Am I Dating Someone? | Answering Your Questions


  1. Gattling Golduck

    Gattling Golduck12 minutes ago


  2. Lil Judd

    Lil Judd25 minutes ago

    How do you feel about the new Cats movie?

  3. HanGiL 30

    HanGiL 3030 minutes ago

    becca when it comes to her own music no braino

  4. Minecraft Roblox Princess!!

    Minecraft Roblox Princess!!31 minute ago

    :O my sister is allergic to cats too! No lie I hate lies >:(=

  5. Mergy Baculo

    Mergy Baculo41 minute ago

    Hey Rebecca. I just saw a livestream of Merrell Twins opening their gifts from their fans at vidcon and they got fan mail that is supposed to be for you. For you to know... Love you Becca... 😊😊

  6. dankvin

    dankvinHour ago

    *ya like jazz?*

  7. Norville Rogers

    Norville RogersHour ago

    Wicked was pretty good

  8. Green Pen Critter

    Green Pen CritterHour ago

    Hey Becca! You should do the seven day vegan challenge baby solves all your problems!!!! I know I’m late

  9. Angela Cosby

    Angela CosbyHour ago

    What type of Japanese anime do you like and do you read graphic novels

  10. Yvonne Romero

    Yvonne RomeroHour ago


  11. King Ennard

    King EnnardHour ago

    4:44 *_Dave from Boyinaband would like to know your location_*

  12. DarkiamRising

    DarkiamRisingHour ago

    R.I.P Ace the doggy.

  13. GunSTICK711 Anims

    GunSTICK711 AnimsHour ago


  14. Leah Bridgeford

    Leah BridgefordHour ago

    I love that anime to

  15. Lee-Anne Holtman

    Lee-Anne HoltmanHour ago

    I Came from London to America!!!!!

  16. Vincent Salamatino

    Vincent SalamatinoHour ago


  17. justmethe Reaper

    justmethe ReaperHour ago

    You should get Boyinaband to make a song.

  18. Chase Lundgren

    Chase Lundgren2 hours ago

    RAVENCLAW BRETHREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Robin Fontaine

    Robin Fontaine2 hours ago

    I love that anime too

  20. Nya Nya

    Nya Nya2 hours ago

    Same for the princess I will work hard when I get older

  21. Tiara DE LEON ROMAN

    Tiara DE LEON ROMAN2 hours ago

    1 R.I.P for1 ase

  22. darth jar jar binks

    darth jar jar binks2 hours ago

    5:16 same

  23. Abel Loera

    Abel Loera3 hours ago

    Well since you are single can I take my chances 😉

  24. Moyra Jones

    Moyra Jones3 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss, ace is in a better place now.

  25. Adrian Kesseler

    Adrian Kesseler3 hours ago

    I had a dream of meeting you

  26. Amya Stephens

    Amya Stephens3 hours ago


  27. LCWLegoBoy Games

    LCWLegoBoy Games3 hours ago

    I’m in raven claw as well Like if you’re in raven claw

  28. Aaron Autrey

    Aaron Autrey4 hours ago

    My main in smash ultimate is Kirby.

  29. Gacha Aqua

    Gacha Aqua4 hours ago

    Do u wear only dresses no only skirts = MEEEE

  30. Gacha Aqua

    Gacha Aqua4 hours ago

    Also ravenclaw

  31. Preston Co C

    Preston Co C4 hours ago

    Honestly after watching a lot of your videos, I’m wanting to do theater tech in high school next year. Hope it’s gonna be fun! Also love your videos and I’m gonna start animating. Thanks.

  32. Jason Partridge

    Jason Partridge4 hours ago

    I love to draw abominationlike stuff like demons with swords in them

  33. samantha Vasquez

    samantha Vasquez4 hours ago


  34. Jahlisiah Lewis-Tate

    Jahlisiah Lewis-Tate4 hours ago

    Same for oron host club

  35. Matthew Hudgins

    Matthew Hudgins4 hours ago

    Where'd are you I'm a little worried

  36. Iadsiri Leon

    Iadsiri Leon4 hours ago

    I ❤ your video's!

  37. Noah and Sara Stone

    Noah and Sara Stone5 hours ago

    Rebecca, remember the secret code video? I figured it out! IT WAS MOUTH! (I think) (P.S. I know I'm super outdated)

  38. leticia briones

    leticia briones5 hours ago

    Me and my sister are into vintage things and are trying to make our house vintage style so if you can give us some ideas thank you but you dont really have to

  39. Holly Smith

    Holly Smith5 hours ago


  40. Gabriella Jones

    Gabriella Jones5 hours ago

    Get simply Piano so you can learn to play the piano And I am a big fan of your videos please shout at me

  41. Barney

    Barney5 hours ago

    Is it just me or do all animation you tubers enjoy game grumps?

  42. Distopia

    Distopia6 hours ago

    Brasileiro ?

  43. levis plushie story

    levis plushie story6 hours ago

    me to i like reeses to they are my favorite candy

  44. Chris Kopsachilis

    Chris Kopsachilis6 hours ago

    holy hecc im in ravenclaw too

  45. DA MotoNeko

    DA MotoNeko6 hours ago

    Meeting Glenn Keane. That's one of the modern animation masters. I hope you meet him one day cause you can ask the real questions ów0

  46. fuzz kitten

    fuzz kitten6 hours ago

    1:09 i am too

  47. Daniela Hernandez

    Daniela Hernandez7 hours ago

    What type of animation tablet do you use to make your videos and, how do you save and upload them?

  48. wut the heck

    wut the heck7 hours ago

    Thanks for inspiring me to be an animater

  49. Eevee and friends - Travel the regions

    Eevee and friends - Travel the regions7 hours ago

    Where did you get your book of youtubers?

  50. The nerd Terminator/TNT

    The nerd Terminator/TNT7 hours ago

    Comment: how did you get where you are now LetMeExplainstudios: I walked Handicapped person: am I a joke to you!