Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. Lucas Hong

    Lucas HongHour ago

    Toy story 3: “I’ll take the best care of woody” - Bonnie Toy story 4: *Steps on Woody*

  2. Little Kaspar

    Little KasparHour ago

    I'm watching this on the 30th

  3. たかみちか

    たかみちか2 hours ago

    私は今の… パーフェクトトイレ

  4. Colby Connell

    Colby Connell2 hours ago

    What is this so called spork? Do y’all mean a fpoon

  5. the jafethStyles『jefe』

    the jafethStyles『jefe』4 hours ago


  6. RaVenPH

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  8. Serendipity 1125

    Serendipity 11256 hours ago

    the real cat, isn't it

  9. Radwa Diab

    Radwa Diab7 hours ago

    لو سمحت هو هينزل سينما ف مصر ولا ع تليفزيون علطول وامتى

  10. نور الهدى

    نور الهدى8 hours ago

    يجوز بس اني عربية هنا😂

  11. Mundas Music

    Mundas Music11 hours ago

    This moving having a pure 100% so far on Rotten Tomatoes ain't for nothin'. Maybe we all thought that we didn't need a 4th one, or maybe this is the perfect epilogue. But when I say epilogue, I mean it! I don't wanna hear of a Toy Story 6, Bonnie goes to College and throws out Forky on accident, mmmkkk? Actually, that's not a bad idea, calls up Pixar, 15 years later... Toy Story 6!

  12. TopMovieScene

    TopMovieScene12 hours ago

    You've got a friend in me.. 🎶💃🏻🕺🏻

  13. ᏩᏌᏣᏨᎥ

    ᏩᏌᏣᏨᎥ12 hours ago

    when i was 6 i said ”next toystory will be a game”

  14. Ethancopeleague

    Ethancopeleague13 hours ago

    This is one of the worst movies that I ever seen in my entire life!!!!!

  15. J W

    J W14 hours ago


  16. Atl1192

    Atl119215 hours ago

    How do all the toys still look band new and shouldn't Bonnie be like 15 now??

  17. Ahmed Abo Adel

    Ahmed Abo Adel17 hours ago

    نريد ترجمه باللغه العربيه اللى معايا يدوس لايك عشان نظهر ليهم

  18. Art in Minutes

    Art in Minutes18 hours ago

    I love Toy Story. Can't wait for Toy Story 4. Check out the art book in this link too:

  19. HEROSAM12

    HEROSAM1219 hours ago

    1:21 Rose in Titanic

  20. Pepo War Games

    Pepo War Games20 hours ago

    *if u seen that comment hit 10 like*

  21. Kiara Ramirez

    Kiara Ramirez21 hour ago


  22. Jeicto24

    Jeicto2421 hour ago

    The story line is quite underwhelming... to say the least.

  23. Bryan Mcwhite

    Bryan Mcwhite21 hour ago

    2019 rules forever I'm buzz lightgear Tim Allen Wade's tom Hanks Woody Jerry's John ratzen burger pig Charlie woods motorcycle guy my girlfriend s Mrs Tim Allen Stephanie s Mrs tom Hanks Missy's Mrs ratzen burger Eve's Mrs motorcycle guy toy story 4 rules forever Tim Allen rules forever. He was born in Denver Colorado like me Bryan Mcwhite Minnesota and Colorado rule forever 👍 🎅 🎅 go twins go Rockies go Vikings go broncos I'm Tim Allen and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god. Steve fikes Michael Jackson and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. Tim Allen s the best 👍 ever forever.👍🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅.bye now.

  24. Just Kevin GG’s

    Just Kevin GG’sDay ago


  25. Thomas Chong

    Thomas ChongDay ago

    No more in 3D??

  26. Son James

    Son JamesDay ago

    I wish I got a spork when I was a kid :(

  27. Muhammad Abdul Manaf

    Muhammad Abdul ManafDay ago

    Toy story 4K

  28. Miludos

    MiludosDay ago

    Slinky Dog and Rex are the best!.

  29. kay

    kayDay ago

    the panic is attacking me

  30. 4th Wall

    4th WallDay ago

    2:09 ohh thats the plan

  31. iamdahulk

    iamdahulkDay ago

    Duke Kaboom😂😂😂

  32. EmoTi.on.s

    EmoTi.on.sDay ago

    I grew up with them 😭😭😭

  33. unKABLEgamez

    unKABLEgamezDay ago

    you can not tell me thats slappy from goosebumps 1:21

  34. Vazz Vegas

    Vazz VegasDay ago

    Duke Kaboom is going to steal the show. That's not a prediction; it's a spoiler.

  35. Britannia Nova

    Britannia NovaDay ago

    if they play "you've got a friend in me" in this movie, imma cRY IN TEARS

  36. Adler Casas

    Adler CasasDay ago

    1:54 that scene is a call back to the question "Will woody and bullseye manage to pass the great canon!?"

  37. Little Kaspar

    Little KasparDay ago

    I'm so excited I'm seeing this on my birthday



    There are so much memories with you toystory

  39. Екатерина Кельт

    Екатерина КельтDay ago

    music 14-30???? Who can help?

  40. aordazmty

    aordazmtyDay ago

    What's. 1:17 ?

  41. Daniel Vélez Vargas

    Daniel Vélez VargasDay ago

    La película de mi niñez está por empezar.

  42. Marlon Alonzo

    Marlon AlonzoDay ago

    What is the minute song called 1:18?

  43. Rahul Kapoor

    Rahul KapoorDay ago

    I love this movie from childhood i will go to watch this on 21 june in 3D

  44. رو وهاب/ rowhab

    رو وهاب/ rowhabDay ago

    الي متحمس لايك 😛

  45. Kayden Luke

    Kayden LukeDay ago

    They should’ve made it about toys r us shutting down. The toys Pov would be pretty cool. Or maybe just the decrease in popularity of toys themselves

  46. Nathan Sanchez

    Nathan SanchezDay ago

    2:09 is this toy story or child's play?

  47. Артём Артёмов

    Артём АртёмовDay ago

    Songs please

  48. BlockMaster

    BlockMasterDay ago

    Oh my god!!! Would you look at that? They actually are making a 4th one, this is gonna be so exciting!!!! (And dark.....)

  49. Lone_Wolf_Kiarash YT

    Lone_Wolf_Kiarash YT2 days ago

    OMG OK SO MAYBE IM 10 but I am so desperate to watch this is that bad?

  50. Nathan Sanchez

    Nathan Sanchez2 days ago

    You think Andy will show up in this movie?

  51. Daniel Nikrasov

    Daniel Nikrasov2 days ago

    Captain Marvel beats an old lady. Toys beat an old lady. Result: Disney hates to grow up.

  52. O'Fearghail the Fearless

    O'Fearghail the FearlessDay ago

    Daniel Nikrasov I think they understand how us longtime Toy Story fans feel as we see each movie

  53. Cartiamo Gamer

    Cartiamo Gamer2 days ago

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    Cartiamo Gamer2 days ago

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  55. Cara Finocchio

    Cara Finocchio2 days ago

    Pixar fantasy check that on my list

  56. Noor ••

    Noor ••2 days ago

    When a spork's life is more thrilling than mine

  57. Reyna Salsabila

    Reyna Salsabila2 days ago

    y kecelakaan di nagreg

  58. Chicken Takegood

    Chicken Takegood2 days ago

    I love pixar


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    Info. Berita.

  60. Huskyanimationsanddrawing

    Huskyanimationsanddrawing2 days ago

    Jessie is probably having ptsd from the last road trip

  61. Faiz GG

    Faiz GG2 days ago

    Preston Garvey and Paladin Danse ara back in action

  62. Faiz GG

    Faiz GG2 days ago

    Preston Garvey and Paladin Danse ara back in action

  63. Douglas Oliver

    Douglas Oliver2 days ago

    Looks awful and very very very very cringe

  64. Joseph Womer

    Joseph Womer2 days ago

    Forkie: "Woody, why am I alive?" Me: "Why are any of us alive?"

  65. Mr Samir

    Mr Samir2 days ago

    To spy on a person and intrude on his privacy and his rights as a man and to publish the details of his personal life with everyone without his knowledge and despite him is this a justice and there is no law to protect human rights

  66. darian

    darian2 days ago

    0:10 Mabel from gravity falls👀

  67. عبدالرزاق محمود

    عبدالرزاق محمود2 days ago

    21jun 2019 the start summer

  68. alejandra gonzalez

    alejandra gonzalez2 days ago

    Es hermosa la película 😆Naim ontiver

  69. Marisol Araya carvajal

    Marisol Araya carvajal2 days ago

    Salió un círculo verde en 1:52 parece que es un secreto

  70. Makiyah Love

    Makiyah Love2 days ago

    Can’t wait to see this

  71. Camille McALoon

    Camille McALoon2 days ago

    The first one was great they sure are milkin it, rinse and repeat sequels. Over and over again and again same plot same story.🤑🤑🤑🤑

  72. Jason McCann

    Jason McCann3 days ago

    This movie got a higher rating than toy story 3..... idk if I’m ready for this 🤧🤧🤧

  73. Jason McCann

    Jason McCann2 days ago

    Alyssa Truscott I know right??

  74. Alyssa Truscott

    Alyssa Truscott2 days ago

    WHAT?? toy story 3 was like the best of the whole trilogy. I'm gonna cry

  75. Shikhar Sharma

    Shikhar Sharma3 days ago

    Seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Dr. Hyphen

    Dr. Hyphen3 days ago

    The animation quality though....... it’s beautiful....

  77. Connor Raabe

    Connor Raabe3 days ago

    Love me some Toy Story and love me some ELO!

  78. ZohaibH Alulplsj

    ZohaibH Alulplsj3 days ago

    1 more week to wait and then the 9 years of wait will go........

  79. Trissy Paul

    Trissy Paul3 days ago

    Gonna watch it 22 June 2019

  80. Randi Macdonald

    Randi Macdonald3 days ago

    Please make good dinosaur 2 next summer

  81. JPK Clutch

    JPK Clutch3 days ago

    So the bad guy in this is the ventriloquist dummy? I think You Story 4 will be even better than Toy Story 3.

  82. Mohanad

    Mohanad3 days ago

    I can't wait to watch it

  83. Woody The Cowboy

    Woody The Cowboy3 days ago

    Toy Story 1..Trying To Save Your Best Pal!! Toy Story 2..Trying To Save The Kidnapped Sheriff..Toy Story 3 Trying To Save All Of Us!! Toy Story 4 Trying To Save My Endangered Son!!!

  84. 4 Comedy

    4 Comedy3 days ago


  85. logan conner

    logan conner3 days ago

    Theres gonna be wack spork toys after this movie

  86. Ruisu Gaming

    Ruisu Gaming3 days ago

    Fans:How Many Toy Story Movies Will U Make? Pixar: *To Infinity And Beyond!*

  87. Nathan Greening

    Nathan Greening2 days ago

    The fuII fiIm for T0Y ST0RY 4 is finaIIy here:

  88. My โอตี่ Chanel

    My โอตี่ Chanel3 days ago

    Hi 2019 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  89. Angie Viera

    Angie Viera3 days ago

    *I haVE aLL ThE QUeStIoNS*

  90. Zalee Walker

    Zalee Walker3 days ago


  91. Guzun Nicolae

    Guzun Nicolae3 days ago

    0:10 Mabel voice!!!!!!

  92. DarkFlame

    DarkFlame3 days ago

    1:21 Hello neighbor, joins Toy story.

  93. DarkFlame

    DarkFlame3 days ago

    YOU ARE A TOY!!!!!

  94. Souvik Dihidar

    Souvik Dihidar3 days ago

    Please change the topic of toy story from bringing back or coming back to something else

  95. PATTYHD 1995

    PATTYHD 19953 days ago

    I like the E.L.O.

  96. Bill Yeam Chee Lock

    Bill Yeam Chee Lock3 days ago

    Grow up watching toy story. After growing up , notices the toy is actually us human and deliver messages that is far better than marvels superhero film.

  97. boca Jr Salgado

    boca Jr Salgado3 days ago

    Parabéns você achou comentários em português

  98. Matias Jarabroviski

    Matias Jarabroviski3 days ago

    minuto 2:18 un muñeco de ventrilocuo

  99. a person

    a person3 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks this is the least necessary movie in existence? toy story 3 was a nostalgic, bittersweet, and overall pitch perfect ending to the story. what is this??? who asked for this???? why can't disney learn to let things end????

  100. Yam kesem Cahana

    Yam kesem Cahana3 days ago

    0:11 godd that is mable voice (gravity falls)

  101. Rayhero Gaming [TDM]

    Rayhero Gaming [TDM]2 days ago

    Yam kesem Cahana yup, my favorite show and my favorite movie have the same voice actors

  102. MikeWazowski ForPresident

    MikeWazowski ForPresident4 days ago

    1:55 don't worry guys we're not AIMING FOR THE TRUCK!!!

  103. B Purcell

    B Purcell2 days ago

    *(crashes into the Twin Towers)* _Where did _*_you_*_ learn to fly?_

  104. SKYRULE-49

    SKYRULE-494 days ago

    I'm seeing a lot of Electric Light Orchestra on the main stream lately and I'm happy. One of my favorite groups.

  105. Lynk Force

    Lynk Force4 days ago

    Who else gets huge nostalgia from Toy Story?

  106. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc4 days ago