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  1. Alexander Moss

    Alexander Moss11 hours ago

    20:24, bruh, I thought they had to reherse these, but this was just lit.

  2. Thesath Damketh

    Thesath Damketh15 hours ago

    nigahiga rocks

  3. PolaroidFreak 600

    PolaroidFreak 60022 hours ago

    Team Nigahiga?? They are called RHPC

  4. GHAZ Lucman

    GHAZ Lucman3 days ago

    or monitized vs demonitized

  5. GHAZ Lucman

    GHAZ Lucman3 days ago

    well if isn't pg vs R-18

  6. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy Kinder3 days ago

    Hi Will

  7. Byakuya Kuchiki

    Byakuya Kuchiki4 days ago

    ryan cheating and picking up cups for daina

  8. Star 123

    Star 1234 days ago

    Somthing tells me that the sidemen didn’t tell the other team that Vik did swim as a sport growing up

  9. amaru ley

    amaru ley5 days ago

    Outro song?

  10. TahaTv

    TahaTv6 days ago

    Dereks forearm do

  11. Arjunan Mahesan

    Arjunan Mahesan6 days ago

    20:26 they all shrugged at the same time lol

  12. Kayden,s real life channel

    Kayden,s real life channel7 days ago

    A,,, una


    THE ANTI UNIVERSE9 days ago

    I just loved 11:27 viks deadly joke & dainas candid smile 👌🙌♥️

  14. Cracky

    Cracky10 days ago

    Who s here after the uk press conference?

  15. Anime Gecko

    Anime Gecko10 days ago

    Ultimate mature challenge for the mature team...yep..thats it

  16. max miller

    max miller11 days ago


  17. IyxzXli

    IyxzXli12 days ago

    Anyone clock at 10:00 man says lets go niga

  18. Cardninja 27

    Cardninja 2713 days ago

    Team nigahiga all da way

  19. Fight Business

    Fight Business13 days ago

    NigaHiga: Mr Rogers Sidemen: Mr T

  20. Fight Business

    Fight Business13 days ago

    NigaHiga: Edward Scissorhands Sidemen: Freddy Krueger

  21. stardust yt

    stardust yt13 days ago

    Do this with click

  22. WeeWill6Bro

    WeeWill6Bro14 days ago

    Crossbar challenge - Sidemen vs Nigahiga

  23. Magnus Bobjerg

    Magnus Bobjerg14 days ago

    Must have felt real good for Ethan when they said "who is the most fit, Ethan"

  24. AIMAN Gaming

    AIMAN Gaming15 days ago

    Ksi: guys shut up Ksi:I love my friends

  25. AIMAN Gaming

    AIMAN Gaming15 days ago


  26. Jacquot Benavides Films

    Jacquot Benavides Films15 days ago

    9:46 Derrecks face after using the Chi from kung fu panda.

  27. Chaerin Wu

    Chaerin Wu15 days ago

    i really thought simon and harry were gonna win the cup stacking challenge but ryan really pulled through in the end lol

  28. Mr. Cringe

    Mr. Cringe16 days ago

    America VS U.K (Logan Paul was Banned at the event)

  29. Sam Koons

    Sam Koons16 days ago

    It’s Niga with da Higa!

  30. Noelle

    Noelle17 days ago

    Josh’s farmers tan is really somethin else

  31. Sam Drake

    Sam Drake18 days ago

    why does ryan look so annoyed

  32. Corey Taylor

    Corey Taylor20 days ago

    Look at tobi 13:00

  33. venomsnake53

    venomsnake5320 days ago

    It like watching dc and marvel collabing

  34. Chaos Xenoverse

    Chaos Xenoverse21 day ago


  35. Jacob Russell

    Jacob Russell21 day ago

    Well no more wanking for Derik

  36. Panadaol

    Panadaol21 day ago

    Harry is a great entertainer, he was slow and lost the cup stacks for the sake of the video

  37. Turker149

    Turker14922 days ago

    No one: Paco:HeY dOeS iT tASte lIkE VicTOrY

  38. LaCosta

    LaCosta22 days ago

    Yo jj is a beast

  39. Ghoul

    Ghoul22 days ago

    Simon tried his hardest to not fan boy

  40. Christian Olson

    Christian Olson22 days ago

    This channel needs to rename itself to "JJ Ruins Everything"

  41. Mason Tucker

    Mason Tucker22 days ago

    2:40 all sideman have beer all of nigahiga have caprisuns

  42. Samuel Gilbert

    Samuel Gilbert23 days ago

    I like how sidemen are drinking beer and nigahiga are drinking Capri sun

  43. Zaynab Najafi

    Zaynab Najafi24 days ago

    Derek’s muscles do

  44. Blader Bubbly

    Blader Bubbly24 days ago

    Dude I was on the edge of my seat for that arm wrestle. JJ is a beast for being able to hold off 2 people too. It's not like Ryan or Derick were weak either.

  45. RZV TV

    RZV TV24 days ago

    Tf happened to johs arm

  46. obmiester doodles

    obmiester doodles25 days ago

    My two worlds together yes

  47. Ariel Nagar

    Ariel Nagar28 days ago

    It’s mad jk could hold it for that long

  48. Gummy Hedgehog

    Gummy Hedgehog29 days ago

    a priceless moment

  49. Jack Stockton

    Jack Stockton29 days ago

    KSI won the arm wrestle cause the other guy had the arm wrestle more on his side meaning he had more of a bicep advantage & KSI had his arm basically straight

  50. Meera Salil

    Meera SalilMonth ago

    jj: yeah we dont waste........aight chuck it in the bin

  51. k .z

    k .zMonth ago

    7 26 karma

  52. magzz

    magzzMonth ago

    Noone: Sidemen: uses KSI music so they dont get copyrighted.

  53. Xtremity_ RaPz

    Xtremity_ RaPzMonth ago

    Nigahiga don’t know how to arm wrestle he used his weight btw it was the guy closest to the camera

  54. Mirahman8

    Mirahman8Month ago


  55. Nashiu Shafeeq

    Nashiu ShafeeqMonth ago

    Wtf f*** harry 😂

  56. Mazen Elshazly

    Mazen ElshazlyMonth ago

    This deserves so much more views

  57. k m

    k mMonth ago

    20:22 ryan moment to the max

  58. 1000 subscribers without a vid??

    1000 subscribers without a vid??Month ago

    The sidemen drink beer and Higa tv drink juice

  59. Amy Evans

    Amy EvansMonth ago


  60. Naara Medina

    Naara MedinaMonth ago

    The funny thing is that Sidemen and Nigahiga are so different but I love both channels. Nigahiga is really PG and Sidemen is not; but both channels are super hilarious and relatable.