Am I Dating Someone? | Answering Your Questions

You have questions, I have answers! Let's talk about everything from Disney to what would happen to me if USwork died! (If you want to know why the next VidCon recap will be the last, keep scrolling.)
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"Why is the next VidCon recap the last one?"
I feel the tradition has run its course on my channel. The recaps don't get nearly as many views as my other videos, which tells me most of my audience is getting tired of them. And I hear ya. Considering I'll be a featured creator from here on out, the recaps might become repetitive and stale as VidCon is very much a working event for creators. So instead of them petering out unceremoniously, I'd rather end them with a bang! This will also free up my time to make even better content for you in the future. So here's to the new traditions to come!
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  2. NM AwesomeTV

    NM AwesomeTV3 hours ago

    Go raven claws 🦅

  3. Emily Balcer

    Emily Balcer8 hours ago

    I too am allergic to kittehs and love them, but who can’t resist the big snooted fur babies?

  4. gacha panda gacha studios

    gacha panda gacha studios11 hours ago

    To do list: youtube and eat and play and youtube again

  5. Big_Scar 7070

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  6. Tony Burgo

    Tony Burgo13 hours ago

    I know what the answer is to the riddle is DOLLS!

  7. brittany westmoreland

    brittany westmoreland13 hours ago

    You relate to Ticci-Toby from creepypasta He likes waffles, too

  8. Gacha _Kitty

    Gacha _Kitty13 hours ago

    Here is a helpful hint from me for song writing and musical instruments: 1. For writing a song, think of something that a friend or the whole world (or you) could relate to, possibly singing in front of the whole world, making a speech or getting anxiety on a test (or anything), the song could also be about how you feel as you write it or how you felt in the past 2. for the melody, go by the beat that you can't stand to NOT dance and sing to the song, and a beat that would fit for the song that you created 3. definitely do a instrument that you are interested in the most and a instrument that has the melody for the song 4. create it however you want, and while your making your song and melody, don't think about "omg, will other people like it!?!?!?" it will get you stressed and give up, go by how you want it to go 5. make sure the song is finished and has no mistakes in grammar/english 6. enjoy what you created! I hope this really helped, and thanks for all the stories that make me cheer up when I'm down! I love your channel, and i hope your going down the path that your wanting to go down on. Thanks for reading, please respond! PS: im not famous or a professional, but i do create my own songs and i follow these easy, yet simple, 6 rules i created. and don't comment on me saying you tried to publish it and they declined it cause the lyrics and melody was horrible, and don't blame anything on me if it doesn't go your way either -.-

  9. Unwanted Angel

    Unwanted Angel19 hours ago

    When Becca said "There will always be a special place in my heart for Oran Highschool Host Club" I flipped out XD

  10. Lupita Hernandez

    Lupita HernandezDay ago

    You should make a music video with boy in band

  11. Gian Joey Tolentino

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    hey get some rest i see your ayes are berry block

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    "so close that you can just smell the perfume." I'm on the toilet

  14. Zoobwndy77

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    My favorite anime is naruto

  15. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy FazbearDay ago

    Jayden knows piano and Adam from SomethingelseYT knows guitar a little bit so you could do something with them. Also Boyinaband does songs with other youtubers

  16. Brian Christiansen

    Brian ChristiansenDay ago

    You mean going to vidcon with oddsoneout

  17. Claire Chen

    Claire ChenDay ago

    What is your favorite movie? Mine is LEGO ninja

  18. Da'lyce Watson

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    Yes Oran highschool club it's so good!

  19. Anything’s The Topic

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    Ouran High School Host Club Nice

  20. Lahni S

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    the only anime I have an association with is Ouran High Host Club, good pick Rebecca

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  22. Kawaii Noodles

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    I am in a play Into The Woods! At Me School. Not telling where or I will explain where I live lol

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    I watch Orion host club to

  25. Lil M

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    This isnt related to anything in this video but im not in elite smash with Ganondorf anymore can i hit half a like

  26. Omfgfoxes ?!

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    Ah I see so I have crossed paths with a fellow picaco

  27. Casey Pace

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    I know who her boyfriend can be? Marvin the Martian, cause they both don’t have mouths

  28. Vanessa Trontel

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    Omg I love your videos reabeca I'm a very big fan love you!😊😊😊😊😊

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    LOVE you

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    I like ouran host club too😜😀🙃

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    Omg I love Ouran Academy Host Club

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    what are your mom and dad's name, nothing personal.

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    I LOVE ouran highschool host club

  35. Cutie puppy amazing Time

    Cutie puppy amazing Time2 days ago

    I walked dude duuu some time I ware sickes

  36. Thike Soe

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    What is your favorite animal

  37. Angel Wings

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    Me to

  38. Galaxy

    Galaxy2 days ago

    Can you make a vid of playing SSBU with fans?

  39. Garrett Reese

    Garrett Reese2 days ago

    Mah last name is Reese. By the way I'm a girl on mah dad's account.

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    am same I like all them

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  42. A.J.'s Channel

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    Maybe it was your black dog

  43. Elliotthegamer2010

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    Wait... if you have a voice but dont have a mouth... can your mouth secretly be hidding in your hair?

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    I’m a raven claw

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    Charmander is better

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    0:46 *insert Bee Movie meme*

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    Have you played racer Master Motor

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    I'm a hufflepuff

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    I love that ainema

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    1. Cats 2. The Lion King 3. Pirates of Penzance I performed Pirates of Penzance with my choir I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCHHHHHHH

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    Have you ever play plants vs zombies

  55. María Cisneros

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    the song of the video sounds like amtrakguy365´s engines of amtrak episode 9 the general eletric genesis

  56. Cutie Pie

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    hey rebeca why you don’t have a mouth when you make your video? 😕

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    I’m an Aussie explainer

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