“Where Is LaMelo Ball?” Jaden Newman Finally Meets Her CRUSH! Julian Is HEATED After Playing Melo 😱


  1. Overtime

    OvertimeMonth ago

    We have a HUGE SURPRISE when we hit a MILLION SUBS 😱

  2. Speed Soft

    Speed Soft21 day ago

    Overtime what’s the surprise

  3. Agustin Munoz

    Agustin Munoz22 days ago

    A dollar might just take your girl lolololol

  4. SuperDJrobloxian Beard

    SuperDJrobloxian Beard25 days ago

    You hit it

  5. Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E126 days ago

    Overtime Jamie keeps crying like a bitch and soo irrelevant keep taking L your you need help take some Angry management class

  6. Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E126 days ago

    Overtime Jamie said too jaden don’t take pictures with the enemies when Jamie copying BBB clout chaser 🧺

  7. Khammee Ka

    Khammee Ka28 minutes ago

    Haha the first 2minutes

  8. Mr7

    Mr7Hour ago

    Julian so fukcn shit player

  9. Kylie Boucher

    Kylie BoucherHour ago

    Bro... dis dad thoo like he needa take a damn chill pill ain’t nobody gotta be goin dat hard on their kids like when he be yellin at em it just makin em play worse like what da hell u don’t get 🤦🏻‍♀️I honestly feel bad for these kids every episode is about how bad the dad is...

  10. Mario Matos

    Mario Matos2 hours ago

    I’m sorry but 😂😂 Julian ain’t even better then Liagelo ball 😂😂 they have a show why ? Don’t really know but this show makes me sick they try so hard to be like all family but it’s like when your mom buys off brand cereal just horrible

  11. AJE23

    AJE235 hours ago

    Who the fuck hired that nigga as a coach ? He needs to get fired in the most embarassing way possible ASAP !!!

  12. Tucker Spendley

    Tucker Spendley12 hours ago

    this video sucks and the dad is a mother fucking bitch

  13. Christian Radford

    Christian RadfordDay ago

    Lavar ball is a better coach lmao😂

  14. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago

    The dad thinks he’s lavar

  15. Brandon Mullins

    Brandon MullinsDay ago

    His dad embarrassing he not a coach why he got the authority to be shouting and swearing at all of thrn

  16. The JOKER

    The JOKERDay ago


  17. Jerry Melendez

    Jerry MelendezDay ago

    I subscribed

  18. Tr Hem

    Tr Hem2 days ago

    Melo just finessed the whole Newman family, beat Julian, took a pic with his sis, and rejected her💀


    LILBROKEBOY2 days ago

    Lamelo was smilin' bruh 😂😆😁

  20. UDYM

    UDYM2 days ago

    This is the gayest shit I’ve seen! We get it the ball family made a tv show.. you ain’t them tho

  21. sirron mac

    sirron mac2 days ago

    8:15 his pops started to sound like pinky from nxt Friday

  22. Sushmoy Islam

    Sushmoy Islam2 days ago

    Every game I see with Julian he seems to be losing.

  23. mysterious gamer

    mysterious gamer2 days ago

    His dad always rely on on julian and jaden lavar relies on melo doing team work

  24. Soccer Kid

    Soccer Kid2 days ago

    omg the coach is making me so freakin mad omg


    ALAMIGAS GAMING2 days ago

    That Jamie is crazy.. He talkss crazy..he playss badly..wdym dawg!!

  26. Loyal Roman Watchman

    Loyal Roman Watchman3 days ago

    the dad doesent know how to run defense or offense, and they expect to be able to put a 66 overall 5’4 playsharp against actual prospects or d1 teams

  27. Loyal Roman Watchman

    Loyal Roman Watchman3 days ago

    their dad doesent know how to run a simply offense

  28. Angel Ventura

    Angel Ventura3 days ago

    Player suck, so as the coah!!!

  29. Lorraine Dunson

    Lorraine Dunson3 days ago

    He's a bad dad

  30. MooseyQ

    MooseyQ3 days ago

    Julian's dad look like a mole. He also a horrible father and coach.

  31. Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris3 days ago

    The dad is using his kids as meal tickets

  32. Angelina Vivian

    Angelina Vivian3 days ago

    Jaiden keeps slippin

  33. Omar Valdez

    Omar Valdez3 days ago

    Ive noticed when competition is at its best PRODIGY doesnt PRODIGIZE lmao!!

  34. Kyrie Cruz

    Kyrie Cruz4 days ago

    Julian dad look like "kokey" if you don't know who is "kokey" then go to Google and search it!!😂😂

  35. B Wave

    B Wave4 days ago

    Basically Julian plays on a trash team that makes him look good plus his dad is Coach that puts him in no matter what and melo has talent which mean Julian is nothing to him

  36. Kevin Carl Garcia

    Kevin Carl Garcia4 days ago

    Julians dad looks like "Mr. Penguin" the enemy of Batman. Lol

  37. Nighty Slash

    Nighty Slash4 days ago

    the only thing that shocked the world was his dads screaming

  38. Carl caiden Marcos

    Carl caiden Marcos4 days ago

    What the hell i that coach

  39. Kenneth X

    Kenneth X4 days ago

    newmans wannabe BBB

  40. Tony Smith

    Tony Smith5 days ago

    Dude looked like a prodigy when he was like 12 but now he looks like a D2 player

  41. Lucas Højsager

    Lucas Højsager5 days ago

    Julian sucks he shoot 50% of the team shots

  42. impressive Bugs

    impressive Bugs5 days ago

    Wtf newman is 4ft

  43. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter6 days ago

    lamelo is beter than juilen no disrited

  44. YallKno Jay

    YallKno Jay6 days ago

    Dude far from a coach!!!! People was saying Melo and nem need to get from they dad but, Ju need to get from his dad if he wanna get to the next level

  45. 0fficial. Cirriah

    0fficial. Cirriah6 days ago

    Lil angry gnome

  46. Firda Ayu Natalia

    Firda Ayu Natalia6 days ago

    them dad make me want to kill him

  47. Firda Ayu Natalia

    Firda Ayu Natalia6 days ago

    a crazy family i dont like them

  48. BW Playz

    BW Playz6 days ago

    Y dis man be looking like stitch bro

  49. Jorge Reyes

    Jorge Reyes6 days ago

    Fatt chump

  50. Its Me

    Its Me6 days ago

    9:34 he’s face says it all😂😂

  51. Alvin Melancon

    Alvin Melancon6 days ago

    He still outscored melo they lost by like 40

  52. Wayne Macdonald

    Wayne Macdonald7 days ago

    Julian scored 15 while LaMelo had a triple double 14-10-12 as well as 5 steals. I guess Julian's father has to try to see the silver lining. Julian did outscore LaMelo by 1. LMAO

  53. Peter Krivacka

    Peter Krivacka7 days ago

    Bro Melo isn’t the enemy, Jamie just sees anyone who doesn’t suck enough at basketball to lose to Julian as the enemy.

  54. Marc Allen

    Marc Allen7 days ago

    Fuck the game, his sons health was in jeopardy. There is no game that is more important than a human life

  55. EnvY AzY

    EnvY AzY7 days ago

    9:45 this mans really talking about positivity 8:33 I’m dead 💀

  56. Andrew Kirkland

    Andrew Kirkland7 days ago

    Lamelo is Julian new dad lol but he’d be better if he wasn’t 5’ 7”

  57. Chops the Russian pounder

    Chops the Russian pounder7 days ago

    Hello newmans is the bootleg version of ball in the family

  58. In Chin BimBim

    In Chin BimBim8 days ago

    Julian’s dad looks so damn silly while freaking out.

  59. ICE KILLA gaming

    ICE KILLA gaming8 days ago

    the second game he drop 30 lmao they only had 52 in all y u on his ass he carried get on they other trash lightskins

  60. Milky Utters

    Milky Utters8 days ago

    He outscored melo, 😂😂😂. Shut the fuck up. Julian had 15 pts 4 reb 4 ast and went 6/25, melo had 14 pts 10 reb 13 ast and went 6/13 so fuck out of here ur kid shot 24%

  61. Dee Sanabria

    Dee Sanabria8 days ago

    His dad wine like a lil girl

  62. Gene Saulsberry

    Gene Saulsberry8 days ago

    She’s dangling from lamelo nuts 🥜

  63. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget8 days ago

    Everyone can dunk on that team I swear. Also that’s what Manny gets lmao being way too cocky. Why they dad looking like a clown 🤡 when he was yelling at them

  64. Reemer 813

    Reemer 8138 days ago

    When Julian fans are cheering for melos team 😂😂

  65. Reemer 813

    Reemer 8138 days ago

    Who else saw melo just smiling 😀😀

  66. Jk Evans

    Jk Evans8 days ago

    Y’all get to have no fun

  67. Mai Masaidee

    Mai Masaidee9 days ago

    9:27 Bro in the back looked like he wanted to laugh so bad😭😭😭😭

  68. Lameen McDonald

    Lameen McDonald9 days ago

    Why every time i watch this show his team is losing? And thr dad always screaming? Smh

  69. Christian Morgan

    Christian Morgan10 days ago

    everytime you rewind 1:59-2:00 it's funny as shit

  70. David Abhilash

    David Abhilash10 days ago

    Can someone please tell me who the guy in the white hoodie leaning to the blue door is??????

  71. Skittles

    Skittles10 days ago

    Pops should never rock a hood

  72. nayelie garcia

    nayelie garcia10 days ago

    ole dad gotta chill onnat yelling and talking shit cause that ain’t making shit better.


    JAKE SHAPAZIAN10 days ago

    She look like a drunk goose

  74. Bang Bang

    Bang Bang10 days ago

    The dad look like a meerkat😂😂

  75. Tristan Liu

    Tristan Liu10 days ago

    Worst fucking show on USwork

  76. LiilLukie

    LiilLukie10 days ago

    I sewear I’ve seen this shit before

  77. Steven Sanchez

    Steven Sanchez11 days ago

    You can definitely see that theyre just reasong from a script on a screen this show is a joke

  78. Toxic Cucumber

    Toxic Cucumber11 days ago

    Pinguin family


    IDROP BODIEZ_Yt11 days ago

    Number 3 gone make it to the NBA

  80. gerarlcan

    gerarlcan11 days ago

    Pobre muchacho con ese papá. Ese señor intenta lograr a través de su hijo lo que él no pudo...

  81. Kurt Minierva

    Kurt Minierva11 days ago

    What’s the name of the classical song that plays in the beginning?? Thank y’all 🙏

  82. Profesor Gaming

    Profesor Gaming11 days ago

    How will your players be healed if you look at them wrongly. You can play the game and see if you can play with those big ones

  83. XOXO WXW

    XOXO WXW11 days ago

    The dad is a bad influence as a coach too

  84. YaBoy Nick

    YaBoy Nick11 days ago

    his dad makes me appreciate lavar ball 😂😂

  85. Thanos

    Thanos12 days ago

    Downey *CHRISTIAN* school

  86. Michael Torres

    Michael Torres12 days ago

    All this father and son arguing is why this team is 💩

  87. TheBlack OfWsp

    TheBlack OfWsp12 days ago

    A ese entrenador le gusta mamar verga

  88. GamerBeast !

    GamerBeast !12 days ago

    Whenever Julian speaks, he sounds like he has a stuffy nose

  89. ross hutchinson

    ross hutchinson12 days ago

    fuck his dad

  90. Ryan Bates

    Ryan Bates12 days ago

    The dad is why they not any good. All I've seen him do is yell at his kids on the court. It's never mistakes happen, learn from it, it's dad showing up late to practice.

  91. yaтo!

    yaтo!13 days ago

    Bro Emmanuel (#3) on Julian's team needs the ball more. Julian isn't the star of the team anymore and his dad can't realize that.

  92. El Zoeja

    El Zoeja13 days ago

    Lavar is a better dad

  93. Brooks Bowman

    Brooks Bowman13 days ago

    Final score: 80-117 Melo: not even trying Julian’s dad: Julian still outscored melo🤦🏼‍♂️

  94. tyler douglas

    tyler douglas13 days ago

    Just throw the whole show away🤦🏽‍♀️

  95. Fsu08 Alvarado

    Fsu08 Alvarado13 days ago

    Shirts are trash though 🤦🏾‍♂️

  96. Chris123 Fortnite Videos

    Chris123 Fortnite Videos13 days ago


  97. T Wagon

    T Wagon13 days ago

    Yo team to small

  98. Gabe taylor

    Gabe taylor14 days ago

    the dad needs to get his as$ beat

  99. earl eisenjower gerona

    earl eisenjower gerona14 days ago

    He selfish

  100. Phantom Dvfo

    Phantom Dvfo14 days ago

    Well I think the problem is coach they need a real coach with less negativity

  101. ssWolf Beard

    ssWolf Beard14 days ago

    His dad a bitch ass dude .. Sucks to have come up under that little man

  102. Jason Rico

    Jason Rico14 days ago

    Julian’s dad a dirty weasel

  103. Rocky the God

    Rocky the God15 days ago

    Ion run it

  104. Victor Reyes

    Victor Reyes15 days ago

    We were winning ... but then lol this team fucken sucks

  105. Jason Richardson

    Jason Richardson15 days ago

    Be real about these athletes/kids. The girl ain't focused, and Julian thinks he is the answer. Melo didn't score more than him because he got his team involved. Julian dont even understand cause he stays behind the 3pt line. The game is more diverse than that.