Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver

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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
Tony finds out that everyone in the office has been betting on whether he sends his clients to Heaven or Hell, and gets pressured to “fix the game” when his popularity grows and they’re all betting on certain outcomes.
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  1. Yoshimasa Chong

    Yoshimasa Chong6 hours ago

    1:36 what happened to his colors?

  2. potao beer

    potao beer6 hours ago

    i like max

  3. Summer_ Silence

    Summer_ Silence16 hours ago


  4. Naamloos

    NaamloosDay ago

    Demonessa looks better with higher and hotter legs. Further she is all hot

  5. HeyItzChris 100

    HeyItzChris 100Day ago

    When is purgatony episode 9 comin out?

  6. Tj

    Tj2 days ago


  7. jesse2546

    jesse25462 days ago

    How much is it to make one of these episodes

  8. Algéria Man

    Algéria Man2 days ago

    Deathe is Awsom ☠️


    JOSHUA CASILLAS3 days ago

    “I’m gonna fart in your goddamn mouth tony!”

  10. The Lord

    The Lord3 days ago

    In a book i been reading it mentions that a baby can have the sins of the parents just want to put that out there

  11. K games 123

    K games 1233 days ago


  12. king dice the dice

    king dice the dice3 days ago

    When we get more episodes? (Not to rush)

  13. Lokri Rinegore

    Lokri Rinegore4 days ago

    Nice dio reference

  14. gaze mza

    gaze mza4 days ago

    We nned more of this episode

  15. Average Joe

    Average Joe4 days ago

    Make more

  16. William Alexander

    William Alexander6 days ago

    Tony kept it real and looked out for his real friend. Respect

  17. Dobby Free house elf

    Dobby Free house elf6 days ago

    Wait What happen max in 1:37

  18. Sean Chang

    Sean Chang8 days ago

    1:37 What happen to Max?

  19. Hunter Bassett

    Hunter Bassett8 days ago

    When Tony becomes the most hated person on the office Me: ehhh relatable

  20. Talk-Nopp Blog

    Talk-Nopp Blog8 days ago

    Okay, great tip.. A man who drinks cum and worships the devil is a real friend. I guess never judge a book by its cover.

  21. Dan Watt

    Dan Watt9 days ago

    This is my fucking life.

  22. psovegeta

    psovegeta9 days ago

    Hey look it's Fart in a jar Martin! 2:17

  23. Average Joe

    Average Joe4 days ago

    psovegeta no it’s not there are slight differences

  24. itzz_ awesome

    itzz_ awesome9 days ago

    Dio reafrence

  25. Maiara Martins Da Fonseca

    Maiara Martins Da Fonseca9 days ago

    que blasfêmia contra deus

  26. Orange Pandana

    Orange Pandana9 days ago

    1:37 is Maximilian one of the 4 changes?

  27. Umang Jain

    Umang Jain10 days ago

    Favourite episode

  28. Peterstoric269

    Peterstoric26911 days ago

    You want me to *SUCC THAT DICK. SLURP*

  29. MOMMYkillest

    MOMMYkillest12 days ago


  30. Steven Serrano

    Steven Serrano12 days ago

    There was for boxes

  31. Luna

    Luna14 days ago

    you know you've seen everything when there's an angel with fire in it's eyes

  32. Jerry Liz

    Jerry Liz14 days ago

    Why did Max’s hair changed into purple when we first say demonesa

  33. SonicMaster Sword

    SonicMaster Sword14 days ago

    The baby is wrong on the account of Catholicism being only sprinkles. Catholics do it both ways. He was baptized.

  34. The Confederacy

    The Confederacy14 days ago


  35. Javier Quiroz

    Javier Quiroz14 days ago


  36. Squid 99999

    Squid 9999915 days ago

    Death sucks tony and max are better

  37. Viggo Studios

    Viggo Studios22 days ago

    Oh it’s Stewie griffin

  38. Angel Figueroa

    Angel Figueroa23 days ago

    Don’t like chat Bradley Tony is my favorite

  39. Ja 12323s

    Ja 12323s24 days ago

    8:55 devil bootyyy look that butt

  40. Sans gamer6882

    Sans gamer688227 days ago

    You got boxs?

  41. Miss Mysty.g

    Miss Mysty.g28 days ago

    😭 I miss this show

  42. Jonathan Salas

    Jonathan Salas29 days ago

    i would fu*k the devil gril like if you to

  43. Fire bear Ultimate

    Fire bear UltimateMonth ago

    Evil Baby

  44. NutshotBrawler

    NutshotBrawlerMonth ago

    6:01 aww that really sweet of death to do that

  45. Jacob Cabaniss

    Jacob CabanissMonth ago

    My favorite episode thus far. Tony deserves a little win. Now back to his suffering lol

  46. TouchThat RHINO

    TouchThat RHINOMonth ago


  47. Victor Bryan

    Victor BryanMonth ago

    I can't help but think that the eyeball stabbing angel shouldn't be an angel at all.. but ok

  48. Xander Carroll

    Xander CarrollMonth ago



    PHARAOH HLMCMonth ago

    Love Death!!!

  50. Aidan koch

    Aidan kochMonth ago

    Song:there's no clock on the wall. Clock on the wall: am I a joke to you?

  51. Firefly miesumae shimmamura

    Firefly miesumae shimmamuraMonth ago

    Is the gizam guy evidence that everyone in purgatory committed suicide?

  52. nina ocanas

    nina ocanasMonth ago

    He said look at my eyes Tony there sharing a moment lol

  53. Weeb gamer

    Weeb gamerMonth ago


  54. Mason Maxwell

    Mason MaxwellMonth ago

    1:37 Max's entire body changes color

  55. crome Skelton

    crome SkeltonMonth ago

    Did any body notice his hair was purpule

  56. Witch Vibes

    Witch VibesMonth ago

    Tony came in with the CLUTCH!

  57. mike 1

    mike 1Month ago

    I rather get laid

  58. Science Pug

    Science PugMonth ago

    1:36 his hair is purple

  59. Kassy1023

    Kassy1023Month ago

    That's good thinking for a guy getting super bonked on the head

  60. XxReaper WolfxX

    XxReaper WolfxXMonth ago

    When he said you want me to suck that I was laughing hella hard

  61. Davis T.

    Davis T.Month ago

    Oh.. A happy ending!