Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less


  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins7 months ago

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Andrew Murphy

    Andrew MurphyDay ago

    Have you already done a Galaxy Quest vid? I couldn't see it in your vid list.

  3. idontno0

    idontno06 days ago

    CinemaSins u forgot the guns scurge shoots never runs out of ammo

  4. jb 2387

    jb 23872 months ago

    I know this is late but have you ever been asked to sin a movie and you couldnt sin it

  5. Tristyn Russelo

    Tristyn Russelo2 months ago

    Sin Speed. Or Raiders of the lost ark... if you dare...

  6. Paris Bowers

    Paris Bowers3 months ago

    The part where you sinned then movie because of the fact that the evil lady walked through the city without conflict is wrong ... in the scene where she is confronted by the whole city, she had just gotten to the end of the bridge... she was confronted before she entered the city

  7. Ryan Klewicki

    Ryan Klewicki9 hours ago

    Laughed my ass off when you made the reference to The Transformers: The Movie. Good on you sir.

  8. Candy Souvannarangsy

    Candy Souvannarangsy22 hours ago

    Anyone thought this and Black Panther are similar An evil heir to the throne takes the throne and the protagonist has to over throw them somehow Also dream sequence with dead father to basically tell them their true power is within Also when I saw the group of people go into hiding in some distant place after stealing the sword I thought Black Panther after they steal a piece of the vibranium flower and left and ended up in the gorilla tribe's place (apologies I'm not a Marvel expert so don't @ me ) Also I really enjoyed this movie one of the best Marvel movies I've seen

  9. Wolves Howl

    Wolves HowlDay ago

    The rock dude was beating by paper

  10. Ginger Beast

    Ginger Beast2 days ago

    13:42 every Idahoan just nutted the biggest nut ever right here, doesnt matter if it wasnt in the best light but we got noticed XD

  11. Jack Robinson

    Jack Robinson2 days ago

    How is hella hot and how is that a sin

  12. Jameson Photography

    Jameson Photography2 days ago

    CINEMASINS SIN!!! The grand master does have his own shocky remote thing! He used it to shock Thor during his fight with Hulk in the arena!

  13. Dino And Bling

    Dino And Bling2 days ago

    Why didn't led zeppelin become the theme song of thor after this ?

  14. Matthew Richardson

    Matthew Richardson3 days ago

    Nothing about this movie didn't make me cringe. Cinemashill must have a low standard for comedy if every laugh deserves a sin off. #DownWithMarvel

  15. Elemental Guardian

    Elemental Guardian3 days ago

    wait, stepenwolf was on fire?

  16. Ron Abell

    Ron Abell3 days ago

    should of gave 100 sins

  17. Sohan Reddy

    Sohan Reddy3 days ago

    How dare you not take a sins of for Thor epic entrance

  18. Ortund Gaming

    Ortund Gaming4 days ago

    I honestly don't understand why Taika Waititi is so popular. Maybe its because of the low IQ requirement to understand his "humor".

  19. Spartan gaming

    Spartan gaming4 days ago

    6:22 sounds like he was defeated by paper

  20. Cory Watson

    Cory Watson4 days ago

    Cate Blanchette is so hot in this movie, I want to make her mascara run ;)

  21. Clos z German

    Clos z German4 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with this movie. Funniest Marvel movie.

  22. NXL_ParADox

    NXL_ParADox4 days ago

    why didnt he show the second use of the immigrant song. he shouldve taken a sin off for it too

  23. Derrick Gerstmann

    Derrick Gerstmann4 days ago

    This was Marvel's worst movie in the MCU timeline. They dropped the ball with the Thor movies.

  24. Hurgleflurp

    Hurgleflurp5 days ago

    more like bore ragnarok

  25. Matthew Fierro

    Matthew Fierro5 days ago

    Why are you giving sins for Norse mythology. It’s not like the writers chose it they just used the stories lol

  26. MaxKiel1701

    MaxKiel17016 days ago

    what are even the grandmasters powers?

  27. IMakeVideos YT

    IMakeVideos YT7 days ago

    The word sakaar Replace the k with an L and that’s my name!

  28. Andy Walsh

    Andy Walsh7 days ago

    If the hammer wasn’t the source of Thor’s power then why was captain America able to hit thanos with thunder with Thor’s hammer?

  29. Vishak Ramesh

    Vishak Ramesh7 days ago

    God of thunder paralyzed by a little electricity

  30. Spider Girl

    Spider Girl8 days ago

    This movie is so good that you took away about 5 points. You can’t fault it, it’s hilarious

  31. tuschman168

    tuschman1688 days ago

    3:10 Are they implying Thor can't be reached via phone but he DOES regularly check his emails? When? How? Where? I call bullshit!

  32. Seb Buddell

    Seb Buddell9 days ago

    nothing wrong with this movie

  33. King Flamingo

    King Flamingo9 days ago

    AHEM you mean no sins

  34. lordis belingsly

    lordis belingsly10 days ago

    who names a sequel after an electronics company? simply smarter, anyone remember that?

  35. Warren Ward

    Warren Ward10 days ago

    Soooo...is Hela trying to be enchantress/amora? Cause skurge is her man servant.

  36. MadViking_357 MadViking_357

    MadViking_357 MadViking_35710 days ago

    I would like to add a sin for the fact that Odin didn't just completely get rid of the original mural

  37. Mecha Apple

    Mecha Apple11 days ago

    Korg is still the best character in movie

  38. Anthony Flinn

    Anthony Flinn11 days ago

    It's kind of funny that they highlight the Matt Damon cameo but don't mention be Brad Pitt cameo when he's electrocuted as the invisible guy

  39. Jon T

    Jon T12 days ago

    *like illinois

  40. Monte Lee My P.O.V

    Monte Lee My P.O.V12 days ago

    20 is a green screen i believe. It struck me odd during the movine and now on further review Thor looks overlayed.

  41. GorgeGeorg

    GorgeGeorg12 days ago

    This movie would have been ok if it was done in anime. None of this can be taken seriously.

  42. HoggyBear Thoughts

    HoggyBear Thoughts13 days ago

    5:36 I thought that scene was Willy Wonka reference.

  43. D Tell

    D Tell13 days ago

    Oh so the planet where thor fell to is where all marvel movies come from?

  44. robert wells

    robert wells14 days ago

    To be fair, he was holding Gungnir (forgive me if I'm misspelling it) Odin's uber powerful spear. I am more surprised it didn't win than that he thought it would work.

  45. The K

    The K14 days ago

    No u

  46. Jack Blue

    Jack Blue15 days ago

    Hela is just. Maleficent imposter

  47. David Drygas

    David Drygas15 days ago

    Ya good people are rear

  48. Wade Hauff

    Wade Hauff15 days ago

    4:07 I'm glad I'm not the only one who got new appreciation for Cate Blanchett during this movie lmao.

  49. hehe saucy

    hehe saucy18 days ago

    surtur is in norse mythology that’s his destiny

  50. Octalereno

    Octalereno19 days ago

    HOW DARE YOU TRY AND CORRECT MY SECOND FAVOURITE MOVIE AFTER ENGAME!!!!!!!!! Am unsubscribing if he makes a “Everything wrong with Avengers: Endgame”

  51. Razor Penguins

    Razor Penguins20 days ago

    Dude stop critisizing other peoples hard work, not everything is perfect

  52. Razor Penguins

    Razor Penguins15 days ago

    @JohanFW still tho id rather him critisize DC movies, they suck more so they have a crap ton more sins

  53. JohanFW

    JohanFW15 days ago

    See, your first mistake was taking any video of cinemasins seriously

  54. John S

    John S18 days ago

    @Razor Penguins Oh, so every other critic is rude, stupid and unneccessary as well. Sure, people put hard work into that. Nobody says they didn't. But the movie still has many sins and errors despite that hard work

  55. Razor Penguins

    Razor Penguins19 days ago

    @John S its rude, stupid, and totally unneccesary

  56. John S

    John S19 days ago

    @Razor Penguins So?

  57. JAYMIN baraiya

    JAYMIN baraiya20 days ago

    Most funniest superheroes movie.

  58. Christopher Haggerty

    Christopher Haggerty20 days ago

    I think they also ruined the Planet Hulk storyline by introducing Saakar like this. We saw hulk overthrow an entire planets dictator with a group of slaves, that he became war bound with. We saw him fall in love and have everything torn away from him. The only thing that survived was Korg and Meek and although they were funny as comedic relief they were much more powerful in the comics, and fought with meaning and purpose alongside the hulk. I think that story line would have made for an amazing story but unless hulk is no longer professor hulk, Korg and Mieks characters take a complete 180 and all end up on Saakar again we will never see that amazing storyline

  59. Dark Alpha

    Dark Alpha20 days ago

    Hammer porn yep I was thinking of looking it up to lol

  60. OMGitsLM

    OMGitsLM20 days ago

    Sin for CinemaSins: This movie has more sins than Captain Marvel!