6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater


  1. ObamaCareXAnime

    ObamaCareXAnime2 hours ago

    I wonder what Beyonce has to say about this.

  2. Krazzzy Si3ters

    Krazzzy Si3ters2 hours ago

    Bro from the beginning I knew it was him the way he said he was a Beyoncé fan it felt off or is that just me

  3. exotic pash

    exotic pash2 hours ago

    I'm screaming off him dancing

  4. Alexandra Gutierrez

    Alexandra Gutierrez2 hours ago

    "It's Britney bish" oof

  5. RisingRed3

    RisingRed32 hours ago

    6 Eminem Fans 1 Hater do it plz

  6. I'm what you call swagger

    I'm what you call swagger2 hours ago

    I can’t believe that they made this a video lol.

  7. Lemøn Drøp

    Lemøn Drøp2 hours ago

    So this is what we’re doing in 2019? 😂 Fighting over who knows about who?

  8. Julianne Martinez

    Julianne Martinez2 hours ago

    Bro I knew since the beginning it was him lmao

  9. Animalamazing YT

    Animalamazing YT2 hours ago

    Do This WITH QUEEN! Omg that would be amazing.❤️❤️❤️

  10. Esperanza King

    Esperanza King2 hours ago

    and i opped

  11. Kiley Corley

    Kiley Corley2 hours ago

    Di another video

  12. Ariel Diaz Brenes

    Ariel Diaz Brenes2 hours ago

    i had a weird sense of Spencer, just me?

  13. mariana garcia

    mariana garcia2 hours ago

    6 Stranger Things fan vs 1 hater

  14. Frank Ramales

    Frank Ramales2 hours ago

    Beyoncé is overrated. Fight me.

  15. Taylor Roberts

    Taylor Roberts2 hours ago

    I knew it was him immediately

  16. Lucy

    Lucy2 hours ago

    Beyoncé is overrated AF

  17. sáde zzaire

    sáde zzaire2 hours ago

    I knew who it was right from the start

  18. This White Bitch

    This White Bitch2 hours ago

    I knew he was the mole when he only mentioned destinys child smhhhh

  19. Kennedy Brown

    Kennedy Brown2 hours ago

    Y'all Brandon is fine asf

  20. This White Bitch

    This White Bitch2 hours ago

    6 kpop stans 1 secret hater

  21. Kim Seoyun

    Kim Seoyun2 hours ago

    *Lol and I oop-*


    HIKIKOMORI2 hours ago

    I totally agree with Sebastian 100% on his argument. And Tamara kinda proves his point right.

  23. Suga Kookie

    Suga Kookie2 hours ago

    Please do BTS

  24. Firegirl. Alex

    Firegirl. Alex2 hours ago

    I think that it wasn’t Brandon

  25. bro.oken_ blueking

    bro.oken_ blueking2 hours ago

    Damn I new it would be him

  26. Maia Kalbag

    Maia Kalbag2 hours ago

    From the begging I thought it was Brandon or the Tamara but Sebastian was definitely acting sus at the end. Ps PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!

  27. sendnoobles

    sendnoobles2 hours ago

    the “anna ou” in the background 💀

  28. oh no

    oh no2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Tamara got my blood boiling


    DJ KETCHUP2 hours ago

    Brandon is a youtuber

  30. tabsers

    tabsers2 hours ago

    Do P!ATD next!

  31. Luci Rian

    Luci Rian2 hours ago


  32. honestly done with life

    honestly done with life2 hours ago

    I love sebastian omg!!

  33. Embrace the Darkness

    Embrace the Darkness2 hours ago

    yooo brandon is in here

  34. L3D Y

    L3D Y2 hours ago

    You should do with Nicki fans ( the barbz ) they are crazy in love with Nicki. Would be easy to know who's the hater. Please

  35. Naviisneverhere

    Naviisneverhere2 hours ago

    I can tell you who I knew it wasn’t I knew it wasn’t Brandon since I watch his videos

  36. Alle's World

    Alle's World2 hours ago

    Call me if you do a ariana grande one!!

  37. chloe chloe

    chloe chloe2 hours ago

    I am *offended*

  38. Zoe Fernandes

    Zoe Fernandes2 hours ago

    Is that Brandon Rashad

  39. Lunar eclipse

    Lunar eclipse2 hours ago

    I don’t know anything about Beyoncé but I don’t hate her

  40. Qizai Moss

    Qizai Moss2 hours ago

    Omg do a part 2!!!!

  41. Neko Pawz

    Neko Pawz2 hours ago

    They should make this into a reality TV show.

  42. Dat Sheep

    Dat Sheep2 hours ago

    So you just gonna spoil it at the beginning :'v

  43. Aless_dort

    Aless_dort2 hours ago

    I saw the miniature and knew directly it was him

  44. MarylandMan77

    MarylandMan772 hours ago

    I literally knew it was that guy from the beginning. He was way too quiet throughout the entire video

  45. i want to DIE

    i want to DIE2 hours ago

    Sebastian is the hater y'all

  46. Garielle Yancey

    Garielle Yancey2 hours ago

    Can you do 6 Nicki Fan's and 1 hater Or 6 cardi fans and 1 hater

  47. emma ruth

    emma ruth2 hours ago

    this is why i don't like beyonce stans lmao

  48. Viktoría Freyja

    Viktoría Freyja3 hours ago

    Sebastian has a good humor

  49. iZqy

    iZqy3 hours ago

    gay ppl lie a hella good

  50. Btsisamazing

    Btsisamazing3 hours ago

    This video really annoyed me lmao

  51. StarSailorMars

    StarSailorMars3 hours ago

    so basically danganronpa

  52. iZqy

    iZqy3 hours ago

    and a surprise, everyone gay

  53. Potato Lickery

    Potato Lickery3 hours ago

    bro this is so annoying all the last 4s voices are so hprrible

  54. Ismahan A

    Ismahan A3 hours ago

    I knew it was either tamara or sebastian from the jump and then sebastian half way through, im annoyed sksksks

  55. Bob Didlboc

    Bob Didlboc3 hours ago

    Can we all agree that die hard stans in general are bad and it doesn’t matter who they follow? And also it’s okay to like an artist without actually being a stan

  56. Sana Potter

    Sana Potter3 hours ago

    Tbh it was obviously him, he got into the 4 people thing, he didn't blame anything but when more than one person blames he blames too and acts like he is innocent

  57. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY3 hours ago

    This reminds me of mafia😂

  58. Princess Kailyn’s World

    Princess Kailyn’s World3 hours ago

    You should do an episode of Billie Eilish

  59. esme yiu

    esme yiu3 hours ago

    I don't like Beyonce. 🤗

  60. Baylen Austin

    Baylen Austin3 hours ago

    Dis gay

  61. Molly C

    Molly C3 hours ago

    this was so entertaining

  62. Abi

    Abi3 hours ago

    Next up: 6 Hamilton fans vs. 1 Hamilton Hater!

  63. Jaik Star

    Jaik Star3 hours ago

    Oh look, that guy in the blue is Brandon Rashad.


    I PEW THAT PIE3 hours ago

    6 hollywood fans vs 1 secret kpop fan.

  65. Michelle Ross

    Michelle Ross3 hours ago

    I love this concept please do more. As for the cast, I wish they would have asked more questions equally, instead of jumping on eachother. If they would have stepped back they would have noticed the "non-fan" didn't answer that many questions. They just already assumed he was fan.

  66. Bluesparkles Grace

    Bluesparkles Grace3 hours ago

    Can you do a video like this but an Ariana Grande fan

  67. Brianna tomas

    Brianna tomas3 hours ago

    I knew it!

  68. Toxic Person

    Toxic Person3 hours ago

    I love his pusheen shirt

  69. mich

    mich3 hours ago

    don’t invite tamara back

  70. silly goose

    silly goose3 hours ago

    Do one with Eminem

  71. PixelPikachu

    PixelPikachu3 hours ago

    6 BTS fan vs. 1 BTS hater 👀

  72. Cordy A.K

    Cordy A.K3 hours ago


  73. kookdainty

    kookdainty3 hours ago

    Someone do this with BTS ARMYS😩

  74. Cheyennes A punk

    Cheyennes A punk3 hours ago

    I t s b r i t n e y b i t c h

  75. Kay

    Kay3 hours ago

    Damn they straight up voted out the guys that didn't "look the part" first. The three masculine and presumably straight guys were the first to go...

  76. uttsomi

    uttsomi3 hours ago

    6 bts fans vs 1 hater

  77. Bryan Castaneda

    Bryan Castaneda3 hours ago

    Idc about Beyoncé either lol. I don’t listen to any of her music. Never liked her or disliked her. She’s just there ig. Also it seems more for women 😂😂

  78. shistar

    shistar3 hours ago

    this is basically danganronpa for any weebs out there

  79. Aifoscookie

    Aifoscookie3 hours ago

    Ok be honest I never heard of Beyoncé until I saw this video and then searched her up

  80. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez3 hours ago

    Cody is not the Beyonce fan

  81. Neena Rose

    Neena Rose3 hours ago

    They should do this with BTS Army ( I could definitely tell who was a Fan and who was a Stan)


    CONFIRM F2P3 hours ago

    Why does beyonce say to the left Because women don't have rights

  83. Sky

    Sky3 hours ago

    6 KPOP fans vs. 1 KPOP hater.

  84. Gabrielle Travis

    Gabrielle Travis3 hours ago

    They voted out the most masculine people out first shows a lot in our society

  85. Almighty loaf 54

    Almighty loaf 543 hours ago

    Brandon he doesn’t really like Beyoncé that much

  86. Callie Sloan

    Callie Sloan3 hours ago

    Need More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Catjlawgtc 15

    Catjlawgtc 153 hours ago

    Can I be in a jlaw episode

  88. Elvslie S Brise

    Elvslie S Brise3 hours ago

    “Destiny’s child my ASS” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Laura Quintero Jimenez

    Laura Quintero Jimenez3 hours ago

    We need more of this!!👏👏💯

  90. pjmmygxx

    pjmmygxx3 hours ago

    Brandon is really in this video lol

  91. Karin Wikbom

    Karin Wikbom3 hours ago

    hahaah looove his acting

  92. Sammy P

    Sammy P3 hours ago

    I would be so bad because I barely know any Beyoncé song. I am not a fan or a hater.

  93. All of us weird peeps

    All of us weird peeps3 hours ago

    My name is jubilee oh wow yaaasss

  94. Can ALL bias wreckers stop to be this attractive ?

    Can ALL bias wreckers stop to be this attractive ?3 hours ago

    Do that with BTS's fans and you will see the world war 3 .

  95. PopcicleCat

    PopcicleCat3 hours ago

    If you did this with ARMY (BTS fans) that tea would be SPILLED

  96. PoTAEto ; - ;

    PoTAEto ; - ;2 hours ago

    @PopcicleCat It kinda feels like it would be hard to find a BTS hater that knows a lot about them. For most people, once you dive into the rabbit whole of BTS, you stay there.😂

  97. PopcicleCat

    PopcicleCat2 hours ago

    PoTAEto ; - ; that would be literally the most overdramatic thing but it also might be kinda easy... if they’re a no jammer we vote them out, simple

  98. PoTAEto ; - ;

    PoTAEto ; - ;3 hours ago

    Lol. That would be so interesting.

  99. CookieReviews 2525

    CookieReviews 25253 hours ago


  100. Shaylee moon

    Shaylee moon3 hours ago

    I don't like Beyonce

  101. Stefania Balae

    Stefania Balae3 hours ago

    Do this with Mendes Army But... No one hates Shawn Mendes

  102. calories

    calories3 hours ago

    i literally knew it was him i’ve been suspecting him

  103. Blake the YEETLE

    Blake the YEETLE4 hours ago

    I got an idea for another one of these: 6 Michael Jackson fans vs 1 Hater.