Siege of Vienna - Opening Bombardment - Extra History - #1
Note: The New Zealand Council for Victim Support Groups is a charity set up by the NZ Ministry of Justice. They have promised that all donations are "fenced funds" that will only be used to support for the victims of the shooting and not used for the general fund. In addition, GiveALittle has waived service fees for this page. While the transaction can only be done in New Zealand Dollars, Extra Credits team members had no problem making donations with US cards. Sadly, the funding efforts collecting donations in US Dollars are no longer active.
Mehmed IV wanted to live up to, and even surpass, the legacy of his forefather Mehmed II, who had secured the Ottomans' inheritance to the Roman Empire through his conquest of Constantinople. So the current Mehmed decided to target Vienna--but Emperor Leopold dismissed these threats...
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By: Tiffany Román


  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits5 months ago

    Over a hundred thousand Ottoman troops are heading for Vienna. Only 15,000 men defend the walls. They have only six days to prepare the city. How long can they hold?

  2. Turkish Chechen

    Turkish Chechen5 days ago

    Thank you that you dont show us like devils in other western videos bro

  3. James Spilotro

    James Spilotro2 months ago

    When will the older narrator be back? Better question where did he go?

  4. Zakarias Holmberg

    Zakarias Holmberg3 months ago

    Extra Credits when the ottomans headed for Éger in hungary the hungarians only had 20 000 troops while the ottomans 200 000 and they heald out whitout outside helping

  5. Tachanka The God

    Tachanka The God3 months ago

    What happened to the person who voiced the Berlin Airlift episode?

  6. Alex McKnight

    Alex McKnight3 months ago

    They win, and ensue the winged hussars

  7. Theodore Kaczynski

    Theodore KaczynskiDay ago


  8. TheHoly Hay

    TheHoly Hay12 hours ago

    Theodore Kaczynski no

  9. The Maximum Gamer

    The Maximum GamerDay ago

    I live in New Zealand (north island. Away from Christchurch) and was in school at the time. I remember sitting in maths and someone saying "there's been a shooting".

  10. Mitchell Line

    Mitchell Line3 days ago

    Could you do a video on the unification wars in Italy?

  11. Pewdy Besty piez The scorch Pewd fan

    Pewdy Besty piez The scorch Pewd fan4 days ago

    Poland Helped them In return Austria joins Russia and Prussia to Carve there Polish Ally Such Disloyalty

  12. Christopher Bridge

    Christopher Bridge4 days ago

    Their out numbers 15 to 1 and the battles begun

  13. jerimee McCabe

    jerimee McCabe5 days ago

    Good on you extra credit! Changing people's perceptions equals changing the narrative.

  14. Dane326

    Dane3265 days ago

    The intro was unnecessary, preachy and annoying

  15. TheHoly Hay

    TheHoly Hay12 hours ago

    Dane326 the wanted to clarify stuff, please be good to each other lol

  16. atackercz 9

    atackercz 96 days ago

    0:01-1:00 i wonder what they would say if theyed knownen that mont after that Muslims would kill 5 times more christians in sri lanka

  17. Carmen Mencar

    Carmen Mencar6 days ago

    You know what? I was playing EU4 as Austria. I JUST became defender of the faith, and the Ottomans attack. And you know what. After a few years past and all of my forces were on that side. The French decide it's a good time to join the Ottomans. Though this time Poland really was their target.

  18. Jan de Bruin

    Jan de Bruin8 days ago

    the shooting that happened was very devastating as i had just got home from work

  19. Cashden Clayton

    Cashden Clayton9 days ago

    Ezio auditore smiles

  20. The Angry Badger 2506

    The Angry Badger 250610 days ago

    Austrian tacticians: Our troops are outnumbered 6,666 (more or less) to 1 Austrian King: Then it’s a fair fight

  21. Ryan Shiver

    Ryan Shiver10 days ago

    Crush the muslim scourge

  22. buttless bandit

    buttless bandit11 days ago

    Do not hate a man for his skin, nor his faith, but for his decisions, a fair judge of character can't be passed on to a race, but rather to an individual. And as such it is all down to morals.

  23. History Egg

    History Egg12 days ago

    Nonono Children weren't taken as tithes... They were fucking stolen, yeeted away from their parents at a very young age

  24. TheHoly Hay

    TheHoly Hay12 hours ago

    History Egg YEEET

  25. Cynical Basileus

    Cynical Basileus12 days ago

    Ah, you lost me when you acknowledged the Ottoman claim to be the heirs of Rome.

  26. Seantopia Inc

    Seantopia Inc13 days ago

    9:34 what’s that guys hat I need it

  27. Iowa Class

    Iowa Class16 days ago

    “Or at most, cutting north to hit the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.” Ottomans: Nah dude, those guys are f*cking scary.

  28. The History Critic Guy

    The History Critic Guy19 days ago

    I’m really glad this trilogy looks at the Second Battle of Vienna as a political strategic event and not the battle over religion more specifically a battle over the evil “dumb Muslim hordes” as I’ve seen several videos that mention how this was all over religion and trying to draw parallels between something that happened almost 400 years ago and now. That kind of stuff is dangerous and it’s exactly how misinformation gets out like they mention in the opening and how tragedies like the Mosque shooting in New Zealand happen. Racism is born when history amounts to a twisted persons views in modern day society. Thank you Extra Credits for making this series

  29. Anna Shoemaker

    Anna Shoemaker21 day ago

    Watched like almost every episode

  30. Muhammad Hussain

    Muhammad Hussain22 days ago

    Winged hussars: Since Pegasus's don't exist lets put wings and Pegasus looking armour to make them look like Pegasus

  31. Djuren5291

    Djuren529123 days ago

    Really good video! I ve read a very interesting book on the topic and by the sound of the video, you might have read it too, as a lot of the video´s content is more or less adressed in the book. Its name is "Enemy at the Gates" by Andrew Weathercroft. I can only recommend it to everyone interested. Also it is a shame, that the events of the siege and even the persons involved get instrumentalized by terrorists.

  32. Ales Amaziɣ

    Ales Amaziɣ25 days ago

    "There's no place for hate in our society." Damn right! Now go tell that to muslims and their hateful ideolgy.

  33. Rick 1974

    Rick 197424 days ago

    You are a blight on this world.

  34. cloudcolumn cat

    cloudcolumn cat25 days ago

    I don't know, but if you run google translation to Winged Hussar in Korean, you'll get a winged sausage. Who created this algorithm.. Walpole did it.

  35. Metalshyguy 117

    Metalshyguy 11726 days ago

    7:47 Crossing I’s and dotting T’s? 😂

  36. mc moto

    mc moto26 days ago

    The ottomans called it Constantinople too.

  37. Aksel Juløy Ekberg

    Aksel Juløy EkbergMonth ago

    It`s my favoritt

  38. Broken Clock

    Broken ClockMonth ago

    The fact the Ottomans converted all of their territory tells me those protestants were in for a rude awakening if the Ottomans had won.

  39. Christopher Bridge

    Christopher BridgeMonth ago

    And they would of taken it too if it wasn't for you winged hussurs.

  40. Jack Guyett

    Jack GuyettMonth ago

    lmao imagine having 420 or 69 as your serial number as a janassarie

  41. Harrison Jay

    Harrison JayMonth ago

    What happened to the other narrator?

  42. Romulus the Spartan

    Romulus the SpartanMonth ago

    Thank you for helping my people

  43. LM ProductionsNZ

    LM ProductionsNZMonth ago

    I was there when the shooting happened now I’m at Auckland, my birds were scared when the guns fired..

  44. zavii

    zaviiMonth ago

    7:31 they where still one of most brutal and savige armys ever

  45. zavii

    zaviiMonth ago

    6:53 thay where 99.9% serbian children also known as (in serbian ) janičari thay where high class but srebian familys would do everything to keep thear kids (cut their fingers of, hide them until thay where about 10 etc)

  46. PennybagPerry

    PennybagPerryMonth ago

    Islam isn’t a race, the Christchurch attack wasn’t a racial attack.

  47. Rick 1974

    Rick 197424 days ago

    Many attacks are on dark skinned people under the impression that they are muslim.

  48. Nadun Appu

    Nadun AppuMonth ago

    2:34 But wait... Didn't the Byzantine Empire give up the title as "Successor to the Roman Empire" to East Francia (HRE) because the pope crowned Charles the Great as the Roman Emperor and East Francia as the true Successor to Francia...??

  49. bisuk hangoluan

    bisuk hangoluanMonth ago

    Kara mustapha has a dream to ride his horse in st peter basilica

  50. Jackson Worthman

    Jackson WorthmanMonth ago

    Who are the history hating dogs who disliked this video?

  51. otter sir otten

    otter sir ottenMonth ago

    Sooo Ottoman Soldiers didnt commit disgusting Acts of Cruelty becouse... theyre Army was well organized? well ok...

  52. The Elders

    The EldersMonth ago

    They didn’t commit disgusting acts of cruelty because it never happened. Those rumors were started by France to justify their war on the ottomans.

  53. jewo GRFS

    jewo GRFSMonth ago

    I laughed: vienna would never send help to Poland, rather the opposite. Historically proven. Poland could never count on any 'allies'.

  54. Crusader

    CrusaderMonth ago

    A cry for help Await relief from holy league 60 days of siege Outnumbered and weak!

  55. Kosher Pickle

    Kosher PickleMonth ago

    Lmao the opening

  56. Rick 1974

    Rick 197424 days ago

    Terrorism isn't funny.

  57. Javi

    JaviMonth ago

    Beautiful intro! Just subscribed, god bless

  58. caius frith

    caius frithMonth ago

    as a kiwi myself, I would like to say thank you for this. kia awhinatia te hunga katoa i mamae.

  59. CrunchyNorbert

    CrunchyNorbertMonth ago

    isn't it great how all these nice cuddly people want to blow each other to bits with pike and shot?

  60. Rory Edmonds

    Rory EdmondsMonth ago

    Ottoman: Siege NOW!!!!! Hapsburg: HELP Poland: Here Hapsbrug: HA HA Ottoman: NNNOOOOO

  61. Heirs of Rome

    Heirs of RomeMonth ago

    There is three heirs of Rome actually

  62. Hayden Brown

    Hayden BrownMonth ago

    Whats religion have to do with Racial violence? Christchurch attack was a religious issue, not racial.

  63. Kaiser Von Bahr

    Kaiser Von BahrMonth ago

    Sabaton anyone?

  64. Pingsprayer

    PingsprayerMonth ago

    Greetings from Lower Austria! :) Great Video(s)!

  65. Henry Varro

    Henry Varro2 months ago

    1:04 if you want to skip straight to the story

  66. Micah Cao

    Micah Cao2 months ago

    MII mii me

  67. Kristina Huan-I Chuang

    Kristina Huan-I Chuang2 months ago

    brilliant narration of the siege, i was excited the whole series with expectation.

  68. Laeiryn

    Laeiryn2 months ago

    "Dear Vienna, are you listening?" Well, they are now.

  69. Dina Mariana

    Dina Mariana2 months ago

    My religion is islam im life in java

  70. Goyon Man

    Goyon Man2 months ago

    Poland and Hungary *BROMANCE INTENSIFIES*

  71. vinzer72frie

    vinzer72frie2 months ago

    Islsm is a dangerous cancer that needs to be exterminated

  72. The Elders

    The EldersMonth ago

    Bold words. Care to explain how you would.

  73. Советское бюро пропаганды

    Советское бюро пропаганды2 months ago

    Turks and Germans fighting for the throne of Rome. Everyone knows Daddy Mussolini was the only true heir to Rome

  74. godz illest

    godz illest2 months ago

    The germans even came up with the name "Byzantine" instead of "Roman" empire, just so they can claim to be the errs ti the throne lol