Deontay Wilder can't run from me forever - Tyson Fury | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano RonaldoMonth ago

    I Love Tyson Fury!!

  2. Matthew

    MatthewMonth ago

    How can you not absolutely love Tyson Fury, he is just a great person because he says what he means and means what he says!!! He's great!

  3. Jared Talley

    Jared TalleyMonth ago

    Tyson is a great fighter

  4. M Swayze

    M SwayzeMonth ago

    Tyson Fury is the most deluded fighter on earth. He turned down the rematch for Wilder and now he's saying Wilder can't run forever. WTF?!

  5. Pierre Martin

    Pierre MartinMonth ago

    Tyson is Great!

  6. avtar dhillon

    avtar dhillonMonth ago

    Tyson yr blessed and I love you good look bro and im indian

  7. mad dog

    mad dogMonth ago

    Arial wants to fuck Furys Brother..hook nosed homo

  8. cuppateadee

    cuppateadeeMonth ago

    Im sure DW is fighting for a better future for all of his family and he is a great dad wise, he knows money doesnt make happy, he loves his daughter so much and his love of her reflects in how he has worked so hard to pay the enormous bills for her medical treatment. He is a great real character, very real who cares a lot for others. God b.s. bless his family, Both Fury and him really got batterd in that fight and Deontae s face was very red puffed up and both fighters took a lot of punishment, with TF knocked down ko. The potential for brain injury is frightening . They both sell their fight for the public and deserve so much more, its so good to see both of them using their fame in a positive way, thats the best part of all this. Wilder has prooved how much of a great he is 41 fights 40 wins by KO, 1 draw Tyson, whos a maverick you can never say isnt great , 3 years out of boxing and a trainwreck whos a genius but in the other weights Crawford, Loma, Usyk so great, Ruiz is the shock David who KO Golliath. Its never been more exciting and such a strong Heavyweight boxing scene ever and Joshua, he had won so many fights easily as world champion and he didnt look well it showed before on the ring walk . He was not himself, hearn is keeping that situation out of being mentioned. It could well be the era of the greatest comeback if he wins the Ruiz rematch but Andy has made this heavyweight clash a true legend again. But Andy was a fab surprise. What a humble real man like wilder, mummy we never got to worry about money anymore and was nearly in tears. Thats beautiful, what a sweet humble, popular champ, people love him. All of them such good people, great role models in life doing so much good. The boxing community do fantastic work with doing so much in the community on gun crime, mental health stabbings, visiting prisons , Tyson Fury has bought greatness, comedy , brilliance and trash talk but is great for boxing. He is so good in so many ways , is from the travelling community and is the first heavyweight gypsy king. Of course he has has had so much disrespect, even nasty attacks of him. Already dealing with beating klitschko the media and half the world when he fell of the wagon, crashed, he was ill , mentally too much, but media hammered him. His story had the world captivated and how he has come back from all that he has dealt with outside boxing, its almost unheard of people coming back from such acute depression with all the mania . Its a totally crazy beautiful yet so moving, how if he can deal with this , its so inspiring how he has broken the rules of talking about mental health is taboo. What a great man, he has had a truthful hard upbringing, he is a great man who has had to fight the world to be recognised in boxing let alone talking to people suffering manic depression , and he talked so openly about how he tried to kill himself in hos ferrari at a bridge on a motorway at 190, a voice stopped him at the last minute and he slammed on the brakes, and it was jesus. Its lovely how god uses our the weak and they do great things. Well he presents what could be anyone it could happen to. He is exciting, real entertainment, a real person, just like mohamed Ali, all the chat. God bless them all, keep them well, tragedy sadly is a reality in boxing, and every bout has huge risks , mountaineering though is the same, racing like F1 and moto gp. They dont talk of banning that or even smoking .

  9. stephen cohen

    stephen cohenMonth ago


  10. Anti Sycophant

    Anti Sycophant2 months ago

    Wow, I gotta say from observation, I think Tyson isn't very keen on his younger half brother, Tommy. If you watch a photo shoot video where Tyson is taking pics with his 2 full blooded brothers he's smiling and goofing, next minute the photographer says for tommy to jump in and Tyson's face goes blank like his reaction here to Ariel comparing their looks. Then another video that's telling is when piers Morgan interviews him on a British morning show and they try to joke to him about tommy and Tyson goes blank. Must not like the kid coz the father cheated on his mother. Coz when you hear tommy talk about Tyson its nothing but love, adoration and praise. Sad.

  11. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez2 months ago

    Very Astute guy - classy person it seems. Terrific fighter. I enjoyed this very much. And


    DJ WASY B BILLY2 months ago

    if Anthony Joshua takes out RUIZ in the first round we are going to say set up tommy


    DJ WASY B BILLY2 months ago

    Francis said lets Go Tyson

  14. Chris Warren

    Chris Warren2 months ago

    Lol didn't Wilder and Fury suppose to have a rematch and Fury pulled out of the fight? Yet Wilder is running from him? I guess those knock downs from Wilder gave him even more brain damage than he already had.

  15. JohnnyClock

    JohnnyClock2 months ago

    WTF is Tyson Fury talking about????? Fury is the one who ran from Wilder! Fury is the one who didn't want the immediate rematch and took a deal with ESPN! GTFOH Fury, we all know you don't want to fight Wilder right now! Hahahahaha

  16. Jonathan Hannah

    Jonathan Hannah2 months ago

    How did Ariel get a show. He says a lot of foolish things 😂😂

  17. JB Johnson

    JB Johnson2 months ago

    14:09. Lying through his teeth. They are only half brothers.

  18. 007

    0072 months ago

    Good interview until Ariel butchered the last minute.

  19. 007

    0072 months ago

    Mma is great but I'll always be a boxing fan first.

  20. California Girl 209

    California Girl 2092 months ago

    🌻I love this guy, he is great. A good ole Gypsy King❤authentic, you are the best, keep singing and smiling 😊🌻

  21. August Wind

    August Wind2 months ago

    Wilder didn't run. And technically he beat you! Nevermind the judges, fans and commentators, the truth is on video. Funny how hard it is to find the fight in its entirety. If you keep telling yourself you beat Wilder it's not healthy for you. You're going to have to knock him out or get more points because I don't see him quitting.

  22. RobbD

    RobbD2 months ago

    How isn't Tyson Fury in the movies? He wouldn't even need to know how to act. He'd easily fit in as a rough gypsy or some Dark Ages character.

  23. Ezekiel Omotola

    Ezekiel Omotola2 months ago

    You are a genuine person I pray you stay healthy all your life and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  24. Dawn Porter

    Dawn Porter2 months ago

    YO Fury was killing it with his suits during his fight week

  25. john smith

    john smith2 months ago

    U run in every fight from every punch can't take a punch although like it when you always Diss joshua

  26. Wayne

    Wayne3 months ago

    fury: crushing tomato cans really does build your confidence up wilder: I told you nigga, I's knows the key Aj: I should fight easy opponents. fury & wilder: hahaha haha ha ha ha hahaha idiot. wilder: who the fuck defends against a top 10 opponent ? lol fury: irk, I wasn't top 10. ha hahaha. fury: schwarz, hurry up you bum. try take my imagery title hahahaha

  27. Conald Deronne

    Conald Deronne3 months ago

    Ariel is such a weirdo sometimes🤣🤣

  28. Sam Sam

    Sam Sam3 months ago

    I looked up tyson fury younger bro and he looks middle eastern lol i realized why Ariel paused to ask if they share the same parents

  29. Dominick Blando

    Dominick Blando3 months ago

    Fury is the man

  30. the Sun and the Earth

    the Sun and the Earth3 months ago

    Tyson was a bit better in this interview than when he beat Vlad. Speaking to Ariel then, Tyson was in a different mind frame, personality. We are all not perfect, we should learn from them and hopefully improve our own wellbeing and personality to each other before we leave this place.

  31. Stewart

    Stewart3 months ago

    Fury won't rematch wilder, he'll make a lot of noise but won't do the rematch, fury knows that power off wilder is real and don't want to feel that again

  32. Dominick Blando

    Dominick Blando3 months ago

    Oh it's definitely real but it took him nearly the entire fight to get that shot in. In Wilder's case it only takes one though that's for sure. Fury fought Wilder coming off the couch. Fury is back into the swing of things now. I don't think Wilder touches Fury in the rematch.

  33. Andrew Rimmer

    Andrew Rimmer3 months ago

    Did Klitschco ever brag about being Lineal?

  34. fraz6354

    fraz63543 months ago

    It would have been dissing his brother though wouldn't it.

  35. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez3 months ago

    This motherfucker is horrible! He's so boring and monotoned! How the fuck does this guy have a show on ESPN!?

  36. Ian MacKay

    Ian MacKay3 months ago

    Good on ya, gypsy King. Smart in and outta the ring. Fear his mind and his fists

  37. Brian Frumps

    Brian Frumps3 months ago

    That beard had 2 go

  38. Charly Hayes

    Charly Hayes3 months ago

    Gotta love him!!

  39. Ben Bolt

    Ben Bolt3 months ago

    Fuk yea, Gypsy King!

  40. Sam Nunnally

    Sam Nunnally3 months ago

    You go, CHAMP

  41. Barry Irlandi

    Barry Irlandi3 months ago

    So is Tom his full brother?

  42. XRKFX

    XRKFX3 months ago

    Smartest man in boxing he needs to run boxing when he hangs up his gloves professionally next danna white of boxing.

  43. khalid taj

    khalid taj3 months ago


  44. khalid taj

    khalid taj3 months ago

    How can you not love this man never judge a book by its cover.

  45. Ro Fall

    Ro Fall3 months ago

    What a totally dumb question to ask Fury if he would fight an African MMA fighter when we struggle to get him fighting Wilder AJ and Whyte. Im baffled by that

  46. Rohan Shivram

    Rohan Shivram3 months ago

    Fury really know a lot about the boxing game.All the hype before a fight n all.The world was making a scene about DW need a body in the ring.Even the animal rights folks was goin crazy lol.On a serious note ,refs need to take their job seriously otherwise get fired like what Dana white did.

  47. TheDonboklang

    TheDonboklang3 months ago

    looking fresh as hell... there is only one gypsy king

  48. Kurt Eric Munroe

    Kurt Eric Munroe3 months ago

    He is no Gypsy King. He is just a jip. Wilder did him a solid, but Fury is pulling all sorts of foul moves in return. No good deed goes unpunished. Sucka-ass fool.

  49. Kurt Eric Munroe

    Kurt Eric Munroe3 months ago

    These dope boys are always talking nonsense. Fury, you are a total fake. Take that corny-ass storyline back to the UK, bro.

  50. Beep Bop

    Beep Bop3 months ago

    Why you gotta put #HELWANISHOW on his Head? Such a Full of himself!

  51. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo3 months ago

    Get the gypsy king a new suit he weres that everywhere

  52. skulletor

    skulletor3 months ago

    Fight fans want this rematch sooo bad !

  53. Lee Davies

    Lee Davies3 months ago

    Tyson is Da man got to respect him ✌️

  54. Kelli Johnson

    Kelli Johnson3 months ago

    I hope Tyson dosen't lose his honesty, his kindness. To all the negativity that occurs in this sport.

  55. Diamond.Cr00ks

    Diamond.Cr00ks3 months ago

    I fucken love fury.

  56. 1Spike E

    1Spike E3 months ago

    The interview was going so well up until he started talking about Tyson's brother going on love island, then he insults Tyson by asking him is him and his brother to the same parents. Tyson looked well pissed off. Fair play to Tyson, he kept his cool and didn't react and you could clearly tell he was annoyed.

  57. Bro Bro

    Bro Bro3 months ago

    The double standards make me sick 🤮, diddnt tyson refuse the rematch with wilder so what's with the caption? He himself said his not ready for a wilder rematch

  58. ACED

    ACED3 months ago

    They've already fought, Fury clearly won. Now its obvious that theyre both ducking, Wilder wants to make more money and increase hisfame demolishing bums because hes now started to builda bit of a fan base (Thanks to Tyson) and Fury wants to sharpen up, cement his place at the top so when the next fight happens its in england. The one we should be after is AJ, he wnt fight either

  59. Hop

    Hop3 months ago

    Great to see Tyson Fury in such a good and healthy place -- physically and mentally.

  60. Olawale Oladosu

    Olawale Oladosu3 months ago

    I can listen to this guy every day every hour every minute every year.

  61. Hinzel 77

    Hinzel 773 months ago

    i love him.

  62. beau archer

    beau archer3 months ago

    Lineal champ, beat Wilder, AJ lost... Hands down, Fury is the best heavyweight boxer on the planet.

  63. beau archer

    beau archer3 months ago

    14:28 Fury ready to body Ariel