Don't Start a BBQ with OXYGEN! It's Not Safe


  1. Colin Rogers

    Colin Rogers2 days ago

    At work we used to start it with an oxy acetylene torch lol

  2. I welcome to Cameron Walls LEGO Chile’s

    I welcome to Cameron Walls LEGO Chile’s4 days ago

    Lol 11:22 11:23

  3. GrimReaper1st

    GrimReaper1st5 days ago

    Try using Liquid Oxygen to speed up your charcoal.

  4. David Ackley

    David Ackley7 days ago

    If you want charcoal that lights well and stays lit for a long time don’t use Kingsford! Get lump charcoal

  5. mikeal parker

    mikeal parker8 days ago

    I use a burner as well but its the big style one that you use for crawfish boiling.

  6. Chris Baugh

    Chris Baugh8 days ago

    The king of randdom should try some standard brands of charcoal and test witch lights fastest

  7. Philip Månsson

    Philip Månsson9 days ago

    Soak the charcoal in liquid oxygen 😁

  8. galipeauma

    galipeauma10 days ago

    Mr.X said in a comment “use thermite” Hahahahaha great idea!

  9. Rylin BM

    Rylin BM10 days ago

    With the electric starter you put it diagonal in the chimney and fill it with charcoal

  10. supernova clash

    supernova clash13 days ago


  11. PANdaramic Firefox

    PANdaramic Firefox14 days ago

    What about starting with magnesium and liquid oxygen? (In small amounts, of course.)

  12. PikaXpika xX

    PikaXpika xX15 days ago

    Do u even know how to use a mf bbq grill?! U put the coals under

  13. dude00794

    dude0079416 days ago

    Hank hill does not approve.

  14. Todor Popov

    Todor Popov17 days ago

    You should have tried potassium nitrate or any other oxidizer

  15. TheRealest 1

    TheRealest 118 days ago

    Then what do I use carbon dioxide

  16. Grillardin Cocinero

    Grillardin Cocinero19 days ago

    Hello. I woulf like to know where did you guys buy the Fan. Thank you and Godbless

  17. NOCTO gaming

    NOCTO gaming20 days ago

    That home alone thing is for making water hot. You take a bucket of cold water and put that in it and connect it to the plug.

  18. Can we get 5000 subs with no vids?

    Can we get 5000 subs with no vids?20 days ago

    Yeah lighting charcoal with oxygen, that’s totally common am I missing something? Not very many people have oxygen tanks lying around.

  19. Chris Heichel

    Chris Heichel20 days ago

    It's gonna be may

  20. Kelvin Khong

    Kelvin Khong21 day ago

    My older sis said she is subed so i started watching and am subed now to

  21. Wandile Ntsimbi

    Wandile Ntsimbi21 day ago

    Make a video about the other uses of an automatic coal lighter

  22. Wishy Woshy

    Wishy Woshy22 days ago

    El Niño is dry season and La Niña is the rainy season


    RASHADBAB22 days ago

    hey nate. CAN YOU USE THE ELECTRICAL CHARCOAL STARTER IN SOME cotton candy. * wink wink* sry for yelling

  24. Kent Keller

    Kent Keller23 days ago

    In the early 90's at a competition for getting the charcoals to the perfect grilling temp at Purdue, one person poured liquid oxygen on the charcoals and it was ready in something like 11 seconds. That video I think was removed from the Internet before the advent of USwork. But totally cool! I was hoping you were going to recreate that moment. They also showed doing it over a standard hibatchi grill which was totally destroyed by the intense fire. If you do, wear LOTS of protective gear and pour the oxygen from a bucket on the end of a long pole!

  25. instantsiv

    instantsiv23 days ago

    After a couple of years of charcoal grilling & bbq'ing under my belt... -quickness- ease

  26. Justin Ziebarth

    Justin Ziebarth24 days ago

    Soak charcoal brickets in liquid oxygen will it light up like the graham crackers do

  27. Austin Ziarko

    Austin Ziarko24 days ago

    the oxygen didnt really melt through the steel it rapidly oxidized it just like an oxy acetylene torch

  28. Apparition25s

    Apparition25s24 days ago

    Y'all should do Lighters VS the Solar scorcher.

  29. James Butler-Kyniston

    James Butler-Kyniston24 days ago

    chimney with lighter fluid?

  30. Mikies

    Mikies25 days ago

    the fan + the electric starter, thats my future starter ;) thanks man

  31. Aiden

    Aiden25 days ago

    Maybe some potassium nitrate will do the similar job like pure oxygen.

  32. KaTh

    KaTh25 days ago


  33. Guy I Am

    Guy I Am25 days ago

    2:17 “5 different ‘common’ methods for lighting charcoal” 5th ‘common’ method: pure oxygen ...

  34. Penny Arfanis

    Penny Arfanis26 days ago

    I got a new BBQ!

  35. Everything’s Awsome

    Everything’s Awsome26 days ago

    Well now I’m gonna start a bbq with oxygen

  36. Braden B

    Braden B26 days ago

    Maybe just... Don't put accelerants on fires?

  37. Amie & Remie Forever

    Amie & Remie Forever26 days ago

    Nate: it’s May Me: my life is a lie I thought it was June

  38. Stiffun Jackman

    Stiffun Jackman26 days ago

    can you use the electric charcoal starter to reheat a cold bath?

  39. johnny richards

    johnny richards27 days ago

    Could you use the chimney with igniter fluid

  40. Cory Russell

    Cory Russell27 days ago

    Mini metal foundry + Oxegen?

  41. Adeline Sexton

    Adeline Sexton27 days ago

    Neverwet + fire? like if you want them to do this experiment!

  42. Killin' Krillin

    Killin' Krillin27 days ago

    The electric charcoal starter didn't light the door on fire because many exterior doors are made of steel

  43. Samurai King

    Samurai King27 days ago

    Crumpled up Homework works very well to start a charcoal chimney.

  44. iMacGuy1011

    iMacGuy101127 days ago

    How does the Oxygen tank not blow up?

  45. sam nyc

    sam nyc27 days ago

    Same as the oxygen but replace the oxygen with compress air.

  46. Clinton Seubert

    Clinton Seubert27 days ago

    Should use the fan in the chimney

  47. Marty M

    Marty M27 days ago

    use pressurized air to start it...

  48. Joshua Templin

    Joshua Templin27 days ago

    Hey Nate can you try to recreate the scene from home alone and heat up a doorknob?

  49. tlongworth19

    tlongworth1927 days ago

    I've always used a hair dryer to start my charcoal lol

  50. liam starbuck

    liam starbuck28 days ago

    try to shot strech rmstrong