Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN'T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup



    BUSHLAND BOY27 minutes ago

    I actually know Matthew he is a good freinds of mine that I used to go to a synagogue together wonderful guy great outdoors men

  2. pro agent

    pro agentHour ago

    what if there no doctor onboard a flight we dead for sure

  3. dashawn melvin

    dashawn melvin3 hours ago

    Thats why i dont fly, just dont feel safe!!!!

  4. Earth's Army

    Earth's Army3 hours ago

    Start feeling a lump in throat..

  5. Jay Brooks

    Jay Brooks4 hours ago

    Make the announcement.. how many epi shots we have on board

  6. Queto

    Queto8 hours ago

    I had a scare one time when I saw one of these ticks crawling up my pants when I was outside.

  7. The Art of Flying

    The Art of Flying8 hours ago

    Incredible... I’m actually a lead flight attendant who had this happen to me in the air. A passenger went into Anaphylaxis after eating a snack. Her airway closed, she began clawing at her throat, had a seizure and went limp. We paged for a medical professional, we had 5 (2 doctors, paramedics). My colleague paged for an epipen, another passenger had one, the doctor administered it into her leg and she regained consciousness. We diverted and landed 15 minutes later, this was an hour into a two hour flight. We taxied to the gate, opened the door, paramedics got to her... boom, second seizure. It was awful, I genuinely thought she was going to die. She made it. We gave the doctors who helped a bottle of wine each. We are trained on how to use an epipen, we do not have them on board (though I wish we did). I’ve told that story during first aid training and the firefighter/paramedic who leads that course said in 15 minute, she would have died if that epipen wasn’t there. Also, Matt is incredibly lucky because epipens do not cure the anaphylaxis, it presses pause on the symptoms... typically for 15-20 minutes... Matt is incredibly lucky. I don’t know how he continued for the rest of the flight. Maybe the reaction was milder because it was delayed and from an allergy that’s been developed very recently. I’m glad this worked out because first hand experience, it’s absolutely terrifying.

  8. Luke Smeby

    Luke Smeby9 hours ago

    Why didn’t he ask if someone had a epipen?

  9. Savvas Halliwell

    Savvas Halliwell9 hours ago

    There should be a medical assistant on the plane. Even though flight attendants are trained for some situations, a more experienced doctor would totally benefit everyone and save lives.

  10. Alex Wolf

    Alex Wolf10 hours ago

    90 percent of bugs need to be wiped out.

  11. Lady L

    Lady L10 hours ago

    Thank you for saving his life.

  12. Jose Rodriguez Morales

    Jose Rodriguez Morales12 hours ago

    Mike:The tv shows are soooo dramatatic and this things doesn’t happen in real life Also Mike: I SAVED A LIFE IN A AIRE PLANE

  13. Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin12 hours ago

    Hate to throw a disagreement here, but surgical airways/crics are still a mainstay procedure in the toolkit for paramedics specifically for upper airway problems. Describing them as "something that doesn't happen" is inaccurate. Intubation or supraglottic airway device usage can easily be made impossible by airway swelling.

  14. Flynn Lives cmd

    Flynn Lives cmd13 hours ago

    When thats all the passengers thank you for is not delaying their selfish fkin flight, makes me not want to save people at all. Dont appreciate life dont deserve it

  15. Jennifer Strand

    Jennifer Strand14 hours ago

    I definitely want to hear about your time in Israel!

  16. Wook Mami

    Wook Mami15 hours ago

    Such a smart guy I liked the information about the tick and alpha gal allergy. That’s crazy I never knew we could develop an allergy from a tick bite

  17. Abigail Skelton

    Abigail Skelton15 hours ago

    Brb never eating red meat again

  18. Blue2 Billionaire

    Blue2 Billionaire15 hours ago

    You should fly Emirates they have a hospital grade firsts aid and the staff have medical training to help who ever is doing first aid ⛑


    PATRICIA SANCHEZ16 hours ago

    I want to hear about your Journey to Israel! 😀

  20. Javsamca

    Javsamca17 hours ago

    This is House M.D material, with the bug and everything

  21. Elizabeth Penton

    Elizabeth Penton18 hours ago

    Doctor Mike: "...seen in animals, not people" Canibals: -sigh of relief-

  22. 尺丹匚匚口口れ山丹下下ㄥモ

    尺丹匚匚口口れ山丹下下ㄥモ18 hours ago

    "Instagram's hottest doctor" What a title to have,,

  23. serrosse Roos

    serrosse Roos19 hours ago

    You know everything aside your heartfelt is beautiful

  24. tickle me and I'll Hurt you

    tickle me and I'll Hurt you19 hours ago

    Delta should have wrote you a check you save them tens of thousands of dollars by not diverting the airplane

  25. Matteo Tamburella

    Matteo Tamburella20 hours ago

    Got some House MD going on right here

  26. Vang Vang

    Vang Vang21 hour ago

    A lot of these comments are ridiculously hilarious 😂 😂 😆 😝

  27. Cassidy17

    Cassidy1723 hours ago

    i was randomly saying bee woop the other day and couldn't figure out what it was from. until my coworker goes its from that hot doctor

  28. Michelle Pietroburgo

    Michelle Pietroburgo23 hours ago

    So many things Delta should have on their flights. Epi-Pens, Narcan, honestly just a well stocked bag of VERY COMMONLY USED LIFE SAVING ITEMS. A passenger just died on an opioid overdose on a Delta flight, Narcan would have been live saving.

  29. Elizabeth Tarter

    Elizabeth TarterDay ago

    As someone who has a serve allergy I know how hard it is to get your hands on an epi pen. It’ll cost me $300 just for one and they’re back ordered so I have to hit up Canada to find one. It’s insane :(

  30. Susan Kay

    Susan KayDay ago

    Dude, Ya should have diverted and landed! Take the pressure off you, and avoid having to trach this young man in mid-air! What are you thinking?! FYI Our Blood Rxn Rx : Steroid, Benedryl, Zantac, and ASA - covers ALL your bases! THATS what airlines need for basic allergic Rxn!

  31. K A

    K ADay ago

    You can't give 1:10000 eppiI im. I'm surprised a dr didnt know this. 1:10000 is given iv .01mg Q 3-5 min for extremis.

  32. Kevin  DeLuna

    Kevin DeLunaDay ago

    Get those EpiPens moral of the story..

  33. Malka Handwerker

    Malka HandwerkerDay ago

    Tell us about Israel

  34. Maria Chunle Capistrano

    Maria Chunle CapistranoDay ago

    Yeng should watch this vlog

  35. Aiman Javeid

    Aiman JaveidDay ago

    Wait sorry what's Israel? Is that a type of sauce?

  36. BananaPancakes7

    BananaPancakes7Day ago

    You’re awesome!

  37. abby ehrenstein

    abby ehrensteinDay ago

    I’d be interested to hear about your Israel trip

  38. LuCasley 20

    LuCasley 20Day ago

    Great idea for auto ejecting EpiPens on board!

  39. boston babe

    boston babeDay ago

    As a 3 time Lyme Disease survivor, I am so happy to hear that you have a working knowledge of tick bites and how they can affect people. All doctors need to have this knowledge and information.

  40. Malia Owings

    Malia OwingsDay ago

    All I can think about is that scene between J and O in MLB3 about the tick and she slaps the living hell out of him. *slaps* "Damn it it's not the tick" "'Damn it it's not the tick?!?!' It's something worse than the tick?"

  41. Ruffin Tchakounte

    Ruffin TchakounteDay ago

    The moment when Dr. Mike got a major commercial deal with both EpiPen and Delta Airlines haha!

  42. theeTallone

    theeTalloneDay ago

    I had a similar experience. I was in nursing school and on a trip with a bunch of student nurses and we were flying in Peru to Lima. There was a girl in our group with a anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Sadly, the airline was serving peanuts as the in flight snack. She happened to be sitting next to me when I noticed she was developing hives which quickly turned to labored and tachypneic respirations. She rapidly declined within about 25 mins complaining of throat swelling. Luckily, for me she an Epi pen with her and I administered it in the seat since she was wearing shorts. She ended up doing well and recovering okay On of the people on out trip was a retired family medicine doctor and said I did excellent. We ended up landing and she gave me a big hug and thanked me for saving her life.

  43. Beth Melling

    Beth MellingDay ago

    Great job Dr. Mike. Question for you though - Why don't you travel with an epi pen (or doctors in general) in case you are called on to help in an emergency? I was shocked the airline didn't have one on board.

  44. Beth Melling

    Beth MellingDay ago

    Great job Dr. Mike. Question for you though - Why don't you travel with an epi pen (or doctors in general) in case you are called on to help in an emergency? I was shocked the airline didn't have one on board.

  45. Jak h

    Jak hDay ago

    Oh wow

  46. omar abu sarieh

    omar abu sariehDay ago

    How many types of epanifein is there

  47. Random Stuff

    Random StuffDay ago

    Seriously dude did you really have to use racist and ignorant FOX NEWS as a source like really?!?! I would've believed it with the article and Philip Franco dude

  48. Ryan Lee

    Ryan LeeDay ago

    Wait so you gave 1 mg instead of .5 or .3?!

  49. Hannah Benenati

    Hannah BenenatiDay ago

    I can’t believe that airlines don’t carry epipens. No one in my family has allergies but we have epipens in our vehicles and my dad carries them in his backpacks. It may be the fact that he’s a paramedic but you really know what could happen

  50. sarah Mulligan

    sarah MulliganDay ago

    I’m very glad you were on board!!!