1. Chloe Pekel

    Chloe Pekel2 days ago

    If I was in NY right now I would cancel my day and go get those noodles straight away

  2. David Dang

    David Dang4 days ago

    I need to come to new york just to try all those chinese foods..did i really just write that?

  3. jane ho

    jane ho5 days ago

    In Australia, you can probably get just the egg with mochi thing for $5 😓

  4. Longinus

    Longinus6 days ago

    Spots of a tiger... ?

  5. koko's channel

    koko's channel10 days ago

    Come to Oklahoma and try the food

  6. Bob Carswell

    Bob Carswell11 days ago

    Love this guy!


    BIGBADMANPIG 1212 days ago

    Tianaman square massacre 1989

  8. carla mae

    carla mae13 days ago

    Hol up mikey tigars dont have spots 😂 10:38

  9. kewl buddha boi

    kewl buddha boi14 days ago

    Actually tofu is quite unhealthy its made from soybeans and its potentially fake meat you can google the effects of tofu

  10. Virtual Friend

    Virtual Friend14 days ago

    " New York, USA where good food are served in plastic plates"! What a shame.

  11. barlos g

    barlos g15 days ago

    a donk

  12. arain764niara

    arain764niara16 days ago

    I've tried 3 recommendations so far and have LOVED 2

  13. db Vetter

    db Vetter17 days ago

    How does this guy stay fit? I’d weigh 500 lbs if I ate like that. ;)

  14. PastaLove Pasta

    PastaLove Pasta17 days ago

    煎饼果子the best!

  15. Micah Valencia

    Micah Valencia17 days ago

    this guy travels to south east asian countries just to eat at mcdonalds or 7/11 then when in New York he ate at chinese restaurants. what the

  16. Leigh Turner

    Leigh Turner17 days ago

    I am so hungry. I will have all of that now and dim sum! 🤪

  17. Leroy Martinez

    Leroy Martinez17 days ago

    I wish I had an appetite like you man... everything looks pretty amazing!

  18. yan cai

    yan cai18 days ago

    Yum making me hungry miss this food so much 😋😋

  19. Nomi

    Nomi18 days ago

    When will you visit Pakistan?

  20. TaraBoo Art ARMY

    TaraBoo Art ARMY19 days ago

    Plug it in, plug it in! I totally got the reference from “Dunk it in, dunk it in!”

  21. KodyWody

    KodyWody20 days ago

    Need a tiger sugar here in cali

  22. Chaos Black

    Chaos Black20 days ago

    Why did I clicked this video at 2am

  23. Darkblade Games

    Darkblade Games21 day ago

    Omg I had that Chinese burger it was SOOOOO GOOD

  24. Doctor White Black

    Doctor White Black22 days ago


  25. Cinthia 9

    Cinthia 923 days ago


  26. kavita godhwani

    kavita godhwani23 days ago

    Where can I get that steamed rice noodle in midtown!

  27. 8419teejay

    8419teejay23 days ago

    Was so weird watching this one after and not seeing Keith enjoying the food with you. Love your vids, helps me put together a food bucket list!

  28. Kunio Sanchez

    Kunio Sanchez24 days ago

    Can someone please help me find the intro song please I can't find it

  29. La Lora Loca

    La Lora Loca24 days ago

    Tofu looks so disgusting. Yuck. Give that Chinese burger to a viet or Japanese. They'll improve it with their local flavors

  30. TheDarkGamer Nexus

    TheDarkGamer Nexus24 days ago

    Does someone know the name of the song at the beginning?

  31. Sekliw2

    Sekliw224 days ago

    im in philadelphia way more often than new york, can anyone recommend a place in philly with steamed noodles like the ones he got? they look absolutely delicious!

  32. Sky Hunar

    Sky Hunar25 days ago

    Everything looks yummy.. But I'm a vegetarian.. Pls make videos on places to eat in NYC for vegetarians

  33. Norangelis

    Norangelis25 days ago

    You are brave to walk around ignoring all the stares. All the food looks amazing!!

  34. Athrum

    Athrum26 days ago

    Silly question here, is the Japanese La-yu the same as chili oil?

  35. iamyoonis

    iamyoonis26 days ago

    Oh, man, I've been eyeing those steamed rice rolls every time I passed by... I gotta try them soon!

  36. Katherine Karganilla

    Katherine Karganilla26 days ago

    If you like soy beans, have you tried "taho" from the Philippines yet? It is fresh silken tofu with tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup.

  37. dj wakeeta

    dj wakeeta26 days ago

    right into that sauce dunk it in!

  38. Constance Chan

    Constance Chan26 days ago

    i just went there this morning...the egg crepes from 41-28 main street is $3.75 and the tofu soup is $2.00 for a small...tbh the whole meal was pretty bland, especially the egg crepes...maybe it's an acquired taste, but i do not recommend the place at all ps the sauce inside the egg crepes is spicy so if they ask if you want it spicy, say "yes" or there will be absolutely no flavoring at all. very disappointed with this recommendation :(

  39. armyporg

    armyporg26 days ago

    Cries in living in England

  40. Tsering Dickyi

    Tsering Dickyi27 days ago

    All of the breakfast you ate looks so yummy,

  41. bensebastianraymond

    bensebastianraymond27 days ago

    I see chee cheong fun, I click.

  42. Angel36930

    Angel3693027 days ago

    Anybody else have a puddle of drool on their lap from seeing thus food?

  43. Paige_Travels

    Paige_Travels27 days ago

    Great food!

  44. Carol Gage

    Carol Gage27 days ago

    Mikey’s diet plan: Breakfast: 🍝 Noodles Lunch: 🍝 Noodles Dinner: 🍝 Noodles 😅

  45. Nicki Dee

    Nicki Dee27 days ago

    YUUUUUUM! I absolutely love watching your videos. You gave me a whole new reason to try different Asian cuisine. 🥰🥰🥰

  46. Whale Wagner

    Whale Wagner27 days ago

    Can you do more videos in Flushing or Queens??

  47. Caper Brown

    Caper Brown27 days ago

    do they make mocha kinda flavored bubble tea drinks? I've never tried bubble tea.

  48. Yukki Katsuki

    Yukki Katsuki24 days ago

    Caper Brown bubble tea is usually fruity

  49. Philip Argo

    Philip Argo27 days ago

    I react to the pictures of food in this video like I react to a beautiful woman, though better!

  50. Lori Williams

    Lori Williams27 days ago

    I have to try some of these places

  51. expressed forlife

    expressed forlife27 days ago

    Watching your videos adds to my happiness and excitement! I look forward to it. Keep doing what you do.