1. Lauren Giraldo

    Lauren GiraldoMonth ago

    Make sure you watch till the end for the tea!! And comment which look is your favorite

  2. Gi Aoki

    Gi Aoki13 days ago


  3. ebrahim M-512

    ebrahim M-51217 days ago

    @Ruby Sotheran ،wow

  4. Ruby Sotheran

    Ruby Sotheran17 days ago

    Where are those jeans with the tassel things on from thooooooo 👀👀👀

  5. ebrahim M-512

    ebrahim M-51221 day ago

    @Rose Amore , I'm sorry 😘🌷

  6. Rose Amore

    Rose Amore21 day ago

    @ebrahim M-512 I am a grown women, thank you. I do not understand by what my comment was why you would think I was not grown.

  7. Nienke Vancaillie

    Nienke VancaillieHour ago

    Aka laurens boobs showing for a month. I mean queen tbh👑❤️

  8. Bhumika Kanwal

    Bhumika KanwalHour ago

    What's her hieght?

  9. Nashaly Roman

    Nashaly Roman2 hours ago


  10. Ana Maria

    Ana Maria3 hours ago

    Romanii care citesc comentariul asta sa dea un like daca nu doar eu cred ca stilistul are bască de cioban

  11. Elsa Backhans

    Elsa Backhans7 hours ago

    omg that stylist is sooooo hot

  12. Jane Bizub

    Jane Bizub8 hours ago

    “i don’t think the boobs fit the dress” “story of my life” SAME SIS IT’S SUCH A STRUGGLE

  13. kim mi

    kim mi8 hours ago

    When I'm finally rich eneugh to afford all the clothes I want, I will not hire somebody to go shopping and pick my outfits for me🤷‍♀️

  14. dorna hajimohammadi

    dorna hajimohammadi9 hours ago

    The stylist: this is a $2,000 dollar purse Me: ummmmm it’s just a flap of fabric but ok?

  15. Sassy Cayanga

    Sassy Cayanga10 hours ago

    is it just me being so cringing because the boy i know he is a gay i think but he just casually did this 9:37 and if i were her i would feel uncomfortable

  16. Ayush Maheshwari

    Ayush Maheshwari10 hours ago

    Please show less clevage

  17. Isseyvm

    Isseyvm17 hours ago

    How much money did you spent at the end of the video? i love the video

  18. Keirra Webster

    Keirra Webster18 hours ago

    I love Tyler lol small world !

  19. Arielle Suzana

    Arielle Suzana21 hour ago

    "𝗜𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗔𝗔𝗔" Jeffrey star moment

  20. Len Frohemian

    Len Frohemian21 hour ago

    3 and everything after was on point

  21. Sarah Rexha

    Sarah Rexha23 hours ago

    that first outfit is the one you used in your speaking spanish fir 24 hours

  22. anonymous chicken

    anonymous chickenDay ago

    when she´s wearing sunglasses she looked so much like kylie, how is that even possible

  23. bram bram

    bram bramDay ago

    Who is she?

  24. James Monterroso

    James MonterrosoDay ago

    Did she kinda look like kylie for a sec 9:25

  25. Cheree Wright

    Cheree WrightDay ago

    Where can I get the jeans with the metal fringe?

  26. V Rathore

    V RathoreDay ago

    I like ur earrings

  27. Mejra Krsic

    Mejra KrsicDay ago

    Sorry I dont like any of these

  28. Tanushree Majumder

    Tanushree MajumderDay ago

    Only one adjective that she knows is CUTE come on girl you're wearing some heckin high fashion stuffs! Stop spoiling the whole thing by saying CUTE again and again. Who got annoyed by this?

  29. milk tea

    milk teaDay ago

    Ok but umm body goalss

  30. Hazfa hazfa

    Hazfa hazfaDay ago

    Your boobs make all the clothes look so good

  31. nestle cream

    nestle cream2 days ago

    everything looks like kylie jenner style

  32. liz M

    liz M2 days ago

    tht dudde was lik ripping stuff from ur body sksksk

  33. Valeria Fumagalli

    Valeria Fumagalli2 days ago

    Where can I find the dress from the 15 look?

  34. Bubblei Langdon

    Bubblei Langdon2 days ago

    i remember when you were famous on vine i saw you at ihop and i was way too scared to go up to you lmaoo

  35. Ryen Maulsby

    Ryen Maulsby3 days ago

    That pink shirt dress fit is like bad bitch Cinderella 😍😍

  36. Ale Stamm

    Ale Stamm3 days ago

    "I don't think the boobs fit the dress" "story of my life" *SAME* but _opposite_ :'(

  37. Olivia

    Olivia3 days ago

    i love this

  38. Beatrice H

    Beatrice H4 days ago

    how does... one wash those jeans...

  39. PJ Taylor

    PJ Taylor4 days ago

    that first outfit is straight kardashian oml

  40. B T

    B T4 days ago

    Your earring in the beginning is so gorgeous. Where did you get if from? I am so weird, I have earring fetish.

  41. Ingrid Nilsen

    Ingrid Nilsen4 days ago

    the top in outfit #'12 from?

  42. Patty Ck

    Patty Ck4 days ago

    she looks like a young kylie

  43. Jaswinder Kaur

    Jaswinder Kaur5 days ago

    Look 5 is MISSING

  44. Melissa GB

    Melissa GB5 days ago

    7:42 omg i thought you'll be naked. you scared me😂

  45. Cheyenne Ellzey

    Cheyenne Ellzey6 days ago

    A lot of what he put on her didn't seem to actually complement her. You need to make a statement with the clothes, and with the person themselves. If I had the power to be a celebrity stylist, I would have loved to style her in what works for her body.

  46. Manisha Khadka

    Manisha Khadka6 days ago

    So its like renting the clothes🤔

  47. Iann Aguilar

    Iann Aguilar6 days ago

    Idk! But i think i found my new fav vlogger!!!!

  48. aaaaahh

    aaaaahh6 days ago

    "Lauren thinking she's hot for 17 minutes straight"

  49. aaaaahh

    aaaaahh6 days ago

    most of the time i was just thinking like she does notttttt pull that off LOL

  50. Nia T

    Nia T6 days ago

    This stylist is trash...

  51. Lolita Crasta

    Lolita Crasta7 days ago

    You have nice eyebrows

  52. Kayla Alana

    Kayla Alana7 days ago

    she was really swinging that $2000 bag around like it was a piece from the thrift store

  53. Kayla Alana

    Kayla Alana5 days ago

    Nia T why’s this even a comment. irrelevant

  54. Nia T

    Nia T6 days ago

    Okay and? Why is this even a comment?

  55. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye7 days ago

    Dunno how i got here but u look sooo much better without makeup

  56. Nani Sullivan

    Nani Sullivan7 days ago

    She worked so hard to have such a nice body. Those outfits looked so cute😍😍


    NAOMI BOWMAN7 days ago

    STYLE QUEEN!!!!💖👑