Damian Lillard Torched The Denver Nuggets From 3PT Land In Game 6


  1. david z

    david zMonth ago

    Now I understand why they call him 'logo lizard'! 🦎 It makes sense now!

  2. reneica king

    reneica kingMonth ago

    My favorite player since DWade retired

  3. That Guy Who Loves BBall

    That Guy Who Loves BBallMonth ago

    @david z *Westbrick

  4. david z

    david zMonth ago

    He kind of is a cross between curry and wade.

  5. Roman Shocker

    Roman ShockerMonth ago

    Best point guard in the playoffs, don't @ me

  6. A Batres

    A BatresMonth ago

    What time is it?? Its Dame⌚️

  7. Hello Jello

    Hello JelloMonth ago

    *3pt line exists* Lillard: *"its free real estate"*

  8. Kaiper

    KaiperMonth ago

    Funny comment:* exists * Me: its free like estate

  9. William Mcvicar

    William McvicarMonth ago

    0:43 logo lizard?

  10. Parikshit Solunke

    Parikshit SolunkeMonth ago

    tHoSE aRe BaD SHotS. I doNt CarE wHaT ANyboDy SaYs

  11. Dee Jay

    Dee JayMonth ago

    Nothin but net

  12. Jack Wayne

    Jack WayneMonth ago

    WHERE the HELL was this RODNEY HOOD in the 2018 playoffs? Fuck you RODNEY HOOD! 😂

  13. Arges Hagan

    Arges HaganMonth ago

    logo lillard/logo lizzard??? lol...doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it?

  14. prazertv

    prazertvMonth ago

    Damn! Lillard's got Curry range. He's been working on his range for years and it's finally showing.

  15. That Guy Who Loves BBall

    That Guy Who Loves BBallMonth ago

    @prazertv Lillards first career made shot was a 28 footer...

  16. golden 1615

    golden 1615Month ago

    You mean curry has lillard range

  17. PdiddyJ USAF

    PdiddyJ USAFMonth ago

    @prazertv dude you are dumb as hell, Dame been doing this since College, go sit your whiny ass down and shut up.

  18. i came in like a wrecking ball

    i came in like a wrecking ballMonth ago

    Dame out here Alapaging

  19. Darrel White

    Darrel WhiteMonth ago

    Logo lizzard?????


    PRPLPRNCHMonth ago

    Now keep that form in GAME 7 and we got a great show ahead of us.

  21. Binh Nguyen

    Binh NguyenMonth ago

    Top 3 shooter

  22. YBN FinesseKid

    YBN FinesseKidMonth ago

    0:43 Lillgo Lizard? 😂

  23. That Guy Who Loves BBall

    That Guy Who Loves BBallMonth ago

    Logo lizard. Grammar people🤦

  24. Zanyah 17

    Zanyah 17Month ago

    Logo lizard*

  25. MrTeeRedd

    MrTeeReddMonth ago

    Dame and Steph neck and neck when it comes to unlimited range... you can't give them any space.

  26. J Swish

    J SwishMonth ago

    MrTeeRedd yup and the hardest part is that they both shoot it that far off the dribble

  27. Caesar Nyangoya

    Caesar NyangoyaMonth ago

    Paul George”those were bad shots”

  28. Zanyah 17

    Zanyah 17Month ago


  29. Jewel Mendoza

    Jewel MendozaMonth ago

    Blazers in 7.

  30. SolteroConDinero

    SolteroConDineroMonth ago

    Nuggets eliminated this Sunday 😁

  31. That Guy Who Loves BBall

    That Guy Who Loves BBallMonth ago

    I hope so.

  32. david z

    david zMonth ago

    @Jesus Martinez so are Denver fans

  33. Jesus Martinez

    Jesus MartinezMonth ago

    You blazer fans are so annoying

  34. Kevin Maruthananth

    Kevin MaruthananthMonth ago

    My favourite player since his rookie year ❤️❤️❤️ And I’m a Toronto Raptors fan

  35. Strangers Path

    Strangers PathMonth ago

    @L1ghTN1nG stfu idiot

  36. L1ghTN1nG

    L1ghTN1nGMonth ago

    and fuck you

  37. Papastalin 1943

    Papastalin 1943Month ago