Carlos Correa RAKES 2-run home run to extend Astros' lead in World Series Game 5 | MLB Highlights

Carlos Correa nailed a 2-run homer to put the Astros' lead at 4-0 in World Series Game 5!
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  1. Apex7PredatorX

    Apex7PredatorXMonth ago

    That was a great at-bat

  2. Eastbay Baseball cards

    Eastbay Baseball cardsMonth ago

    Turn on captions

  3. Op dawg

    Op dawgMonth ago

    You can see here how the ambiguous strike zone allows the umps to determine the outcome of games. That 3rd pitch could easily have been called strike 3.

  4. Justin Everett

    Justin EverettMonth ago

    If the nats are the baby sharks.. Then the Astros are the fishermen catching them lmao

  5. jmar28a

    jmar28aMonth ago

    Now these are the Nationals that I’m used to seeing!

  6. Joseph Trusty

    Joseph TrustyMonth ago

    Correa's bat speed is phenomenal.

  7. Jake Ü

    Jake ÜMonth ago

    Thumbnail says Springer lolol

  8. EpicLedger LLC

    EpicLedger LLCMonth ago

    Correa knew what was coming his way. You can see him nodding 2:42

  9. x2k Nickz

    x2k NickzMonth ago

    Why was Springer on the thumbnail

  10. Qualified Automotive Solutions

    Qualified Automotive SolutionsMonth ago

    couldnt of happened to the america hating national fans. maga muthr fkrs!

  11. Kori Jenkins

    Kori JenkinsMonth ago

    Oh I know, all the Nats fans think the 0-2 pitch is a strike. (It's not) Don't be mad at the ump. Be mad at Correa for laying off it.

  12. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    But it was called a strike for Cole. Along with many other borderline pitches. Ump was inconsistent with the zone all night. Not saying that's why the Nats lost, but when a team is struggling to hit and they're facing the likely AL Cy Young winner, it's really hard to get anything going when you have a inconsistent strike zone.

  13. Ya Boi Tom

    Ya Boi TomMonth ago

    With the way the Nats are basically dying a slow death it’s hard for them to have any real momentum I see Astros winning a close game 6

  14. mathiasmorqubus

    mathiasmorqubusMonth ago

    All you stupid Nationals fan( most fair weather)watch a real championship team! I guess that’s why Bryve left

  15. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Bryce left to chase money. And he got his money, along with a seat at home in October.

  16. kyle brooks

    kyle brooksMonth ago


  17. Louie

    LouieMonth ago

    Incredible at bat for correa!! Intelligent hitting!!

  18. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago


  19. Puertecitos68

    Puertecitos68Month ago

    Houston is going to do it, there will be no "Houston,we have a problem", nope, nope, nope.

  20. stevieooo

    stevieoooMonth ago

    And now imagine Nationals wins game 6 and 7 lmaoooo

  21. greatsea

    greatseaMonth ago

    Astros (MAGA) vs The Deep State (Nationals)

  22. Greatness Is earned

    Greatness Is earnedMonth ago

    greatsea hey don’t jinx the Astros with your political nonsense loser

  23. Joe wellman

    Joe wellmanMonth ago

    Correa looks like the monster off leo amd stitch

  24. CTL Skits

    CTL SkitsMonth ago

    anybody noticed the thumbnails are wrong on both videos of correas homerun and springers home run (just me ok)

  25. ckalnicki

    ckalnickiMonth ago

    Buh bye Washington.

  26. Kenny Hill

    Kenny HillMonth ago

    Its a good day when Correa hits.

  27. Slime AJ

    Slime AJMonth ago

    @Kenny Hill he is good at both... as long as he dosent get injured Correa should have a great run next season

  28. Kenny Hill

    Kenny HillMonth ago

    @Bro Suman hes just better at Defense than batting ive seen

  29. Bro Suman

    Bro SumanMonth ago

    If he can stay healthy next season come back fully healthy he’ll have a great season. I think

  30. LandofMcrice

    LandofMcriceMonth ago

    Has anyone noticed that they switched the thumbnail of Springer's homer for this video?

  31. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Qui-Gon JinnMonth ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how the title says Correa but it shows Springer in the thumbnail.

  32. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Qui-Gon JinnMonth ago

    As a Dodgers fan, I was banking on the nats to win the ws. To bring the chip back to the nl. But I guess after all that the al is going to edge them out again. At least they will know the disappointment that we have felt for the last three years.

  33. Kristen S.

    Kristen S.Month ago

    How do they remember so many handshakes tho??

  34. Rober Coto

    Rober CotoMonth ago

    Boricua POWER,

  35. the man

    the manMonth ago

    Correa said "See Ya". Great win

  36. Golden Runway

    Golden RunwayMonth ago

    Go Nats. Don't Choke too much. You can still do it. In your dreams it is still possible to win the series. Just don't Choke / gag / or poop.

  37. My 44 Face-Off

    My 44 Face-OffMonth ago

    Those LATINO HITTERS on the Astros are no joke , Nats scoring 1 run ain't gonna help every game at home 3 straight games

  38. Ozzie Carrero

    Ozzie CarreroMonth ago

    Take it back doo doo doo doo doo doo take it back!!!

  39. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis GonzalezMonth ago


  40. Amaury Morales

    Amaury MoralesMonth ago

    Biiieeen Puñeta . Puerto Rico lo hace mejor.

  41. sandra martinez

    sandra martinezMonth ago

    Go astros 👏👏👏

  42. Long Dang

    Long DangMonth ago

    The Nationals let this World Series get away from them. They have only themselves to blame.

  43. Tommy Petraglia

    Tommy PetragliaMonth ago

    Hey, is that guy wearing a MAGAt hat behind homeplate 1:27 ? Damn, the balls on these old racist grandpas

  44. ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyedMonth ago


  45. Gamerz Grip

    Gamerz GripMonth ago

    Dc swamp getting swamped. 😂😂😂

  46. Franky Garcia

    Franky GarciaMonth ago

    Correa power,,✌️❤️Go astros,,,👍🏆🇵🇷

  47. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenMonth ago