Juan Soto, Adam Eaton LAUNCH homers to put Nationals ahead in World Series Game 6

Adam Eaton went deep first, and then Juan Soto smashed an absolutely epic shot to follow that up and give the Nationals the lead in World Series Game 6.
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  1. mynameisNATE

    mynameisNATE9 days ago

    You can see Soto mouthing “boom” at Chirinos & then proceeding to blast that ball outta the universe lmao

  2. George Kitchen

    George Kitchen6 days ago


  3. Theo Wood

    Theo Wood16 days ago

    That home run was gigantic, I love the bat carry. I love Soto.

  4. SLR107FR31

    SLR107FR3117 days ago

    I didn't hear any super loud whistles right before these home runs.

  5. Troy James

    Troy James21 day ago

    Verlander looked like an idiot in these two ABs why you double and tripling up pitches? Pitching over confidently cost him every time

  6. Troy James

    Troy James21 day ago

    Astros cheat and lose lol

  7. El varon De rd

    El varon De rdMonth ago


  8. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    Take that bregman

  9. Loneski255

    Loneski255Month ago

    Lol verlander saying not here and the next pitch he gives up a bomb. Hate verlander so much.

  10. fredderation

    fredderationMonth ago

    Damn! Soto just pulverized that ball! into the upper deck! 3:09

  11. Rissmel Martínez

    Rissmel MartínezMonth ago


  12. Neema Fouladi

    Neema FouladiMonth ago


  13. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan Gonzalez25 days ago

    Neema Fouladi yes that was a bomb

  14. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar13Month ago

    I didn’t see where sotos homer landed. Only saw where they pointed the camera. That ball never landed lmao. It flew all the way to the anacostia river in DC.

  15. Michael M. Alvarez

    Michael M. AlvarezMonth ago


  16. DJ Wheelie Time

    DJ Wheelie TimeMonth ago

    Juan Soto is loco for hitting bombs

  17. Stephen P

    Stephen PMonth ago

    Soto should have been MVP. I feel like the winning team has a say and they gave it to Stras to try and get him to stay.

  18. edison t

    edison tMonth ago

    @TheBagBalm soto helped the nats win game 1, 2, 6, and 7, without soto the astro would have won in 5 games and I'm not taking any credit from Strasburg

  19. TheBagBalm

    TheBagBalmMonth ago

    Strasberg deserved the MVP. Where was Soto in game 3 & 4.

  20. TheMrgonzalo05

    TheMrgonzalo05Month ago

    Verlander needs to hit up Hank Hill for some butt pads.

  21. DodgerFan1988

    DodgerFan1988Month ago

    2:49: "I got you where I want you."

  22. Matthew Vasquez

    Matthew VasquezMonth ago

    The WS was fix game

  23. Texas Fender

    Texas FenderMonth ago

    I hate Soto so much. I hate his character and how unprofessional he is. He needs to grow up.

  24. Norwood Robins

    Norwood RobinsMonth ago

    Good things happen when you work the pitcher Soto knew at 3 balls he would get a fastball and turn or it

  25. Austin Davidson

    Austin DavidsonMonth ago

    Verlander is done. Send him home.

  26. Francis Martínez

    Francis MartínezMonth ago

    La fiera 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴💪💪💪💪💪

  27. ivan paco23

    ivan paco23Month ago

    Juan soto el dominicano ❤

  28. Dpmode TapiaBeltran

    Dpmode TapiaBeltranMonth ago

    Bregman youre an idiot😂

  29. Nile

    NileMonth ago

    3:10 is probably the best sound I’ve ever heard.


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Where the ball go never saw it

  31. Yunito R.D

    Yunito R.DMonth ago

    La fiera 🔥🔥

  32. Chris Pimentel

    Chris PimentelMonth ago

    Honestly that speed racer celebration after a home run makes a big boost to the entire team. Especially on the road when u hear yourself clearly roaring because the crowd is being a bunch of puppies 🐶 😂

  33. victor fernandez

    victor fernandezMonth ago

    Dominican power 🇩🇴 platano power SOTO, Bryce harper dimelo where u at, no te veo. Cua cua cua. Im red sox fan, Today nationals fan goo nationals

  34. Jim Fromearth

    Jim FromearthMonth ago

    I love when these guys hit homers with no runners on base.😛

  35. Jim Fromearth

    Jim FromearthMonth ago

    Nats will win tonight🎊🎉🎊🍾🥂🎂. The visitors always win in other teams ballpark.lol

  36. jackbauer123321

    jackbauer123321Month ago


  37. Derek Straker

    Derek StrakerMonth ago

    3:06 Protip: when you're thinking about baseball to last longer in bed, **don't** think about this Soto homerun.


    HONDA JITZMonth ago


  39. へけっ

    へけっMonth ago


  40. Joey Votto

    Joey VottoMonth ago

    Stros take da L

  41. Alex Montero

    Alex MonteroMonth ago

    Juan Soto ese muchacho comió mucho platano

  42. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel SanchezMonth ago

    I guess Kershaw isn't the only bad pitcher in the post season lol

  43. 黃立豪

    黃立豪Month ago

    2:57 boom

  44. Juan  Suriel

    Juan SurielMonth ago

    Juan Soto MVP National