STOP wasting your life (2019)


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    THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!

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    @Alberto Diego Chisilevich why do you think so?

  4. Alberto Diego Chisilevich

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    I like your videos but this one was just....useless.

  5. Nizamettin CINDIK

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    Will you let me voice you over in my language, Turkish, so that they can understand your message clearer. (Our people do not like reading subs)

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    soooooooooooooo HAAAAAAAAAPPPPYYYYY

  7. cody vautour

    cody vautour48 seconds ago

    I think your videos help a lot of people but idk man I feel like their for the mentally weaker people like a lot of this stuff you shouldent need somebody to tell you all this like if you need to be told then chances are your not living all this good shit you talk about

  8. WojanMC

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    Love these!

  9. Marco Taco

    Marco Taco9 minutes ago

    how am i surpose to find happiness whereby the people beside you, are killing you on the inside?

  10. Faith B

    Faith B9 minutes ago

    It saddens me that people live and work for money 💰 Or they work for money to be able to live. People go to jobs they hate to get money. So many kids grow up having a goal to have a lot of money when they are older. It is the sad reality. Money controls our lives in so many ways. It is what allows us to do things but it is also what keeps us from doing them. The formula is money = happiness. Is it just me that wishes there was a way to change that? Sorry this comment is so depressing 😕

  11. Megan Stiles

    Megan Stiles14 minutes ago

    After a difficult mental health weekend and lots of life talk this past weekend, your video is more than I could have ever needed to hear. Perfect timing on this video 😊😊 Thank you for what you do and say. Life changing

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    I guess I’m not happy

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    You should come to India ...we have the worst scenario ...

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    When the games over it's over. Damn.

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    2:13 this was creepy as fuck

  17. Pedro Ribeiro

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    1:55 the moment that guy starts becoming Mark Zuckerberg

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    How can I find a actual job that I can pursue and be happy ?

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    Who swiping that face app?

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    Boyinaband already provided all your videos are fake

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    la verdad will set u free

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    Please run for president

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    "I'm sure the dinosaurs thought that they had time too."

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    You mean like this?

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    xd48 minutes ago

    I dont know how to be happy

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    This may have changed everything for me.

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    Thank you this very inspirational

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    Suddenly u die of heart attack while filming the video😂

  31. Another Stranger

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    I don’t have a job yet tho I thank you for the warning Prince Ea 👌

  32. evander

    evanderHour ago

    I don't know how to start practicing all of this

  33. Kaydee Arquisola

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    Woah I really watched this on a Monday

  34. k

    kHour ago

    I'm so glad that I clicked on this. Growing up, I realized that all we have is the present and we might as well enjoy what we have while we can.

  35. Flavored Watermelon

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    Prince EA’s in the game

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    This ain't video game This ain't fortnite This ain't Mario kart This is minecraft Joke is not.

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    U wrong it's tuesday 10:22 am

  38. Zemun Lu

    Zemun LuHour ago

    But we need to know this: there really are many people who get enjoyment from GMAES. They communicate with each other, have fun, hahaha... Well maybe, GAMES are the gentlest world for us. We get friends, game family, lovers. However yeah, that’s not the reason you spend all your life on it. May you happy, because happiness is all we want in our entire life. Wow I’d go with her! I’d like to be someone persuasive like you, Ea.

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    THANK YOU I NEEDED THIS❤️ small youtuber here btw✨🤩

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    Run for president! I'm not joking I really mean it. Run for president. Come on people say it with me.

  41. Danielle's Avenue

    Danielle's AvenueHour ago

    i like your channel, but you're acting like we have it the worst. Its not THAT bad. we work for money. its not just like you can stop. I mean just get a job u like, follow your passion.

  42. Aziza Ayad

    Aziza AyadHour ago

    The only reason we aren't happy is because we always think about the negative side of things or we just don't appreciate what we already have.

  43. Lucas Pashak

    Lucas PashakHour ago

    you do realize if we stop working the world will end

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    No tienes idea de cuánto me ayudan tus vídeos

  45. Makkenah Dottai

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    climate change might kill us in a couple years so we really gotta use our time wisely 😳

  46. Melena Snider

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    He should be a preacher at churches or even a inspirational speaker all over the world ! He has a gift !🌠💕

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    Nice video

  48. Tommy’s so funny

    Tommy’s so funnyHour ago

    I don’t agree with this most people do work jobs they like, or else they wouldn’t work that job for so long they would get a different one

  49. Robert Yang

    Robert YangHour ago

    I'm going to take life by the balls and live in the moment.

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  51. It’s Brittany

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    I’m 12 and fat lol

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    Omg it’s Monday and it 9:24 jun 17

  53. Karishma Nehar

    Karishma Nehar2 hours ago

    My college demands 80% of attendance. It's not bout education anymore it's bout showing ur face to the management of the college every single day and no one has any idea how sick it makes me feel! Life really sucks!

  54. Tooky

    Tooky2 hours ago

    Actually I am waiting for my life to end. That doesn't mean I hate my life and want to suicide. I am happy but life is too stimulating for me. Im sooo tired...

  55. Oscar Orfiano

    Oscar Orfiano2 hours ago

    Thank you sir 😍

  56. Cherrie

    Cherrie2 hours ago

    It takes a lot of work to be poor, But it also takes a lot of time time get rich.

  57. Anna VT

    Anna VT2 hours ago

    “We start working at around 18.” School and college not included

  58. Ararsa bayan

    Ararsa bayan2 hours ago

    this is me like if this is just about u

  59. Bryan Reed

    Bryan Reed2 hours ago

    Its inspiring but try getting out of the rat race nowadays. No really how- explain to me the survival guide. Its not easy man everyone has a plan to be happy and love their job but applying that is the hardest part. Especially in today's economy. I'm not pessimistic I'm being honest and real. Can't wait to see what comments I get because of this.

  60. Enriqueta R

    Enriqueta R2 hours ago

    If he isn’t the next president this world is shit

  61. DTV

    DTV2 hours ago

    I been depressed and feel stuck at my full time job, I been so angry recently and trying to figure out what to do, but I can’t seem to figure it out... I’m stuck. There’s things that I want to do that makes me happy but I never have the time because I’m working 8 hours a day even 6 hours on Saturdays because it’s mandatory so I work 6 whole days and haven’t seen my family or parents in months, I haven’t taken my woman out on a date in so long I can’t even remember and we work the same job. We both going through this and it’s hurting us mentally.

  62. Idetha C

    Idetha C2 hours ago

    You're absolutely right with your statements = I pray that this video will reach lots of people all over the world who are in the same positions and they too can make that changed = Thank you for shearing

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    Italian plis

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    I guessed Wednesday..

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    Title: watch this now! no, I don’t think I will

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    Honestly best fucking person

  67. Aaron L

    Aaron L3 hours ago

    Alan watts agrees

  68. Shadow

    Shadow3 hours ago

    Prince, you are such an inspiration, and if everyone were to just stop and think about what you just said, I think many of us would be a lot better off. For me, happiness has to be a choice. There can't be a minute where I forget to try to be happy. I struggle with anxiety and depression, my mom says it's just because I'm "at that age," but I got news for her: It's not because I'm at that age. It's because I know stuff I shouldn't even have to be thinking about. It's because I can see myself, and everyone around me drowning. For everyone who feels like happiness is not a choice, make it a choice. You need to force yourself to be happy, because no one else will, in fact, many will do the opposite. If anyone needs someone to help them be happy, I'm here for all of you. Don't waste your life hiding behind a happy mask, rip that mask off, and force a smile. soon that smile won't feel so forced. I know, easier said than done. Trust me, I really do know. But you also have to TRY. Don't ever give up on happiness, because I promise you, it will never give up on you. Sorry for the long comment, just want everyone to feel loved and appreciated. :)

  69. Zaire Yap

    Zaire Yap3 hours ago

    Remember, do what you love, nit what they tell you to love, only you know your heart

  70. Jay Michaels

    Jay Michaels3 hours ago

    Wow! I've been thinking about how unhappy I've been lately - personally and professionally. This video tied it all together for me. Thank you! It's time to become happy again!

  71. ExoProVideo

    ExoProVideo3 hours ago

    You are so awake to the world...Amazing!

  72. Sany Cool2018

    Sany Cool20183 hours ago

    This is why some people are homeless because they rather be homeless than to be stressed out by some job. But for me I couldn't sit there on curve and beg for money after all everytime I sit on the ground I get eat up by ants.

  73. Sany Cool2018

    Sany Cool20183 hours ago

    Sad but so true

  74. Brigette Nortiga

    Brigette Nortiga3 hours ago

    And people say that black people are dangerous

  75. Scheißhaufen

    Scheißhaufen3 hours ago

    My problem is that I don‘t even know what I wanna do.

  76. oFF Chopz

    oFF Chopz3 hours ago

    Do you work to live , or live to work . Ask yourself this everyday before you leave home .

  77. Alan Serpa

    Alan Serpa3 hours ago

    I have no hope I have two opcions to Become a homeless or kill myself (I'm happy because I'm not so pessimist to be choosing homeless)

  78. Gilberto Viadani

    Gilberto Viadani3 hours ago

    This hurts

  79. Felicia James

    Felicia James3 hours ago

    "The line that buddha wrote..."! Really!! The key to happiness is believing in God's promises. When u trust God...I mean REALLY TRUST GOD, His words will relieve anxieties! If we let it! Our nation has gotten spoiled & once we get one thing we want, then we want something else. Happiness doesn't come from material things. That's a lot of our problems! Including myself! We're working ourselves to death for material things & status! If we simplify our lives & enjoy what really matters, which is time with loved ones, then we will be a lot less stressed & enjoy life a lot more! #LIFEGOAL

  80. Faith R

    Faith R3 hours ago

    This dude scares me because this is way too true

  81. Tiki Lopez

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    Eres una gran persona dale para adelante!!!



    Thanks make my morning routine become more happier

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    Thanks for stop wasting your life to share this video!

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    This is pretty stupid

  85. Jeremiah Wade

    Jeremiah Wade3 hours ago

    Or how about we just be happy at work. Pay the bills. Live happy

  86. Go LooB

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    Amazing ty for this and ty youtube for this recommendation

  87. Mrs La Harris

    Mrs La Harris4 hours ago

    And thats what im trying to find ..a job that makes me trying..1st it was dental Assistant ive lost that drive in that for this ..this is my push everyday

  88. Mrs La Harris

    Mrs La Harris4 hours ago

    Love this motivation

  89. Mrs La Harris

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    This is powerful

  90. Laurie Berset

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    My happiness was just my ex husband. Now I live, live just

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    This truly changed my life.

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    Thank you so much prince for inspiring everyone

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    Be are worlds president

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    who watched this at midnight and is about to go argue with themselves!

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    I have the impression to be Jae.

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    Omg this made my heart melt when I grow up Ill always think of this

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    This is the best fucking video ever

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    6:06-6:14 thought he was rapping

  99. monkish musician

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    @prince ea you need to make a video on why religion is bullshit.

  100. Martin Štirn

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    Buddha never said that

  101. gacha- nana

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    It was Monday when I watched this

  102. Fantasio 112

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    That why I live with phrase: Is not amusing, if you don’t have fun

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    I wish I could be happy..

  104. Martin Štirn

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    Opulent User listen to Alan Watts

  105. Opulent User

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    I’m not working for nobody ! I’m working for myself!

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    2:11 sad 😭