YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle


  1. XXL

    XXL13 days ago

    Did YBN Cordae kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?

  2. Shantrell Anderson

    Shantrell Anderson8 hours ago


  3. teatea

    teatea9 hours ago

    He snapped

  4. Zarenity Strong

    Zarenity Strong10 hours ago


  5. Fire Bot

    Fire Bot11 hours ago

    XXL yea

  6. ProdBy FENDY

    ProdBy FENDY15 hours ago

    Yes sir

  7. El Diego

    El Diego2 minutes ago

    Man this nigga a bitch

  8. Reeya Boston

    Reeya Boston29 minutes ago

    0:30 he really came in the game differently 👏🏽🔥🔥

  9. Rozx

    Rozx2 hours ago

    Ok this on is actually good

  10. mxcmxc12

    mxcmxc122 hours ago

    I thought he was gonna say feeling caged in like an immigrant

  11. Noobmaster69 -

    Noobmaster69 -2 hours ago

    When ybn corade see lil mosey walk in the room 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Darious Marshall

    Darious Marshall4 hours ago


  13. Oop you’re a mistake

    Oop you’re a mistake4 hours ago

    XXL please do better next year because this year ain’t it...


    STONED RVTV4 hours ago

    By the years, Rapper's freestyles be gettin shorter cuz the weed xDDD

  15. Invalid Number

    Invalid Number5 hours ago

    Kendrick Lite

  16. just do it

    just do it5 hours ago

    hardest vid they dropped 2019

  17. Completely Inadequate

    Completely Inadequate6 hours ago

    bitch that was 10 seconds, the end happened so quick whatchu talking bout lmaoooo

  18. Coolcatlover69

    Coolcatlover696 hours ago

    This was sick

  19. Nicholas Simmons

    Nicholas Simmons7 hours ago

    Finally a fire freestyle

  20. DMV Lacrosse

    DMV Lacrosse7 hours ago

    Cordae has a lisp and it’s so annoying also his lips r fucking huge

  21. Pimp Sampson

    Pimp Sampson7 hours ago

    Kendrick Lamar jr

  22. Bryan Castro

    Bryan Castro7 hours ago

    This nigga sucks so bad bro

  23. Naij_

    Naij_37 minutes ago

    Bryan Castro you’re in the minority that think that way.

  24. Tyler Stacks

    Tyler Stacks7 hours ago

    first time I heard YBN Cordae.... not bad

  25. Talented Star

    Talented Star8 hours ago

    I love the pose he did when he finished😂 He said "🤔"

  26. Hitman Ace

    Hitman Ace8 hours ago


  27. Australian Kidd

    Australian Kidd9 hours ago

    The bars tho 🔥🔥

  28. The Green God

    The Green God9 hours ago


  29. Arnold K

    Arnold K9 hours ago

    YBG Cordae is tough!!

  30. Joey 9

    Joey 99 hours ago

    Probably the one one I'd give attention to... probably.

  31. Ethaniel Clyne

    Ethaniel Clyne9 hours ago

    Of course his is the only actual good one

  32. markanthmore

    markanthmore9 hours ago

    kendrick innfluence is strong

  33. Friso Gramsma

    Friso Gramsma10 hours ago

    This kid's got barzzz

  34. Candie Kolleh

    Candie Kolleh11 hours ago


  35. Chris11-twinfree Curtis

    Chris11-twinfree Curtis11 hours ago

    The way cordae raps is like alot of rappers cuZ it got a message

  36. Brot

    Brot11 hours ago

    Wow An actual good rapper

  37. Hello Breonia

    Hello Breonia11 hours ago

    Oh so he’s a j.cole jr? I dig itttt

  38. cj wins

    cj wins12 hours ago

    Love this guy!!

  39. Jameson Smith

    Jameson Smith14 hours ago

    This is what all freshman freestyles should be like, lyrical and impressive 👏🏼

  40. Symbol Studios

    Symbol Studios3 hours ago

    Too right it has to pack a punch line here and there, has to have the message, and spread some truth for the yutes that are dying in Palestine

  41. Almighty jay 2000

    Almighty jay 20003 hours ago

    Jameson Smith Not necessarily 🤷🏽‍♂️ not everyone likes lyrical rap it’s all about preferences

  42. Fujii

    Fujii21 hour ago

    as always Cordae brings his A game

  43. Jean Johnson

    Jean JohnsonDay ago

    No body: Ybn cordae:wooo uh huh i respect women when we on a date.

  44. Marcus Green

    Marcus Green8 hours ago

    Family guy lmao

  45. Blitz

    Blitz9 hours ago

    @Nasir Mubarak stfu. Just because he got bars and now how to act you call him lame. Relax

  46. Nasir Mubarak

    Nasir Mubarak11 hours ago

    Jean Johnson he so lame lol

  47. IDK IJS

    IDK IJSDay ago


  48. HoodieVello

    HoodieVelloDay ago


  49. Shan Shan Anderson

    Shan Shan AndersonDay ago

    Best one

  50. Mistical Killer799

    Mistical Killer799Day ago

    Your correct my brother

  51. Yessir Yessir

    Yessir YessirDay ago


  52. Roseareblue 8

    Roseareblue 8Day ago

    Issa poem

  53. dasaucekid

    dasaucekidDay ago

    God damn

  54. meechieboii16

    meechieboii16Day ago

    I don’t like this niggas face... bars tight tho

  55. Kinda Bored

    Kinda BoredDay ago

    Yo Cordae and the girls have the best freestyles on God!

  56. Dustin Ouellette

    Dustin OuelletteDay ago

    The only good xxl freestyle

  57. Captain Free Team Shayzier

    Captain Free Team ShayzierDay ago


  58. Ernest Brown

    Ernest BrownDay ago

    🔥🔥 🔥

  59. Grand Theft Glizzy

    Grand Theft GlizzyDay ago

    where tf is Ybn Almighty Jay?

  60. Kerry White

    Kerry WhiteDay ago

    Yoooooo he sound like j Cole .

  61. q f

    q f2 days ago

    Spit harder then da baby