Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...


  1. Doctor Mike

    Doctor Mike8 days ago

    I'm Answering comments on here since the premier ended!

  2. BrothersInTheCreed

    BrothersInTheCreedDay ago

    Why is red meat bad?

  3. MattGaming201

    MattGaming2017 days ago

    can you please do it video on enhancing your jawline and if that’s even possible. in this video he claims that it’s all fake and now i’m confuses. like this so Doctor Mike can see this. :) thanks as always

  4. Golden Lioness

    Golden Lioness7 days ago

    *Doctor Mike!!!!* This might be off topic BUT.... What do you think of chiropractors? I have heard they are harmful but also really good for you and now I’m a little confused 😅 EDIT: also...this is slightly awkward but wth XD what causes gassiness? XD

  5. Christy H

    Christy H7 days ago

    The gas might have been the sudden increase in the amount of soy you were eating

  6. Fatima Ghailan

    Fatima Ghailan7 days ago

    Hey Doctor Mike Varshavski, hope you're doing well. Have you read The China Study? if so, could you do a review?

  7. Dering Thomas

    Dering Thomas22 minutes ago

    I don't know why Dr. Mike videos keep being recommend to me if I don't follow him. So annoying. It's cute you tried the vegan diet but your image to us vegans (and that's my opinion) is so low.

  8. Haven B777

    Haven B77731 minute ago


  9. Sarah WHabAJAk

    Sarah WHabAJAk34 minutes ago

    The gas is due to fiber my dude, I had the same issue when I first went vegan. Most people are fiber deficient so when they add a lot of fiber to their diet it can cause some gas.

  10. Abigail Buchmiller

    Abigail Buchmiller40 minutes ago

    I've been having more and more chicken, and fish, mainly raw fish however I cut out most of the red meat. Only having it once in a while,and I've noticed a difference in how I feel.

  11. Shiva Shiva

    Shiva Shiva49 minutes ago

    uhhh this whole video was you complaining. literally didn't try or anything. not wanting to go to the gym has nothing to do with the diet you obviously didn't eat enough and you can ask restaurants to make you something and many many many restaurants have a separate vegan menu which sometimes includes a lot of items from the original menu just veganized same portion sizes, etc. Also, you obviously don't have enough fiber in your usual diet if you had that much flatulence

  12. MindWork

    MindWork54 minutes ago

    What you tried is a diet, a plant based diet which is not the same as being Vegan. Veganism are the ethics against animal abuse and there's no way you could care about animal suffering for just 30 days. Don't get me wrong. I'm saying this to stop a little bit with the confusion between being Vegan or just practicing a diet. 💚✌️ I'm glad you made this video with a neutral perspective because I saw other doctors trying a plant based diet. They did everything wrong from the start without asking someone specialized about plant based diet, buying expensive unnecessary stuff, not planning and eating terribly bad lacking nutrients.

  13. Sophie Walters

    Sophie WaltersHour ago

    Why do doctors always wear their stethoscopes around their necks? Is it just to look cool? Is it because that what all of the other doctors do? There doesn’t seem to be a sterile reason for it...

  14. R. Keeney

    R. KeeneyHour ago

    You're braver than I am, mate. I would sooner kill myself than ever try going vegan, lol. I love meat too much and enjoy eating whatever I want.

  15. Midnight Moon

    Midnight MoonHour ago

    Next time try a whole food plant based diet and remember to eat your BEANS!!!!!!

  16. Quoc Bao

    Quoc Bao2 hours ago

    Vegan diet is disaster for human. True human diet is raw meat, fishes, and eggs. Its what the elites and those who know the truth eat.

  17. Sayeh Javid Nia

    Sayeh Javid Nia2 hours ago

    You should try food combining and/or talk about it plz

  18. clover clover

    clover clover4 hours ago

    I am 14 and i have pilonidal sinus. I think soon i am going to have procedure(after my MRI). My sinus is not that bad or swollen. I want to know how much time i need to be well recoverd after the procedure(not drainage) and how long i am going to stay in hospital? From some experiences i heard that it can be very painful.

  19. KenzieSings143

    KenzieSings1434 hours ago

    I totally disagree that honey isn’t vegan. My friend is a beekeeper and she says that harvesting the honey actually helps the beans and keeps their hives from becoming honey bound! Honey is vegan and people who disagree just don’t have enough information about the process

  20. becca6897

    becca68974 hours ago

    I don't know how possible this is but i wonder whether you could practice for a week in a doctors surgery in the UK to compare the differences between how family doctors practice is in the US to over here? All the best Dr Mike

  21. Starshine Fashion

    Starshine Fashion5 hours ago

    Dr. the 30 day baby food diet!!!

  22. Albdruck

    Albdruck5 hours ago

    The decision fatigue gets a bit easier with time when you're not interested in picking animal products again in general. I've started massively reducing my animal product consumption and when I go to the supermarket or look for restaurants/cafes, I simply blend out anything that doesn't qualify as vegan or doesn't offer vegan options. So, the temptation is just a lot less in my head, because I simply do not consider most animal products as an option I'm interested in. As for your stomach problems, the most likely cause could be too much fiber. It's a pretty common issue for people who are unfamiliar with the vegan diet

  23. paula charlotte

    paula charlotte5 hours ago

    The bees make honey for themselves. Just like cows make their breast milk for their calves. Ever heard of Dr. Michael Greger? He's an inspiring vegan doctor. Props to you for doing this 😊

  24. Rickie Roberts

    Rickie Roberts6 hours ago

    You should try carnivore next

  25. Megan Toney

    Megan Toney6 hours ago

    Can you do a video on 'will power deficit' or whatever the official term is? I'm currently in school and spend a lot of time focusing in studies and trying to 'be good' in that regard and I struggle to find motivation to exercise even though I know I'd enjoy it and be grateful for it afterwards. Any ways I'm really interested in this topic.

  26. Hedera Helix

    Hedera Helix6 hours ago

    Very disappointing to see from a doctor. Apart from some stock photos of a salad, all you could see was processed foods. I guess this is just a Thrive commercial. BTW, most processed foods cause bloating. If you cook pulses or legumes properly, you shouldn't have any problems with flatulence etc.

  27. Firefly

    Firefly6 hours ago

    Bro. So much processed food. There are tons, and TONS of recipes online that give you the freedom to make your own much healthier, less processed foods from fresh ingredients. Even youtube channels that show you step by step on how to prepare incredibly healthy, and delicious meals. When I first went vegan in 2004, there were a lot less pre-made foods available for me so I learned to make a lot of my own stuff. One of my favorite recipes is fake-tuna fish sandwich which is made from garbanzo beans as a base and uses fresh red onions, celery, dill, salt, pepper, and vegan mayo. You can bake your own bread in a bread machine which simplifies things, and I believe even make your own mayo. I'm lazy about the mayo so I buy mine. Add some lettuce, and tomato slices to complete it. Maybe a bit of mustard depending on your preferences. Point is - there's a lot of really simple, and delicious recipes that don't come pre-packaged like all the ones you showed at the start of your video.

  28. Douglas X

    Douglas X7 hours ago

    So you blew up like a beach ball?? Protip: That's your body telling you DON'T EVER feed me that again.

  29. andrea marrero

    andrea marrero7 hours ago

    u should research more about veganism.

  30. JacquesAlan

    JacquesAlan8 hours ago

    Pescatarians ftw

  31. The Boy

    The Boy5 hours ago

    Why? You still pay for sentient beings to die for an unecessary reason.

  32. Rachael DeLashmit

    Rachael DeLashmit9 hours ago

    Check out Dr Greggors research... And plan a little better if you try it again.... Lol sounds like you were winging it and had no idea what to eat 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  33. Vegan Mexican Teen

    Vegan Mexican Teen9 hours ago

    It’s my veganiversary y’all!!!! Leave a like to congratulate me ;)

  34. The Aviation Channel

    The Aviation Channel10 hours ago

    8:50 - lol. A doctor went to see the doctor. "Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, no more hot doctors jumping on the bed"

  35. Aya Africano

    Aya Africano10 hours ago

    House M.D.!!! Season 4 episode 2 "The right stuff" please please please

  36. Jen M

    Jen M10 hours ago

    You reallllyyy need to chill on the fiber if you are trying a vegan diet. I know whole grains are healthier, but those combined with legumes + veggies is a pretty big shock to the gut.

  37. Alina Valiant

    Alina Valiant10 hours ago

    Do not mix fruit with veg if you don't want gas when you eat your meals. Trust me. Works like magic!

  38. Aubrey Wayment

    Aubrey Wayment10 hours ago

    Can you talk more about mental health

  39. kaarinn C.

    kaarinn C.11 hours ago

    My heart broke to pieces every time you called us nutritionists instead of dietitians ... I still love u tho lol

  40. S7R4

    S7R411 hours ago

    tried a med diet and it made my inflammation go through the roof (into the teens on my crp) :-( Went back to all red meat diet.

  41. Three Jewels

    Three Jewels11 hours ago

    Exactly how much meat and animal products do you eat that you had this hard of a time with not eating animals? Dude, this entire video is very sophomoric and condescending. You think your friends were annoyed at your dietary needs? Imagine hearing someone who tried it saying all the same tropes of how hard it is and whine about it being a restrictive diet when there are literally so many options and that carbs make you pudgy?!!? Get the fuck out of here, dude. You should have done better on this.

  42. Timothy S

    Timothy S10 hours ago

    You're on point. This video was a bad cliche of everything that is wrong with the "tried this for 30 days" youtube video click-bait fad. The honest truth is that unless you're going Vegan because you want to reduce animal suffering, then there will only be whining and childish appeals to nonsense.

  43. Three Jewels

    Three Jewels11 hours ago

    The issue in life isn't on the people staying vegan. We need more options available in the world and not have everything full of animal products that don't need to be there. It's AMAZING that you're a doctor and couldn't figure out a sustainable vegan diet. Oh? You're not a nutritionist or an expert in this? Oh... I see.

  44. TheDeadCobra

    TheDeadCobra12 hours ago

    Just go vegetarian vegan is to extreme

  45. The Boy

    The Boy5 hours ago

    Whats extreme is repeatedly forcibly imprgnating cows, stealing their babies from them and killing the baby boys for a product that we dont need. Also extreme is killing day old male baby chicks in the egg industry because they will never produce eggs.

  46. JulianSucksAtGaming- BrawlStars/C.A.T.S/Terraria

    JulianSucksAtGaming- BrawlStars/C.A.T.S/Terraria12 hours ago

    30 Day vegan challenge baby (Solves all yo problems)


    ILLUMINATI CAT13 hours ago

    Eating everyday 100g red meat: *diabetes:* +19% chance *colorectal cancer:* +17% chance *strokes:* +11% chance

  48. John Piontkowski

    John Piontkowski13 hours ago

    sugar (as in cinnamon toast crunch) is NOT vegan. Sugar is processed with bone char . . . not vegan. technically high fructose corn syrup would be vegan, but its even worse than white sugar so . . .

  49. John Piontkowski

    John Piontkowski5 hours ago

    @Timothy S funny, every link I see says it is still used in some processes, and there is no way to know if the cane sugar you are eating may or may not have been processed using bone char

  50. Timothy S

    Timothy S10 hours ago

    The bone-char myth has been debunked. Just search google.


    ILLUMINATI CAT13 hours ago

    Sugar is vegan

  52. Boywonder 155

    Boywonder 15513 hours ago

    Vegan diet improve many diseases and can some time improve diabetes but keto is the worst type of a diet do not follow it yes it give you muscle and all of that but in long term it is going to clog up or tightly constrict your blood vessels and most of the keto diet type of food are very fatting which can give you diabetes and other type of problem one problem I have is a very fatty liver so please do not go keto at first I thought doctor mike was a very reliable source but now I don’t so please take everything he says with a grain of salt

  53. peaceandpeas56

    peaceandpeas5613 hours ago

    The thing about your tummy noises/nuisances hopefully would go away if you continued this regime. I hear a lot of new vegans going through that elegant phase. I've now been eating vegan for over 4 years and do not feel those symptoms, I assure you! :-)

  54. BeetlejuiceBeetlejuiceBeetlejuice!!!

    BeetlejuiceBeetlejuiceBeetlejuice!!!14 hours ago

    If you eat junk food as a vegan then you have nothing to blame but yourself. You could have made things like lentil chili and served it with sweet potatoes and a side salad, rice, potatoes, root tubers, veggies, fruits, salads, grains, nuts and seeds. You could have done more to prepare, gathered a list of batch recipes to make and looked up restaurants ahead of time. There's tons of plant based doctors out there with recipe books that are delicious like Dr. Greger, for a few dollars you could get a kindle version and read it without a kindle but using a website that's already on most newer computers. Yet you went mostly junk food and want to claim that's vegan. You also were in a LARGE city, I find it hard to believe you couldn't look up on google what vegan places there were and go eat that. Let's be honest you made it harder for yourself because you're biased.

  55. jensmith02

    jensmith0214 hours ago

  56. IVI a 7V g O

    IVI a 7V g O14 hours ago

    If this guy is a doctor, the world is screwed! 😂

  57. Kamile Markauskaite

    Kamile Markauskaite14 hours ago

  58. Joanne Bouchard

    Joanne Bouchard15 hours ago

    Are you really a doctor? Doesn't sound like it.

  59. CoffefeDoesArtStuffs Yt

    CoffefeDoesArtStuffs Yt16 hours ago

    Wait dr. Mike.. uh i thought that gummys had gelatin and gelatin is made of boiled animal bones so isn’t NOT vegan?

  60. Tiima 98.

    Tiima 98.16 hours ago

    wow. I could never. you're SO dedicated, props to you! ;o

  61. The Boy

    The Boy5 hours ago

    Watch Dominion

  62. Robyn Jeart

    Robyn Jeart16 hours ago

    Does anyone know if this guy is an actual doctor? Please and thank you 😊

  63. Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜᴠᴀʀᴀ

    Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜᴠᴀʀᴀ17 hours ago

    Vegan from birth here, Doctor Mike! 28 years old and I am alive! Good, isn't? It is normal when you are in the start and dont know nothing about. I recommend you to visit a Vegan / Vegetarian or Plant-Based Doctor before.

  64. Nazia Afreen

    Nazia Afreen17 hours ago

    My sisters having celiac disease. . So there is such a big mess when it comes to their diet.. I guess you should do gulten free diet challenge too @drmike #dr.mike

  65. Alyssa B

    Alyssa B17 hours ago

    Man, ever since I started eating mostly plant based (sorry I still eat eggs and a lil bit of cheese) my tummy has been a lot nicer to me 😂


    ADRIANA POPA19 hours ago

    So, we don't have morals?Ok.

  67. sash A

    sash A20 hours ago

    Best solution to start veganism= Indian food!

  68. Albert Young

    Albert Young22 hours ago

    I and partner had the same results, bloating and gas so don't feel bad. We decided that eating more plants cutting back on meats were best. We do not eat meat for breakfast, the results have been great.

  69. Katy makes it

    Katy makes it22 hours ago

    Been vegan for around 4 years...the gut totally adjusts after about 6 weeks to the new dietary changes! If you vary the types of fiber you are intaking that should help too! Like a stir fry with mixed vegetables not only broccoli....just tips from experience that helped me personally. For the motivation I found my motivation for everything was increased because I felt so positive about my actions...just me! Loved the vid!!

  70. Timothy S

    Timothy S10 hours ago

    I love broccoli. It's my favorite veg. :)

  71. Hands of Stone

    Hands of Stone22 hours ago

    Vegan is bullshit. is a fab... it will end

  72. The Boy

    The Boy5 hours ago

    Womens rights are a fad... it will end.

  73. MsMollyMuffinHead

    MsMollyMuffinHead22 hours ago

    Interesting viewpoint from a trial vegan. I've been vegan for 2 years and have worked my way through my problems. Now it's habit. Very little planning except having the right food in the house. Was concerned about your box. It was all processed food. Over half of my grocery cart is fresh produce. I've found I have much more energy after switching. Thanks for doing the challenge. The more experience you have the better you can advise your patients. I agree with one of the comments below - 30 zero waste challenge. That's a lot harder.

  74. Juan B

    Juan B23 hours ago

    BTW, a lot of people think of veganism as a weight loss diet or a way to help the environment. These are great bonuses but the number one reason as to why veganism exists is for ethics and to decrease the absolutely horrific harm we cause to animals grown and raised for meat and other products.

  75. Sarah M

    Sarah M23 hours ago

    The gas problem you experienced was most likely because of fiber, but it goes away after you get used to the higher amounts of fiber. It happened to me, too :) Oh, and I don't hate you for eating honey😊

  76. Stef H

    Stef HDay ago

    Does Thrive Market work the same way for allergies? My boyfriend has very severe allergies to eggs and tree nuts and I am allergic, although not as severely, to peanuts. Sometimes vegan stuff helps for avoiding eggs (I frequently make sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise) but it creates a lot of trouble because a good amount of protein in many vegan diets ends up coming from nuts, which creates more allergy issues. It’s also really difficult to find stuff that’s made I a completely allergy safe facility with eggs and nuts. We’re both still in high school. Eggs are really difficult to avoid, so when I’m not going to see him for 12 hours (we did a lot of research to get that number for the minimum amount of time I have to not eat something he’s allergic to before I can kiss him without risking a reaction), I still eat stuff with eggs because I live with my family and can’t always control what they buy. I want to be able to uphold this “diet” after I move out and when I go to college because I want to stay with my boyfriend and I really care about him. But this would be my first time trying to figure it all out on my own and shopping for food isn’t something I usually do a lot, so anything I could consider would help. Thanks!

  77. Aj Rana

    Aj RanaDay ago

    You should have tried Indian food it would have been delicious and have given you enough calories and nutrients next time try it .

  78. Nikki Hauk

    Nikki HaukDay ago

    Did this bitch just say it’s a restrictive diet ?

  79. Health with Dr. Sri Nagi & Justas

    Health with Dr. Sri Nagi & JustasDay ago

    Wonderful :) if you need tasty and healthy recipes, jump into my channel in recipes playlist to try few secret ayurveda dishes ;)

  80. clotioriginal

    clotioriginalDay ago

    Hey Dr. Mike! I just wanted to say that I’m really thankful you made this video. I have been a vegetarian for over 3 years now. I feel like this video really presents veganism and vegetarianism in a good light but in an unbiased way. I’m glad you put this on your platform for others to see. Thank you!

  81. The Boy

    The Boy5 hours ago

    Have you considered going vegan?

  82. RI92F4

    RI92F4Day ago

    Question: Does turning vegan causes you to a lower libido? How does it affect your hormones?

  83. RI92F4

    RI92F415 hours ago

    Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜᴠᴀʀᴀ I heard from a friend that he experiences problems when he started eating lots of soy products instead of meat for more than a few months. Wondering if this is a common problem for a male turning a vegetarian /vegan? Is it because of soy or zinc deficiency? Any useful supplements? Or plant based diets are bad for male?

  84. Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜᴠᴀʀᴀ

    Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜᴠᴀʀᴀ17 hours ago

    All depends which type of diet you have. Some vegans ate a lot of crapy and other like me, dont. I am vegan from birth.



    apparently to much fiber made me bloated n gassy so i had to change things around n yeah stopped

  86. VeganMommyof2

    VeganMommyof2Day ago

    Oh I can’t wait

  87. Jason Crawford

    Jason CrawfordDay ago

    You didn’t think there would be fruit and vegetables in Miami or at the cafeteria at MIT? Also dude please reach out to the plant based doctors in NYC like Dr. Michelle McMacken or Dr. Danielle Belardo in Philadelphia. Plus there are many more across the country. Watch Forks Over Knives. The real challenge would be a Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan diet.

  88. Kyra Holt

    Kyra HoltDay ago

    Does insurance cover a nutritionist?

  89. The Gamer Cat YT

    The Gamer Cat YTDay ago

    I lasted 12 hours being vegan (bc I didn't eat anything)and my family didn't have anything vegan.

  90. The Gamer Cat YT

    The Gamer Cat YT10 hours ago

    @Erik Perß pretty much

  91. Erik Perß

    Erik Perß10 hours ago

    So your family only has meat and cheese? Lol

  92. themax2go

    themax2goDay ago

    And you just go debunked (well, your claims did):

  93. Jenna Hirth

    Jenna HirthDay ago

    1) WHERE ARE THE VEGETABLES??? 2) honey is NOT vegan Try again.

  94. esajkf fhihe

    esajkf fhiheDay ago

    yeah i’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and vegan for 1 but i remember when i was vegan i was soooooooo gasy and bloated it was bad. i think it’s just bc ur body isn’t used to the abundance of fiber and good delicious plants so it’s like a cleanse for ur digestive system. i’m not the doctor here tho ;) so i can’t say forsure

  95. Sierra Tillman

    Sierra TillmanDay ago

    I would pick better friends. They sound terrible. They're annoyed with your 30 days of no death? You wanted to see what vegan could do for you and they were annoyed? Lmao

  96. Spencer Bryant

    Spencer BryantDay ago

    Anyone have a good resource for some example meals in the plant-focused diet Dr. Mike mentions? I have a hard time not getting stuck in a rut of processed foods without a whole bunch of easy-to-make meals. And salads never seem appetizing enough to make, honestly

  97. Nora Mae

    Nora MaeDay ago

    7:56 Chapter Nine: I Can’t Even Me: same bro

  98. Timothy S

    Timothy SDay ago

    Also, when you were out at that restaurant, you do realize don't you, that you can get those other dishes on that table in Vegan version at Vegan restaurants? The fish is the exception, but there is faux-fish available at local Vegan restaurants in my area. So.....for those watching this video, please disregard his restaurant portion. He could have had his friends go to a Vegan restaurant. So, the struggle is NOT 'real'. It's only a struggle for those who aren't truly Vegan.

  99. Abbie Harrison

    Abbie HarrisonDay ago

    The way you say legumes makes me want to throw up

  100. Iisakka Anni

    Iisakka AnniDay ago

    I very much enjoy your videos, you have such a positive energy it always makes me happy. You have mentioned enjoying green tea. Do you drink other types of tea besides green, and do you have a favourite tea?

  101. Asi Atze

    Asi AtzeDay ago

    this is just an ad video, isn't it? you can't go vegan if there isn't thrive ;)

  102. Timothy S

    Timothy SDay ago

    And one more point. Later in the video, you acted like it was "fun" being vegan like you were engaging in some kind of cultural food exchange or something. Vegan isn't a culture. You can still eat all the cultural foods of the world in a Vegan format with faux meats and recipes. Vegan is one thing and one thing only. An ethical stance to do the least harm to animals possible by making choices and engaging in buying products that don't directly harm animals and if possible, buy products that avoid indirectly harming animals. That is what being Vegan is. It's not a 'holiday experience' or something you do for 30-days. So, you actually didn't do Vegan correctly because if you did, you would still be Vegan. Vegans don't just suddenly start eating animal products again, or they were never Vegan in the first place. You either believe in harming animals for your food and other products or you believe in avoiding harming animals. For instance, if you are ethically adopting the stance of being Vegan, but you accidentally bought an animal product, you are still Vegan. No real Vegan will expect other Vegans to have God-like omniscience. The world is so full of animal products that you cannot be expected to be perfect. The whole point is that you do everything you can to avoid harming animals or contributing to the harming. And if you do that, in time, you will do a very good job of avoiding the harming of animals.

  103. Carolina Yaeger

    Carolina YaegerDay ago

    The thing is that veganism isn’t a diet... And that’s why you stick to it... I wouldn’t change it for the world... Go Vegan! ❤️ And believe it or not... Bees are exploited, You can find information about it... Anyway, i really liked the video, very informative, thank U ❤️ I’m going to subscribe.

  104. Timothy S

    Timothy S10 hours ago

    Thanks for caring about animals. :)

  105. Timothy S

    Timothy SDay ago

    First, if you are increasing your fiber too much, then try a combination of Beano (enzyme) and/or a pro-biotic for a short period until your gut adjusts. IMO, if you were consuming proper fiber-rich foods then you shouldn't have this problem. You obviously weren't eating what you claim you were before. Also, it could be your lack of fat in the vegan foods vs what you ate before. So, try adding fats? That would be my first guess if you actually have been eating high-fiber foods already.

  106. bang turden

    bang turdenDay ago

    thank you for doing this challenge. you were learning and showing first hand the struggles of (new) vegans. i hope you have more understanding of their struggles and support them even more in their quest :) i think "regular" restaurants should offer more whole food vegan options, not just for the vegans (joining their non-vegan friends) but also for the many omnivores trying to eat less meat, the healthy way. pro tip for the future: buying one or two cook books with delicious, easy but still healthy recipes really helps in the beginning.

  107. Timothy S

    Timothy SDay ago

    For the record. I had no such problems because when I first started I ate exactly the same things but just substituted in faux meats. I already was eating plenty of beans and plants before going vegan, so by just subbing in faux products I had zero issues. I still use some faux meats occasionally. There is nothing wrong with eating the recipes you ate all your life with faux products.

  108. lola

    lolaDay ago

    So bee it 😂😂

  109. zoe a

    zoe aDay ago

    you should do a gluten free celiac disease friendly diet!

  110. Timothy S

    Timothy SDay ago

    This video is such bunk. A vegan diet is not a 'miracle' diet, but is scientifically shown to have the lowest disease rates (ie, heart disease/diabetes) over a lifetime. There is NO other diet that shows this same outcome. The doctor in this video has to resort to telling you that to get the 'same' results as a vegan whole-foods diet while being an omnivore, you have to virtually eliminate animal products. That means the animal products ARE DISEASE-PROMOTING and should not be eaten in any amount. The doctor's advice is the equivalent of telling patients that smoking 1-cigarette a day shows to not kill you long-term vs not smoking. It's an absolute joke of statement and so is this doctor's recommendation to patients to still eat animal products. This video is clearly trying to be anti-vegan without trying to be 'overt' about it. Shame on this doctor for not talking about the animal suffering in corporate agriculture and not talking about the environmental impact of pollution that clearly affects health in different direct ways. Anyone who has ever lived within 20-30 miles of an animal agriculture farm can smell the animal waste that gets into rivers, streams and ground water. It emits air pollution that is dangerous to breathe (the people who work on those farms have to wear protective masks to filter out the concentration of ammonia in the air). The animals themselves live in conditions so unsanitary that they must be given antibiotics just to keep them from dying from infections. Which is creating antibiotic resistant bacteria which will harm humans. Animal agriculture isn't just bad for our dietary health, it's dangerous to our environmental health both in terms of pollution and in terms of infectious disease. Where is Doctor Mike's statement on that? Also, I'm vegan and I've traveled and I've never had a problem, especially in the last 5 years. Another complaint I have about this video is his silly non-planning of his food while traveling. Vegans always carry backup plans. You have no excuses. Another complaint I have about this video is Dr. Mike's seeming claim that getting sufficient calories is 'difficult'. That is bull-hockey. Sorry, but I'm vegan and I have to RESTRICT my intake on purpose to avoid becoming overweight. Fats and carbs are full of calories. Where were his potatoes? Where were his fats in his meals? A simple tablespoon of fat is 140 calories. If I want to add a zillion calories to my food it's as simple as adding healthy fat. A handful of cashews or walnuts are hundreds of calories. As everyone knows, you can eat a hell of a lot more than a handful of cashews or walnuts in a single sitting. Don't give me any garbage about how you "can't get enough calories". That's bull and you know it. Healthy calorie-dense vegan foods are all over the place. As I said before, I personally, have to RESTRICT my intake, ie, 'diet' my portions or I'll add on pounds. Even now I've had to restrict my calories to lose 10-15 pounds. And I eat the healthiest vegan foods compared to other vegans. If I find it hard to avoid gaining weight, how can this Doctor find it hard to eat sufficient calories? Wow. Dude. Go to the store and buy some trail mix. Instant 600 calories in a small couple of fistfuls and you won't even be full. It's possible for me to consume 1,000 calories of trail mix in a sitting, as it is for most anyone. Getting calories isn't hard. Heck, you can add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your cooked veggies, beans and rice and instantly add 280 calories of healthy fat (or use any healthy oils you want). No one should have to teach an intelligent doctor who knows nutrition how to add 'easy' calories to a plant-based meal. It's simple and I believe this video was designed to be anti-vegan in a very stealthy way. The take-out order that he ate he made it sound like his meal wasn't good. BS. I have several vegan restaurants in Las Vegas where I live that I'd be happy to take any non-vegan to where they would have a stellar taste experience, even with faux-meats and cheeses. So, I'm disliking this video. It's not being fair or honest with the viewers. Here's an example of a healthy vegan day's worth of calorie counting based on a 2,000 calories diet. Morning: 20 min Workout burns no more than 350 calories max, so we start with negative 350 calories (and that's being generous on the burn). Daily metabolic resting rate calorie intake is 1,750 calories for a 175 pound, 6ft tall man (basically the average man, give or take a few inches in height and 10 pounds of weight, but this should be very sufficient for most men in the calculations.), so we will need 2,000 calories. Let's begin. Breakfast - Bowl of Quaker oats (1/2-cup, 150 calores) with blue berries, raspberries and a banana (180 calories) and 1-cup of Silk Protein Nut Milk (130 calories) 460 calories, meets many vitamin and antioxidant requirements just by itself, full of solid carbohydrates that will last many, many hours. 16 grams of protein ***And...if you are engaging in "athletic" programs you can blend a scoop of Vega-One protein (the one with veggies and fruits) for an additional 20 grams of protein and 170 more calories. Snack, if you want, add an orange or apple or both for 100-200 calories. Afternoon: Pack a nutbutter sandwich or you can have some left-overs from a previous dinner or you can make a salad or you can make a faux-meat bologna sandwich (Yves brand is my favorite faux bologna) and you can also bring a steamable pack of frozen veggies to work and steam that in the microwave. You can also pack wheat tortillas and low-fat refried beans for a bean burrito. Again, merely use a microwave. Pre-slice your tomatoes and onions or make your own salsa to go with it. You can also make some amazingly good guacamole at home super-cheap with avocados and pack that in a container for lunch. You have so many lunch possibilities that are full of calories and nutrition that I can't possibly cover it all. Lunch - 2 whole wheat tortillas with canned low-fat refried beans along with salsa and 1/3 cup of guacamole = 250 (guac) + 50 (salsa) + 180 (tortillas) + 200 (refried beans) = 680 calories and 20 grams of protein. You can add more guac or more beans to target calories to your preference. I'm just going to stop here, because it's obvious that at this point I've shown just the 1st two meals of the day come out to about 1,300 calories and also meets the daily requirement of nearly all vitamins, minerals, contains less than 4 grams of saturated fat (only due to the avocado, otherwise you have ZERO saturated fat) and meets the needs of your macro nutrient count so far with almost 40 grams of protein (you can get more protein with more beans or your can add another cup of nut milk if you're an athlete). Anyone with even moderate research can put together a healthy dinner meal that contains 600 calories, 20 grams of protein to meet the remaining macro nutrient needs (of 65 grams of protein and 1,750 calories daily). Based on just my first two meals alone, you don't even need any servings of fruits or veggies as what I outlined already meets daily intake needs for basic vitamins and antioxidants. Perhaps the dinner meal can have some steamed carrots for beta-carotene intake, but that's really splitting hairs here. The bottom line is that it's EASY to get calories whether you're just an average person doing moderate exercise or an athlete. If you ever have a need to pack on more calories, just add a tablespoon of fat to steamed veggies or a pack of walnuts or cashews, etc. I don't want to hear anymore about "calorie deficiency" from an "expert" ever again.

  111. foxclaw24

    foxclaw24Day ago

    Also sugar is not vegan it had bones in it to make it white

  112. Misha Cruz

    Misha CruzDay ago

    Actual sugar is made from SUGAR CANE. Lokk it up!

  113. Liesbeth de Vries

    Liesbeth de VriesDay ago

    Drink fresh tap water, eat half of what you normally eat, eat slowly, 2 times meat a week, eggs as supplement, one apple a day keeps the doctor away. I simply eat what my body is asking for. If I want to eat chocolate, I eat it without having to plague myself with a bad conscience. Do sports, art for a healthy body and mind. Rest when your body tells you to rest. My dad and my brother were MDs. Grew up knowing this. Both my dad and brother have passed away. Mortal illnesses. You remind me of them. Wait, you're 200 pounds? Where is all that weight hiding? Saw the game playing videos 😂 New fan here. PS You must be the first doctor that doesn't self medicate having an upcoming airway infection 😉

  114. Linnéa LS

    Linnéa LSDay ago

    Why did you not eat a lot of nuts and avokado? You should had eaten a lot more fat, its not so hard 😆 You need to replace the fat you ate, to other fats! Sometimes the stomach gets ajusted! Also when you are changing a lifestyle/new diet, there is a lot of changes that you are not used to, but once you are, its not that hard and you probably have more time and energy/motivation to go to the gym haha! Other than that, thsnk you so much for making a fair try, and being open minded about Veganism 😊🌸

  115. yuh_yeet_hazel

    yuh_yeet_hazelDay ago

    notice me 👁👄👁;-;

  116. starhealth

    starhealthDay ago

    It took me 8 months of easing into a vegan diet while doing tons of research on the health, environmental and animal impacts of what we eat. I also researched a lot about a healthy balanced vegan diet (Dr Greger is the best!). Now I have been fully vegan for nearly w years and I have never felt like it is restrictive (even while I was pregnant). I no longer view animal products as food so it isn't restrictive. Just like if you were to move to a place in the world where most restaurants served rat meat in all dishes, you probably wouldn't view staying away from rat meat as restrictive becasue you probably wouldn't be able to get over the fact that you don't view rat meat as food. Research, more research and planning is key.

  117. starhealth

    starhealthDay ago

    Pretty good video. You tried to be unbiased. But woudl be nice for you to plan better and try again. If you had a problem with gas then you probably need to ease into the diet first, do it longer than 30 days and not eat so many processed foods). Also, you should look into the environmental benefits of being vegan as well as the nutritional benefits (and don't forget the animals) this will make you feel exited about being vegan instead of viewing it as restrictive.

  118. Eli Ochoa

    Eli OchoaDay ago

    I think you shouldn’t even try it if you really don’t want to. There is no sense in that. Even less if you’re gonna eat like that😂 I thought you liked eating healthy.

  119. Princesa Gr

    Princesa GrDay ago

    Mediterranean diet is the best ?

  120. Joey Nicole

    Joey NicoleDay ago

    Hello i really lile your videos but i really would like you to do a video on blood disorders since most people dont know what they are or how they work or the diffrent types

  121. L Potter

    L PotterDay ago

    I'm vegan and my roomies are vegan, in my experience: - Having gut problems is completely normal, it can take as much as three months for your body to get used to the new diet, it depends on how much fiber you usually eat.(One time we throw a party and most people thought they had gotten sick because they were going very often to the bathroom... And we were like... Relax... Is just the fiber. And yes, they were totally okay) - You probably felt this lack on will because you weren't doing this out of your own principles.It is much different when you do it because of your believings. - Actually learning how to eat outside being vegan, specially if you are eating with non vegan people I think , , is the hardest part.It can take you months and months to learn where and what.And being on a trip... Is hard even for an experienced vegan. - Finally, this is for you as a doctor: If you already have proposed a patient to include any food of animal origin in their diet and they refused, DO NOT INSIST, DO NOT PROPOSE IT AGAIN unless it is absolutely necessary.For many ofusthis is a matter of ethics, basic principles and believes, so is not up for consideration and it is just very annoying and sometimes even insulting or hurtful.

  122. stranger danger

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