All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect


  1. Eddie G

    Eddie G4 minutes ago

    Im a rain f--er??

  2. KittenMgn

    KittenMgn11 hours ago

    Na na na na Hey yeah eh... goodbye

  3. santiago Bernabéu victor y ravi

    santiago Bernabéu victor y ravi12 hours ago

    Careless cory left his bag in the airport

  4. Salockin Gaming

    Salockin Gaming13 hours ago

    Test your Intelligence by clicking the symbol that matches this... 👍

  5. Salockin Gaming

    Salockin Gaming5 hours ago


  6. chests_

    chests_9 hours ago

    Yep. The video’s like button. Not yours

  7. xxRageOfRandomnessxx Central

    xxRageOfRandomnessxx Central13 hours ago

    Coby loses a battle: :/ Everyone: I was rooting for you, We were all rooting for you!

  8. Rachata Kunakitkumjohn

    Rachata Kunakitkumjohn19 hours ago

    Next battle should be dizzy soccer battle

  9. Judah Weir

    Judah Weir22 hours ago

    I call the clay pigeon launcher the skeet yeeter

  10. EvanJust Vlogs

    EvanJust VlogsDay ago

    Let’s go dude perfect i guys r the best

  11. Cooper Wind

    Cooper WindDay ago

    If they make a fourth one hit the like button if they should add a lacrosse stick

  12. James Ybarra

    James YbarraDay ago

    Cooper Wind they had lacrosse in the first one

  13. broopa grace

    broopa graceDay ago

    Purple HO-ZER🎏

  14. RyBoss 26

    RyBoss 26Day ago

    Loved the 4:29 editing job

  15. dada dumdum

    dada dumdumDay ago

    Both the twins ended the same way 😂😂

  16. 10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge

    10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos ChallengeDay ago

    5:43 that vein pop tho

  17. Victor Gavloski

    Victor GavloskiDay ago

    Jesus loves you friends

  18. DrLockerson

    DrLockersonDay ago

    AnYoNe HeRe WaTcHiNg WhIle BrEaThInG ?? LiKe If YoU aRe

  19. Ximena Uribe

    Ximena Uribe2 days ago

    And Basketball

  20. IceWarrior101

    IceWarrior1012 days ago

    So in the last video Cory kept running ahead without his bag... now he he forgets it at the airport..

  21. Gabby Huval

    Gabby Huval2 days ago

    Fan of purple hoser & Ty

  22. Francis Jacob Santos

    Francis Jacob Santos2 days ago

    *When Coby loses or exits early in a battle* *Exit video*

  23. L AND G - L AND G Gaming - Brilliant Bricks

    L AND G - L AND G Gaming - Brilliant Bricks2 days ago

    5:44 = Wow! Look at the veins in Ty’s arm! Dude Perfect Rule The World Of USwork!

  24. Death Pineapple

    Death Pineapple2 days ago

    I’m not making a joke I have been counting and this is the 100th time I’ve watched this video :|

  25. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith2 days ago

    Really? With all the money that Cory makes he couldn’t buy a golf bag at the pro shop?

  26. Giovanni Chiuch

    Giovanni Chiuch3 days ago

    I'm on team ty

  27. Marc

    Marc3 days ago

    9:23 why Cody took the shot by fishing rod he should have taken that shot by a oar because he was inside the circle

  28. Timekeeper043

    Timekeeper0432 days ago

    Marc they had to

  29. Tfoil

    Tfoil3 days ago

    Litteraly thought you tossed turtle away man mini heart attack haha

  30. MasterJack787

    MasterJack7873 days ago

    5:42 I thought he threw the turtle for a second 😂

  31. Apple Juice Productions

    Apple Juice Productions3 days ago

    5:34 I thought he was throwing the turtle 😂

  32. Alex Srmabekian

    Alex Srmabekian3 days ago

    6:39 I thought he was throwing the turtle

  33. Judy Dosch

    Judy Dosch3 days ago

    They are so talented

  34. Hayden Roof

    Hayden Roof4 days ago

    66665 what that’s 666

  35. HaHa BlahBlah

    HaHa BlahBlah4 days ago

    My cat died last year

  36. Tray Gillis

    Tray Gillis4 days ago

    Are coby and cory twins?🤷‍♂️

  37. Timekeeper043

    Timekeeper0432 days ago

    No...Course they are

  38. Giovanni Chiuch

    Giovanni Chiuch3 days ago


  39. Tray Gillis

    Tray Gillis3 days ago

    Can we get 100 subs with no videos i just found out they twins

  40. Can we get 100 subs with no videos

    Can we get 100 subs with no videos3 days ago

    Tray Gillis 🤦‍♂️

  41. The_NOT clan

    The_NOT clan4 days ago

    I thought that was the turtle 😂😂 😂

  42. Mbjet YT

    Mbjet YT4 days ago

    5:38 I thought he threw spot lol

  43. Sg Gam1ng

    Sg Gam1ng5 days ago

    4:25 = new dude perfect song called Purple Hoser

  44. Alex Slaggie

    Alex Slaggie5 days ago

    Team Ty

  45. Benjamin & Timothy Rees

    Benjamin & Timothy Rees5 days ago

    I thought you were mister it's playable Ty

  46. MathewD Willis2

    MathewD Willis25 days ago

    5:34 I thought he threw the turtle

  47. Steve Brooks

    Steve Brooks5 days ago

    There’s no golf in this battle but it’s all sports golf battle

  48. Timekeeper043

    Timekeeper0432 days ago

    Steve Brooks golf rules.

  49. Isaac Fontes

    Isaac Fontes5 days ago

    How do you leave your bag at the airport? Your just going to put the supplies under a seat, how can that fit under the seat

  50. Kathy Filiata

    Kathy Filiata5 days ago

    Where are they from

  51. Alex Herrera

    Alex Herrera5 days ago

    I like cody the best

  52. Joshuafin The Channel

    Joshuafin The Channel6 days ago


  53. Jared Young

    Jared Young6 days ago

    I played baseball NOT T ball

  54. SmugLyric Carpenter

    SmugLyric Carpenter6 days ago

    Cómo se llama la canción de fondo?

  55. nafiz rules

    nafiz rules6 days ago

    Australians cringing at how they kick the rugby ball

  56. Raymond Sikes

    Raymond Sikes6 days ago


  57. Catcool 1

    Catcool 16 days ago

    When ty found the turtle on his round I thought he flung the turtle

  58. Ash Playz

    Ash Playz6 days ago

    I wanna co.e to do that with y'all but. I won't be able to ;^;. And it looks fun to do and I love.sports but I won't be able to join y'all ;-;

  59. Sngrgrl82

    Sngrgrl826 days ago

    I’m from St.Louise