Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/23/18*
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Thor: Ragnarok. It's a movie that most everyone enjoyed, for good reason. It's funny as hell. But it still has sins... all movies do.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins11 months ago

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Lukas Lambraia

    Lukas Lambraia3 months ago

    CinemaSins the fact that you didn’t remove sins for Thor landing on the bridge with immigrant song playing in the background is honestly the biggest lie this channel has ever served us

  3. Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy4 months ago

    Have you already done a Galaxy Quest vid? I couldn't see it in your vid list.

  4. idontno0

    idontno04 months ago

    CinemaSins u forgot the guns scurge shoots never runs out of ammo

  5. jb 2387

    jb 23876 months ago

    I know this is late but have you ever been asked to sin a movie and you couldnt sin it

  6. Tristyn Russelo

    Tristyn Russelo6 months ago

    Sin Speed. Or Raiders of the lost ark... if you dare...

  7. The Lord of the Memes

    The Lord of the Memes3 days ago

    I'm upset that Hulk getting sad and complaining he didn't get to fight surtur isn't somewhere in here.

  8. Zions Gates

    Zions Gates4 days ago


  9. Doctor Roboto

    Doctor Roboto6 days ago

    10:15, I hope I'm not the only one who remembers that Goldblum was the knife-wielding thug who fks Bronson's sht up in Death Wish.

  10. Hunter Daniels

    Hunter Daniels6 days ago

    Hold the fuck up if thor is the "God of thunder" how in fucks name is it that a tazer or some shit stops him all that should do is give him more power to help him movies need to learn how to movie

  11. Langat Langs

    Langat Langs6 days ago

    Hahaaa I can't believe you gave the movie a sin just because Chris looks better than you. You're petty

  12. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie7 days ago

    In avengers end game captain america is also worthy of the hammer

  13. Beagle is Sleeping

    Beagle is Sleeping8 days ago

    Sin #27 My mother found out from Ancestry that a cousin was actually a 2ND cousin because nobody in the family talked about the mother getting pregnant outside of marriage. Where's Hela? We don't talk about it, so don't tell the other kids.🤔

  14. SeismicRhino

    SeismicRhino8 days ago

    Odin says: "Asgard is not a place, never was." Narrator says: "Like Idaho?" Me, living in Idaho: "Oh for f**ks sake."

  15. Mizzou Made

    Mizzou Made11 days ago

    CinemaSins needs to start giving itself sins for constant ex machina references in every video

  16. Mr Awsome

    Mr Awsome11 days ago

    What is this loser saying I have wasted 16:43 minutes of my life on this

  17. Sam of the Stars

    Sam of the Stars12 days ago

    Okay, I love this channel so, so much but unfortunately I’ve gotta give you a sin for thinking it’s okay to refer to Avengers 1 as “The First Avengers”. That choice of phrasing causes unnecessary confusion.

  18. SuperSongbird21

    SuperSongbird2112 days ago

    8:22 Also, why did the Grandmaster shock Thor in the first place? To keep Hulk's victory record intact? He DOES know it gets boring watching the same guy win each time, right? AND I didn't see one of those shock button things on the Hulk, so how exactly did this fight end without Thor getting smashed into hamburger meat (apart from the fact it's a Thor film and he can't die this early on)?

  19. Richard Huff

    Richard Huff13 days ago

    At least once in every superhero movie you review I say because it's awesome and you cannot sin it because it's awesome like the quinjet still being operational after 2 years on a junk planet

  20. Kris Man

    Kris Man14 days ago

    When he was on the ride in sakaar it reminded me of the willy wonka boat ride, I think it even plays the same music.

  21. Logic _

    Logic _17 days ago

    How did he get his eye back in next movie?

  22. Tristan Graves

    Tristan Graves18 days ago

    @11:57 Hela was in hell for a half a million years She may be the God of Death 💀 but Is a woman and needed somebody to listen to her talk. Also Her skeleton army didn’t have the bone she wanted.

  23. Tristan Graves

    Tristan Graves18 days ago

    I watch this one at endgame last night and I preferred Thor. Spoiler I was glad half the hero’s got split in half at the end. It was little much. This Thor had a better storyline.

  24. derpyVfazbearX 6

    derpyVfazbearX 620 days ago

    Ur sins suk

  25. frodo baggins 856

    frodo baggins 85621 day ago

    You can't sin for "roll credits"

  26. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient22 days ago

    I give it to cate Blanchett for looking hot as hell in that outfit ,at over 50 years of age.

  27. Sandy Wildfong

    Sandy Wildfong24 days ago

    this movie feels like such a TRIP!!!!

  28. Max Wicke

    Max Wicke24 days ago

    Do endgame

  29. Best Of Everything

    Best Of Everything25 days ago

    Character: Breaths. CinemaSins: Breathing cliché.

  30. FerretBomb

    FerretBomb26 days ago

    Waaaaaaait. How is Fraggle Rock a punishment?

  31. Thomas McAllister

    Thomas McAllister28 days ago

    4:09 should have been a sin remove

  32. Turco949

    Turco94929 days ago

    The entire movie was "wrong", just wrong!

  33. Houston

    Houston29 days ago

    “You wanna know who I’m am. You’ll see” *tries to die*

  34. Rule 34

    Rule 3429 days ago

    youre litterally sinning my country for looking fake 3:22

  35. Derva Kommt von hinten

    Derva Kommt von hinten29 days ago

    i really dont get why people like superhero movies. they are just so baaaaaaaaaaad in terms of acting consistency plot pretty much anything

  36. Moble Gaming

    Moble Gaming29 days ago

    Can you sub so I can live-streams sub for 50000 yers of luck

  37. Daryl Perpignan

    Daryl PerpignanMonth ago

    Haha the holy grail at the end! "Yes you must give us all a good spanking..."

  38. DanishHERO

    DanishHEROMonth ago

    Can someone please tell him this is a movie not real life? ;p

  39. Reid Snook

    Reid SnookMonth ago

    Ragnarok is a real thing in Norse mythology

  40. The Senate

    The SenateMonth ago

    In conclusion.........nothing’s wrong with it

  41. John Marstall

    John MarstallMonth ago

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  42. globenstine 1

    globenstine 1Month ago

    i have to be honest here. this is the VERY first time i dont want a cinemasins video to exist. should be minus 5000 sins for every korg scene.

  43. The Disney Xpert

    The Disney XpertMonth ago

    In reality: Hela is the daughter of Loki, not Odin.

  44. NCG 3xc1u3ive3010

    NCG 3xc1u3ive3010Month ago

    What do you mean wrong redo and post on cenimawins

  45. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieMonth ago

    Nothing wrong with end game..thor and cap america are worthy of hammers..black widow and and stark dies un doing what thanos did..and cap dies of old age...but how did vision die

  46. DaeDae The Best

    DaeDae The BestMonth ago

    Thank you for the sin counter at 8:20 like omfg like 😂😂😂

  47. Introverted_Dinosaur

    Introverted_DinosaurMonth ago

    I am a huge fan of thor but I absolutely HATE this movie because of: - sudden and unneeded change in tone - new plot holes and inconsistencies - made Odin almost completely responsible for all of the bad shit in the mcu -etc

  48. Unreal Gaming

    Unreal GamingMonth ago

    It’s spelled Surtr

  49. RandomChibi

    RandomChibiMonth ago

    Maaaaan I completely forgot who his friends were so I felt nothing when they died 😂😅

  50. Madison Salter

    Madison SalterMonth ago

    I just.. want to point out CHRIS HEMSWORTH'S FREAKING MUSCLES AT 4:24 LIKE JEEZ

  51. White Wolf

    White WolfMonth ago

    Don’t forget Valkyrie race swap minus 100 points

  52. 88Grimmjow

    88GrimmjowMonth ago

    Too much comedy in this movie, unfortunatly

  53. depressed dude with no dreams

    depressed dude with no dreamsMonth ago

    First of all hel is not thors sister she is lokis daughter and fenrir is also lokid child this is stupid

  54. Crystal Gem

    Crystal GemMonth ago

    How dare you not take a sin off for the "Get Help" scene!

  55. Crystal Gem

    Crystal GemMonth ago

    (that's okay I really like the video)

  56. TheTradge

    TheTradgeMonth ago

    You know CinemaSins like a film when they remove 4 sins, and its total tally is barely 100.

  57. Eidorian

    EidorianMonth ago

    Odin: Goddess of death Me: Anubis Odin: hella Me: rats Odin: doom Me: oh fuck u

  58. Karina Kraina

    Karina KrainaMonth ago

    This movie: thor ragnarok Me: more like bore ragnarok! Hah!

  59. EpicAtomZ07 Yt

    EpicAtomZ07 YtMonth ago

    (*Post Script*) yes, i know I'm 10 months late to the comment party

  60. EpicAtomZ07 Yt

    EpicAtomZ07 YtMonth ago

    Great Scott! I think I've found the answer as to why Grand Master Goldblums' hologram projection is so s*itty! The Answer is Budget Cuts of course!

  61. Eomma Jin Says Stob It

    Eomma Jin Says Stob ItMonth ago

    Hela wouldn't have known that Odin lost his eye unless she was spying on them.

  62. NinjaNezumi

    NinjaNezumiMonth ago

    You say all these things are Sins, but that's what makes this movie so awesome!! LOL

  63. Rayne Kraven

    Rayne KravenMonth ago

    marle movies a sinless 'Nuff said



    This movie needs 500 more sins for how shitty it was.

  65. Oliver Hunt

    Oliver HuntMonth ago

    The Schwartz is within you!!

  66. MeryCret

    MeryCretMonth ago

    *AH the gunslinger!* that killed me