Found Rare Gem While Digging at Diamond Hill Mine! (Unbelievable Find)


  1. HaywardHolcombe

    HaywardHolcombe3 months ago

    “Found rare gem” me when I found DALLYMYD’S channel

  2. BlueProZert GT

    BlueProZert GT4 days ago

    HaywardHolcombe i come back to this channel because of this crystal series but to bad he stop

  3. Brodie The beast

    Brodie The beast6 days ago


  4. Jackgaming H

    Jackgaming HMonth ago

    HaywardHolcombe same

  5. Alexandra Abusomwan

    Alexandra AbusomwanMonth ago


  6. forkinpluggedtoaster

    forkinpluggedtoasterMonth ago

    HaywardHolcombe Rare? You mean treasure

  7. Ruth Buck

    Ruth Buck19 hours ago

    Love your Channel it's awesome

  8. David Hummel

    David Hummel20 hours ago

    I got many of cool rock

  9. OPTEX

    OPTEXDay ago

    I saw emerald

  10. peyton conrady

    peyton conradyDay ago

    Go to Arkansas diamond mine

  11. Galaxy Cat

    Galaxy CatDay ago

    You soude go to Arkansas diemand mine

  12. Yvonne Catedral

    Yvonne Catedral2 days ago


  13. CJ KIDDO Acosta

    CJ KIDDO Acosta2 days ago

    We have to invent crystal detector ... I mean mineral detector

  14. CC Squad

    CC Squad2 days ago

    The first one you found was my birth stone ;-;

  15. john byrd

    john byrd3 days ago

    You should check out the diamond mine in Arkansas...

  16. Mr0987654321abcde

    Mr0987654321abcde4 days ago

    The gold-ish rocks you're finding are also called Pyrite or Fool's gold

  17. E Langelaan

    E Langelaan4 days ago

    do you get to keep the crystals you find?

  18. Impossibly Uncertain

    Impossibly Uncertain4 days ago

    my sister would go NUTS. She's like a blue jay. She collects shiny things, whether it be crystals or shiny rocks or jewellery, and puts them on her shelf. A proud collector. I, on the other hand, attract more towards claws or fangs.

  19. Marcia Earl

    Marcia Earl4 days ago

    My name is Micah😂

  20. Tab's Treasures

    Tab's Treasures4 days ago

    LOL! Thanks, guys, for digging that big pit... I've pulled buckets and buckets of crystals out of it this summer!! Are you going to dig at Graves Mountain in October? If you haven't been yet, you should! The place is huge, with a LOT of different rocks and minerals. The iridescent hematite there is AMAZING, and the panoramic views alone are worth the trip.


    CILIA DSOUZA4 days ago

    We want more

  22. BlueProZert GT

    BlueProZert GT4 days ago

    "I travel to another mine" Me: stop dont give me hope

  23. Joseph Allen

    Joseph Allen5 days ago

    Go to thringstone in england plz

  24. Mykah Scott

    Mykah Scott5 days ago

    My name is micah

  25. Its Kiwi

    Its Kiwi5 days ago

    We are the crystal gems

  26. Gymnastics Flamingo 57

    Gymnastics Flamingo 576 days ago

    Where is this

  27. suzanne whitfield

    suzanne whitfield7 days ago

    YAS I found an amythest on the ground by my SCHOOL?!?!?!?!?!?! 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😜It wasn't really rare but MY FIST AMYTHEST!!!!!!!!

  28. The Dedicated Hunter

    The Dedicated Hunter8 days ago

    Twin creeks crystal mine in Arkansas brought back and icechest full of crystal clear quartz crystals it’d be worth a look

  29. Micah Varela

    Micah Varela9 days ago

    My name is micah 😁

  30. Pro Ta

    Pro Ta10 days ago

    Make more of these videos

  31. racoon stampede

    racoon stampede11 days ago

    Dallmyd were is this mine tell me I wanna go there

  32. TacocatGo Inc

    TacocatGo Inc11 days ago

    His name is Chris I am Chris my dad is named Chris my step dad is Chris wow

  33. Samantha Rucker

    Samantha Rucker12 days ago


  34. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee12 days ago

    Where (like what city) is this near?

  35. Yungmessi 17

    Yungmessi 1712 days ago

    Bro that’s the real life dusty diviot

  36. xXŚappiře_WølfXx

    xXŚappiře_WølfXx13 days ago

    Rubys are red sapphires are blue when i seen this channel i said OOooooOoOooOo

  37. Lillie Harris

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  38. luci mcgrew

    luci mcgrew13 days ago

    do more crystal mining vids please pretty please with a chery on top

  39. Anime Hunter

    Anime Hunter14 days ago

    In my hometown there's so many crystal like that

  40. Pro Ta

    Pro Ta14 days ago

    Can i join you

  41. Minh Nhật Võ

    Minh Nhật Võ14 days ago

    OHH MY GOOOD!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL????????????

  42. Aarav Poddar

    Aarav Poddar15 days ago

    i liked the video and subscribed

  43. Aarav Poddar

    Aarav Poddar15 days ago


  44. Delilah LOLPOP

    Delilah LOLPOP16 days ago

    I don’t think it’s Mika I think it’s pyrite

  45. ronald patiag

    ronald patiag16 days ago

    Nice stuff you got

  46. Conservative T3stament

    Conservative T3stament17 days ago

    Its awesome to see someone enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer and to get this wonderful experience to find gems.

  47. Its bean_girl

    Its bean_girl18 days ago

    Chris sounds like kermet the frog when he was telling you about the types of crystal in the beginning (1:24)

  48. Jason Marzelli

    Jason Marzelli18 days ago

    DALLY:KILl this sis a big one *shows gem the size or r an ant* Me: WOW HOW BIG IS THAT

  49. Ⱡůꝅⱥƨ Ⱦḣɇ ꟼɇǻṩặƞŧ

    Ⱡůꝅⱥƨ Ⱦḣɇ ꟼɇǻṩặƞŧ19 days ago

    I really like the mining videos

  50. ella bragg

    ella bragg19 days ago

    "The white one" is a quartz

  51. Movieman

    Movieman19 days ago

    curious what camera gear besides go pro, you guys been using videos always look so good,

  52. C Marshall

    C Marshall20 days ago

    8:21 You live in Floride? Good luck with hurricane Dorian then. I heard earlier today that it will make landfall in Florida as a cat 4 hurricane. Be safe and keep hunting man!

  53. C Marshall

    C Marshall20 days ago

    Smoky quartz = Yoyo. Aquamarine = Hair wand. Pearl = Spear. Amethyst = Whip. Quartz = Soldier. Only Steven Universe fans will probably get this.

  54. Jaden Smash

    Jaden Smash21 day ago

    I looooove Quartz and it’s my birthstone

  55. pineapple Juice

    pineapple Juice22 days ago

    Mooooooore of this video's

  56. erros furigay

    erros furigay22 days ago

    He is climbing on a dk

  57. Poison Gaming

    Poison Gaming25 days ago

    Why does it say Georgia if your in South Carolina

  58. Ilene Edmonds

    Ilene Edmonds26 days ago

    Iron pyrite fools gold

  59. 1chi GL

    1chi GL26 days ago

    😮😮Wow Ima Subscribe...oh wait i already subscribed to dallymd...Cool 😮😮 Luv Ur Vids!!

  60. penni checker

    penni checker26 days ago

    Please do more crystal hunting

  61. John Goodman

    John Goodman27 days ago

    Should have brought detectors

  62. Evil Endeavor

    Evil Endeavor28 days ago

    9:46 _The rock looks like a creampie if you get what I’m saying_ 👀😳

  63. Hannah Rankin

    Hannah Rankin28 days ago

    Jake can you please tell me where the place is in SC because I live in SC and I bet I’m some what near it

  64. Tiffany Altobano

    Tiffany Altobano29 days ago

    What kind of camera do you guys use?

  65. dcFaddy

    dcFaddyMonth ago

    Would love to see more videos with the 2 of you