Mythology Matters #4 - Persian Myths - Extra Mythology

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In this episode, Extra Credits goes to King's Landing--er, so we can talk about the things we couldn't fit in to our Persian myths episodes, *obviously.*
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits4 months ago

    Myths offer us a fascinating look into the things that a culture historically valued, even though as modern viewers we may have a hard time relating to them.

  2. Stefan Andritoiu

    Stefan Andritoiu3 months ago

    seriously now... where is Persian Myth #3 ?

  3. Jonathon King

    Jonathon King4 months ago

    Wtf Is EP 3🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  4. Luis Sabido

    Luis Sabido4 months ago

    Is there any place we can suggest myths ?

  5. Lord of lead

    Lord of lead4 months ago

    Do general Lee

  6. Methembe Sibanda

    Methembe Sibanda4 months ago

    Plz write about a ninja

  7. Eric Hula

    Eric Hula27 days ago


  8. PaleRider559

    PaleRider5593 months ago

    The idea of fathers approval (and even testing a potential husband) isn't so far removed from our own time and cultures. Maybe not so much anymore with the last few generations, but, when I was in my youth (the 60s & 70s), it was commonplace to ask a father for his daughter's hand in marriage. This was, and still is, more common in small towns, and cultures where Family is still the most important thing in a person's life... as we, as a society, drift further from our Family roots and ties, many traditions like this are becoming more and more rare... God wept!

  9. Jewish Music Toronto

    Jewish Music Toronto4 months ago

    I think this episode looks great.

  10. QueenSelene88

    QueenSelene884 months ago

    Great as always! For next extra mythology, I'm wishing that you mentioned Koschei the Deathless and Baba Yaga, I'm adept of reading stories from everywhere in the world and their classification (like the Aarne Thompson one), because I find it interesting. Cheers!

  11. TheMakersRage

    TheMakersRage4 months ago

    I wanted mythology not Bill minus Ted in front of a green screen pretending to be in Croatia...

  12. Ben Fairchild

    Ben Fairchild4 months ago

    Keanu's character is Ted not Bill. Smh

  13. Николай Совков

    Николай Совков4 months ago

    Yaay, Russian myth!!!

  14. bob gregory

    bob gregory4 months ago

    Number 3???????

  15. mastermavrick

    mastermavrick4 months ago

    Baba yaga time then next week? :)

  16. Clarence Onyekwere

    Clarence Onyekwere4 months ago

    Where is episode 3?

  17. 4umata

    4umata4 months ago

    or even more likely, as Dubrovnik....

  18. Assassinkill _112

    Assassinkill _1124 months ago

    Please do a story about Cyrus

  19. Lavaa Arcanum

    Lavaa Arcanum4 months ago

    Can you please make a video on the Scythian empire??

  20. akshay reddy

    akshay reddy4 months ago

    Please make a History series on Attila the Hun. Please!!! 😁

  21. Syfer Polski

    Syfer Polski4 months ago

    "Russian" myths sounds extremely suspicious to me. You mean Slavic myths, right?

  22. Wadsymule

    Wadsymule4 months ago

    Where's episode 3?

  23. john pardon

    john pardon4 months ago

    Skipped this series cuz mythology. Should i watch?

  24. bosnakedisniksic

    bosnakedisniksic4 months ago

    Yes! Check them all out

  25. Isa bela

    Isa bela4 months ago

    See how excited you are makes me smile

  26. SplatterInker

    SplatterInker4 months ago

    Why on earth do you think that ancient persians thought their duck hunting romance was in any way different from the way we today truncate romances in animation and action movies where basically they might say 3 words to each other and get married at the end of the film??

  27. Nick Zad

    Nick Zad4 months ago

    Such a deep and honest view!

  28. Silberzunge

    Silberzunge4 months ago

    when i think of persians 300 allways comes to my mind ^^

  29. Assassinkill _112

    Assassinkill _1124 months ago

    Silberzunge btw Xerxes from 300 looks nothing like the real Xerxes

  30. Martin Luther

    Martin Luther4 months ago

    make a video on the paris commune

  31. vazak11

    vazak114 months ago

    Really insightful!

  32. Sivert Fløttum

    Sivert Fløttum4 months ago

    Dude where can i get that jacket?

  33. Dangan Yankee

    Dangan Yankee4 months ago

    Yo what, how can you stop right before Rostam’s stories, he’s basically the most famous persian hero

  34. ali hassan

    ali hassan4 months ago

    There would be more Persian myths right???, RIGHT??

  35. hogofwar

    hogofwar4 months ago

    ur onto something, more on atlantis plz

  36. Marino Mitrovic

    Marino Mitrovic4 months ago

    So you are in Dubrovnik. Have a great trip

  37. David Hennig

    David Hennig4 months ago

    Constantly distracted by uow beautiful the framing is

  38. WarRi0t

    WarRi0t4 months ago

    Would enjoy more in this style, to be honest.

  39. Lugenstein

    Lugenstein4 months ago

    Where's the third one?

  40. ilikenothingtoo

    ilikenothingtoo4 months ago

    This is what happens when Shaggy finally quits smoking weed.

  41. Pigeon TV

    Pigeon TV4 months ago

    I’m really impressed with your detail on these topics as a Persian and in fact being named after a Persian mythological figure

  42. Alverant

    Alverant4 months ago

    Thanks for the video! I love the background. I think you should do more videos of you on location in these historic places. They don't have to be long or scripted, just something to show your viewers who don't travel as much as they'd like.

  43. bemersonbakebarmen

    bemersonbakebarmen4 months ago

    Turco Persian Islamic culture is a thing. A mix of Turkic, Persian and Arab cultures. As arab conquered persian territory they got colonized by the superior Persian Culture (as mediterranean cultures where colonized by Greek Culture even after greece was long gone from the top), and then when Turkic People begun forming the base of the Military Power in all the region in the form of Mamluk Warriors you got the middle east ethos. The culture that forms the soul of the people

  44. genericmace

    genericmace4 months ago


  45. roguedogx

    roguedogx4 months ago

    "Working with what we got" judging by the scenery what you got is pretty good. I'm relaxed already.

  46. 706easy

    706easy4 months ago

    Persians aren't that dark skinned.

  47. Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction

    Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction4 months ago

    706easy people who identify as Persians are of different ancestry. One Persian speaker could be a hazara from Afghanistan with eastern Asian eyes. one could be blonde and pale skinned from Tajikistan. One could be a latino looking person from Iran.

  48. kcazseeley

    kcazseeley4 months ago

    I love myths and how they helped people explain the world and themselves.

  49. i n

    i n4 months ago

    Dubrovnik looks nice we shoud all whisit some day

  50. El1teFire

    El1teFire4 months ago

    Who let jack sparrow narrate the show

  51. Shadow Shots

    Shadow Shots4 months ago

    Where's ep 3

  52. Petar Milic

    Petar Milic4 months ago

    James, you plan on hopping on over to Serbia maybe, since you are in the neighborhood?

  53. Battleship009

    Battleship0094 months ago

    0:27*uses force choke* Apologies accepted.

  54. biohazard724

    biohazard7244 months ago

    The duck hunter thing makes perfect sense to me, it says "He's not just some pampered rich kid, he's skilled, patient, and diligent. He can provide for a family on his own merits."

  55. Phil Hunnicutt

    Phil Hunnicutt4 months ago

    You've never courted a person with strategic duck slaughter? What a strange world we live in.

  56. Maggie Hydeck

    Maggie Hydeck4 months ago

    I’ve never heard of any Russian myths, I can’t wait! Could we do Islamic myths in the future please?

  57. Joshua Murtz

    Joshua Murtz4 months ago

    Beautifal backdrop .

  58. Shawn Heatherly

    Shawn Heatherly4 months ago

    Just casually filming at King's Landing, no big deal.

  59. Patrick Morgan

    Patrick Morgan4 months ago

    Were you in Venice like 2 weeks ago? Im pretty sure I saw you

  60. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits4 months ago

    Bwahahaha, yes, yes I was. -JP

  61. Behraad Shojanezhad

    Behraad Shojanezhad4 months ago

    I’m Iranian سلام

  62. Charlie Harris

    Charlie Harris4 months ago

    You are absolutely correct Looking at the myths and legends that come from a culture. Gives you a great deal of incite into how they view the world and themselves

  63. -

    -4 months ago

    Re: terminology; it's a weird case because "Persia" is an exonym from Greek an Latin while "Arya(n)" /aryān/ was the original name they used for thousands of years, but since the revolution, "Iran" has been too associated with religion (which invaded them), so many natives, especially expatriates, prefer "Persian" to connect with the culture and history and empiric glory rather than preachy clerics, let alone associations with extremists. They have to compromise thanks to politics and religion. 😒

  64. SparkySparky

    SparkySparky4 months ago

    Which is actually marginalizing all the non-persian minorities of Iran. I mean sure the current government is obviously shitty, but this is 40+ years in a Region with 4 thousand year of recorded history.

  65. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura Elizabeth4 months ago

    Extra history and mythology should be separate channels to follow

  66. bemersonbakebarmen

    bemersonbakebarmen4 months ago

    Mmm... to divide Extra Credits in 4 would be too much

  67. OnlyBro555

    OnlyBro5554 months ago

    Where is epsoide 3

  68. Robert Szasz

    Robert Szasz4 months ago

    Using HDR video recording? Either the lighting is weird or the tone mapper needs tweaking.

  69. Ross Parlette

    Ross Parlette4 months ago

    What's with the romantic rainbow cow?

  70. Feste the Phule

    Feste the Phule4 months ago

    What stories exist today I wonder, that show how we think of ourselves?

  71. Frank Harr

    Frank Harr4 months ago

    So, what you're saying is, you're doing Beowulf? I would not be surprised if it were a combination of Celtic and Germanic stories. But it's a good'un.

  72. Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen4 months ago