Game Celebrities - The Role of Game Devs in Pop Culture - Extra Credits

Many times, the "game celebrities" we think of are the names of studios and publishers themselves, or just a small handful of historically notable names--but even these names aren't often well known outside of the gaming world. This can result in a general perception of game devs as nameless and unimportant, reinforcing power from the studio heads.
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By: Garrett Williamson, Sir Jordanius


  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits4 months ago

    Most creative mediums, from movies to books to pro wrestling, generate celebrities. These people become so well known that fans will pay just to see what they create. But this hasn’t really happened for games. Should it?

  2. LordBloodySoul

    LordBloodySoul2 months ago

    Totally. I think Game Devs deserve credit - even more so when they are a well-oiled Team. Like Team Cherry. I know them all and what they do for their games. My fav Celeb Dev from their Team is Christopher Larkin, who composed the entire Score of every Song in "Hollow Knight" :D

  3. Superplex

    Superplex4 months ago

    I think movie box office is less celebrity driven now and more IP driven. Sure, celebrities help, but it's all about IP now. That's why there are so many remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and adaptations. Hey, I'm not complaining about the lack of originality. I want more of the stuff that I'm already invested in. And there are original movies. They are just not summer blockbusters. But I digress. The point is, I don't care developer celebrities. There are only a few movies I watched because of the actor, and no movie I watched because of the director.

  4. 4:20

    4:204 months ago

    Iraito Well said.

  5. Rollo the Walker

    Rollo the Walker4 months ago

    Hideo Kojima Nuff Said.

  6. James Cain

    James Cain4 months ago

    I feel like I don't know enough about these industries to say whether celebrity status for game devs is a good thing or not, but I will say this much... SAKURAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

  7. Tony Hakston

    Tony Hakston20 days ago

    “Think of how many film directors you can name” Ah, yes, there’s... Uhhhhh... ... Hideo Kojima?

  8. aweso

    aweso22 days ago

    As someone who's more into board games than video games these days, from my perspective in the board game world the designers' names are much more well known and people are very much fans of particular designers. I think most people who are into board games could rattle off some of their favorite designers (Vital Lacerda is my favorite). But I don't think that has come with them having too much power/influence. Maybe it's because the process is often to design a game on your own and then bring it to a publisher, since the costs of design are so much lower. And probably the fact that there's so much less money in board games is a reason as well. But my point is that from my perspective having that person that you can be aware of and become a fan of is definitely a good thing, and I'd like to see more of it in video games.

  9. Udit Singh

    Udit SinghMonth ago

    I'm a game designer, so I'm obviously biased towards celeb devs XD. I think a name like Hideo Kojima is the only reason we get big publishers like Sony to develop something as strange as Death Stranding, an idea that feels more like something you'd find in the indie realm.

  10. Nickolas Barmenkov

    Nickolas Barmenkov2 months ago

    Do you remember when Phil Fish was huge? Now hardly anyone knows who he is

  11. Katie Arbuckle

    Katie Arbuckle2 months ago

    I know more Manga Writers & Authors then I do Game designers unless it's like 'Notch' or 'Matsuda'

  12. Haberak

    Haberak3 months ago

    Todd Howard?

  13. Άρης Κυρατσούλης

    Άρης Κυρατσούλης3 months ago

    Who would've thought putting code together would become a more popular dream job than being a rockstar

  14. Andrew Gill

    Andrew Gill3 months ago

    This is the reason I think Fromsoftware has so much creative freedom. They've created multiple successful games under multiple banners, so Fromsoftware's name sells games rather than the IP.

  15. Hi im Iny

    Hi im Iny3 months ago

    Miyamoto: hold my beer

  16. Hi im Iny

    Hi im Iny3 months ago

    I mean i would buy anything Sakurai makes

  17. Ryan Clarke-Byrne

    Ryan Clarke-Byrne3 months ago

    Keanu Reeves just sold me cyberpunk

  18. TheHunterWolf

    TheHunterWolf3 months ago

    Seems like someone never heard of Kojima XD

  19. crustjam mckee

    crustjam mckee3 months ago

    I would argue we don't need celebrities in any medium, but more credit and better working condition for everyone.

  20. crustjam mckee

    crustjam mckee3 months ago

    Also watch the gdc talk by bennett foddy :)

  21. Guilmonhero

    Guilmonhero3 months ago

    Generally, the exposé on Anthem pretty much demonstrates this video's point about how developers are treated rather unfairly because of either their publisher or team name and maybe even both. This is also why there's need to be a good balance of both elevating good unique developers up and brining the rest of the team and mention each member's individual involvement that made a game even better. Otherwise we might run into situations like "Bioware Magic" or "The Father of Megaman" again.

  22. Larknok

    Larknok3 months ago

    Game devs tend to have smaller, localized cult followings instead of giant, everyday name recognition. Frankly, I prefer things this way. For game devs and for the industry. Game devs get to enjoy localized recognition without being pampered at every corner of their lives (that's scarcely good for creative vision long-term). The industry is more open for new creators to establish their own enclaves of fans because there's not a heavily saturated industry full of overgrown egos soaking up all the attention. It's a good thing (I think) that someone like Jeff Kaplan is the meme-god of Overwatch, but is practically unheard of to anyone who isn't familiar with Blizzard.

  23. Evan Two

    Evan Two3 months ago

    4:22 *cough cough _George Lucas_ cough cough

  24. TvSonic Serbia

    TvSonic Serbia3 months ago

    The people in key creative roles on games matter just as much as in film.

  25. Soupcase_

    Soupcase_3 months ago

    What about Todd Howard? He’s like the face of Bethesda whether that’s good or bad, that’s your opinion

  26. hellatze

    hellatze3 months ago

    Kojima will fail hard.

  27. Westyboi96

    Westyboi963 months ago

    2 words, Gabe Newell

  28. Curtis Jensen

    Curtis Jensen4 months ago

    This talk has a lot of parallel to the GDC video: "Put Your Name on Your Game: a Talk by Bennet Foddy and Zach Gage."

  29. Edmund M.

    Edmund M.4 months ago

    4:21 Oh he's talking about John Rome- 4:27 Yup

  30. Shea Lupkes

    Shea Lupkes4 months ago

    I'm so glad the gaming community is starting to pay more attention to the dev team in terms of whether or not they're buying a game, but not too much yet

  31. Alex T

    Alex T4 months ago

    I think notch is a pretty big celebrity of gamimg

  32. koolman195

    koolman1954 months ago

    i say just read the masters of doom and the history of john romaro. he is the proof that stardom in gaming can lead to huge burnouts, we don't want a other "gave dev will make you his bitch".

  33. Zephyr

    Zephyr4 months ago

    Naoki "YoshiP" Yoshida - Final Fantasy XIV Yoko Taro - Drakengard/Nier Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear Chris Metzen - WoW/Diablo/Overwatch Jeff Kaplan - Overwatch Hidetaka Miyazaki - Soulsborne/Sekiro Sean Murray - No Man's Sky Mick Gordon - Composer - Doom/Killer Instinct Nobuo Uematsu - Composer - Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy I think in general we know of more infamous people in game industry than people who actually deserve recognition

  34. DerpToni616372

    DerpToni6163724 months ago

    >mfw when I don't know the names any famous directors

  35. Kaiju Killer

    Kaiju Killer4 months ago


  36. John Uferbach

    John Uferbach4 months ago

    from blizzard the game directors are / were kinda nown (wrestle with Jeff prepare for death! :o and Ben Brode) and hearthstone also shows a few ppl from their team in announcements and stuff

  37. Doran Martell

    Doran Martell4 months ago

    2:33 Quake 2 is my earliest experience there. Bless John Romero.

  38. Titangamer 68

    Titangamer 684 months ago

    One of the main reasons I started playing apex legends is because Vince Sampella, the creator of respawn entertainment, directed this game just as he did with the original Titanfall games

  39. Michael Raymond

    Michael Raymond4 months ago

    Celebrity culture won’t help the vast majority of devs receive recognition, the same way the vast majority of Hollywood staff don’t.

  40. WillyLee23

    WillyLee234 months ago

    I could honestly rattle off more famous game devs than movie directors. Hironobu Sakaguche, Yoshinori Kitase, Hideo Kohijima, John Carmack, Ken Levine, Peter Molyneux, Cliffy B, Todd Howard, Miyamoto. Just off the top of my head. I think gaming celebrity is closer than you think. Oh! And Sean Murray, although he may be more infamous than famous. Molyneux might be in that category as well.

  41. quietmadness1

    quietmadness14 months ago

    Would anyone consider Christian Whitehead as a game design celebrity?

  42. Justice Ben-Ezra

    Justice Ben-Ezra4 months ago

    Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto have been on tv

  43. TheMetalHeadbangger

    TheMetalHeadbangger4 months ago

    i know at least 2. of course kojima and Chris avellone. ouh and Hironobu Sakaguchi. then there is Tetsuya Nomura. so there 4.

  44. Tom Ramirez

    Tom Ramirez4 months ago

    How about the industry unionizes instead? No need for celebrities and everyone gets better recognition in the form of better pay.

  45. Juin Roet

    Juin Roet4 months ago

    Thinking I know movie makers or video game makers is a generous overestimate of my knowledge and I enjoy these videos for such flattery.

  46. LinkMc14

    LinkMc144 months ago

    3:07 This will be graphics In 2013

  47. Jarid Gaming

    Jarid Gaming4 months ago

    I'm a Game Designer! :D Who else has a Computer Science Degree in Game Design and Development

  48. Hassan Aziz

    Hassan Aziz4 months ago


  49. Ryan Stoll

    Ryan Stoll4 months ago


  50. Ernoskij

    Ernoskij4 months ago

    4:22 I'm fairly certain this was what happened with Godus and Peter Molyneux :( What an utter disaster that development was :(

  51. RuneKatashima

    RuneKatashima4 months ago

    This episode's art is so meme worthy

  52. Pana Alexandru

    Pana Alexandru4 months ago

    Any inspiration from here perhaps?

  53. Belbecat

    Belbecat4 months ago

    I feel like the celebs we already recognise in the industry have been doing great jobs, but certainly it will just take a few bad apples to cripple that completely. I think it really helps that in the current climate, the people that are well known in the game industry never set out to become famous thus are just passionate people that actually care about the craft and don't throw their weight around. Definitely need a way to give creative minds more of the pay and recognition over the money bag overlords though... and maybe legal protections so things like what happened with Kojima and Konami can't happen again...

  54. Marcio Martins

    Marcio Martins4 months ago

    I hate the celebrities cult. I can admire someone's works but i don't care about his/hers personal life and i wouldn't pay extra just because a "big name" is associated with a project. Sadly, most people do. About game celebrities, i against it. Most pros that the video mentions will only be valid to a very selected few. 99.99% of the developers would stay on the same situations. Unions and consumers that actually do something, instead of just complaining on the internet, against predatory companies, are the way to go if we want a better industries for it's workers.

  55. sampson liang

    sampson liang4 months ago

    Good points.

  56. Aidas Baranauskas

    Aidas Baranauskas4 months ago

    film directors: stan lee game designers: I programmed a really crappy snake game once and copied most of it from the web so..., also 1

  57. RealTrolleFar

    RealTrolleFar4 months ago

    There is an interesting talk from GDC on the subject titled "Put Your Name on Your Game, a Talk by Bennett Foddy and Zach Gage"

  58. Ben Ford

    Ben Ford4 months ago

    I'm guessing people watch Disney and Pixar movies because of the studio rather than the director

  59. Philippa K

    Philippa K4 months ago

    I want celebrities. I know EA has/had people with genuine joy and creativity in there somewhere. It gave us the entertaining open world of sims 3. Then sims 4 happened... the studios have far too much leverage at the moment. Some balance needs to be turned back. I do want to see the kind of celebrity who doesn't need the ego that Depp has, someone who knows their value, and wants to honestly create something that is meaningful.

  60. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee4 months ago

    personally would like a mix,

  61. Bub Huynh

    Bub Huynh4 months ago

    4:16 Fallout 76

  62. jodudeit

    jodudeit4 months ago

    This brings up an interesting point: How consistent is a studio over the years? Retro Studios has shipped a grand total of five games, and yet they are considered one of the premier studios in the industry. However, many of the people who were responsible for their earlier successes have left the studio. Should we still consider Retro to be an incredible studio, or should we say that since many key developers have left, we shouldn't assume anything regarding their future work?

  63. Sam Hintz

    Sam Hintz4 months ago

    I'm glad you also covered the negatives of this hypothetical. I definitely enjoy the outlook that games are made by teams because a lot of art will have all of it's aspects credited to the one person regardless of how much influence they actually had (we all found out George Lucas maybe wasn't as much of a genius as we though for example.) . I can't say you didn't get me to think about those positives though. Death Stranding is definitely seeming to be a far cry from a typical triple A title. What I'm saying here is... great video! I'll be thinking about this for a while.

  64. JohnnyBadboy

    JohnnyBadboy4 months ago


  65. JohnnyBadboy

    JohnnyBadboy4 months ago

    I’m torn.