Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Elbruno 45X

    Elbruno 45XHour ago

    what if insted of the ditto being a clone of mew its a clone of mewtwo

  2. Beregorn88

    Beregorn886 hours ago

    It is as good as a Pokémon live action could be. I think that is the perfect review of the film. For me the only redeeming scene is when pikachu sings the intro of the cartoon while crying...

  3. Eric F

    Eric FDay ago

    Who else thinks Detective Pikachu could be from the OWCA From Fineas and Ferb bc they have a sort of crazy ability

  4. The Grey Shaman

    The Grey ShamanDay ago

    This better not be a ditto can turn into humans theory. Because that shit has been verified since the original pokemon anime when Jessy forced a ditto to transform into her childhood crush

  5. The Grey Shaman

    The Grey ShamanDay ago

    This is too cringe, first of all I will say that ditto has always been a failed clone of new and if the creators of the movie believed that was a theory then oh my god it explains why the movie was good but lackluster. They didn’t even make mister mime talk when he has the ability to. I assumed they were just being silly and making him a literal mime to mess around, but now I’m not so sure, what if they just didn’t know mister mime can talk because they didn’t know their stuff when it comes to pokemon. As for ditto being able to transform at will, did you totally forget the lab dedicated to modifying the genetics of these pokemon? Cuz yeah... modified ditto dude...

  6. Barkain

    BarkainDay ago

    I did like the Mario bros movie

  7. שחר א.

    שחר א.Day ago

    I unsubscribed in the time you gave to subscribe

  8. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 days ago


  9. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 days ago


  10. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 days ago


  11. flamegamer808 boi

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  12. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 days ago


  13. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 days ago


  14. Grovajl Yukari

    Grovajl Yukari3 days ago

    Ash's father was the champion, he decided to fight Mewtwo without Master Ball and Mewtwo locked his mind into the pikachu and that is why Ash's pikachu is more like human and so powerful :3 Also ditto transformed into a cannon in the anime which was epic :D

  15. josie nuetzel

    josie nuetzel3 days ago

    At first I thought this video was going to confirm the theory of pikachu being Ash's father and that is why he isn't around. Bill and his pokemon mind swiping machine also add on to the theory. Another thing I like to add on is how in the yellow version of the game The pikachu that is given to you is the only pikachu that was found and caught in the wild. Why so near pallet town?, instead of the Veridian forest or the power plant like in Blue and Red version where you can find them in the while. Food for thought.

  16. alex sekerak

    alex sekerak3 days ago

    TBH this is so well-known I thought it was already confirmed cannon

  17. Elysium Rod

    Elysium Rod3 days ago

    Ditto being failed Mews was shown to me a long time ago; However, What if the Ditto were just used as stem cells to produce Mew thanks to their genetic malleability?

  18. Mihzvol Wuriar

    Mihzvol Wuriar4 days ago

    I don't think Ditto is a failed experiment, but it was experimented upon, so scientists could perfect cloning, or at least, dittos were implanted Mew's DNA so it would change and maintain it's new DNA, that of Mewtwo, I say this, because if you think about it, how many failed experiments they had? Ditto is common in all regions, how could they multiply so fast that they are commonly found in all regions, but not over reproduced to the point of endangering the existence other species? While there's no doubt it was used in the experiments, saying it was a result of it is a mistake.

  19. Pamela  Linebaugh

    Pamela Linebaugh4 days ago

    Pikachu on the movie. ain't secretly a animatronic

  20. Mr Imagination Studious

    Mr Imagination Studious5 days ago

    I feel like this should of been on game theory.

  21. MistaManMime

    MistaManMime5 days ago

    1:20 AHEM

  22. TheDwarvenDefender

    TheDwarvenDefender5 days ago

    "Greatest video game movie." [Screams in Wreck-it.]

  23. Dimitrios Corvinos

    Dimitrios Corvinos5 days ago

    Wow, my mind is blown. *yawn*

  24. Pixel Playz

    Pixel Playz6 days ago

    Ummm so Mew and Ditto arent the only pokemon that can use transform, if you take a smeargle, which can use sketch, a move that copies another pokemons move permanently. The smeargle can then learn transform. But this doesnt change the theory that much so, thats my tea or whatever.


    NOMASAN7 days ago

    Turns film theory icon 270 degrees clockwise instead of 90 degrees counterclockwise to change it into the game theory icon... me: angery

  26. CheeseDrill

    CheeseDrill7 days ago

    this has only been a theory? I thought this was obvious

  27. Scott Berry

    Scott Berry7 days ago

    Hav you payed atenchen to the movie that ditto is one of the badges jenetteck experements

  28. Joey Floppy

    Joey Floppy7 days ago

    Good theory. Alternatively a ditto would be desirable for any genetic research.

  29. Prerana Elwin

    Prerana Elwin8 days ago


  30. Ryan

    Ryan8 days ago

    It's pronounced GUY-ana Not KEY-ana

  31. Achi Ezeukwu

    Achi Ezeukwu8 days ago

    There is also evidence as the Chronicle of Steve's rise to godhood( aka Minecraft), Ditto spawns from the cloning machine if it fails to create a Mewtwo from Mew, if you're using the Pixelmon mod.

  32. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor9 days ago

    Doesnt prove ditto is a version of mew it just proves ditto is an experiment..?

  33. cipher sans

    cipher sans9 days ago


  34. cipher sans

    cipher sans9 days ago

    I have a theory what if the main character in the movie ( I forgot the name ) father was Ash from the TV series Ash just changed his name.

  35. 1000 subs with n vid

    1000 subs with n vid9 days ago

    Wait if they can create a mewtwo can they make all the pokemons a two? Like pikatwo or rayqauzatwo

  36. Miles Foster

    Miles Foster12 days ago

    3:17 wait south america exists in pokemon?

  37. Steve Kaylor

    Steve Kaylor12 days ago

    Best video game movie of all time? Rampage.

  38. Enda Elvan

    Enda Elvan14 days ago

    Can you guys do a theory about Pokémon detective pikachu copying zootopia?

  39. Marcus Mann

    Marcus Mann14 days ago

    Ditto with an photographic memory so it can remeber the details of things it's previously seen

  40. The Nameless One

    The Nameless One15 days ago

    Oh, no... is this another Ditto is a failed Mew clone theory all over again?

  41. Genaro Gonzalez

    Genaro Gonzalez15 days ago

    I have to say 1 word wrong

  42. Genaro Gonzalez

    Genaro Gonzalez15 days ago


  43. R douth

    R douth16 days ago

    "Generation 1 - 150 cute little pokemon..."Wait a minute, he even showed Mew.... Does not compute.

  44. General Crazy - Kekistan Armed Forces

    General Crazy - Kekistan Armed Forces16 days ago

    More likely that he just took a ditto and made it stronger like they did with all the other pokemon in the labs, there is nothing here that says ditto is directly related. Bit of a reach but interesting to hear.

  45. Aj Tuner

    Aj Tuner17 days ago

    Every body knows this

  46. Dustin Tran

    Dustin Tran17 days ago

    Psst ditto is the fail version of mew

  47. Marilyn Mazey

    Marilyn Mazey17 days ago

    you forgot in xy Mewtwo is found in a cave in the little yellow flower field off snowbelle city which is the only place you can find ditto in Kalos too

  48. Kyetta Baker

    Kyetta Baker17 days ago

    Plus ditto is basically the first pokemon in the anime to have special/inconsistant abilities and it has multiple of these. Tiny ditto: only forms a tiny version. Face ditto: cannot copy faces. Etc.

  49. Kilo Allen

    Kilo Allen17 days ago


  50. the narrator

    the narrator17 days ago

    ah charmander was better I mean take it you couldn't even evolve right that's something all Pokemon should be able to do, And The Fool chose not to do it even though I make him more powerful he couldn't even do it what's a gemstone what is this man

  51. Azucena Cruz

    Azucena Cruz18 days ago

    New about that a long time ago whithout seing the movie

  52. Christopher Persaud

    Christopher Persaud18 days ago

    Mew and I are from the same place lol

  53. Viktor Lima

    Viktor Lima18 days ago

    What if Clifford's Ditto is the last one before they made Mewtwo, so he would be the strongest?

  54. Daniel Lopes

    Daniel Lopes18 days ago

    So you said you weren't going to give big spoilers like what happened to the father, but you gave spoiler to the twist about the villain?

  55. Adrien Wolf

    Adrien Wolf19 days ago


  56. Just Nierninwa

    Just Nierninwa19 days ago

    Funny that canonically mew is the pokemon that gave all pokemons and its clones can transform into anything.

  57. Spenser

    Spenser19 days ago

    Spoiler bellow! Pikachu is daddy

  58. Spenser

    Spenser19 days ago

    That Pikachu has fur

  59. Ducky YaBoi

    Ducky YaBoi19 days ago

    Heres a theory why didn't the super ditto just transform into mewtwo?

  60. Ekkk

    Ekkk19 days ago

    Mewtwo is still an imperfect clone.

  61. TheBR3

    TheBR319 days ago

    Ive always thought ditto was failed version of mew. It says it at some point in the series and in one of the movies