wegmann

    Rene WegmannDay ago

    I like this but is beeing gay still a big deal nowadays? At least it shouldn't be , just be happy .

  13. Lazy Mocha Latte

    Lazy Mocha LatteDay ago

    Get the book "The Survival Guide To Bullying" because it's about yourself a gay and all about how to be yourself to be proud Here's a quote "for the girl and boy For the the gay and straight For the fat and skinny For the short and tall For the wrong and the struggling y o u a r e n e v e r a l o n e." Btw:by Aija mayrock

  14. eliezer duranza

    eliezer duranzaDay ago

    You need Jesus

  15. Alexandra Donnelly

    Alexandra DonnellyDay ago

    It’s upsetting to find out that someone as amazing and brave as Eugene felt like he had to hide part of who he is from the audience.

  16. karpagalaxmy siva

    karpagalaxmy sivaDay ago

    when u lowkey had a crush on eugene and ur a girl

  17. William Snyder

    William SnyderDay ago

    Eugene is an incredible artist.

  18. Chansoriya

    Chansoriya2 days ago

    Honestly, you don’t often think about try guys as a serious business where it budgets and I do have to say I’m grateful the other guys saw and respected Eugene’s vision. It truly reaches all of us who are othered and it’s so touching.

  19. Alondra Peraza

    Alondra Peraza2 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue You are so beautiful So be you! If you enjoyed that little poem hit the like button for all the LGBQ+ people🌈❤

  20. gotcha love

    gotcha love2 days ago

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 we're all still fan's 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  21. Samantha Suddeth

    Samantha Suddeth3 days ago

    Love you Eugene!

  22. Dakurozu

    Dakurozu3 days ago

    I feel like crying. The world is already complicated and difficult enough as is, why is it that people just have to further complicate it by making others feel uncomfortable and afraid to just be themselves.

  23. nellyrose941

    nellyrose9413 days ago

    I didn’t know the colors meant something!

  24. Anna Sun

    Anna Sun4 days ago

    Eugene we love you ok

  25. FloppyMochi Express

    FloppyMochi Express4 days ago

    As a fujoshi myself-

  26. Matthew Charman

    Matthew Charman4 days ago

    Daddy XD lol nah I totally support you

  27. Nadine Johnson

    Nadine Johnson4 days ago

    My brother came out as gay many years ago, and last year i came out as bi to my parents. And my moms response was wondering where they went wrong.. why did they raise two queer kids... Idk it really hurts, u know?

  28. Nadine Johnson

    Nadine Johnson5 minutes ago

    @Meidan Rrustemi thank you ❤️ i dealt with it and its okay now! Although i wish no one would ever have to face that kind of reaction

  29. Meidan Rrustemi

    Meidan Rrustemi3 days ago

    Nadine Johnson I’m so sorry they reacted that way, it may not mean much but I support you and the people you love and so do so many other people, you are loved!

  30. sky James

    sky James5 days ago

    anyone already think Eugene was gay? Anyone?

  31. iTransit l

    iTransit l5 days ago

    I’m shooketh

  32. KieraSheyne Cowie

    KieraSheyne Cowie5 days ago

    We all love you soooooo much Eugene. I wish you all the best and happy that you are in a comfortable position to share this with us. We all hope that you find the happiness you deserve.

  33. Skitz_ 6605

    Skitz_ 66056 days ago

    He put forza 4 intro music in the video

  34. hunter porth

    hunter porth6 days ago

    Just don’t end up being one of those idiots who shoved thief beliefs down our throats and you will do great in life that is the holy truth

  35. Assel Aitkulova

    Assel Aitkulova6 days ago

    That is Capricorn work at its finest. Quality striving for perfection and raw emotion.

  36. Neha Sookun

    Neha Sookun6 days ago

    Eugene, WE LOVE YOU!!

  37. Elizabeth Davis

    Elizabeth Davis6 days ago

    I'm glad that he came out because now he can live his life the way he wants to :D

  38. Inhales

    Inhales6 days ago

    Hear me out guys. I support gay people, but not the ones who rub it in your face.

  39. Meidan Rrustemi

    Meidan Rrustemi3 days ago

    Hmm, so did you choose to watch this video yourself or were you strapped down while you had this rubbed in your face?

  40. Rafaela Crocker

    Rafaela Crocker5 days ago

    how can you comment stuff like that on a video like this?

  41. wildcrocus

    wildcrocus6 days ago

    My heart breaks for him like my heart breaks for Hannah Gadsby when she talks about being steeped in self hate and shame. It is not right for any child to be raised that way. It isn't something you can just flip a switch and turn off. I work very hard both as a parent and a Kindergarten teacher to be a safe space for all. I hope this is the experience of fewer and fewer LGBTQ+ kids.

  42. Skyshroud Sylvan

    Skyshroud Sylvan7 days ago

    8:25 Made me cry :'(. Everyone should be able to accept who they are and others should support. Pains me that a lot can't because of culture or religion. Eugene, you have my support as well as others. Be yourself and love yourself.

  43. Julian Nankivell

    Julian Nankivell7 days ago

    I knew it

  44. KimmyKitty

    KimmyKitty8 days ago

    I'm really proud of you, Eugene! It's hard to come out in any way, so it's amazing for you to put so much effort!

  45. villan of gaming

    villan of gaming8 days ago

    Ummm I’m not gay but Eugene is still super fucking hot like super hot like damn

  46. Devika B

    Devika B8 days ago

    Not being able to come out is a real pain..especially when u live in a really parochial society..how do u gather up that strength to face all the hate..i dont think i can do it!

  47. Strawberryjamontoast

    Strawberryjamontoast8 days ago

    I'm so happy he found love 💖💝💗💓

  48. James Barnes

    James Barnes8 days ago

    i think eugene is a nice boy and a nice girl

  49. James Barnes

    James Barnes8 days ago

    your the opposite of my friend in a good way... you different because she screams im BI IM GAY IM LESBIAN IM PAN

  50. Bryan Brochu

    Bryan Brochu8 days ago

    The part where Eugene said that he found a note that he wrote when he was younger (‘’Are you finally happy?’’), that legit changed my perception on certain stuff... Probably because that is a 100% the thing I would do and ask myself a older me. Also, it just encourages me to face my biggest fear, that is to be judged by people and actually thinking that way, so I would just face it, and be who I am. I will just act as weirdly as I normally do and be ‘’me’’ and not give a sh*t about what people think and be happier. I keep on thinking I need to be that way, be more mature, be more funny like that guy, be better than him at that, you get it. I’m not going to try to change my path, and I will just simply follow it and go with the flow. Much love, and congrats man 🙂 🏳️‍🌈

  51. Alexander Budd

    Alexander Budd9 days ago

    So happy for him 😭😭😭😭❤️

  52. eveleen e

    eveleen e9 days ago

    the world is getting weird. Everyone's gay in my school.

  53. eveleen e

    eveleen e7 days ago

    @Berkelie Cazimodo im questioning my sexuality now. Lol.

  54. Berkelie Cazimodo

    Berkelie Cazimodo7 days ago

    eveleen e at my old school there were three people that were gay or bi and there were no pansexuals. Now at my new school, at least half of my grade is bi gay or pan

  55. Anna Si

    Anna Si9 days ago

    Saw this and formally came out as bi to my family and they all accept me. I came out on bi visibility day this year.

  56. Freddy Gomez

    Freddy Gomez9 days ago

    He’s gay big deal

  57. emilija Garoza

    emilija Garoza9 days ago

    All the very good looking guys are either gay or taken

  58. someonenotimportant

    someonenotimportant10 days ago

    hes a good-looking gay

  59. Solina Ok

    Solina Ok10 days ago

    Eugene should not be scared he is the light of the try guys . Us Asians use more things for power we are here to support you.

  60. drfistus94

    drfistus9410 days ago

    gayism is becoming a cancer here in the US

  61. Rafaela Crocker

    Rafaela Crocker5 days ago

    u good? did you watch the video? what???

  62. Kyle Clarkson

    Kyle Clarkson7 days ago

    drfistus94 cool but at least there happy

  63. Olivia King

    Olivia King10 days ago

    Such a beautiful video. I don't usually watch 'making of' videos but I think it's such an important topic. alli XxxxX

  64. Landry Frasure

    Landry Frasure10 days ago

    It is ok Eugene don’t care if you are gay just live the way you want to

  65. Megawolf Watts

    Megawolf Watts10 days ago

    you make me feel like i'm not doing enough.

  66. LemonnBB g a c h a

    LemonnBB g a c h a10 days ago


  67. Jojo Ko

    Jojo Ko10 days ago


  68. Susan Chua

    Susan Chua11 days ago

    *we support you we appreciate u*

  69. Sha dow

    Sha dow11 days ago