Singapore Street Food Tour - CRAZY RICH ASIANS Style!

Crazy Rich Asians Food Tour in Singapore! Visit Newton Circus Food Centre and try delicious Singaporean food as seen in the movie Crazy Rich Asians.
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Crazy Rich Asians food …or crazy rich food? In today’s Crazy Rich Asians inspired food tour we visit a hawker center to try the BEST Singapore street eats. From satays to fried carrot cakes, let this Singapore food tour make you crazy hungry!
Newton Circus Food Centre, Singapore 纽顿熟食中心
500 Clemenceau Avenue North
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  1. David Lu

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    Woah I got the Google ad of this video before the video

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    i saw your new google ad so cool

  3. JonTravelstheworld

    JonTravelstheworld15 days ago

    I would eat everything!!!!!!!

  4. Bo Eriksson

    Bo Eriksson20 days ago

    I'm a sucker for small sweet things.🤭 So I would definitely want that cake and maybe the whole cake, all to myself. But first I would eat all the savoury thing and just eyeing the cake. Teasing it a little and tell it "Just you wait! As soon as I'm done with this, you're all mine and I won't take no for an answer.".😊

  5. Once Upon A Table

    Once Upon A Table21 day ago

    Yummy 😋

  6. Ronel Lacpao

    Ronel Lacpao24 days ago

    One of your fan

  7. Gar Way

    Gar WayMonth ago

    Everything looked delicious ..great job.

  8. JiLL's Travel Enchantment

    JiLL's Travel EnchantmentMonth ago

    Hope to travel in Singapore someday ✈️✈️✈️

  9. troyperez76

    troyperez76Month ago

    WHat Happened to the list of the different stalls in the description? Thanks for the video great ideas for trip to Singapore.

  10. Lina Eyas

    Lina EyasMonth ago

    Ahh i really wanna go there

  11. Jeffri Holly

    Jeffri HollyMonth ago

    Where is Street name? Thanks.

  12. Manjinder chahal

    Manjinder chahalMonth ago

    Laksa is my favourite

  13. Ahyap Chow

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  14. Mike Carroll

    Mike CarrollMonth ago

    I think if you keep eating foods like this, it's not going to be good for your diet lol

  15. Sangjin Lee

    Sangjin LeeMonth ago

    I saw this lady when going to Taiwan using China Airline on Nov 27 from JFK

  16. Bagus Armad

    Bagus Armad2 months ago

    Making it happen vlog brought me here. Btw im a new subscriber

  17. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey2 months ago

    I think she is. Chinese and living in U -S she speak very good. English thanks,

  18. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey2 months ago

    I agree with you. Crazy rich Singapore is very good friendly place they got lots of poor one as well they have very fresh healthy foods spices fresh foods thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love them all thank you for sharing.

  19. Fang Phattha

    Fang Phattha2 months ago


  20. Denis François

    Denis François3 months ago

    Where is hanannese chicken rice ??and wonton noodle?? is different than US and Canada. Also India fried noodle, Curry and Malay curry . Malay curry puff. I really missed Singapore.

  21. anindyanari candranita

    anindyanari candranita3 months ago

    Wow we have the same version of nyonya kueh here in bali. The one u said ondeh ondeh was called klepon in bali. Its pretty popular cake too here in bali 😉

  22. Julieta Basilio

    Julieta Basilio3 months ago

    Wats up

  23. Bryan Lunardy

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  24. grace loves hamsters

    grace loves hamsters3 months ago

    That is not rly counted as a hawker center in singapore...the food there is more expensive cos more tourists go there

  25. Rodanel Caraig

    Rodanel Caraig4 months ago

    I just want to ask if i can pay in us dollar there? Thanks for the reply

  26. Jessa Lyn

    Jessa Lyn4 months ago

    Rodanel Caraig you can pay in US dollars but will get SGD in change. So it’s best to get some SGD in advance as you get more for each US dollars.

  27. Karl Santiago

    Karl Santiago4 months ago

    16:56 "Are you gonna eat everything?" "Yes!" We need more woman like you in the world hahaha

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  29. Lukas Susanto

    Lukas Susanto4 months ago

    Please don't move to Singapore...

  30. Travel videos - Matthijs & Elianne

    Travel videos - Matthijs & Elianne4 months ago

    I love Singaore! Nice video, great music, really good edit. Thanks for sharing it with us! Have a great weekend :).

  31. Jason B.

    Jason B.5 months ago

    Looks like a great time, great people and great food. 👏👏👏

  32. matgazza

    matgazza5 months ago

    Actually you did pretty well pronouncing ondeh-ondeh. Some locals who haves lived many years here still pronounce it as oneh-oneh..not sure where the “D” goes. Same goes with the otak-otak.

  33. lika

    lika5 months ago

    hokkien mee is just not the same without the lime 🥺

  34. reigh lee

    reigh lee5 months ago

    this is great, we are going in two weeks and we don't even have a hotel yet xD

  35. ChuckyJesus drawingart lover Duarte

    ChuckyJesus drawingart lover Duarte5 months ago

    That coconut cake 🍰 look so delicious 🤤😋🤤💯👍 my favorite foods were the chicken on a stick and the pork on a stick and the noodles 🍜 and also the coconut cake 💯👍🤤😋🤤😋🤤😋

  36. ChuckyJesus drawingart lover Duarte

    ChuckyJesus drawingart lover Duarte5 months ago

    I love noodles 🍜❤😘❤😘💞😍 and I love you 💯%😘 💕you

  37. jakob O

    jakob O5 months ago

    Hi, I’ll be visiting the country this month can anyone recommend other Hawker centers. And which food would you recommend a first time visitor. Thanks!

  38. Anastasia Dewi Suhandi

    Anastasia Dewi Suhandi5 months ago

    Which stall is for the hokien mee?


    GAMING TV5 months ago

    11:45 mushy gushy hmmm what does that mean 😂

  40. ItzMoonlight Chewlace

    ItzMoonlight Chewlace5 months ago

    My dad would be like :o also I watched the crazy rich Asians like I think a year ago?

  41. It's me Gracielle

    It's me Gracielle6 months ago

    Love from Philippines!!!!!!

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    Hi beautiful! I would like to talk to ya about helping others do what it is that you do by building a successful team! Email me at your channel

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    Chesca Yasir6 months ago

    helow..Im new to your channel..thanks for some tips..e really love traveling...

  44. Paul Monk

    Paul Monk6 months ago

    Delightful young lady.

  45. Red Jhon

    Red Jhon6 months ago

    Please do plastic surgery.thanks me later.

  46. JK Luk

    JK Luk6 months ago

    Vietnamese desserts “che” is very similar!

  47. Peter Cheng

    Peter Cheng7 months ago

    that noodle portion seems generous :)

  48. Quakespear Shatters

    Quakespear Shatters7 months ago

    Once you tasted every single hawker food in Singapore, you will have to contemplate what to eat during lunch time. I don’t have any favourite food in Singapore, i have a few favourites. I just rotate my menu every lunch time. For noodles, i rotate between laksa, mee siam, bar chor mee, lor mee, prawn mee, fried kway teow, hokkien mee, ban mian, sheng mian, mutton soup noodles, beef noodles, fish sliced noodles, wan tan mee and mee rebus. For rice, hainanese chicken rice, duck rice, mixed vegetable rice, curry chicken rice, ayam penyet, ayam bakar, nasi lemak, green curry assorted meat rice and fried rice. There are other food types but the list is so long it would be ridiculous to write all of them here. So basically i don’t really have to eat any food twice in a week.

  49. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey7 months ago

    Beautiful fry noodle very nice fresh healthy foods love this kind of foods at the hawker stalls very fresh healthy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy your holiday there thank you

  50. Glutton Bud TV 饞嘴新頻道

    Glutton Bud TV 饞嘴新頻道7 months ago

    Wow.. Newton food court! Where is the BBQ stingrays??? 😮

  51. Ez Going

    Ez Going7 months ago

    Hey people...piece of advice: You WILL definately get CHEATED & SCAMMED when you eat at Newton Circus Food Centre...DON"T BE STUPID & FOLLOW THESE DOPES WHO EAT THERE...there are thousands of places to eat from...even Orchard Road foodcourts are BETTER!!!!

  52. CupofTJ

    CupofTJ7 months ago

    :( sry we r dopes

  53. Phillip Tran

    Phillip Tran7 months ago

    Street food culture in Asia is incredible. Singapore is just one of many!

  54. Nilo Baranda

    Nilo Baranda7 months ago

    6:34 She actually twirled the noodles on her chopsticks. Asian Level: Pagoda!

  55. Madame Bovary

    Madame Bovary7 months ago

    Anyone else worried when she put half the stick in her mouth??

  56. Karen Bangcot

    Karen Bangcot7 months ago

    6:01-6:05, 9:08-9:10 why do i hear people speaking in Cebuano dialect in the background? lol.

  57. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey7 months ago

    You are very big eater you have your beautiful foods healthy fresh foods thank you for sharing your beautiful food thank you for sharing 27-6-19

  58. Kay Flip

    Kay Flip8 months ago

    Would've been better if you went from stall to stall. Part of the fun is seeing what each stall has rather than just having all the food at your table.

  59. deegee1177

    deegee11778 months ago

    Where’s the minced pineapple on top of the satay sauce?????? 😮

  60. Serene Lee

    Serene Lee8 months ago

    not sure if its mentioned in the comments. Carrot(or radish. we call it carrot as the chinese word for radish is actually white carrot) cake is available in white or black. White is the salty version while black is the sweet version. And both equally yummy!

  61. Jovan

    Jovan8 months ago

    Singapore was super fun i didnt like the sugar cane juice couldnt drink a whole cup of that but i thought Singapore was cool but then i went to Bangkok ooooooooh man i miss that place

  62. Jovan

    Jovan8 months ago

    @Kay Flip been to HK loved it going to Tokyo and Taipei next month....I think I'm addicted to Southeast Asia 😭😭😭

  63. Kay Flip

    Kay Flip8 months ago

    All of Asia is crazy. Go to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Jakara, Saigon, Taipei. Most fun and lively continent on earth with the best food.