Nationals' Anthony Rendon extends lead with CLUTCH home run in World Series Game 6

Anthony Rendon came up big for the Nationals with a huge 2-run home run shot to put Washington up 5-2 in World Series Game 6.
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  1. FBI Stat Major

    FBI Stat Major2 days ago

    ultimate "ball don't lie" moment

  2. JMD

    JMD4 days ago

    Totally awesome 🌬⚾️

  3. Moving

    Moving25 days ago

    One of the most badass things I've ever seen in sports.

  4. bikernvet

    bikernvetMonth ago

    after the controversial call, to hit this home run was the best pick me up the Nats could have gotten. a great clutch homer. my Yanks should start trading some of their over loaded lineup for pitching and then go after Rendon. he followed this homer with a great fielding play to keep Altuve from leading off the next inning with an infield hit.

  5. Ray Tewell

    Ray TewellMonth ago

    Every now n then a quiet unassuming ballplayer comes along. Caminiti n now Rendon.

  6. yo mama

    yo mamaMonth ago


  7. Wm. D. Nelson

    Wm. D. NelsonMonth ago

    He's a badass, plain and simple.

  8. BldgWha7

    BldgWha7Month ago

    How does Joe Buck get the job of announcing the World Series, NFL games and the US Open even though he’s God awful at it?

  9. Maria V Solis

    Maria V SolisMonth ago

    Here from Austin Texas we love y'all Houston Astros go stos

  10. Max Freedom

    Max FreedomMonth ago

    that's how you round the bases all business baby

  11. Charles Cornner

    Charles CornnerMonth ago

    Rendon realizes that the home run is enough...jogging calmly around the bases is enough.

  12. Alcidez sanchez barria

    Alcidez sanchez barriaMonth ago

    Baddasssss 🤘🤘😃

  13. Huong Dieu

    Huong DieuMonth ago

    If tomorrow the Nationals lost, can 2019 still be considered the year of sports suprises?

  14. cbfbmc

    cbfbmcMonth ago

    It didn't bother me when Bryce Harper sign with Philly but please pay Anthony Rendon .Soto and Rendon are the core of the. Nats.

  15. OG

    OGMonth ago

    Umps trying to win the game for stros with that interference

  16. jai videos

    jai videosMonth ago❤

  17. Mike John

    Mike JohnMonth ago

    1:02 "As rendon has AVENGED trea turner this inning...for washington"

  18. Jonathan Requena

    Jonathan RequenaMonth ago

    Damit why Nationals why

  19. Will Montgomery

    Will MontgomeryMonth ago

    Interesting that Holbrook has made two of the WORST calls in postseason history. Geez.

  20. AztekWarrior

    AztekWarriorMonth ago

    I figured game 5 was going to be a bullpen game to save their aces for game 6 and 7 Dave knew the series would go back to houston and the rest will be history

  21. Justin Lakely

    Justin LakelyMonth ago

    Martinez should have grabbed a bat and took Holbrook out at the knees so he wouldn't umpire a game ever again! That was about as bad a call as there could be in a Worlds Series. Rendon got him back though. KARMA strikes again!

  22. Lars Salmen

    Lars SalmenMonth ago

    Not first😁

  23. pierce harman

    pierce harmanMonth ago

    easily one of the worst calls in world series history

  24. kupacmac

    kupacmacMonth ago

    Umps: "you're out of interference!" Martinez: "that's a BS call!!" Rendon: "hold my beer"

  25. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    EaST CoAsT MaCHeteMonth ago

    Game 7 on the way!!!!

  26. Scott Benda

    Scott BendaMonth ago

    As a Red Sox fan i can't Justin Verlander anytime he loses a start I'm a happy guy.

  27. E R

    E RMonth ago

    Astros need a good and fresh pitcher on the mound tomorrow if they finally want to win at home. ZG doesn’t looks sharp enough stop the Walgreens’ sponsor team.

  28. 謝明達

    謝明達Month ago


  29. Robert Erlandson

    Robert ErlandsonMonth ago

    So its scherzer vs greinke whose got the edge?

  30. Gary Clutch Clark

    Gary Clutch ClarkMonth ago

    The umps almost called targeting on Rendon.


    KINGTIGER4LIFE 77Month ago

    Mets fan but going 4 the nats

  32. Johnny Flores

    Johnny FloresMonth ago

    The dodgers like dam they finna do it to the astros

  33. Ibraheem Rao

    Ibraheem RaoMonth ago

    Houston WILL CHOKE.

  34. Bob Bowie

    Bob BowieMonth ago

    I knew Verlander wouldnt come through. Greinke will get hammered tommorow

  35. Dean Rossen Logan

    Dean Rossen LoganMonth ago

    Go nats go nats go a's

  36. Currency

    CurrencyMonth ago

    The Astros are losing tomorrow. (I’m a prophet)

  37. Coburn Karma

    Coburn KarmaMonth ago

    Where were you 3 nights ago....

  38. VDEP2727

    VDEP2727Month ago

    The most crucial play and obviously controversial call just gets cut out of the video like it didn’t even happen. Impressive.

  39. Mike John

    Mike JohnMonth ago

    ..."most impressive" -*Darth Vader's Voice*

  40. John Christian

    John ChristianMonth ago

    Now *THAT* is what you call KARMA! Ouch! Dave Martinez is so angry right now and what happened? Now they have the last laugh. Oh my goodness.

  41. John Christian

    John ChristianMonth ago

    @Bob Bowie Which they will. THEY WILL.

  42. Bob Bowie

    Bob BowieMonth ago

    The last laugh is if they win tomorrow

  43. brian castro

    brian castroMonth ago

    he hit it off harris too, dude been dealing.

  44. John Augsburger

    John AugsburgerMonth ago

    Cubs fan here, go Nats. You've got the human animal on the mound tomorrow night. Look'en good.

  45. Sam Mencia

    Sam MenciaMonth ago

    He added two more from a double in the 9th...