10 Mind Blowing Latest Road Technologies


  1. Tom Guthrie

    Tom GuthrieMonth ago

    2:21 Always needed a means of insuring there wasn't an ostrich hiding around the bend.

  2. John Due

    John DueMonth ago

    Electric cars, renewable energy and environmentally sound solutions !!! You are no friend of US right wing :-).

  3. Backyard-Built-Trucks

    Backyard-Built-TrucksMonth ago

    Electric car lanes . emp waves and cancer risk would be what.

  4. Patar

    PatarMonth ago

    Ya, I live in the town solar roadways company is in, it's nonsense.The tech just isn't there yet. The same 10 panels are half broken in town square like 5 years later.

  5. Chris Simpson

    Chris SimpsonMonth ago

    that was Wharf st. in Portland Maine not Portland Oregon

  6. gojitmal1978

    gojitmal1978Month ago

    You know how i know this is a shitty video? Solar freaking roadway is actually on your list. Lolololol

  7. Cheese Burger

    Cheese BurgerMonth ago

    Cobblestone roads: latest technology

  8. Travis Yelland

    Travis YellandMonth ago

    Nice video but gets thumbs down for tooo much adds

  9. Magic Ghost

    Magic GhostMonth ago

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  10. Jaannery Hernandez

    Jaannery HernandezMonth ago

    Fucking stupid

  11. dave ohri

    dave ohriMonth ago

    This video gets you thinking! So, stress your brains and find solutions to common daily problems!

  12. Cam Good

    Cam GoodMonth ago

    At 8:10, I think it's funny that you said electric cars were originally just a gimmick in sci fi movies..while showing a picture of a real electric car from the 20's (long before any sci fi movies existed lol).. The truth is, we should have been using electric cars for the past hundred years or so, but the technology was heavily suppressed by the oil industry..decade after decade..

  13. Karl Savoury

    Karl SavouryMonth ago

    “Black ice” then you feature a dark skinned short haired African. You believe that’s cute? Coward!

  14. mark vietti

    mark vietti2 months ago

    this would be great in a fantasy world..

  15. Doc Brown

    Doc Brown2 months ago

    The glow in the dark road lines would help and the solar road are needed, recycled material roads are beyond needed. Our ignorant corrupt politicians prob wouldn't get as much kick backs from these so you won't see them in the US any time soon.

  16. BenjaminGib

    BenjaminGib2 months ago

    The worse video I've ever seen on USwork. Thank goodness roads are not one big elementary school science experiment.

  17. WoW Tech

    WoW Tech2 months ago

    Amazing content ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  18. R Dirtstarz

    R Dirtstarz2 months ago

    I think the road built with recycled plastic bottles, debris and trash what's the best one. Only if it's possible to remove the garbage smell first before putting it down as roadway.

  19. jerold heard

    jerold heard2 months ago

    how you spell it "Piezo" streets right made from plastic bottles and old bad tires.

  20. De Gruisman

    De Gruisman2 months ago

    clicked not interested anymore

  21. X Res

    X Res2 months ago

    One new tech roadsurface method was called "promising" about 10 years ago: small (not unlike dielectric cigarette ighters...even re-using those here) voltage-generators Embedded in silicone for high-use pedestrian and vehicular-traffic areas (indoor-outdoor!) and collect the current in battery-basements for "stored electricity" in peak demand times.

  22. TXLAdventure

    TXLAdventure2 months ago

    Plastic roads are a failure, solar roadways are not going to be here for a while, glow in the dark roads CMON that’s ridiculous also the Netherlands is insane, heated roads exist but most roads that get snow would be basically impossible to re-pave, also really windmill lights were not duch, electric roads? Who’s gonna pay for that also what does the bridge have to do with this? But other than that it’s a good video.

  23. Sin Wa Li Yup

    Sin Wa Li Yup2 months ago

    4:49 I find it funny when they talk about black ice & the next scene is a black woman driving.

  24. Zenas Starchild

    Zenas Starchild2 months ago

    back ice queen... I think the script writer needs therapy. xD

  25. maraiah wallace

    maraiah wallace2 months ago

    Hey i subed and Turned on notificashons

  26. Random User

    Random User2 months ago

    So, cold area, with little sun, and covered in ice, then must melt the ice, and still give lines? And I thought the war on drugs was a bad waste

  27. Schwifty Sai

    Schwifty Sai2 months ago

    Plastic roads is a temporary solution to the growing plastic pollution.

  28. Sarah DeMarcus

    Sarah DeMarcus2 months ago

    We can shut off voltage to magnetic 🧲 forced train 🚂 stops 🛑 and lay down plastic roads over railroads and run buses 🚎 🚌 instead, safer due to the magnetic train stop voltage being a problem for Earth 🌍 staying in orbit.

  29. SoreBeard

    SoreBeard2 months ago

    Solar roadways... There you fucked up. Look up some debunkings and reclip this vid.

  30. RAWR Coding

    RAWR Coding2 months ago

    The roads in England are awful! But they will never change :D

  31. RexXflash

    RexXflash2 months ago

    inb4 heatwave destroys the plastic roads and creates toxic fumes

  32. harold patrick

    harold patrick2 months ago

    The biggest problem I see is that if there is an accident where there is a fire, that road becomes a MAJOR problem. There is also the problem of the blade on a snow-plow, will it dig in and tear up the road.

  33. supersonic118 boi

    supersonic118 boi2 months ago

    I'm sure they figured that out

  34. Josh M

    Josh M2 months ago

    wow some cool suggestions but lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ sounds like. but that russian road seems like it would have a ton of potential

  35. Froggie Loves nature

    Froggie Loves nature2 months ago

    The solar road wouldn’t work, just watch some videos on how they have weathered on the test area!

  36. Doom And Gloom

    Doom And Gloom2 months ago

    Building plastic roads is a bad idea. We already have to much micro polymer in our ecosystem and our bloodstream.

  37. Preston Henson

    Preston Henson2 months ago

    plasic roads and solar roads hell yea

  38. TheWoke1983

    TheWoke19832 months ago

    A video full on bullshit.

  39. Shahinaz Ismail

    Shahinaz Ismail2 months ago

    We enjoy 😊 with this video. Thanks.I mean with ( we ) this is my family we are watching the video together.

  40. Random User

    Random User2 months ago

    *I You are not us

  41. Twisterian 27

    Twisterian 272 months ago

    I've never seen so many ads in such a short video. Geez!

  42. Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean2 months ago

    ad blocker. should check it out.

  43. GrrMeister

    GrrMeister2 months ago

    8:16 *I have just bought a **_SELF CHARGING_** Yoyota Hybrid, so I now don't have to worry about Plug In technicalities and range anxiety, the very nice fella said at the dealers that this would open up a whole new World to me, will post video after a 12 month testing period to let you know how I got on. Very Exciting. Can't wait to try it out. Mind you somewhat perplexed in that although comes with a full tank of Gas, it was mentioned that I might need to 'top this up' at times ?*

  44. Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean2 months ago

    but whats the life cycle of the power cells.

  45. col0000 smith

    col0000 smith2 months ago

    I disliked your video HERE WHY thundefoot/professor stick they bitg debunked plastic roads and solar roadways you lost any credibilty Research before you add something to your list EDIT: the glow in the dark paint is a lie what if it is cloudy constantly /

  46. favlucario99

    favlucario992 months ago

    The solar panel one mixed with light sensor lights would cut down on light pollution.

  47. Cool Boy

    Cool Boy2 months ago

    I can't wait for plastic roads on a hot day. Smells nice over time not so.

  48. X Res

    X Res2 months ago

    Not so fast! Check the FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) structural materials /took over 30 years of R&D in the US to be approved for non-experimental, routine applications/! Among the leading FRP manufacturers is Strongwell (and its Chinese subsidiary Strongwell Shanghai). But many others as well. Non-melting, self-extinguishing for fire-safety, unprecedented strength to weight ratios for minimising dead-loads, non-corrodable, paintless, controllable conductivity...etc. The Finnish national standards for autobahn-design is but one example for dazzling revolution in possibilities.

  49. sora_skorcher

    sora_skorcher2 months ago

    you know what they can use instead of tempered glass clear aluminum for the solar Road Project

  50. Adrian V

    Adrian V2 months ago

    sora_skorcher aluminium costs 20 times more than glass don’t think governments would invest or are ready to spend billions on aluminium roads mate, in UK you lucky if you get pot holes filled let alone investing billions

  51. Space Pirates

    Space Pirates2 months ago

    Very intriguing!

  52. Random Fortnite Battles LOKO

    Random Fortnite Battles LOKO2 months ago

    Was I the only one that got the add before the video were this bitch was pissing on her phone lol

  53. Miscellaneous Stuff

    Miscellaneous Stuff2 months ago

    in my area snow usually coming off together with asphalt, so every spring they have to fix holes, which gets bigger year after year. road services make good money on repair and not interested in building new good quality road which will stay intact for decades.

  54. heckerz minecraft videoz

    heckerz minecraft videoz2 months ago

    kill peta

  55. Kenneth Jansson

    Kenneth Jansson2 months ago

    solar roads, haven't they busted that one?

  56. Random User

    Random User2 months ago





  58. Jim Spencer

    Jim Spencer2 months ago

    By putting the debunked "solar roadway" into your list, you completely destroyed any credibility you could have had.

  59. Draco Eris

    Draco Eris2 months ago

    @Shane Most efficient place to put a photovoltaic cell is under a parked car I could've sworn. /s yeah solar roadways are just laughable

  60. Shane

    Shane2 months ago

    @Draco Eris It cannot even power its own leds, and people walking on it causes them to stop working. all of the videos ive seen on it are pretty interesting. The plastic roads are debunked as well or at least the screenshots they had with the spaces underneath the roads. The brick type are ones that are probably in use but did not look up that side of things.

  61. Jerry Chua

    Jerry Chua2 months ago


  62. X Res

    X Res2 months ago

    I have just read /in Swisslandia/ that robotic speed-checkers will be utilised on the roads soon. So driverless cars can be fined by robots for speeding. Cant wait for this wonderful world of paradise as humans will be first lobotomised then disappearing following the flora and fauna...Ergo: all of this B.S. will be totally pointless /nothing to hit on the roads make speeding lose any significance/. Maybe it is not one moment to soon to develop anti-techmania controls and hyperactivity protectors for idiots and to elect libertarians to eradicate zillions of laws that are not kept but abused routinely.

  63. Knight Maer

    Knight Maer2 months ago


  64. Bill Woo

    Bill Woo2 months ago

    Oh how cool! And by the way, you're sixth.

  65. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me

    O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me2 months ago

    *Roads that charge electrical cars!*



    1860 Russian metal none rusted

  67. X Res

    X Res2 months ago

    But vulnerable to tank-traffic...