The Dream Smartphone! (2019)

The impossible dream of the perfect smartphone in 2019!
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  1. meril a

    meril a4 hours ago

    for gods sake manufacturers, a small sexy phone pleaseeeeee!

  2. John C

    John C5 hours ago

    Can you do a review of the Samsung A50 please. Most reviews are from India lol.

  3. Rey TNO

    Rey TNODay ago


  4. Robert Rosenberger

    Robert RosenbergerDay ago

    For me its 4k oled display 6.5" Under screen fingerprint 512gb storage ufs 3.0 Snapdragon 855 plus 12gb ram 4k 60fps camera/ois/120fov/macro 60hz/120hz/240hz screen *headphone jack* Android no bloatware Water/dust proof No notch Front facing stereo speakers 6000 mah battery/50 watt charging Wireless charging Aluminuim/titanium/glass build

  5. Ali A

    Ali ADay ago

    But don't you want a pen?

  6. Joe G.P.

    Joe G.P.2 days ago

    dream phone but with limitations ? i mean why not 1 more mm of thickness and a 6000mAh battery ? i'd be fine with a 3000mAh battery if you could charge it as fast as a capacitor, so in seconds and also with a higher charge cycle, like 10 times current ones.

  7. DarkShadow

    DarkShadow2 days ago

    What about the rog phones 2 battery

  8. lynKx :P

    lynKx :P4 days ago

    My dream phone: Turns into an Ironman suit by using nano technology

  9. KytZu Puw1ng

    KytZu Puw1ng5 days ago

    it's already slightly outdated even though it's just a few months ago. A13 bionic is needed 65w vooc is new 5kmAh 3 camera setup with time of flight and that Soli sensor from the pixel

  10. Swedish Meatball

    Swedish Meatball7 days ago

    Alltta) favourite

  11. The Curious Skeleton

    The Curious Skeleton8 days ago

    What would be your dream tablet design?

  12. Prince Acharya

    Prince Acharya8 days ago

    which one is good oneplus 7pro 7t or 7tpro

  13. jamesbn23

    jamesbn238 days ago

    "a good pair of front speakers" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith8 days ago


  15. Manjnerd Productions

    Manjnerd Productions9 days ago

    My dream phone would be the pixel 3a but loses the headphone jack and gains an IP68 rating. That's it, same specs and same price just those two changes.

  16. Revback

    Revback9 days ago

    Sounds like the rog phone 2

  17. Aravind V

    Aravind V9 days ago

    Asus has entered the chat..

  18. muzammilsamr

    muzammilsamr10 days ago

    3:45 theres a phone witha 6000milliamp hour battery, the galaxy m60

  19. aby0ni

    aby0ni10 days ago

    but will it scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?

  20. Josiah Soko

    Josiah Soko12 days ago

    For me, it's available and that's the note 10+. I don't need 90Hz, I don't like IOS(I don't hate it either), camera's are all the same if you ask me and I don't use them, it's there in black or white, It's plenty fast for what I would use it for and I love Samsung UI.

  21. Ericj MendozA

    Ericj MendozA13 days ago

    RoG 2 Is Waving At You

  22. HairyNun

    HairyNun13 days ago

    You made an Xperia 5 with a 2k screen lol

  23. Jahid Sarkar

    Jahid Sarkar13 days ago

    iMessage for Android And PocoPhone's Price LMAO...😂

  24. Kariem Abozyid

    Kariem Abozyid13 days ago

    Your dream phone design looks a lot like the xperia1 and 5

  25. Arkabrata Datta RoyChowdhury

    Arkabrata Datta RoyChowdhury13 days ago

    Hmm realme x2 smiles, KINDA

  26. RainbowButtercup

    RainbowButtercup13 days ago

    "I could be fine with 128GB" I have 64gb wtf

  27. Thami Frama

    Thami Frama14 days ago

    "wrap it all up in a Pocco phone type of price" 🤣 😂 🤣

  28. gaming tech GT

    gaming tech GT14 days ago

    Asus:Hold my rog2

  29. Kirk Shelton

    Kirk Shelton15 days ago

    I noticed no curved glass screen. YES.... Throw in a S-Pen/Apple Pencil hybrid and you have my dream.

  30. Christian Hempel

    Christian Hempel15 days ago

    Why couldn't this exist ?

  31. Desmond TiAndre

    Desmond TiAndre15 days ago

    Do people really care about front facing speakers when you're always using bluetooth anyway??

  32. Michael Ramirez

    Michael Ramirez16 days ago

    What happened to the modular design

  33. mieguistumas

    mieguistumas18 days ago

    PC is a great material for phones. My S5, working perfectly since 2016, has PC back, reinforced with 10 % glassfibre. Great material.

  34. Siddharth Ramkumar

    Siddharth Ramkumar18 days ago

    Ok do you want a headphone jack or not?! @mkbhd

  35. Lee Xiang Rong

    Lee Xiang Rong18 days ago

    If I could make a phone I will try to make it 2x better then what u just said

  36. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik19 days ago

    Why wouldn't you choose Huawei's 40 watt charging?🤷

  37. Daniel Van Aswegen

    Daniel Van Aswegen22 days ago

    Fine with 128gb I have a 6s in 16gb who is he😅😭😬

  38. Tirivashe Shamhu

    Tirivashe Shamhu22 days ago

    This is doable

  39. beasty 35

    beasty 3523 days ago

    I just imagine us laughing in 2030 at the specks he is giving his "dream phone"

  40. Tejas Amdekar

    Tejas Amdekar24 days ago

    Only 4500 mah

  41. jishnu sankar

    jishnu sankar25 days ago

    Today it may be impossible but tomorrow it won't

  42. Doc_ Parichay

    Doc_ Parichay25 days ago

    Dream phone MKBHD- 4500mah battery Asus RoG2 phone - Hold my Battery

  43. Yatshar Productions

    Yatshar Productions25 days ago

    Design this phone and watch the business flock in.

  44. David Lartey

    David Lartey26 days ago

    Someone make this but with the snapdragon 855+ and air message inbuilt

  45. Max77

    Max7726 days ago

    That's exactly what essential should have been and should be but they failed because they missed a few key components like bringing the notch into the universe and having a paper weight of a phone.

  46. Renz T

    Renz T26 days ago

    who doesnt love red accents?!?!?!

  47. Aniv Khawaunju

    Aniv Khawaunju27 days ago

    Never will be a dream phone because they're always constantly evolving and you'll want to keep adding more features onto it. In 10 years your dream phone from 2019 will probably be considered budget model.

  48. OG RIKKY

    OG RIKKY27 days ago

    I'm from the future ...your dream phone is a budget phone over here

  49. The Ehsan27

    The Ehsan2727 days ago

    If anybody see this in the future,Reply so I can watch this video again to compare with the future smartphone

  50. Junaid Qadir

    Junaid Qadir29 days ago

    I Just pre-ordered your dream phone in my dream. :D

  51. BeardedPickle

    BeardedPickleMonth ago

    the dream 4500mah battery xD... my shitty chinese 100$ phone has 5500mah battery and they make 10000mah ones too

  52. Disolix

    DisolixMonth ago

    My dream phone: Runs iOS Has 1T storage Bezeless Heavy gaming Futureproof design Less than 600$

  53. greeny6000

    greeny6000Month ago

    My dream phone Nokia 3310 with a flat battery.

  54. Will 1955

    Will 1955Month ago

    If only google watched this 6 months ago...

  55. pravin bhatta

    pravin bhattaMonth ago

    How about the s pen in that phone?

  56. Chris Richfield

    Chris RichfieldMonth ago

    I just want a htc m8 with a better camera, battery, and cpu. I loved that phone so much.

  57. deRykcihC

    deRykcihCMonth ago

    2020:MKBHD ONE

  58. Kartikey Tripathi

    Kartikey TripathiMonth ago

    My dream phone will be that can download food for me.

  59. Simreck

    SimreckMonth ago

    Sapphire screen and ceramic back

  60. hritik jain

    hritik jainMonth ago

    Rog 2 is here mate