Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000 Part 4


  1. Dan Clark

    Dan Clark25 days ago

    When you have a Lambo, but still wanna hit that VTec, 👌🏻😎👏


    GAMER BOY19 days ago

    bro vtec is a legacy i own a vvt but vtec is awsome

  3. Bob Barker

    Bob Barker23 days ago

    U can hear the valvs hitting the pistons lol

  4. Oleg

    Oleg25 days ago

    Them boys are in for an experience, about to lose that vtec virginity, nothing like the first time 🤣😏

  5. JpHDev

    JpHDev25 days ago

    Total muppets

  6. jordi andrea

    jordi andreaDay ago

    hey guys - i longing to see more vtec power... pls ..........goonzquad Power

  7. Dustin Holt

    Dustin Holt2 days ago

    I don’t know if you have got the problem with it not revving past 3000 rpm fixed yet but my old s2000 had to be fully warmed up before it would rev past 3000

  8. Jason Visser

    Jason Visser4 days ago

    Why dont you guys do a crank angle relearn. Weather you have a new sensor or not you still may have to do one

  9. Takács Ákos

    Takács Ákos6 days ago

    The standard fuel in east Europe is 95, the premium is 98 or even 100.

  10. Garth Morris

    Garth Morris6 days ago

    Why didn't you just fix the blown head gasket on orginal motor?

  11. M Hollins

    M Hollins6 days ago

    hahahah that's what I said

  12. KSHOT 2002

    KSHOT 20027 days ago

    Guys I did not have wifi till today and could not watch your vids 😔 but now I do and guess what I am about to do 😊

  13. cesar p

    cesar p7 days ago

    Vrooom tech

  14. David Ellison

    David Ellison8 days ago

    This is why u don’t ride or work on rice burners!!!

  15. vkturbo .

    vkturbo .10 days ago

    Damn that hoist makes life easy, wish I had one when I was younger rather than crawling in oil and dirt and everything else

  16. Alberto Fernandes

    Alberto Fernandes10 days ago

    I think the problem is with the ECU

  17. Geekyglamor123

    Geekyglamor12311 days ago

    No one: Goonzquad: *uses pointer stick*

  18. Ade Oredin

    Ade Oredin11 days ago

    There was an episode of wheeler dealers that their s2000 was doing the same thing and it was something small check that episode out

  19. Daniel Danda

    Daniel Danda12 days ago

    ‘Jumeirah morning

  20. J C

    J C13 days ago

    They don’t fix’s all acting...

  21. Alex

    Alex13 days ago

    Vtec motor probably wouldn’t do too hot without oil 😂


    VTEC ROAR14 days ago

    OMFG Mobil for HONDA ? Hold me up I will pass out.

  23. GreenbeaN06985

    GreenbeaN0698514 days ago

    @goonzquad love what you guys do. What are you using to film your videos?

  24. jo jo

    jo jo14 days ago

    GreenbeaN06985 they are using an iPhone, 10 I believe..

  25. Houston Fowler

    Houston Fowler15 days ago

    I like the df goblin kit car!

  26. 2021Thomas Gonce

    2021Thomas Gonce15 days ago

    It’s America not japan

  27. nail affaneh

    nail affaneh16 days ago

    Check the cam or crank shaft sensor

  28. nail affaneh

    nail affaneh16 days ago

    What were the codes

  29. Paul Lindsay

    Paul Lindsay16 days ago

    Why didn't you just fix the head gasket in the first place??? Would've saved yourself a ton of work.

  30. who cares

    who cares16 days ago

    Make sure that the camshaft lines up with crankshaft.

  31. Hervé Abat

    Hervé Abat17 days ago

    Check Crank angle sensor circuitry; in case wires are too close to one of the pulleys they may got trapped and disconnected; in case of disconnection, limp mode will be active and will automatically limit to 3K RPM

  32. Barry Denton

    Barry Denton17 days ago

    O2 sensors

  33. Matthew Barnhart

    Matthew Barnhart17 days ago

  34. Next Cycle

    Next Cycle18 days ago

    cam and crank sensor's and cam's need changed

  35. Raphael Leite

    Raphael Leite18 days ago

    check mightycarmods video about their s2000, they had the same problem.

  36. nash albalushi

    nash albalushi18 days ago

    Honda S2000 problem is check engine. All Honda have same issue

  37. Christian Skovgaard Jeppesen

    Christian Skovgaard Jeppesen19 days ago

    Have You guys tried an original oil filter? If you don't use the original oil filter you WILL LOSE V-TECH FUNCKTION in the engine ! I know this for a fact cause I've worked with Honda in Denmark for nearly 12 years now 😊 also that cam shaft sensor with high voltage will solve the main problem but I will recommend changing that oil filter 😉 Peace out ✌ Christian the Honda technician from Denmark 💪

  38. Phillip Durand

    Phillip Durand19 days ago

    Hey Guys, Congrats by the channel and all amazing project cars that you already performed. I don't lose any video from any car on the channel. I'm from Brazil and I use all videos to improve my English. :) Take a look these wheeler dealers episode "" this is regarding a S2000 with engine issues.

  39. Marko Polo

    Marko Polo19 days ago

    Man I wished they had this motor available for the first gen NSX.

  40. Boo Marley

    Boo Marley19 days ago

    Please do honda civic Ef9 ..😁

  41. Boo Marley

    Boo Marley19 days ago

    Please do a honda civic

  42. Kartik Rai

    Kartik Rai20 days ago maybe this can help you

  43. Nathaniel Bolinger

    Nathaniel Bolinger20 days ago

    Could also be the MAP sensor if I'm not mistaken. My first car had a bad one and for $40 it stopped my car from being "stuck" at 3k rpm as well. Worth a shot.

  44. James Fredrick

    James Fredrick20 days ago

    Hello Goonzquad replace the TPS and pull out and install the ECU from the other car that engine was pulled from.... Its spec's,aka codes and setting for all of the sensors are tuned for that engine.... This entire file is loaded aka flashed to its ECU core chip.... So replace the ecu and do a hard reset on it and it should run like a champ again

  45. dirtbike rider

    dirtbike rider20 days ago

    Check the throttle position sensor and intake tubing if not that could have trash in engine or the pistons have old oil stuck in them

  46. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano21 day ago

    How do you guys not have a code reader? You build Lamborghinis and you don't have something to check a simple engine code?

  47. Cakeso

    Cakeso21 day ago


  48. Cakeso

    Cakeso21 day ago


  49. Dustin Hansen

    Dustin Hansen21 day ago

    Don't forget to change the Diff Fluid. Amsoil 75W140

  50. Tim Moroz

    Tim Moroz21 day ago

    Working on all these cars but still no battery impact or obd scanner wow

  51. Bryan Phillips

    Bryan Phillips21 day ago

    I NEed MY v tech


    HOT TOPIC VLOGS21 day ago

    could be your OBD II sensor or the idle arm or you revs are set too high

  53. Ross Owen

    Ross Owen21 day ago

    (Take the cables off the battery not the whole car)

  54. Ross Owen

    Ross Owen21 day ago

    Take the battery cables off and hold them together for at least one minute. It should bring the engine out of lymph mode. Hope this helps

  55. rickster k

    rickster k21 day ago

    Supra for the next build

  56. Hector The Rejector

    Hector The Rejector21 day ago

    Hit up @schmuckbuiltllc on IG! He has the best S2000 ever and he sells all the performance parts that he manufactures directly!

  57. Kaprise Edwards

    Kaprise Edwards22 days ago

    delusional feminist thinks she is famous lmao

  58. jayden offill

    jayden offill22 days ago

    Please do a Pontiac Grand am 2005 v6 engine fast everyday car cheap please do an engine rebuild and modifications

  59. AbbeAlbin

    AbbeAlbin22 days ago

    Ferrari next?

  60. Cmilly

    Cmilly22 days ago

    If you swapped the Pcm you need to have the new Pcm recalibrated to the car and idle learned and CKP learned.

  61. Eric Keenan

    Eric Keenan22 days ago

    Has garage lift, car hauler, skidloader, lambo, etc...but no $200 scanner. Ha!

  62. baja985

    baja98522 days ago

    Take a shot every time they say v tec.


    SNEAUXSTORM LA22 days ago

    something i think goes really under appreciated with you guys is not only the progress youve made as mechanics, but with your video work and editing. my goodness the feeling of your videos are so professional. seriously you guys produce some of the most visually pleasing videos on youtube

  64. 91blackR

    91blackR22 days ago

    Wow ur gas is only $2.51 a gallon. In Southern California it’s $4.10 a gallon😭😭😭

  65. kevin monzon

    kevin monzon22 days ago

    It’s the air filter sensor check it or replace it that’s what my rsx had and I had all I did was replace it and it was all better

  66. Fuck Trump

    Fuck Trump22 days ago

    Damn you guys got 2.50 the gallon in Cali it’s up to 5.00

  67. rob cottrell

    rob cottrell22 days ago

    I wish gas was that cheap out here in oregon

  68. Adamo Belcastro

    Adamo Belcastro22 days ago

    I have your solution!! Its called a variable camshaft solenoid. its sticking and you need to replace it along with the filter

  69. Ranger Rick

    Ranger Rick22 days ago

    I dunno guys - those were different engines with different sensors and different harnesses... to be honest, I'm surprised you got it running. I'm not surprised it's not running well. Think you have to take it to the Honda dealer and get them to do a full scan to see what is exactly giving you the issues... otherwise you may be just guessing and part replacing for awhile...

  70. vladimir saakian

    vladimir saakian22 days ago

    You guys are on the right track starting with the positioning cam sensor. The engine sounds solid as well. I had the vtec solenoid go bad on me before and it didnt go into limp mode as well. So I doubt its that. Its most likely the sensor.

  71. obadillo

    obadillo22 days ago

    Perhaps you need to swap the ECUs as well, especially if the sensors are visibly different.. you might want to try that

  72. Kenneth Martin

    Kenneth Martin22 days ago

    Hey guys I had the same problem with my truck make sure u have a ground to the cam sensor and then a power if u don't have one or the other follow the wire cause about half my engine was dead because I was missing one fuse

  73. NickeBTv

    NickeBTv22 days ago

    Its maybe a missfire problem. When you gas and its stop burning and then starts again

  74. The Hoodlum Brothers

    The Hoodlum Brothers22 days ago

    I would swap the cams back, out the other valve cover back on and take the ecu out of the other s2k and install it in the running car since the harness and the motor cane out of the other car. So use the other ecu as well

  75. Draxem

    Draxem22 days ago

    I think that the cousin needs to put on some flops 🤔 he needs the goonzquad style boys ✌

  76. dale haggart

    dale haggart22 days ago

    Maybe the computer is diferent .

  77. Alan Llamas

    Alan Llamas22 days ago

    Goonzquad could u guys get a pontiac solstice gxp build its the car that i have and it would be pretty amazing to see how u guys work on it

  78. thegtabeast2177

    thegtabeast217723 days ago

    2-step lol

  79. Nathan Simpson

    Nathan Simpson23 days ago

    The real question is, what is your monthly car insurance bill????

  80. Ham Gina

    Ham Gina23 days ago

    Y'all forgot to use your oil splash mat that came with the candy and magnet from one of your awesome fans! ;)

  81. Benjamin Hammonds

    Benjamin Hammonds23 days ago

    that s2000 sounds niceee

  82. Jon Degondea

    Jon Degondea23 days ago

    im not understandin all the hatred also why you tryin to figure out there numbers. mind your business

  83. JaysonNetwork Tv

    JaysonNetwork Tv23 days ago

    in these case you want to tune it back,and you can contact brent from pfi speed to help you tune it back

  84. LV sA

    LV sA23 days ago

    How do you guys have the know how? U guys are so smart. Wish I had that knowledge u posses lol

  85. Makki-Tech

    Makki-Tech23 days ago

    Try swapping the ECU unit, or checking the current one for any internal damage. I had such an issue before with a Nissan Pathfinder #the_act_of_excellent_service

  86. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock23 days ago

    Super dope can’t wait for you to hit that VTECH there is some cool mods you can do these s2000 can’t wait to see what you will be doing to it

  87. Bernward

    Bernward23 days ago

    I know exactly what your problem is dudes as I swapped a Face-lift engine in my non Face-lift shell: Your crankshaft position sensor wheel is different, too! You have to swap this thing around also as your Face-lift ECU is expecting other patterns. Only to change the camshaft sensor wheel will let her fire up but as you see will result in a check engine light. So no need to swap the ECU around from the other car. But it requires a bit of work as you have to take the chain case of and the oil pan to put the chain case back on witouth damaging the headgasket due to the very tight fitment. By the way here in Europe there's no AP1 or AP2 we got the same 2 litre engine in the Preface lift and Face-lift model in the US you have the 2.2 litre engine in the AP2 I wonder if the tube is right then as the AP2 only revs to 8.000 and the AP1 to 9.000. Do you have the 2 litre version in or the 2.2? Greetings from a german Honda S2000 driver 💪

  88. Billyguy 23

    Billyguy 2323 days ago

    It could be a blown fuze

  89. erick stiner

    erick stiner23 days ago

    To watch you all just say, lets change the camshaft, and to just get into it with a smile is amazing, not one swear word spoken...


    LEGENDARY FINIX23 days ago

    3:53 time travel 🤔😱

  91. erick stiner

    erick stiner23 days ago

    What a cool little car....Awesome build...

  92. erick stiner

    erick stiner23 days ago

    Always a great day to view Goonzquad....

  93. Shamiko Gilbert

    Shamiko Gilbert23 days ago

    Swap out your ECU bro's. Thank me later!!!

  94. Mario Capicotto

    Mario Capicotto23 days ago

    Comprate un altro wrangler

  95. Margus Keba

    Margus Keba23 days ago

    hello from Estonia. keep it on.

  96. Kyle Dunbar

    Kyle Dunbar23 days ago

    A suggestion for a future build - A 'Sleeper'. An ordinary looking car like a VW golf or a standard family car re-built to go really fast but still looking (and sounding) normal.

  97. Shakeel Ahmed

    Shakeel Ahmed23 days ago

    Please rebuild a Ferrari

  98. Urban Larsson

    Urban Larsson23 days ago

    you guys inspire me so much with your posetive attitude and happy mood. love all your projects, continue to spread knowledge and fun building. fun that you take all the different cars, keep it up =) support from sweden

  99. Luis A Figueroa-Bonilla

    Luis A Figueroa-Bonilla23 days ago

    Why not clean all parts before putting back in , i few minutes of cleaning will show best in the end.

  100. Cade Smith

    Cade Smith23 days ago

    Copart has a Huracan Performante for sale right now. Y’all should pick it up. Only needs front end work. You will get lots of views. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  101. GABINO

    GABINO23 days ago

    13:00 thats what she said

  102. Chase Fuller

    Chase Fuller23 days ago

    Rebuild an Aventador that would be sick❗️❗️❗️

  103. Jony Zambrano

    Jony Zambrano23 days ago

    Check you crankshaft ando your camshafts that there perfectly aligned.🚗 If it is not that replace your camshafts sensors The car enters in security mode and it won’t let you get over 3000 rpm

  104. rifat rahman

    rifat rahman23 days ago

    Goonzquad should do a aventador build like if u agree

  105. Jeep MY

    Jeep MY23 days ago

    Try electronics contact cleaner on all the sensors & plug sockets.

  106. Greg Wayne

    Greg Wayne23 days ago

    In the Famous words of "ZIPTIES N BIAS PLIES"-- "YOUUU dON't neEEd Any Oil in it to Run".

  107. Bob Barker

    Bob Barker23 days ago

    You can try the ecu out of the other car might get lucky buckie mickrobertson