“Where Is LaMelo Ball?” Jaden Newman Finally Meets Her CRUSH! Julian Is HEATED After Playing Melo 😱


  1. Overtime

    Overtime4 months ago

    We have a HUGE SURPRISE when we hit a MILLION SUBS 😱

  2. Terra Callaham

    Terra Callaham2 months ago

    Thatguy Ty .

  3. sheena Certick

    sheena Certick2 months ago


  4. sheena Certick

    sheena Certick2 months ago

    St g g h

  5. Speed Soft

    Speed Soft3 months ago

    Overtime what’s the surprise

  6. John Ngas

    John NgasDay ago

    Changed my mind after seeing this. I love lavar ball

  7. PaulJohn Jorge

    PaulJohn Jorge2 days ago

    his eyebrows have curved😂😂😅abdakabruhhh hahaha

  8. Hani's Pawn

    Hani's Pawn2 days ago

    Prodigy? Omegalul lowkey just copying supreme lmao

  9. your dad

    your dad4 days ago

    Why are those kids so famous Come on. Man they are just kids

  10. your dad

    your dad4 days ago

    It was just a loss man

  11. rahimah moore

    rahimah moore4 days ago

    I was jealous!

  12. Nicholas Baldrick

    Nicholas Baldrick5 days ago

    This is the worst coach iv ever seen in my life

  13. Jennifer Ornelas

    Jennifer Ornelas5 days ago

    In the second game the dad likes people someone just got hurt by saying omg over again

  14. Corey Gallo

    Corey Gallo5 days ago

    Ball up #LaMelo

  15. Squeeze Creeper

    Squeeze Creeper5 days ago

    So now I know why Julian is a little punk ass bitch. Cuz his dad is a cross between a retarded Dennis Scott and a broke Spike Lee. He wearing hoodie looking like an uncircumcised dickhead.

  16. Topper Agripa

    Topper Agripa6 days ago

    Ahahaha panis ka kay lamelo ahaha

  17. Outdoor Tanner

    Outdoor Tanner6 days ago

    Your dad looks like he's raging at fortnite

  18. David Beckham

    David Beckham7 days ago

    They need a good coach not a trash talker dad to inspire them to win. Because of coach they loose.

  19. Dyeniel Tongga

    Dyeniel Tongga7 days ago


  20. Carla Davis

    Carla Davis8 days ago

    Dad, only worried if Julian outscored Melo?? What?? You lost though. LOL!

  21. Clyde Jenik Estimada

    Clyde Jenik Estimada8 days ago

    Tang inang tatay yan

  22. Alejandro Becerra

    Alejandro Becerra11 days ago

    The need to give number 3 the ball.

  23. Flip & Pitch Fishing

    Flip & Pitch Fishing12 days ago

    The fuck kinda coach is this

  24. Flip & Pitch Fishing

    Flip & Pitch Fishing12 days ago

    Dude complaining to Julian about making shots Julian tries to explain then he yelling it’s over turn the page like wtf

  25. Nehemiah Carroll

    Nehemiah Carroll13 days ago

    His dad sounds like he’s going to cry

  26. Mke Âłëx

    Mke Âłëx14 days ago

    The dad out here lookin like a thumb

  27. Nicholas Treue

    Nicholas Treue17 days ago

    0:43 “ there it goes ‘’ Julian says but the scores 6-8

  28. Ashton VanBuren

    Ashton VanBuren17 days ago

    Melon he’s cool

  29. nicole da braat

    nicole da braat17 days ago

    We need captions What they saying smh

  30. Theawesome24 Gross

    Theawesome24 Gross18 days ago

    This is why what this man needs to sit is little toad butt down calm down toad he’s a toddler throwing a temper tantrum

  31. Flynn Goggin

    Flynn Goggin18 days ago

    Me:mom I want ball in the family. Mom: we have ball in the family at home Ball in the family at home:

  32. Cristian Marin

    Cristian Marin19 days ago

    The dads eyebrows geek me

  33. Logan Miller

    Logan Miller20 days ago

    Julian’s dad is such a winey biiii

  34. blue the husky

    blue the husky20 days ago


  35. Benjamin Deleon

    Benjamin Deleon20 days ago

    One other thing isn't that a Christian school and they allow all this media show a coach act like this with his child and a bunch of kids that are not his smh what's up with that

  36. Benjamin Deleon

    Benjamin Deleon20 days ago

    If I'm coaching my son's team the last way I would act is like this smh that's just a embarrassment and come on papa you bordiqua 🇵🇷 don't act like this on camera 🎥 or just in general your kids will play much better if you tone it down a few notches before you lose there love for the game just saying

  37. M&B

    M&B21 day ago

    The dad looks like fousey tube

  38. Gil Eagan

    Gil Eagan21 day ago

    Bad enough he is not a good basketball player but having your dad coach on your back at all times will not help

  39. Preston Rotherham

    Preston Rotherham21 day ago

    The newmans are overrated except jaden she a baller

  40. Maurice Bustos

    Maurice Bustos21 day ago

    Bruh his dad needs chill he gotta remember that’s still his son so you have to stop cursing and yelling at him like dat cause he still to family

  41. unknown GAMING

    unknown GAMING22 days ago

    Is that shit tryna compete with BBB? Fvck

  42. Itz ZIRITEX

    Itz ZIRITEX22 days ago

    To be honset i dont like Julian and his father because they think there the best

  43. Nyasha Mandivheyi

    Nyasha Mandivheyi22 days ago

    No wonder why Julian Newman is undrafted

  44. Kaiser ward

    Kaiser ward22 days ago

    Bruh is it just me or something but doesn’t his dad always look depressed after a lost 😂😂😂😭

  45. Enrique Wycklendt

    Enrique Wycklendt22 days ago

    His dad wants to be lavar ball so bad lol

  46. Raymond Acosta

    Raymond Acosta23 days ago

    this is dumb

  47. JJ

    JJ23 days ago

    Juliam is a fucking midget he can't play at all so come down fellas je did what he was supposed to do. and the couch saying sucks he is the one crying out loud. i think im gonna do a remix of him with all that crying shit🤣

  48. Georgi

    Georgi23 days ago

    His dad looked like he was about to have a seizure

  49. Georgi

    Georgi23 days ago

    “Julian fell” “I hit the concrete” “Yeah you’re fucking stupid” Yes.

  50. Khakid Mohamed

    Khakid Mohamed23 days ago

    Prodigy is like a b-tech bbb

  51. Your Dad

    Your Dad23 days ago

    how they enjoy playing daddy ball 🤦🏻‍♀️

  52. David Milenkovic

    David Milenkovic24 days ago

    His dad is like Lavar. He mean he made basketball but in reality he dont know anything about basketball

  53. baller

    baller24 days ago

    Nothing like lavar at all , lavar tries to do the best for his kids and the team

  54. Ajari Mercer

    Ajari Mercer24 days ago

    lmaooo them players was trying not to laugh when he acted a fool in the locker room took his shirt off im dead lmaoo

  55. post peel

    post peel24 days ago

    The problem is the school hired a bum as their basketball coach 🤦

  56. Rain Flop

    Rain Flop24 days ago

    8:10 lmfaoooo Julian was bout to get his ass whooped

  57. Datboidh D

    Datboidh D24 days ago

    He is the yang of lavar ball Ying

  58. hyperwave

    hyperwave24 days ago

    Bro Julian's dad be looking like fousey tubes mental breakdown


    GAMER BOI25 days ago

    Julian your dad is crazy

  60. Jittxr

    Jittxr26 days ago

    "You guys gotta stop whining,crying,etc' this guy talking to himself 😂

  61. David Raak

    David Raak27 days ago

    The girl soooooo ugly

  62. KhalikCouncil'sGang

    KhalikCouncil'sGang27 days ago

    Yo dis dad values basketball more than his kids it’s just sad

  63. GrizzlySlayer 87

    GrizzlySlayer 8728 days ago

    Lamelo is like 10 heads taller than jaiden

  64. Amir517 Carrillo

    Amir517 Carrillo29 days ago

    Guys who dose number Manny on Downey Christian school looks better than Julian

  65. Amir517 Carrillo

    Amir517 Carrillo29 days ago

    Jaden Newman saying if u mad make three pointers to Julian.Jaden actually make a three pointer in a real game.Right start getting ur shots up stop holding on to Julian's fame