Siege of Vienna - Opening Bombardment - Extra History - #1
Note: The New Zealand Council for Victim Support Groups is a charity set up by the NZ Ministry of Justice. They have promised that all donations are "fenced funds" that will only be used to support for the victims of the shooting and not used for the general fund. In addition, GiveALittle has waived service fees for this page. While the transaction can only be done in New Zealand Dollars, Extra Credits team members had no problem making donations with US cards. Sadly, the funding efforts collecting donations in US Dollars are no longer active.
Mehmed IV wanted to live up to, and even surpass, the legacy of his forefather Mehmed II, who had secured the Ottomans' inheritance to the Roman Empire through his conquest of Constantinople. So the current Mehmed decided to target Vienna--but Emperor Leopold dismissed these threats...
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By: Tiffany Román


  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits10 months ago

    Over a hundred thousand Ottoman troops are heading for Vienna. Only 15,000 men defend the walls. They have only six days to prepare the city. How long can they hold?

  2. Nick Brenneman

    Nick Brenneman20 days ago

    A nose dive off a bridge, I find that total BS. Not that I don't believe that I just find that ubsird.

  3. Garnet

    GarnetMonth ago

    Bruh this show and the Osmanli Imparatorlugu not you

  4. Lord of lead

    Lord of leadMonth ago

    @Garnet then make cool hats

  5. Garnet

    GarnetMonth ago

    I’m Turkish That’s an insult

  6. Garnet

    GarnetMonth ago


  7. Cullen Mitchell

    Cullen MitchellDay ago

    Remember 1683.

  8. Myles Inayat

    Myles Inayat10 days ago

    As a Catholic, I'm fucking ashamed of what radicals do "in the name of god" FUCKING BULLSHIT

  9. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen13 days ago

    Mehmed the ll motto was ''my highest ambition is to crush the non believers''

  10. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen13 days ago

    If the turks had won in 1529 then in 1683 they would've been attacking krakow in a siege of krakow

  11. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen13 days ago

    Some say Istanbul is and some say Vienna is the golden apple

  12. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen13 days ago

    After mehmed ll later sultans saw Vienna as the golden apple

  13. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen14 days ago

    Mehmed ll motto was ''my highest ambition is to crush the non believers''

  14. FlameWolf

    FlameWolf15 days ago

    Im rewatching this a littel less then a year later and i cannot get over that at 5:13 it sort of shows why hes always behind that podium

  15. Oumu

    Oumu16 days ago


  16. Erin Coleman

    Erin Coleman19 days ago


  17. biropgrules

    biropgrules22 days ago

    i have to say, im annoyed/dissapointed that you guys didnt mention that this battle is where the Tolkien family name originated.

  18. Marcus Laffey

    Marcus Laffey23 days ago

    1:46 the king of Spain was on his deathbed Me: didn't he die in 1700?

  19. Matthew Wong

    Matthew Wong28 days ago

    Narrator: we condemn racial discrimination. Period. Me, a non American: hahaha! He said period! Hahaha.

  20. zethusiasm

    zethusiasm29 days ago


  21. Dean O'Connell

    Dean O'ConnellMonth ago

    It's nice to know that people think about NZ. Especially since we are constantly forgotten off of maps

  22. Dillon Crowe

    Dillon CroweMonth ago

    This is just my opinion, and anyone is free to disagree, but I consider the Ottoman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire to be the red headed step children of the Roman Empire that hate each other, while the Italians are the decendents of the Roman Empire, I consider the Greeks the decendents of the Byzantine Empire, and the Turks the decendents of the Ottoman Empire, and the Austrians the decendents of the Holy Ronan Empire, that's just how it seems to me.

  23. Shane Leskinen

    Shane LeskinenMonth ago

    I don’t respect men who use religion to justify murder

  24. Gustavo Rodriguez

    Gustavo RodriguezMonth ago

    Cenk wants to know their location

  25. gods laws on man peace

    gods laws on man peaceMonth ago

    What about the nizam cadet infantry?

  26. Pikachu

    PikachuMonth ago

    And then the winged hussars arrived

  27. Sgt.Krakatoa

    Sgt.KrakatoaMonth ago

    I thought the Ottomans tried to take Vienna because they wanted them Vienna Sausages?

  28. Michael Goldsmith

    Michael GoldsmithMonth ago

    The idea didn’t begin in Istanbul as it was still called Constantinople It would only be Istanbul when turkey was made

  29. Mr. Helix

    Mr. HelixMonth ago

    A bagfull of grenades Just imagine

  30. Lobster Johnson

    Lobster JohnsonMonth ago

    Lol the artwork is so precious. I love it.

  31. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If the poles didn't help the hapsburgs then it would've been save from the partitions

  32. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If the city had fell in 1529 what would Mehmet the IV would do

  33. Verdin Mapping

    Verdin MappingMonth ago

    -W I N G E D H U S S A R S-

  34. Tdawg Hutch

    Tdawg HutchMonth ago

    Very said

  35. Rxon

    RxonMonth ago

    This opened my mind sooooooooooooooooooooo hard, i thought that the ottomans were nasty, agressive and unorganized demons, thanks Extra Credits, history matters.

  36. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    The war began 15 months after declaration giving ample time to prepare

  37. Zabuza

    ZabuzaMonth ago

    I wouldn’t wear pants either

  38. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    Karate Mustafa shouldn't sent a message thus arriving at a city which wasn't prepared

  39. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If the sultan had lead the army what could happen

  40. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    The Austrian Duke was frederick the third

  41. Garnet

    GarnetMonth ago

    Man do fall of Constantinople

  42. Lee Hustedt

    Lee HustedtMonth ago

    7:46 did he say crossing 'i"s and dotting "t's. That's backwards.

  43. Adrian

    AdrianMonth ago

    Cry some more

  44. Florian

    FlorianMonth ago

    Sooooooo... Poland was Rohan to the HRE's Gondor... Only, Mordor was civilized.

  45. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If the sultan had lead the campaign

  46. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    If they laid siege without declaring war

  47. Charles Murray

    Charles MurrayMonth ago

    When will you guys condemn the bombing of Christians in Sri Lanka by Islamic terrorists?

  48. Khoun Akthiphou

    Khoun AkthiphouMonth ago

    When mH heard the scout say the wall crumbled his face is demon.

  49. I-a-hungry -boi

    I-a-hungry -boiMonth ago

    Mehmed looks so cute

  50. Patriotic_Dev

    Patriotic_DevMonth ago

    You got demonetized cause you said "New Zealand Shooting" then further on with the charity blah blah blah... which kinda shown why

  51. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya JabeenMonth ago

    What if sultan had lead the army

  52. Silvia Sánchez

    Silvia SánchezMonth ago

    The tiny baby at the end, sitting with his/her own book. Lovely.

  53. noah

    noah2 months ago

    They problem there is such a backlash to islam is because it's the only religion that teaches hate and promises 72 virgins if you kill innocents. Culture clashes are dangerous. And when you import hundreds of thousands and even millions of muslims into europe they cant and wont assimilate which draws out hatred and fear. Its human nature to want to be with your own and in this case is secularism. We dont want sharia law or muslims period. Stay in their own country. We dont want them and they dont want us there either. Why do we have to treat them soo nice when they hate us. The US donates billions of dollars a year to countries that hate us straight out

  54. Surriya Jabeen

    Surriya Jabeen2 months ago

    Some say that ottomans built roads so that supply lines could move easily

  55. Stann le goff

    Stann le goff2 months ago

    islam is a relegion of peace /s

  56. Juragan Traktor

    Juragan Traktor2 months ago

    What's your point? Proclaiming that Christianity is better? Maybe you should try to see history from multiple perspectives

  57. Andrew Glawson'

    Andrew Glawson'2 months ago

    7:08 1337

  58. Biggus Diccus

    Biggus Diccus2 months ago

    Christian Children “taken as a tithe” sounds more like taken as slaves and forced to convert to Islam you scared that telling the truth might piss off the Muslims

  59. Im_always _better

    Im_always _better2 months ago

    Imma shoot the CEO of racism multiple times

  60. gamerX38953

    gamerX389532 months ago

    10:01 me when I’m don’t get enough sleep

  61. Jordan Cooper

    Jordan Cooper2 months ago

    I am okaying catch up on Extra Credits and wasn't expecting to hear about the terrorist attack in my home city. Kia Ora EC..

  62. CanadianPrince

    CanadianPrince2 months ago

    And thus Hapsburg incompetence still knows no bounds!!!!!

  63. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener2 months ago

    So uhhh... You are aware that Islam is a religion and not a race... right?

  64. GG Allin

    GG Allin2 months ago

    I really wouldn't call this an ultimate battle between Christanity and Islam. Considering how animosity there was between Christians, not just Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox but even Catholic vs Catholics considering the French supported the Ottomans, how just a about a few centuries later Austria Hungary, Russia and Prussia would take a piece of Poland for themselves and of course the 30 years war. As for the Islamic world well the Ottomans were enemies with the Safavid Persians and kept constantly having revolts in their Arabian/North African territories after the defeat of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt.

  65. XAX CLAN

    XAX CLAN2 months ago

    Goog speach at the Start

  66. Thescott16

    Thescott162 months ago

    2:06 "But this siege began as an idea in Istanbul" Not Constantinople?

  67. dogan k

    dogan k2 months ago

    What's your source for the info at 7:16?