Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver


  1. John Doe

    John Doe4 hours ago

    I wonder how many people are watching purgatony right now

  2. Allan Anderson

    Allan Anderson6 hours ago

    The amount of times I have gone back to this to watch that baby say “I’m hecka gay” is disrespectful.

  3. Miner 15101

    Miner 151017 hours ago


  4. Cactus Boi

    Cactus Boi12 hours ago

    IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO NOTICE! Max for a but had purple hair! XD

  5. Vincenzo Pollice

    Vincenzo Pollice14 hours ago


  6. luis moreno

    luis morenoDay ago

    1:37 everything changed his close, his hair, and his skin

  7. Mr. CocaCola Boy

    Mr. CocaCola Boy18 hours ago

    luis moreno and the pendant on his neck

  8. gabriel hill

    gabriel hillDay ago

    3:29 lol i was crying


    NOOB PLAYERDay ago

    why did you stop making new episodes

  10. gimedapusib0ss

    gimedapusib0ssDay ago

    On 1:37 look at max

  11. Tiffany Wu

    Tiffany Wu2 days ago

    Love it ha ha ha tony is so happy

  12. Ewart Smith

    Ewart Smith2 days ago

    10:06 He can only get murdered and laid if he makes one particular choice. It's not either-or.

  13. Tristan Taylor

    Tristan Taylor2 days ago

    1:36 6:48 9:12

  14. Jacob Bryant

    Jacob Bryant2 days ago

    Holy roller, Beatles reference Holy diver, Dio reference

  15. BradDaMan

    BradDaMan2 days ago

    0:42 Tony's garbage bin is full. 0:46 Tony's garbage bin magically empties itself.

  16. Mescaline Monkey

    Mescaline Monkey2 days ago

    Let it be known you do not get to heaven by being good no one except god is good but by believing the blood atonement of Jesus christ.

  17. Rishabh Upadhyay

    Rishabh Upadhyay2 days ago

    what a episode

  18. DyingDweller

    DyingDweller2 days ago

    1:36 took me so loong to realise. Have watched this 5 times lol

  19. Ana Gabriela Barsallo Alemán

    Ana Gabriela Barsallo Alemán3 days ago

    Just re-watching this episode to increase the views and motivate explosm to continue with this incredible show 😎

  20. Nicholas Harold

    Nicholas Harold3 days ago

    1:37 purple max

  21. ILikeEatingCards Man

    ILikeEatingCards Man3 days ago


  22. Russ

    Russ3 days ago

    Since theres so many people wanting this on Netflix, theres a thing you can go to on Netflix and request them to add content to the platform.

  23. FAZE W3RR10R

    FAZE W3RR10R3 days ago

    Pause at 1:36

  24. soundlesspeal

    soundlesspeal3 days ago

    i guess we know where the purple shirted eye stabber went

  25. The Omega Gamer

    The Omega Gamer3 days ago

    You can't tell me this is not inspired by The Good Place

  26. Artyyyy

    Artyyyy3 days ago


  27. Justin Lewis

    Justin Lewis4 days ago

    I like that one guy's German accent

  28. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia4 days ago

    Lmao When you got them cheeseburgers. 3:31

  29. PGNationMichael channel

    PGNationMichael channel4 days ago

    Whats the difference in Tonys office.

  30. Mullac talk

    Mullac talk4 days ago

    How did Stewie from family guy get in this?

  31. Handcrafted products

    Handcrafted products4 days ago


  32. Makka pakka

    Makka pakka4 days ago

    The Vikings go straight to Valhalla

  33. Knight Horse

    Knight Horse4 days ago

    Isnt this a reference to Stewie?? Whatever

  34. Beroun

    Beroun4 days ago

    10:40 he just shoves the newspaper in his pampers xD

  35. Money Singleton

    Money Singleton4 days ago

    3:32 gay af

  36. Josh Reynolds

    Josh Reynolds4 days ago

    I love Death. "I read you, like a short fat thermometer. If you seem hot, I try to cool you down. If you're already cold, I try to keep you there. Not because I care, I just want to get you the fuck out of my office." Gotta use that line.

  37. Twenty Watts

    Twenty Watts4 days ago

    If he killed his mother then who was the woman in the picture.

  38. Miles Williams-Lewis

    Miles Williams-Lewis4 days ago

    13:00 Eat your heaet out! That felt good! And DEATH CAME IN WITH THE CLUTCH! What a genuine asshole with a blackened heart of gold.

  39. Greenkitten45

    Greenkitten454 days ago

    Max is such a weirdo, but I love him! xD

  40. Colonel Wizard

    Colonel Wizard4 days ago

    What an emotional rollercoaster. I genuinely yelled "hell yeah Tony!" When they announced the results.

  41. luca

    luca5 days ago

    the only sitcom worth my time

  42. Hayden Avellona

    Hayden Avellona5 days ago

    0:40 look at that trash can and a couple seconds later look at it again 1:34 Oh and look at max

  43. L

    L5 days ago

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm WHY DID HE CHANGE COLOR 1:37

  44. TheRealCarterK

    TheRealCarterK5 days ago

    A Northern Irish evil guy. I take offence, us Northern Irish are mad. And this lad, is fucking Mental!

  45. J rock 7211 kill stare

    J rock 7211 kill stare5 days ago

    Please keep making more

  46. Dw Mi

    Dw Mi5 days ago

    Have this played by Jason Alexander as George Constanta and this would be gold

  47. Sophia's Emporium

    Sophia's Emporium5 days ago

    That Chinese torture thingy for fingers was my dad’s favorite.....2nd to Indian rug burn twisting arm skin 2 opposing ways. Y’all R sure familiar in here 👀

  48. RetroGaming

    RetroGaming5 days ago

    What things are changed?

  49. justice stewart

    justice stewart5 days ago

    “Next time you open your mouth I’m gonna fart right in it”

  50. PIKAPRO25

    PIKAPRO255 days ago

    There was paper in the trash at the beginning Max’s color scheme changes at the introduction of demonessa

  51. Srijan Shukla

    Srijan Shukla5 days ago

    You said you'd show death.