What Makes The Pixel 4 Special?

Early impressions of the new 2019 Google Pixel 4 with 90 Hz screens, radar-based motion sensors and some new camera features. Is the Pixel 4 for you?
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  1. Dave Lee

    Dave LeeMonth ago

    After all the leaks here we are. What do you think? Is the Pixel 4 the phone for you?

  2. Jed Cutler

    Jed Cutler12 days ago

    Yep. Already bought mine😁

  3. Vinay Naidu

    Vinay Naidu22 days ago

    Mr Dave , can u please research and do a video about how to dualboot parrot OS on a 2019 MacBook

  4. Irfan Nafri

    Irfan Nafri23 days ago

    Ya ofcorse!!! if I got the money I would go for pixel 4 xl! Owing a pixel device gives you pride as much as owing an iPhone !!

  5. gr8tmuzic11

    gr8tmuzic11Month ago

    Cristian Having personality from 2006. Man they should’ve stuck with the notch. Those huge chins make it look like Dom Delouise at an all you can eat buffet. All that screen area wasted. Plus in 2019 a 1080p selfie camera is just shoddy lazy cheap engineering. What’s the selling point of this phone? Air gestures that have been around for a decade already? Not to mention that 90Hz display is going to chew through those tiny batteries they put in. Good luck Android fanbots getting anywhere close to half a day without plugging in.

  6. Shine Style

    Shine StyleMonth ago

    It is not coming to India because of that radar and very high Prices, they better not to.

  7. kanishk lal

    kanishk lal9 hours ago

    4:11 64 Gigs of Ram....XD

  8. Nolan Thomas

    Nolan Thomas3 days ago

    I’m happy with my Google Pixel 3xl that I picked up from Amazon Refurbished for $300. Not worth upgrading in my eyes

  9. David Martrano

    David Martrano4 days ago

    I think the prices on both pixals are gonna drop like a lead balloon. Google why, talk about screwing the pooch? Oh boy!

  10. David Martrano

    David Martrano4 days ago

    Why would I want to pay 800.00+ dollars for a phone with a 2800mamp battery & only 64gb's of storage? Dave, why?

  11. Mauricio Vega

    Mauricio Vega9 days ago

    This phone is full of shit.

  12. Jagadish Sapphire

    Jagadish Sapphire12 days ago

    The phone that breaks easily .....

  13. adrian strozier

    adrian strozier13 days ago

    Mainstream tech reviewers: Doesn't have a wide angle camera and it cost too much. Actually consumers: you guys get the devices for free...so don't talk to average consumers about price.

  14. 谢鹏程

    谢鹏程14 days ago

    i don't think this is special

  15. Badny Gonzalez

    Badny Gonzalez19 days ago

    Any chance we can get the background on that thumbnail ?

  16. Mystic dumbass

    Mystic dumbass19 days ago

    God damn i an starting to hate google for releasing such an ugly and overpriced piece of shit.

  17. Mystic dumbass

    Mystic dumbass19 days ago

    bad battery life, no ultra-wide and the fucking price.

  18. Little Romeo

    Little Romeo21 day ago

    64 gigs ko ram what dave

  19. Irfan Nafri

    Irfan Nafri23 days ago

    What's pixel phone good for? 1.excellent camera quality 2.regular and extended software updates 3.google assistance in pixel which is lot better than siri

  20. russell perez

    russell perez24 days ago

    Sooooo ... Wasn't the pixel 3 and 3XL priced about the same or more? Upon introduction.

  21. Roberto Villani

    Roberto Villani24 days ago

    Google has become Apple only gimmick updates once in a year and wtf is 64GB in 2019? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. RaenYrtham

    RaenYrtham24 days ago

    Nokia and Microsoft had a Lumia smartphone prototype called McLaren which had a new technology called 3D Touch. You could use the smartphone without actually touching the screen. It may be a different implementation, but this RADAR tech from Google on Pixel 4 has nothing of new. www.windowscentral.com/nokia-mclaren-review uswork.info/videos/200bl3A6sAw-video.html

  23. Syed Tanwir Ahmed

    Syed Tanwir Ahmed25 days ago

    One problem with dave lee's video is that he beats too much around the bush and doesn't come to a conclusive end.

  24. Duane McMahon

    Duane McMahon26 days ago

    I own the phone and I'm perfectly happy with it!

  25. Syed Wahab

    Syed Wahab26 days ago

    $799.99 for a for a phone with 64 GB RAM?!? How could I go wrong!?!

  26. Ivan Jaen

    Ivan Jaen26 days ago

    Came in here thinking this was going to be a phone that would make my iPhone feel bad but no, I found everyone hating the Pixel 4. Wow.

  27. Iftikhor Khudoyorov

    Iftikhor Khudoyorov26 days ago

    What makes it special??? Nothing!!!


    DHRUBO ROY26 days ago

    What makes the p4 spacial? - nothing

  29. Hassan Raza 2

    Hassan Raza 227 days ago

    Plzzzz Dave! Share the name of the background music!

  30. Sheikh Jobayed

    Sheikh Jobayed27 days ago

    Nothing 😂😂😂😂

  31. Xuân Huy Phạm

    Xuân Huy Phạm27 days ago

    Except the price, px4 xl is good.

  32. Akshay Singh

    Akshay Singh27 days ago

    The only problem to me is if they were not going with a notch or anything, atleast, ATLEAST, they could have made the phone symmetrical

  33. CiCiDiaries

    CiCiDiaries27 days ago

    The best thing about the Pixel 4 is that it made the Pixel 3 even cheaper

  34. Aydin Bayircikli

    Aydin Bayircikli27 days ago

    I ordered one, used for 45 mins and decided to return to iPhone XS Max Google selling this phone for 899$ right now when their new phone comes out try to trade in this pixel 4 and they would not pay more than $250-300 where they pay the top dollar for the iPhone

  35. Tetsuo_G9

    Tetsuo_G927 days ago

    The gigantic battery makes it so special (especially the normal Pixel 4)! :)

  36. Holfisteng

    Holfisteng28 days ago

    I don't see why should I switch my Galaxy S10 to this one.

  37. Apostolis Gogos

    Apostolis Gogos28 days ago

    if it was any other brand, it would be trash. but it has the google logo on it and everyone is ok with it.. its a bad phone

  38. Anubhav Kesarwani

    Anubhav Kesarwani28 days ago

    iPhone11 >>> Pixel4

  39. Anubhav Kesarwani

    Anubhav Kesarwani28 days ago

    I love that coloured lock button

  40. Jeff Hong

    Jeff Hong28 days ago

    64gb of ram, what a steal

  41. Senhuei Chen

    Senhuei Chen28 days ago


  42. bruh that's cringe

    bruh that's cringe28 days ago

    im here to see the progress of dave's daddification

  43. Zarikk

    Zarikk28 days ago

    lol this phone seems to be the popular thing to hate on atm, i think it looks great

  44. Zuhayr Dalwai

    Zuhayr Dalwai29 days ago

    64 gigs of storage, not ram 😅

  45. Teejay David

    Teejay David29 days ago

    here you look older than your other videos. I like your vids.

  46. Michel Bruns

    Michel Bruns29 days ago

    WYSIWYG that’s the name

  47. xf tf

    xf tf29 days ago

    I am happy with my 6000 mah phone 😂😂

  48. YanVee Games

    YanVee Games29 days ago

    At 800... No. :|

  49. Eltrysium

    Eltrysium29 days ago

    What makes this better than my cheaper One Plus 7 Pro? Comparing to the Pixel 4 XL, according to gsmarena.com the Pixel 4 XL has a smaller screen, lower resolution- albeit I think this is what allows for it to have a higher PPI, a lower MP camera, the same or less GB of ram, smaller battery, the same processor, same GPU, more expensive for less storage space, sound features exclude Dolby Atmos, no under-screen fingerprint sensor. And it's only saving grace is the 90hz refresh rate...something I have on my One Plus 7 Pro- and it's cheaper. The phone physically looks less attractive. I seriously just absolutely cannot understand this phone. What makes this Pixel standout-What, a radar sensor and a pretty color??? Is that the reason to cut all the major corners and some more? It smells like a classic Apple move: Paying for the brand.

  50. TresspasingToad

    TresspasingToadMonth ago


  51. TID {Technology in Depth}

    TID {Technology in Depth}Month ago

    Ans of the title:Big bezels

  52. Daniel Terjesen

    Daniel TerjesenMonth ago

    I wish that i could shoot a 90 fps 1080p video and see the video in 90hz :)

  53. Anel Grebić

    Anel GrebićMonth ago

    Dave, mate, how r you, ur face looks somehow diffrent? what happend ?

  54. Дмитрий Фролов

    Дмитрий ФроловMonth ago

    Don't get me wrong, but these rounded corners are gay. What's gonna be next, squircle screen? How good it looks from the back, and how disappointing the front face is..

  55. feuerrmFilms

    feuerrmFilmsMonth ago

    Nothing, really

  56. LateNite

    LateNiteMonth ago

    I'd rather have a forehead than a notch. I don't like screen obstructions. Not a big fan of the hole punch either, that's why I'm hanging on to my s9. PLUS I love my headphone jack.

  57. amin nick

    amin nickMonth ago

    The best reviewer ever i mean ever

  58. Eli Lozano

    Eli LozanoMonth ago

    I love you Dave

  59. Ali Rabbani

    Ali RabbaniMonth ago

    just came here to write: nothing. bye guys

  60. Ahmad Aburahma

    Ahmad AburahmaMonth ago

    It’s ugly and overpriced that it actually makes the iPhone looks like a better value

  61. keven adarraga

    keven adarragaMonth ago

    Why are people so upset for camera settings and shots in the dark or 2 to 3 cameras thats not what life is about . I certainly dont care how a picture comes out. Skinny latte drinking punks that comfort themselves in their urine bitch every moment in life they can .

  62. niklas johansson

    niklas johanssonMonth ago

    its just hella ugly

  63. CODeRED

    CODeREDMonth ago

    Did i just hear 64 gigs of RAM?

  64. manik chhabra

    manik chhabraMonth ago

    Get pixel 4 camera in your smartphone: uswork.info/videos/A5qFrLwnFHs-video.html Subscribe and like if it helps! Thanks!

  65. Alexandre Tapin

    Alexandre TapinMonth ago

    I don't know yet. I would have to get some hands on time. Cheers