I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ALLOWED! MLB The Show 19 | Battle Royale

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ALLOWED! MLB The Show 19 | Battle Royale
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  1. The Notorious gaming _

    The Notorious gaming _Month ago

    Did you see the first guys name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Kaden Ross

    Kaden RossMonth ago


  3. Mason the sweat Hodges

    Mason the sweat HodgesMonth ago

    My team is mike trout Jackie Robinson Christian Yelich Gary Sanchez

  4. Allen Whittaker

    Allen WhittakerMonth ago

    Hey sounds like Ralphie May

  5. El Depre

    El DepreMonth ago

    No hitter πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  6. RespectProcess

    RespectProcessMonth ago

    Dick slappers

  7. Yuri Tanaka

    Yuri TanakaMonth ago

    dick slappers

  8. Michael Ye

    Michael YeMonth ago

    Show us the draft smh

  9. Lupus Of Darkness

    Lupus Of DarknessMonth ago

    11:22 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dick slappers

  10. Danny _baseball15

    Danny _baseball15Month ago

    I have Honus Wagner and Jose Batista

  11. Marianne Antonio

    Marianne AntonioMonth ago

    Yo mighty goat can you make more irl vids

  12. Alex Reffner

    Alex ReffnerMonth ago

    Why don’t you show the draft?

  13. MrZachPlayz

    MrZachPlayzMonth ago

    7:05 that name is very inappropriate!

  14. B-Money Sports

    B-Money SportsMonth ago

    MrZachPlayz no it’s not baby

  15. Owen Miller

    Owen MillerMonth ago

    Do a team build Video Only switch hitters The 9 switch

  16. Carson Binder

    Carson BinderMonth ago

    This team is insane and Jorge pasad is like 300000

  17. jcampbell8684

    jcampbell8684Month ago

    Was the other team named Dick Slappers

  18. Ace High

    Ace HighMonth ago

    LOL. He says this every br draft. Loss in game 5

  19. AngelPlays 9

    AngelPlays 9Month ago

    Triple nightmares or the triple breakouts


    SKULLY_ DOONMonth ago

    It should be Triple threat


    3LITE GR1NDERSMonth ago

    Carson Smith is underrated to me

  22. Jessica Dracoulis

    Jessica DracoulisMonth ago

    You should call them the separation of powers

  23. faxhandle

    faxhandleMonth ago

    Eddie Murray was a beast during his career. 😊

  24. RespectProcess

    RespectProcessMonth ago

    I loved him in nutty professor

  25. Vinyl_Fever

    Vinyl_FeverMonth ago

    Would have been cool to see the draft

  26. SC CROC

    SC CROCMonth ago

    Time to make different content mighty these view ain’t cutting it

  27. Jonathan Phillips

    Jonathan PhillipsMonth ago

    That catch at 7:00 was unbelievable

  28. LB Gaming

    LB GamingMonth ago

    Mighty has the GOAT squad

  29. Mav Rutt

    Mav RuttMonth ago

    triple threat is a good name or the devils advocates

  30. Garrett Wiggins

    Garrett WigginsMonth ago

    The triple threat

  31. Alex Swift

    Alex SwiftMonth ago

    Yeah i’m sorry goat, no renfroe, no soler, no gallo, this draft is actually kinda trash tbh, REDRAFT

  32. Alex Swift

    Alex SwiftMonth ago

    and you used all your diamonds on the real team, not a single good pitcher, eddie murray over who did you take

  33. Nolan Jeffreys

    Nolan JeffreysMonth ago

    Hi. Mighty great vid

  34. michal derespino

    michal derespinoMonth ago

    Mighty get like a 99 Donaldson for your mane team

  35. Gabriel Bondi

    Gabriel BondiMonth ago

    mighty goat you are a mighty goat at mlb the show and baseball

  36. gusdahlehhater

    gusdahlehhaterMonth ago

    You are the BEST play-by-play announcer in history! "It's a shot to the gap....Nope, lazy fly ball to right." "He's SO out at home....Nope, he's safe by a mile". LMAO!!!

  37. Outdoor Vlogs

    Outdoor VlogsMonth ago

    Wassup MIGHTY

  38. Oliver Ross

    Oliver RossMonth ago

    If only you got Donaldson

  39. gusdahlehhater

    gusdahlehhaterMonth ago

    No Josh Donaldson means it's NOT the best BR team ever! LIAR!!!!

  40. Student Nicklaus Ramirez

    Student Nicklaus RamirezMonth ago

    You should name it the triple threat

  41. henry larcoran

    henry larcoranMonth ago


  42. FaDe inches

    FaDe inchesMonth ago

    not leaving a like on this video is illegal

  43. Timothy Gauss 3

    Timothy Gauss 3Month ago

    Mighty when you draft Koogs BR team please Sabotage him.

  44. wiam smit

    wiam smitMonth ago

    If only you had Joey Gallo...

  45. Merrill Berkowitz

    Merrill BerkowitzMonth ago


  46. Cody Judge

    Cody JudgeMonth ago

    Your the best

  47. LB TV

    LB TVMonth ago


  48. MLB Network

    MLB NetworkMonth ago

    You have a 🐐 team

  49. The Show Gaming

    The Show GamingMonth ago


  50. MLB Network

    MLB NetworkMonth ago

    Mighty the 🐐

  51. Pauk Hunch

    Pauk HunchMonth ago

    Respond to me goat paljsgdgshwsgsh

  52. Jodi Islam

    Jodi IslamMonth ago


  53. Maude 37

    Maude 37Month ago

    Mighty I have been watching sense u did the spongebob baseball

  54. Mr. Sports

    Mr. SportsMonth ago

    Me too

  55. Kiernan Hairell

    Kiernan HairellMonth ago

    Goat respond

  56. Yeet Man

    Yeet ManMonth ago

    Kiernan Hairell I’m a goat so got eem

  57. legend playZ

    legend playZMonth ago

    Here I am

  58. robdexter

    robdexterMonth ago


  59. Ariel Deleon

    Ariel DeleonMonth ago


  60. Ariel Deleon

    Ariel DeleonMonth ago


  61. Cameron Sharpe

    Cameron SharpeMonth ago


  62. MLB Network

    MLB NetworkMonth ago

    You are 1st

  63. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge RodriguezMonth ago


  64. Maria Valdez

    Maria ValdezMonth ago